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Reviews For Rescue me
Reviewer: loopfie (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 07:07 PM · On: Chapter 20

okay, so i just finished reading your updates.. and i just want you to know how much i'm in love with this fic!! i'm so glad you updated so fast!! i'm a little bummed that you made gianna a bitchy character, cause we have the same name.. i kept help thinking i was the bitchy one :), which i'm totally not.. i just confuse myself i guess.. anyway pleasseeeee......update soon,

Author's Response:

hahahaha she may be bitchy but she was hot!  Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: dolphin62598 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:58 PM · On: Chapter 20

Great chapters!  Good Lord I can't believe I missed 3 of them!!  I was glad to have them to read though and HOLY CROW!  You threw some curveballs for sure!!  I can't wait for BPOV!  I'm sure it will be good!! Can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: The Night (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:52 PM · On: Chapter 20

ok calming down now.... but STILL!!

Reviewer: blondie1990 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:44 PM · On: Chapter 1

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! why leave us there? as happy as I am that there were 3 updates in 24 hours (go you!!!) please update, I can't wait to see what happens.

Reviewer: Lj_action (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:33 PM · On: Chapter 20

AAAAAHHHHHHH she better not have lost the baby.     thanks for the quick updates.  the next one needs to come FAST!

Reviewer: Twilight_fan_girl (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:27 PM · On: Chapter 20

Oh no, oh no, oh no! What the hell?! If i were bella i'd be wondering why the hell everything went wrong for me - obviously for the cool storyline but so not the point! Bless her! No what about the baby! Oh no! Edward is an idiot, get out there and find her alrady? Emmet doesn't seem that bothered which bugged me. And the fact she wouldn't let jasper help bugged me, stuborn, stuborn person! Omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! I hope she doesn't die? Does she die? She died in a different one, well they both died so it was sweet but i don't want them to die. They must have baby. What is the baby going to be called? Are you going for reneesme or something else? Hmmm. I dunno i don't personally like that name. How about.....Damien or Millie? They're cool names. Oh but it might not live, huh. That really sucks if it dies, and if bella dies. huh.

Omg they didn't even call angela!! She was soooo there for bella more! Omg that so sucks you just can't not call her!!! I'm expecting her to be called in the next chapter missy otherwise the cullens are quite selfish people. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I bet bella#'s like depresso capacino in the next one, bless her little cotton socks. I think it's awesome that you didn't keep us waiting at this bit though. For that you rock!!!!!! Well the story line rocks too so for that you get promps.

You rock (Even if you made me want to kill tanya, edward and alice painfully and slowly a few chapters back for no real reason xD) xoxo

Reviewer: piratehannelore (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:21 PM · On: Chapter 20

Argh! I hate angst, but knowing it will all work out makes reading it worth it. I loved this chapter and now I'm waiting (im)patiently for the next chapter, on pins and needles! lol. :P

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:16 PM · On: Chapter 20

Oh no. Bella's hurt. :( And thank you for the may updates you have given us in the past 24 hours. You're awesome!

I know that you've update 3 times already, but please update again....soon? I love your story, and can't wait to read more. Pretty please?

Reviewer: melsie69 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 06:12 PM · On: Chapter 20

gah!!! you leave us there??? c'mon...

Reviewer: natlee (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 05:58 PM · On: Chapter 20

oh no! i hope she doesn't lose the baby. that would be incredibly sad. please be nice. and update soon! thanks for the new chapter.

Reviewer: kkmay (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 05:35 PM · On: Chapter 20

please please please I can't WAIT to see Edward's reaction to the baby! I bet he's stoked. Gah he's just so sweet and wonderful and I love them both.

Reviewer: jbluvs2sing (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 05:04 PM · On: Chapter 20

Wow...and he STILL doesn't know that she is prego!? Yes you did spoil us...but we deserve it after all the reviews we gave you right?

Reviewer: blacknwhite (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 05:03 PM · On: Chapter 20

everyone here says "poor bella" - i say "poor edward".. he don't know anything and bella runs and hide. yeah i know the meeting with tanya was not the best thing, especially when she wore edwards t-shirt .. but bella should have stayed there when alice came to the door too. >_< and now the accident .. i hope bella and the baby are both fine, but i hope also that edward is a bit disappointed and angry at her actions. she can't run and hide her hole life - that dosen't work.

can't wait for the next chapter - i love your story.

greetz from germany ;)

Reviewer: dazzled22 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:58 PM · On: Chapter 20

you are the queen of over-the-top drama!  but i'm loving it.  update soon!!!  i'm just so glad she didn't run back to Jacob or something.  ugh.  

Reviewer: Leenie (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:38 PM · On: Chapter 20

JUST finished reading the story! I am very much enjoying it.

Hope Bella and the baby are alright!

Reviewer: deb33 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:22 PM · On: Chapter 20

Please continue! Poor Bella...but she should have waited for an explanation!

Reviewer: bennyjo (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:20 PM · On: Chapter 20

Thank you so much for the 3 quick updates. I really do enjoy your story and can't wait for the next chapter. (Well I guess I will have to wait) But I am really looking forward to it.

Reviewer: Jadalulu (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:18 PM · On: Chapter 20

I looooooove u! Now THIS is how u update!!!!! I can't wait! More! More! More!

Reviewer: tiffanypabst (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 04:10 PM · On: Chapter 20

OMG OMG OMG! I hope the baby is ok! And I hop eshe takes Edward back! But I have the utmost faith that you will make it awesome!

Reviewer: Usagi-chan (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 03:51 PM · On: Chapter 20

AH!! NO! I'm happy about the three chapters, but... but.... WHY THE CLIFFY?! *sobs* NO!!! THEY HAVE TO BE OKAY!!!

Reviewer: bbbluez (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 03:35 PM · On: Chapter 20

Bring on  the next chapter!  You can't  leave it hanging like this!

Reviewer: mellymel (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 03:31 PM · On: Chapter 20

you're making us wait??????????? NOT FAIR!!!!! LOL

Reviewer: SJR888 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 03:21 PM · On: Chapter 20

I'm on the edge of my seat literally biting my nails. Shit is the baby gonna make it, queue me pacing back and forth.

Reviewer: Phoenix Rising (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 02:57 PM · On: Chapter 20

I'm not sure, but reviews are on par with chocolate-coverd lemony Edward, haha. 

Exciting chapter!  But Bella really needs to have some sense knocked into always sucks that these misunderstandings are always EDWARD'S fault, even though BELLA is the one who didn't stick around for an answer or explanation.  Oh, well.  Great chappy!

Reviewer: tisaveeone (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2009 02:50 PM · On: Chapter 20

im pissed at Bella in this chapter. i understand leaveing initially, but to stay gone with out even a phone call or about over reaction. and if her secret is what we all think it is, i am even more disappointedin her. women who run away and hide the fact that they are pregnant from the fathers really get under my skin.

bellas pov is next huh...well shes got some apologizing to do, because the way she handled this was totally immature!

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