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Reviewer: Twiadict2911 (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2012 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 1

This made me cry!

Author's Response:

Good morning, Twiadict2911!

Aw, yeah, it has a sad theme to it.  The banner was so sad that the story that was written for it had to be, too.

Thank you for reading and for your shiny shiny rating!


Reviewer: leeseeq (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2012 03:51 AM · On: Chapter 1

Personally I like both:)

Author's Response:

Good morning, leeseeq~

*grin* Both is good! Fanfiction allows for pretty much anything. lol


Thanks for reading!


Reviewer: 2loveybunnies (Signed) · Date: May 18, 2012 05:46 PM · On: Chapter 1

Well, either way, I'm bawling my eyes out right now!  (it's that time of the month, so you can blame that or the fact that you always manage to invoke certain feelings with your writing - good or bad!).    I think I like Katie's take on things and I'm going with that version!   E&B together again....for eternity!

Thanks for ruining my mascara!

Author's Response:

Godo morning, 2loveybunnies~

The banner was so sad, I felt the story here had to do it justice.  Kathie will appreciate that someone likes her ending. *smile*  She loves E & B together forever. 

ah, yes. LJ Summers:  Mascara Ruiner! 

I could make a t-shirt. :)

Thanks for reading and the stupendous rating!


Reviewer: achilles (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2012 03:32 PM · On: Chapter 1

I like both ending suggestions but I think I like yours the best :)


Author's Response:

Good afternoon, Achilles!

Thank you! :)  This was an unusual story to write but a beautiful banner to write FROM and I enjoyed it.  


Heh. I like my ending too. LOL

Thanks for reading and the generous rating!!


Reviewer: JavaMasta (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2012 02:05 AM · On: Chapter 1

I like your ending better :-)  Or maybe you can combine them ... it happens this way for a few more years, then use Katmom's idea. 

Anyway, this had me enthralled when I read it in the drabble contest, and it did it again, even after I knew what was coming!


Author's Response:

Good morning, JavaMasta!

LOL Thanks! I kinda do, too. *grin*  And yes, Katmom would love for them to eventually be together. She's a sweetheart, that way.  

I'm glad I was able to catch and hold your interest with this drabble. Twice! :) I tried! lol

Thank you for reading and the super shiny rating!


Reviewer: Wallace (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2012 10:30 PM · On: Chapter 1

Sad little story.  Keep writing.  

Author's Response:

Good morning, Wallace!

It is rather a sad story, but so was the banner, you know? 

And you know me... I can't seem to stop writing. LOL  (Working on a sequel to a novel at present, though, so my brain's been kinda busy!)

Thank you for reading and for the shiny rating!


Reviewer: angelblue (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2012 08:15 AM · On: Chapter 1

He goes out says goodbye again. He goes home to find his mew love waiting in a broken down car near his path. he wont know Bella semt her until he s ready to give her flowers too.

Author's Response:

Good morning, angelblue ~

Oh, I like that ending. I really do! Very hopeful! :) Thank you. :)


Reviewer: Lisa254 (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2012 01:37 AM · On: Chapter 1

*sniffle* So sad. Your notion is heartbreakingly sweet.

Beautifully written


Author's Response:

Good morning, Lisa254 ~

Aw, thank you. The banner itself is so sad, I wanted to make the drabble do it justice.  I'm glad you think it did.


Thank you for your kind words. :)



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