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Reviews For Rm w/a Vu
Reviewer: debr (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2013 03:50 PM · On: Chapter 37. Jumping in Head First

Love this story.  I am however a bit sad to see it coming to an end.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Reviewer: lynard69 (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2013 03:39 PM · On: Chapter 37. Jumping in Head First

I loved the proposal!

Reviewer: sarasue (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2013 02:50 PM · On: Chapter 37. Jumping in Head First

awww i was going a bit nuts waiting for this chapter but soo worth it the shower was perfect i could see them all holding baby masen in my head

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 25, 2013 01:07 PM · On: Chapter 36. Nurture vs. Nature

Oh wow, he proposed and not because he was sleep deprived, lol.  I can empathise with Edward and Bella in this chapter.  Getting to know your baby is amazing and scary, trying to work out why they're crying when you've done everything you can think of, it's so frustrating.  My daughter had difficulty settling to sleep when she was ten months old after her dad left us.  It would take me hours every night to get her to sleep, I was dead on my feet, finally I shoved one of her teddies up my shirt against my skin for a whole day, needless to say I stayed in that day, lol, then at bedtime I put the teddy in her cot along with the shirt I'd made sure to wear for a couple of days.  I laid her on the shirt with her teddy near by and bingo, no more crying or me soothing her for hours on end, she thought I was still there as my scent was surrounding her. The simplest ideas are the best, just like Bella unwrapping Masen's feet.

Depending on how far in the future the epilogue is I'm thinking that it could be Masen's POV, if not then maybe Charlie's.

Jane x

Reviewer: willowguess (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2013 02:42 AM · On: Chapter 36. Nurture vs. Nature


Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:25 PM · On: Chapter 35. A Wedding and a Delivery . . . or Two

Bwahahahahaha!!  It was bound to happen that Bella and, by association, Edward would walk in to that room and see Renee in all her splendid glory. Awww, Bella's so taken with Claire, just wait until she's older and she's complaining to Bella about walking in on their mum and dad in compromising positions, lol.  Rose and Emmett's wedding sounded perfect.  So Edward's baby is coming early, will he have the same birthday as Claire?  It would be perfect if they did.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:24 PM · On: Chapter 34. Best Laid Plans

I'm so glad that the baby will be a boy.  I think it will be easier for Bella to bond with him as he'll probably look more like Edward than Irina.  I love the idea of Edward incorporating his birth parents name into his sons name.  It ties them all together and shows that Edward harbours no ill feelings towards them for giving him up for adoption.  Bella was right about her room, it was the logical choice and anyway, they're living together properly now so she might as well move into and take over Edward's room, bwahahahahaha!!

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:23 PM · On: Chapter 33. Communication is Key

Rose and Esme made some very valid points that have helped Bella a lot. She's managed to get her head around things more and seeing Irina and talking to her has awoken her maternal side.  I think it's quite a surprise to Bella to be feeling so much for the baby so soon given everything that she felt at the beginning.  Maybe now they can both start looking forward to when the baby will be born and bringing him or her home.  Lol, even though it turns out that Irina does have feelings and a heart instead of a brick swinging in her chest, I still don't like her.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:22 PM · On: Chapter 32. Moving Forward

Oh poor Bella, she wasn't as fine as she said she was.  I think all her feelings are very valid especially how she feels towards Irina.  I thought Charlie and Renee took the news well and they just have to be the best parents ever.  Bella and Edward really do need to talk and keep talking because thoughts and feelings are likely to change on a regular basis, it may be hard to keep up. Bella's been so supportive of Edward, even suggesting things she's uncomfortable with because she loves him so much and wants to help him, but she really needs to take some time for herself because this isn't just about Edward and the baby.  I loved how  Charlie offered their house for a quiet place to study, did he forget they'd have a screaming newborn living with them too? Lol.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:21 PM · On: Chapter 31. Decisions, Decisions

