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Reviews For Breathe Again
Reviewer: wolvesrmyhomeboys (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 05:12 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Yay for Mike becoming a cool dude!

I <3 Charlie, lol!  Poor Papa Swan!

I have no guess, but I can't wait to find out :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! 

Reviewer: candygirl (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 05:02 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Thanks for a great Christmas present! I wasn't expecting TWO chapters since I last read. I started reading fan fiction when I watched NM and felt disappointed again by Bella's choice. So, I found this site and then this story under the Bella and Jacob Chronicles. It is a fantastic story and I'm pumped for the sequel!

Also, congrats on top 10!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!  Yeah, I decided to make the most of the holidays and do what I enjoy most: writing :)

Reviewer: tmbilling20 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 04:35 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congratulations on the Top 10! I'm not surprised! Sadly, I can't think of anything that he would have ran off for...dang it. I'll just have to wait for the chapter!


Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: sweetness4683 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 04:03 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

The bedroom scene was sweet!  Looking forward to more!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Meliha (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:59 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congrats on the Top Ten! You deserve to be there.

LOVED this chapter! I always get a grin on my face whenever J & B tease each other and I love Charlie, so anytime he gets a say is good for me. I'm intrigued by what Jacob went to LaPush for but the only real guess I have is that it's something for Bella.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Charlie & Jake in the same room is always just a one-liner waiting to happen ;)

Reviewer: mittap (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:55 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Ok I'm totally un-creative so I won't hazzard a guess at what Jake was up too. I enjoy the read and the build up with out speculating too much. I'm not surprised you are on the top ten. I belong to a little email group and Breathe Again is Tops as far as Jake fics, along with a couple others. I think even some of the Vamp fans are going to give some of the Jake fics a try. Hope your reviews continue to grow, grow, grow. You deserve it.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I knew the fic was doing well, but I honestly had no idea it was doing so well in comparison to all the Edward-fics!

Reviewer: jenstampin (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:48 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

I like not feeling paranoid.  It’s nice.  How fast are you planning to pull the rug out from under me?

“You gonna stand there all night?” he asked,    gah gah!  Yummy!

“And as I recall, you didn’t think it needed to be buttoned before,” he addedSee?  He’s so cute when he’s feeling confidant.  You said yourself that you and angsty  Jake don’t get along very well.

I’m basically saying that I love this chapter.  I love this story.  You are SO made of awesome!  ;)


P.S.  I don't have any guesses.  PLEASE tell me.

Author's Response:

Okay, fine, I'll tell you.  Jake's going to talk to the girl he imprinted on while he was gone, to see if she'll let him stay friends with Bella even though he has to marry her instead.  Yeah, not true at all... totally made that up.  He's actually just going to clear up the Cullen mess with Sam and get some more advice from Emily.

Reviewer: vhdnet (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:40 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

And here's another review to add under your belt : I loved it as usual. :)

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: cpurtzer (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:31 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

more lemon!!!!!!! THANK YOU. YOU ROCK









Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Luvtwilight14 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 03:06 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congratulations!  It is very well deserved!  I know my reviews (or ramblings) helped just a little bit.  I can't help but review great stories.  They make my days more tolerable! 

As far as guesses go I am going to have to go read that chapter again because I'm clueless.  And the fact you asked has only made me curious to know now, dangit.  Ha. Oh, btw, loved the ending except the fact that the loving was interrupted again!  Is it ever going to go "further"?  Just curious.

Hugs, Stephanie

Author's Response:

Thank you!  And all I can say about things going further is pretty much what I've said before---the sequel will have some lemons, but right now it's really too early in the relationship ( a few weeks ) for Jake & Bella to be getting all hot and heavy like that.

Reviewer: Luvtwilight14 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:53 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Breathe Again was the first Jacob/Bella Fic I came to when I did the character search.  I started reading this in August I think and have kept with it ever since.  I have read many Jake and Bella's since but this one is in my top five very close to the top.  I was so afraid when you didn't update for awhile that something happened and I'm not savvy on how to find out what is going on on blogs and forums and such so authors notes have helped.  I just love your story like Ive told you many many times.  It's unique and very very well written.  It has a wonderful flow to it and you are a very talented writer.  I am 3 chapters behind so Im catching up tonight now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over.  I'm sitting here in my new PJs and my snuggie getting back on track with my favorite past time and hobby reading wonderful stories like Breathe Again!  Thanks for updating so fast. Can't wait for more and the sequel has got me giddy with excitement. 

