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Reviews For Breathe Again
Reviewer: Bella Quinn (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 05:50 PM · On: Dilemma: Bella's POV

Sorry...I've been so caught up in Bella and Jake that I ignored any signs about Edward....

Author's Response:

LOL! It's easy to do.  I think for some of my readers it might be a subconscious defense mechanism...'If I pretend Edward just doesn't exist, maybe he won't come back...'

Reviewer: mychild (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 12:41 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

i think an imprint would be long as it doesn't include jake either! lol

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: mychild (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 12:31 PM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

Congrats on being in the top ten!!  you totally deserve it!

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: littlesecrets (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 07:54 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

I am in love with this story. Or maybe I'm in love with Jacob Black (forget the fact that he's not...really...all that real). Probably both. But. I love you story, anyway. It's all I look for in a story, and you've made me grow to love not only the characters, but also your perception of the characters...what else can I say? I sure as hell hope that it's Bella Jacob imprints on and Bella chooses Jacob over Edward.

I also really <3 your version of Bella. She's the same...but also she's stronger, she has more of a sense of humour, and she puts up with Jake better ;)

I couldn't stand it if she went for Edward. Not that I have anything against him as a character, it's just him and Bella I don't like. And I'm in love with Jacob. Or did I already mention that?

Anyway. I'll stop rambling. I heart this story like hell, as you can probably tell, and I'm hanging on for more.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Bella has been a bit of a challenge for me.  There were things I liked about her in the books, but I also felt like she never really grew and developed into anything more than what she was in the first book.  To keep her from being OOC, I had to start her out every bit as annoying as she was in the books, and then over time I've been able to get her to mature a bit.  I would like to think that someone like Jake would bring that out in her, especially if she could simply be happy.  I think in some ways Edward stunted her personal growth.  She always felt inferior to him, and that never really changed, from her being a weak human to her being a vampire who required his guidance.

Reviewer: rebirthfry25 (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 05:07 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

Need more...please..(on hands and knees)

Author's Response:

I'm workin' on it :)

Reviewer: Bella Quinn (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2010 02:44 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

Like Jake imprinting?  So does that mean that  Edward is gonna come crawling back?

Author's Response:

Well, it should be pretty clear by now that Edward's going to come crawling back.  I've responded to 90 gazillion reviews about that and even posted it in several author notes.  The question is whether or not Bella will give him another chance.  As for the imprinting, you'll just have to wait and see who it is.

Reviewer: ameliacauser (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 11:39 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

Hello. I'm new to this site, and I am epic Team Edward, but I absolutely love your story. Very creative, well written, and just plain awesome really. 

Well done, kudos, congrats, you rock, etc. 

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!  I'm thinking of polling people when the fic ends, just to see what the Team lines are.  It seems there are an awful lot of Team Edward here, which is great---and surprising since I figured you'd all run screaming once you saw Jake on the banner ;)

Reviewer: Canyaceme (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 11:24 PM · On: Quiet: Bella's POV

By the time I'm reading this the entire story has been written but I have to say I hope Jacob comes out on top this time.  I'm definitely team Edward but I love this Jacob, he's a good guy and I, for one, hope Bella says no to Edward when he returns.   Other stories make Jacob the bad guy and I really don't see him that way.  He has a kind heart and he really loves Bella.  As much as I love Edward, he gave up his chance with Bella (even if it was for noble reasons). I guess I'll just have to wait to the end to find out which way it goes.

This is a wonderful story, so well-writtened, amazing character development.  Thank for entertaining us.

Author's Response:

I don't know that I could bring myself to make Jake the bad guy.  Couldn't do that to Edward either.  I like them both too much. 

Reviewer: hammie09 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 05:07 PM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV


Author's Response:

Well, I wasn't planning on stopping ;)

Reviewer: AshleyCullen85 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 04:23 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

Imprint? Oh no...I'm worried!!! Love the keep me anxious for more!!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Fadewind (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 02:11 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

"Soooooo...what would y'all think of an imprint in the next chapter? Perhaps one that doesn't involve Bella?" 

Does not involve Bella OR Jake would be better.

Author's Response:

Thank you! And you're right---it would.

Reviewer: Fadewind (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 01:51 PM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

my guess is he went to tell the pack.... :) I shall see. 

I really like how Mike is turning out to be a friend now and not some pinting little boy.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I thought Mike deserved another chance at just being a good guy.

Reviewer: Fadewind (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 01:37 PM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

"Here’s what I want to know: How did you end up reading Breathe Again? Did you just happen to stumble across it on the site? Was there a certain forum that pointed you to it? Did someone threaten to kill you if you didn’t read at least one Jake-fic? It’s picking up a lot of new readers lately, and I’m really curious about what brought everyone to this particular story."

I just kind of stumbled on it when I did a random search for series... then after reading a few chapters added it to one of my fav's.  Through your story I have found other jake stories.

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Fadewind (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 01:18 PM · On: Honesty: Bella's POV

Happy they talked it out.... I really want the two of them to work it out in the long run.  I hope they do.... guess we shall see. Thanks agian for sharing with us.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

Reviewer: christie cullen (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 01:10 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

So, I just started reading your story and wanted to catch up before I reviewed. I LOVE your Jacob. I love Jacob in general (though not as much as Edward...) and like that this gives him a shot. Of course, I wonder where you're going with this. I know Edward's coming back and all, so I'm dying trying to figure out what I think your Bella will do. I know you've already decided, but I have just got to say, as much as I love Jacob, I want Bella to end up with Edward. Otherwise this all feels like a lot of build-up to nothing. And that's awful of me to think about Jacob, but I don't know...Edward and Bella and just supposed to be together in my head, even if Jacob and Bella are great. But I also like that this Bella gets a chance too- she gets to see that she could live without Edward and can grow as a person.