Okay, I have no sympathy for Irina at all.  Hard of me I know but for crying out loud.  The two things I was told when I went on the pill were that if you miss a pill you are at risk of pregnancy and if you have to take antibiotics then they cancel out the effectiveness of the pill altogether and you won't be fully protected until you have completed your next course of tablets after stopping the antibiotics.  I don't buy that a woman of her age didn't know this.  Then she has the cheek to say that it took both of them to create the mess but she wants Edward to decide what to do.  I don't think so, grow a backbone and deal with it yourself, she's the one without the maternal bone in her body her choice and decision seem very obvious to me.  If she doesn't want kids ever why would she go through a pregnancy then a birth and all that entails, then give her baby up and walk away, her hormones will be all over the place and emotionally she may not fully recover, no matter how hard she comes across as being.  Irina's right she is selfish, she says she's giving Edward the choice but really what she's doing is making him make a decision that she doesn't have the balls to. Am I too harsh?  Maybe.  I like to think I'm realistic and I take responsibility for my own body.  Lol, you may have guessed but I'm really angry at Irina for doing this.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bella is so strong and I have no doubt that she'll love the baby as if it was her own.  She's not ready to be a mum but she's willing to stand by Edward and take on this new responsibilty because she loves him with all her heart.  I feel sad for Bella that, in a way, she has to let go of a life she thought she would have, she's going to miss out on a lot of firsts with Edward.  She thought that she and Edward would have their first child together and be the ones to give Esme and Carlisle their first grandchild and now that's not the case.  She's going to need some time to let go of the life she thought she would have, to grieve for it and wrap her head around the life that she's now facing.  It's going to take time for Bella to accept what's happening, she may even become jealous or petty and feel hurt but given the circumstances I think she's allowed.  Will Bella eventually adopt the baby officially?

Jane x 

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:20 PM · On: Chapter 30. Snapping Back to Reality

Damn!  I was so hoping she was a big fat liar.  So I'm taking it that Irina doesn't agree with abortion but then does she.  If she doesn't want this baby then why not just have an abortion without involving Edward?  She doesn't strike me as the altruistic (is that that right word) type.  If she doesn't agree with abortion and Edward says he doesn't want the baby, is she going to have it and put it up for adoption?  How would Edward feel knowing his child was out there being brought up by someone else?  I don't understand her motives.  She said she isn't ready to be a mother but if she continues then she can re-negotiate her contract and move after the baby's born.  I think she still wants some sort of connection and tie to Edward.  She really doesn't come across as the type of person that's really considerate but then maybe I'm hard faced.

Bella's such a strong person but I really think it's a big thing, if Edward decides he wants the baby, to ask Bella to be involved.  Like she said they're in this together and she's not going anywhere.  Despite Edward saying that he's not asking her to be a mum to his child for all intents and purposes that is what she would be, there's no getting around that.  This is a massive thing for them both.

Oh, oh, a thought just occurred to me.  Has Irina told Edward about the baby and leaving the decision about what to do up to him to absolve herself of any guilty feelings if he says he doesn't want the baby and she has an abortion?  That seems a bit more Irina like to me because then she always has someone to blame.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:18 PM · On: Chapter 29. Unexpected

It seems rather convenient that Irina calls now whilst Edward is away with Bella and after Heidi mentioning her.  Is she really pregnant?  Is she just trying to split Edward and Bella up?  If she's around ten weeks pregnant why hasn't she contacted Edward sooner, I mean she'll be due her first scan in a couple of weeks which will date her pregnancy better.  Could the baby be someone else's? I hope it's just all a plot to get Edward back, I don't want Edward and Bella to split up and this would be a big ask for Bella to stand by and watch Irina have his baby.  Edward's always been so careful with Bella and contraception and I can't imagine him being anything but the same with Irina.  Please turn her into a big fat vindictive liar.  Lol, just getting a little carried away there. 

What's he going to say to Bella?  He can't ignore it, she'll know something is wrong.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:18 PM · On: Chapter 28. It's All Downhill from Here

Bella did really well but her legs are really going to pay.  If I'd been boarding all day there's no way on this earth that I'd be able to walk the next day, I'd be crawling everywhere whilst complaining profusely, lol.  Is Irina going to show up at some point?  I'm not sure if I want her to or not.  I'm glad that Bella's getting on with Heidi.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:17 PM · On: Chapter 27. Recipe for Romance

An accidental brush and Bella's now musing the pleasure to be had via the back door, lol.  I wonder how long it will be before she plucks up her courage to let Edward go there.  The cabin sounds amazing, I wish I could go, lol.  Bella was pretty insecure when Heidi appeared on the scene and I think it's a natural reaction for anyone to have.  I think that whenever any of us get into a new relationship most of us don't want to think let alone hear about our partners past.  Of course, if kids are involved it's unavoidable but old relationships should be left in the past as much as possible.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:15 PM · On: Chapter 26. Keeping me on my Toes

So Edward's happy that his prediction is starting to come true and Bella's asking to do things and surprising him into the bargain.  Well, he needs to fasten his seatbelt because she's got so many surprises up her sleeve he's in for the ride of his life, lol.  I'm glad that Heidi isn't going to come between them.  I don't think anyone could, they're just so besotted with each other.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:14 PM · On: Chapter 25. The Mile High Club

