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Reviews For The List
Reviewer: Belledward (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 07:07 AM · On: Chapter 1: Frustrated

I'll give you a more detailed review:

Oh yes. I like me the 'motherfucker' part. LMAO I really really loled. It was awesome. Very intense, in more ways than one. Oooooooooogggghhh. His dirty mouth makes me want to clean it with my very own tongue. You make me dirty and sex-starved.

And then the thunder part where he got all 'miiiiine' oohhh yeahhhh. That's what I'm talkin about. He was so aoeaodsfjls;dfaldf it was almost caveman. Fucking sexy. He just took her and took her right. Woo!

And I love how he tells her that the fucking was great, and that 'talkin' could be a go. The way he said that just made me rip off my own panties.

And how he just names off the numbers. Him remembering and vocalizing is just like a begging for me to do him right. It's almost like angry hot fucking but better.

I love how Bella is so confident. Especially confident now. It does great things for her. Like touching the fucking = ]

And I DO like them being VERY vocal about their needs.

And the "playing with fire, little girl. Just wait..." kinda really really made the little wings of my heart flap like whooshwhooshwhooosh.

And this: "I want to see you watching me fuck you." Wow. Ballsy and sexy. I got really hot just then.

Good Lord.

= You made me really happy.

Reviewer: naelany (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 07:07 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

That was one hell of a hot honeymoon ;). *chuckles* And Alice packing all that stuff for Bella to use lol. Awesome!


Please tell me there's more to come?

Reviewer: Belledward (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:50 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Ohh fuckmesohard those half-naked pictures of Rob just did me in when I saw them! Mother of God.

I can't believe you skipped over the majority of the honeymoon! We were just getting started! = [ You're not done, are you?!

This chapter............. was so different. And the confidence in each of them just made it even better. And the befores were already outstanding. Woo! I was giggling and laughing and squeeeees were unstoppable. My jaw hurts from biting on the blanket so hard to not scream aloud! It was great! VERY satisfying. My Gaw. Please don't stop! More, please? = ]

Author's Response:

Thanks for the two great reviews.  I wanted to respond to your middle comment there.  Deciding to make the honeymoon one chapter was a strategic decision and I wanted to explain it, especially since I spread out the weekend over three chapters.  In the weekend chapters, every chapter advanced their relationship or the plot in some significant way, thus each chapter continued to move the story forward.  I could not figure out any way to do that with the honeymoon.  Honestly, additional honeymoon chapters would have been almost entirely for the purpose of the smut, and though fun would really have done little to truly advance either plot or character development.  I'm sure some would argue otherwise about my story, but I really do intend it to be primarily about their relationship, and not about the smut.  I am starting to run out of time to continue writing fan fiction (I would like to spend June writing my next (original) novel), and therefore I have additional motivation for wanting the plot to move forward so I can bring this story to its natural conclusion.  I'm not exactly sure how many chapters are left, but definitely no more than five.

Reviewer: Agnete (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:44 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Love the chapter! Am I the only who wanted to lick Rob's abs in those pictures??? :-D

Reviewer: amberdale (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:39 AM · On: Chapter 12: Words and Letters

That was a great Chapter

Reviewer: vamppy (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:31 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon


Reviewer: AcidAngel (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:27 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Ummm...awesome. As usual.  I really don't know what to say, except that you almost killed me with that Shirt-free Rob photo at the end.  Honestly.  Like my heart actually almost stopped.  It was sort of epic.  You are so win.

Reviewer: Neveah09 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:18 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

love love love!

Reviewer: JShay (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 06:15 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Holy snikeys lady! Wow... I want my Edward and my list right now! If I wasn't sitting down I would stomp my feet hehe! I was jumping in my chair like a school girl when she was talking about the outfit, which by the way was awesome! I think I might vote this best chapter ever! I loved it hehe!

I am sorry you weren't feeling well and were so busy, but as usual you came through magnificently! I loved every minute of it! I can't wait to read more about what happens! Oh and the last addition to your photos....really perfect! HEHE I love it! You are amazing! I just can't say it enough!

Reviewer: sassyf (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:58 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

He is so seriously hot!!!!and so was this chapter!  Amazing as did not disappoint! 

Reviewer: Krissy1 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:40 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

OMG I have no words !! I don't ever want this story to end lol

Reviewer: Jencrane (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:35 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Hot, Hot Hot! Do you think he is going commando in that last picture? If you are a perv like me, then I would like to think so, and you can see his very happy trail leading down to . . .


