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Reviews For Breathe Again
Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:42 AM · On: Blunder: Jacob's POV

gah. sam is a cockblocker. emily too.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:41 AM · On: Blunder: Bella's POV

if i were to be calling out the name of jacob (let's not be gross and think of my child here), i wouldn't want to do it in my sleep. i'd want to...yeah.

Author's Response:

you should probably have your son's name changed.  i can't read DS's published version of the Forbidden Room b/c one of her characters has the same name as my brother.  creepy.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:39 AM · On: Reassurance: Jacob's POV

crazy kids and their hormones.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:38 AM · On: Reassurance: Bella's POV

my son was playing with the keyboard and now the letters are too small for me to read. crap. well, it isn't like i haven't alreadhy read this 372098472390857234095 times.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:35 AM · On: Surrender: Jacob's POV

i love jacob's pov. you write so well as a teenage boy. lol

Author's Response:

i am a teenage boy at heart, you know.  probably why my marriage didn't work out, lol!

and no, i wasn't intending to respond to your 78634247632174 reviews, but they're fucking hilarious!

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:34 AM · On: Surrender: Bella's POV

the thought of crossing lines in anyone's kitchen with jacob black makes me extremely hot.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:28 AM · On: Revelation: Jacob's POV

awkwardness with the whole telling jake that bella is a virgin. yeah. i felt the same way when i lied and told my dad i was one before i got married.

Author's Response:

lmao!  my dad asked me if they made wedding dresses in a kind of faded yellow.  he had no illusions when it came to his daughter.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:27 AM · On: Revelation: Bella's POV

great chap. you're so talented and i hate you for it.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:26 AM · On: Persistence: Jacob's POV

pfft...has to make his apperance...we're on chapter 70 now and we still haven't seen him. grrr.

Author's Response:

are you sure about that?

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:24 AM · On: Persistence: Bella's POV

“I’m done with boys. They’re all stupid.”

fic idea...bella says fuck them all and moves to vermont to legally marry angela.

Author's Response:

dude! that was supposed to be a secret!  now you've ruined my surprise ending!

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:22 AM · On: Perceptions: Jacob's POV

Does this mean we can’t call her Vampire Girl anymore?”

lmao. i like that.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:21 AM · On: Perceptions: Bella's POV

this is me, remembering to leave a review.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:20 AM · On: Moments: Jacob's POV

i love embry. i think that he might be my 3rd favorite wolf. after paul of course. can't forget paul.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:18 AM · On: Moments: Bella's POV

What was it about werewolves and the inability to stay clothed?

Who cares?! makes for lovely rain scenes.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:17 AM · On: Dilemma: Jacob's POV

Jacob may love Bella, but not nearly as much as I love you.

Reviewer: bloodofbeckie (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 09:16 AM · On: Dilemma: Bella's POV

best. story. ever.

Reviewer: tazz (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 08:31 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV




Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: na-is-fba (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 06:11 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I've been reading for a while but I think the movie has to do with the increase in readers. My friend, who was completely Team Edward, said she was more open to Jacob after she saw New Moon because she understood his side more.

Author's Response:

You're probably right.  I know a lot of Team Edward people who were completely anti-Jake started thinking of him differently after seeing the movie.  I think the movie got acorss what SM intended to in the books, but because she failed at giving a lot of the characters any real depth, many readers completely missed it. 

Reviewer: Canadamoist (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 06:03 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I started reading because I wanted a good bella/jacob fic and the whole about her always pouncing on him the second after she did/didnt jump wasn't realistic, plus no one ever really wanted to incorporate that she still did love Edward and I was really hoping for that here, because even after Edward returned she still had this on going struggle of who she truely loved.

Author's Response:

LOL! That's exactly wy I started writing this fic.  I couldn't reconcile the Bella I knew with the one everyone had hopping into bed with Jake during the first five minutes.  It didn't make sense to me, and I kept seeing it happening so differently in my mind. 

Reviewer: kelly95 (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 05:32 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I think i just randomly found this story on this site!! I dont usually read fics when Bella ends up with Jake (even though i LOVE Jacob!) but this one looked really good :)

And it is, cos Im totally hooked!

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Lou Lou (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 05:20 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Great chapter by the way, I love Jacobs POV's, they're my favorite.

I started reading Breath Again just by chance, a friend of mine told me about another twilighted, having something to do with Edward, because I'm a Jacob fan I went looking for some and came across yours. There are a few about Jacob and Bella but because Breath Again had won some awards I was hoping it would be good, and it didn't disappoint. I haven't read any other ones except for yours, its just written and planned out so well.

I take my hat off to you for all your hard work and making Twilight all that much better!!!!!!!! (well for me anyway. GO TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

Reviewer: TwilightRoxMySox (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 03:46 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Uuuuh, I just stumbled across it one day & have been reading since. =] But anyway, about the chapter. Ooops- First off, happy holidays, sweetie. =] Okay, back to the chapter! I am so excited to find out what Jake's got planned for Bella. Are Alice & Emmett coming back? Just curious. Jake is a sweetie. Thanks for the update amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. =D

Author's Response:

Alice and Emmett won't be coming back before BA ends, but we'll have lots of Cullens in the sequel. 

Reviewer: tmbilling20 (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 03:42 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Interesting chapter! I honestly expected him to be more upset, but I'm glad he wasn't since he didn't need to be! :)How come he couldn't tell if there were still in the house or not?

I actually stumbled across this by simply just looking through the categories. It looked and sounded good! Thought I'd try reading it, and I'm glad I did! I love it!



Author's Response:

Jake's observation....well, this is the way I see it.  Bella walked inside, made a call, and then sat down.  Until she gave up on her homework and went upstairs, there would be nothing to hear.  And while Jacob's hearing is better than the average human's, it's not quite on par with vampires who can hear heartbeats through walls or whatever.  Add to that the fact that the vamps' scents were still pretty strong---they'd only left that morning---and Emmett had taken off through the woods to hunt.  Jacob would have been surrounded by their scent and yet hearing nothing.  There was really no way for him to know for certain where they were, but he assumed they were still there.

Reviewer: Treya (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 03:36 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I have been reading it for some time.  I did a cross reference check to find a Jacob/Bella story after reading New Moon, because I wanted to see a story where she gave him a chance at least.  I still believe that she should give both of them a chance, in this story it might mean a different ending. :)

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I always thought Jake deserved something more interesting than simply imprinting on a baby.

Reviewer: klizcullen (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2009 03:34 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I just want you to know that I just read all 70 chapters and I LOVE it!  Prob my new favorite story!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I should have the next one posted tomorrow :)

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