Lol, I think they did amazingly well in such a small space, you have to be a contortionist in one of those loos.......not that I'd really know that.......I have a vivid imagination and I'm using it, lol.  I'm surprised they didn't get a round of applause or a cheer when they came out.  Don't skirts come in handy, lol.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 24. A Christmas Miracle

I still think she's going for a waxing.  *ouch*  Just when you think you're past all the baby stuff, surprise!  I think it's lovely but it's going to be hard work for them starting all over again.  A lot of older parents say they don't have the same energy but they have more patience and time to spend with their child as they don't place the same importance on the little things they did when they were younger like having a spotless house.  There's pros and cons for both sides but all that matters is that everyone comes out of this healthy and happy.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:12 PM · On: Chapter 23. 'Tis the Season

Wow!  A ski trip.  I'd love to go skiing but if I did I'd probably break something so I hope Bella or Edward don't, break something that is, unless it's the bed, lol.  Is Bella going for a waxing?  She might need that snow afterwards if she is, lol.  Will they be joining the mile high club either on their way there or back? Could they manage to be quiet enough?  Lol.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:10 PM · On: Chapter 22. Another Well-Taught Lesson

Lol, Emmett got more than he bargained for as did Bella, in more ways than one.  I think it's fair to say that Bella's a fan of toys now.  She should use Yoda on Edward, I think they'll both love the results.  I'm glad the Christmas suggestion went down well.  I loved Edward's reaction to learning his mum couldn't make it to Renee's sex party and that she has Carmen's number, bwahahahahaha!!

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:09 PM · On: Chapter 21. A Whole New Level of Awkward

Bwahahahahahaha!!  Oh God!  That was so funny but good for Bella finding her voice and coming up with a position that none of them had tried.  Edward's going to have so much fun with these toys.  It would definitely be weird attending a sex party that your mum has organised.  Now, is Edward going to be alone upstairs or does he have........guests?  Lol, knowing Bella's luck, especially as she's started taking her clothes off, she's going to be very embarrassed.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:07 PM · On: Chapter 20. Touchdown

Lol, if these two carry on the way they have been they're going to wear each other out.  Edward's dick and Bella's pussy are going to be waving white flags, lol.  I'm not sure about this Christmas idea.  How's it going to work with two mums in the kitchen watching each other cook and possibly thinking theirs is better?  It could be ladles at twenty paces, lol.  Is Edward going to book them a holiday?  I think he might.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:05 PM · On: Chapter 19. One New Experience After Another

Lol, I think Renee invited her to an Ann Summers party or something similar, you know naughty underwear, naughty sexy games and toys, toys, toys, bwahahahaha!!  I love how they can't keep their hands off each other now more than ever it's how we all are at the beginning of a new sexual relationship. Bella's doing amazing pushing all her boundaries but to tell the truth I think she's always been a little sex godess, she just needed someone to help release her.  You know what they say, it's always the quiet ones, lol.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:04 PM · On: Chapter 18. Bullseye

Damn!  I need a lie down.  I loved Bella's comment afterwards, "fucking epic" yes, it certainly was.  Finally they got down and dirty, lol, and they said their I love you's, aww.  Bella's learned that sex can be amazing with the right person and the right connection.  I think Edward will have helped to release an even more minxy Bella, hahahaha!!  I couldn't stop laughing when she realised that she'd not wiped her search history from Edward's laptop.  Bella wouldn't be Bella if she didn't embarrass herself almost constantly, lol.  I loved what she did to Jake and the rest of the groups reaction to it, bwahahahahaha!!  I'd always make sure I was on Bella's paintball team or I'd stand behind Emmett all the time, lol.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:03 PM · On: Chapter 17. Offside

Anal on the table, bwahahahahahaha!!  These two just throw their verbal filters away when they're together, it's so funny.  Bella's definitely coming out of her shell, she's turning into quite the little minx, lol.  What the hell was Jake doing on those odd occasions he and Bella got together?  Nothing, that's what, he was just interested in getting his end away.  He's one of those guys that will always blame the woman if she's not satisfied sexually or she turns him down.  He's such a loser, Bella's definitely better off without him even if she had to live the rest of her life celibate, which we know won't happen.

Jane x

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2013 07:02 PM · On: Chapter 16. FaceTime

Lol, Bella had a lucky escape at the clinic with Carlisle, at least she ony saw him on her way out.  I'm so glad all her results are fine.  It's human nature to worry about test results even though you know they'll be okay.  Face Time sexiness was hot.  Bella's becoming so brave and confident with Edward and she's having so many firsts.

Jane x

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