Hugs and squeezes, Stephanie

Reviewer: misticbutterfly (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:47 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congrats on the top ten spot.  I absolutely loved this chapter. The end was priceless with Charlie's comment.

I'm happy to see the mood shifting to an upbeat atmosphere.

I have to say I have no clue what Jacob had to do when he ran off...

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: twilightelle99 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:43 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congrats on making the top 10!!! You're an excellent writer who makes this reader so excited everytime she sees an update!

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Canadamoist (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:42 AM · On: Dilemma: Bella's POV

Absolutely love Charlie.  I really want Bella and Jacob to finally get some alone time instead of all this making out randomly everywhere and getting caught, cant they just have some time for themselves.  Can't wait for the update.  My guess is Jacob was taking care of a future imprint? who knows.

Night <3

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: kng1986 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:38 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

“Feeling’s mutual, son,” Charlie answered.  I loved this chapter; it was just so darn cute.  It's a credit to your writing that I'm probably one of many team Edward fans completely captivated by this.  You deserve to be in the top ten.  Congratulations.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: jct2004 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 02:06 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Sooo many great lines in this chapter!  I loved it!  "It's okay.  You can ogle me."  Too cute!  I really loved this chapter.  Especially loved the steamy kiss at the end!  Why do parents have such a sixth sense?  hahaha I loved Jake's reaction and that he got caught saying it.  Such a cute chapter.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: Simful (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:55 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

LOLOL DANG IT CHARLIE! :)  Still love this story.  Still can't wait for more, I literally squealed with delight when my Blackberry warned me that another chapter was up.  I'm loving the consistant updates!!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: ucsdgirl_cali (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:55 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I found Breathe Again on  I started following your story there, then it disappeared. I then gound you on Facebook where you mentioned this site and now I log in every day, checking to see if there's a new chapter. This is, by far, the best "Jake-fic" I've ever read.

Reviewer: jct2004 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:54 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I stumbled across your story on this site, and I have been hooked ever since!  I'm always so excited to find really good stories that keep the essential qualities of the characters in tact.  I always look forward to your story updates, and I can't WAIT for the sequel!

Reviewer: DazedNCnfused (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:52 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Hahaha! I LOVED the end of the chapter. It was completely in character for CHarlie. That last line would be exactly what I would imagine him to say in that sitatuon.

Also, you are killing me with all of this sexual tension. You really know how to build it up and break it off, don'tcha? :P

I have no clue what Jake was up to, but I am eager to find out! :D Can't wait for the next one.

Reviewer: Amber_Cullen (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:37 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

haha. no guesses.. i'm totally clueless :/ lol

and congratulations!! :) u totally deserve it. now hurry up with the next chapter! lol. Please :D

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: twirl1 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:35 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

LOL..great chapter.... I so love Charlie.... hahaha... he is definately keep Jake on his toes.... kudos to Mike for helping Bella escape...:)

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: kateyes1 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:34 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

I am so so happy you posted a new chapter. I just so love your story. I know - I'm a lame. Plus I finally figured out how to put in a review via my iPhone... Now I can help increase your review numbers.

So this chapter is good. Short but good. They are treading slowly, going back to normal as normal can get. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm quite curious about what Jake went off to do in an earlier chapter but I'm sure to find out in the next. You are good at keeping your promises.

My only main stresser is the imprinting. Can there be such a thing as delayed imprinting? I ask only becuase Rachel was back for awhile and then Paul imprinted on her later on, at least that's the way I understood it. I just worry that there is pressure from Team Edward to give them their preferred ending and I'm a Team Edward but I prefer to read an actual alternate universe were Jacob gets his girl.

Do you know how hard it is to find Bella&Jacob fics ?!!! I've read a few that make me gag and can't hold a candle to how you approached their story. If you can email me some good recs Id appreciate it.

Sorry for any misspellings, I'm on an iphone.


Reviewer: hwright605 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:31 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Stumbled on it looking at most recent updates.  Liked the summary, read a chapter and was totally hooked.  You're responsible for two very late nights.  :)

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: Amber_Cullen (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 01:26 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

Hmm... lets see if I can remember that far back... lol

I think i had read a story somewhat simliar to urs (but not as good, trust me. lol) on a different site. and when i was done reading it, and could find nothing else that caught my interest on that certain site I googled for twilight fan fiction sites, found twilighted and looked for i think.... AU stories and luckily came across urs. I read the summary, and started reading. I instantly became hooked, and here i sit still reading, jumping up in excitiment everytime i get an Email saying u've updated. :D lol. 

O yea.... loved the chapter btw. :)) lol. Jacob's an idiot.. but u can't help but love him

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

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