Anyway, great chapter and I can't wait for the next one (and the sequel!!!).

Author's Response:

Thank you!  And very well thought-out.  I think no matter who she chooses, a good number of people will feel exactly that: like it was a lot of build-up to nothing.  It seems that while I started out with a bunch of Team Jake readers, Team Edward has joined in now, and with quite the numbers.  In any case, I'm glad so many people are giving the story a chance!

Reviewer: futuremrslegresley (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 12:40 PM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

I love the last part ! You do so well at putting Charlie as the comic relief, in this story.

Author's Response:

Thank you!

Reviewer: Amy89454448 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 10:40 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

AH! I just found this yesterday and was up till 3am reading it. Now that I've actually caught up the suspence is killing me! ( and its not even a cliff hanger!)

As a devoted Edward-turned-Jacob fan I want Jacob and Bella to stay together but feel sorry for Edward cuz he still loves Bella...

You must be a good writer for me to be getting worked up over fictional-fictional characters (fictional-fictional because its a story about a story... if you get what i mean) Either that or its just way to late for me to think straight.

But I'm pretty sure its cuz your good :D

OK this review has gone to long and lost its point which is your stories awesome and I can't wait to read the next one :D

Author's Response:

Okay, that's a LOT of reading!  Thanks so much!  I'm not looking forward to finishing the part of the story where Bella finally ends up with one of them because I actually love them both.  But the show must go on, right?

Reviewer: rebirthfry25 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 06:11 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

OMG.....I've been reading almost none stop sinceI discovered this web site 2 days ago...and now I hit a stop!!!!!

This is agony!!!!!

Your talented and i'm dying over here! Please for the love of god don't keep my in suspence to long!

sigh...please continue! And Jake and Bella can hook up's time...she should just let him into her heart and cry out her scared emotions and go for the kill! I know there are people out there who agree! :)

Author's Response:

LOL! Thank you! 

Reviewer: ChinaDollz (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 06:06 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

OMG your such a mean to tease about imprinting for the next chap but wer the ones that have to sit here and wait!!

Author's Response:

Yes, but you all make it so easy.  All I have to do is mention tghe word imprint and everyone starts freaking out.  I'm sure from where you sit it's agonizing, but from where I sit it's funny as hell ;)

Reviewer: rebirthfry25 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 05:49 AM · On: Normalcy: Bella's POV

You more than deserve top 10 status! geeze!!!!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

Reviewer: lablab73 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 04:55 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

I think a nice imprint, not involving Bella... maybe involving Mike Newton????? would be great! Just do it quickly, pretty, pretty please. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the story!

Author's Response:

That would be funny, but I don't know that it's possible.  Leah's already seen Mike, and since she didn't imprint then, she can't now.  Plus, he's probably a little scared of her.  That leaves the male wolves...hmmmm....

Reviewer: lablab73 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 04:32 AM · On: Honesty: Jacob's POV

I just stumbled on the summary... I had been thinking about doing a story starting from a similar point and I wanted to know what yours looked like. I'm really glad I found it.

Author's Response:

I should warn you that this is a very common, almost cliche theme for the Jake/Bella part of the fandom.  I'm pretty sure that everyone who devotes their stories to Jake has written something that covers what might have been if Alice hadn't seen Bella jump or Edward didn't go to Volterra or the Cullens just didn't come back.  That's not to say you shouldn't write it, but it has been done A LOT.  I know a lot of readers are getting into the all-human stories, though, and there certainly aren't enough of them that include Jake as a decent guy who's with Bella.

Reviewer: lablab73 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 03:59 AM · On: Closure: Bella's POV

Nice twist... but I do feel sorry for Jacob

Reviewer: JB12 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 03:16 AM · On: Normalcy: Jacob's POV

Well, not imprinting on Bella would be total bullshit, and since I hate the whole imprinting concept anyway, I would have to scream my head off...would that matter?:-) Jake deserves to make his own choices, he deserves the right to choose, he deserves free will, to choose all by himself who he is going to love. Damn I hate that imprinting shit. But if he 'has' too, it better be the one who he already loves.

I am excited to see what Jake will cook for Bella, way romantic and sexy, I bet is is something with Pasta, that always the easiest to do and it is good...

Charlie is awesome fo rletting Jake stay the night, he is great anyway, but I love how he actually really supports their relationship.

Jake in bed with an unbuttoned shirt **swoon** hell ya!!

I actually really like 'your' Bella, she opend her heard to Jake in a way I truly adore, he feelings are genuine and true...........I LOVE it!!!!!

Happy New Year !

Author's Response:

LOL! I love your frankness!

Reviewer: peculiar1 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2010 01:41 AM · On: Unrest: Jacob's POV

Ok i shall review~

i love the story i was so waiting for a fanfic the actually had Bella falling for Jacob and like i said before i never thought i would be saying this but Jacob is awesome now that you have showed us this side of the story and i think Bella should just keep him. I mean i love Edward but SO confused now! i guess now am team Jakeward or something!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!  And I think Team Jakeward is a great idea!

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