Thank you for taking the time to write your amazing story . . . for free! It is greatly appreciated!

Reviewer: sweetness4683 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:27 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

That was great!  Always love your writing!  I can't pick out one particular thing to write about because I loved it all!  From your writing to the length of the chapter!  The chapter was worth the wait!  Rock on!

Reviewer: xooxsss (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:26 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Fuck that was good! Can't wait till she's changed. You are awesome! It was worth the wait :) ...but don't do it again. ;)

Reviewer: mldewolf (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:26 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Holy Hell!!  You are the best damn writer EVER!!  That was so fucking hot!  I'm going to let my husband read that and he'll see why I spend most of my time on the computer reading Twilighted.  He complains, of course.  I'm so impressed with you!!  Wish I new what "the thread" was and a beta.  The pics rocked too.  Smart girl to include those.  Take care and keep 'em coming! hehe

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review.  The thread is a discussion list for the story.  It's under the Forum link above, then scroll down to Fan Fiction, Post-Eclipse.  Here's the link:  (betas are people who read the stories before they're posted; some are unofficial and read to help an author improve before releasing it to readers; some are official, like Kallieross is for this story, and are volunteers for Twilighted who read every story/chapter before posting to ensure quality).

Reviewer: stacylambert (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:25 AM · On: Chapter 20: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I haven't reviews (I know, bad me) but I just have to same I LOVE this line: Jacob would see and I would mouth ‘mine.'  Fucker.


Genius! Hilarious! True!



Reviewer: Phoenix Rising (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:24 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Okay, Laura...I have to be honest...that was the Best. Fucking. Chapter. Ever.  And thank you for the Wool Pants Porn picture...priceless, like MasterCard, baby!  I remember reading somewhere that Rob reads fanfic...I hope he's come across this one :-P

It's 2am right now...a few hours ago our last guests left from a dinner party we held.  I checked my computer before hubby and I started cleaning up, and saw a List update.  I did an internal fangirly squee! and as soon as the dishes were done, I hauled ass into my office to read it.  Hence, it being 2 am and I'm dead tired but I'm willing to sacrifice sleep to read The List.  I'm crazy like that. 

Great update, and I'm glad you're finally getting over your stomach bug.  I've been there, it's no fun.

xoxo Sarah

Reviewer: Mura (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:21 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Dammit, dammit, dammit!  Okay, so I totally love your story, however I do have to lodge a complaint.  After painfully avoiding fandom sites like the plague all week so that New Moon's Edward reveal wouldn't be spoiled, you spring this on me outta nowhere! GAH! COME ON!

Reviewer: jaime12576 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:20 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

I just ripped out the pages of the honeymoon from Breaking Dawn and replaced them with this chapter!!!!  All I have to say is FUCK you're good!!!!!!

Reviewer: maria1991 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:12 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

oh god was worth the wait!!write more more moreeeeeeee.

Reviewer: HeavenDust (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:11 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

You're right, those pictures do help solidify those images in my head. Can I just say this chapter is FREAKING HOT?! It's unbelievable! And you just have to post that last picture of shirtless!Rob and give me a coronary, AGAIN. My poor little heart.

This is so freaking incredible, totally love this chapter and I adore the smut to bits! Totally looking forward to more updates!

Reviewer: twilove1 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 05:06 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

OMG, I'm such a smut whore. Good thing nobody else knows besides you and me. Thanks for feeding my addiction! i was really missing having a new chapter to read, but I was easily and happily distracted by Shirtless Robathon '09 too, so it's all good. I'll have to check out the forum sometime soon. XOXO

Reviewer: tneb2009 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 04:56 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

another "oh my!" chapter :) Loved it!

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 04:53 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Great chapter. It seems that Edward is enjoying Bella's list a lot. lol

Please update soon?

Reviewer: Christina Cullen (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2009 04:49 AM · On: Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

This was definitely one of my favourite chapters! I'm more in love with Edward than ever after this week. The toplessness is just too much to take. I may never have a pure thought again :P

It's sunday morning and I'm so ridiculously hot from this right now! It feels wrong somehow :P I really like their experimentation and trust with eachother. And I just LOVE EPOV. It's really awesome to be in his head...

And thanks for sharing that picture. I already have, like, a hindred of them saved, but I don't think I'd seen that one, so thanks ;) The world is definitely a better place for having shirtless pictures of RobWard in it :D

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