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Reviews For Snowed In
Reviewer: AJ04 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:30 AM · On: Decisons

YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS! AFT he admited he cared. God you gotta luv Alice! Always the matchmaker...

Only 2 more chapters, admit that kind of make me sad but still can't wait to meet them.

Reviewer: mcamastow (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:29 AM · On: Decisons

this was so good to read after waiting along while again u got the ve part down pack.lo

Reviewer: Antonia Cullen (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:28 AM · On: Decisons


Reviewer: crazycoffeemom (Anonymous) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:25 AM · On: Decisons

i loved it. i hate to see it end. is there going to be a sequal or anything. i really loved this story. i have never read anything like it. thanks

Reviewer: baileygirl (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:21 AM · On: Decisons

Great chapter! I was so happy to see the story updated! I think I squealed. :) Can't wait to see how it all ends!

Reviewer: joanefferteal (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:15 AM · On: Decisons

I feel a little sorry for Alice and Jasper right now.  I imagine something like "GOD! EDWARD! YES!" carries pretty far.

Reviewer: mscullen10159 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:07 AM · On: Arriving

Oh..o...I think their in for a big surprise!

Reviewer: BellaS (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 04:05 AM · On: Decisons

I expected nothing less from Edward except flawlessness.

Reviewer: twiguyemt11 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:52 AM · On: Decisons

you got one male reader here. i love this story it reminds me  of how me and my met wife met.



Paramedic  Paul L.A.F.D

Author's Response: You're officially my hero as well as the first male to come forward! And a paramedic to boot!

Reviewer: MiaCullen (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:40 AM · On: Decisons

Awww yay :]

I'm happy that they finally got their shit together.

Good times.

But I'm kinda sad that the story is ending :[ But I will be happy once I see the complete, final result. So...yay? Nay? idk.

Rhymes. This is what I have succumb to because of your story.

Reviewer: twilightgirl36 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:36 AM · On: Decisons

Great chapter!! You had me worried in the beginning.

Reviewer: daggers4u (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:36 AM · On: Decisons

*pant*pant* sexy sexy!! ;-) So awesome! They're together yay!

But why only 2 more chapters?!!?? There's So much more to go!

Reviewer: ieatsourgrapes (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:14 AM · On: Decisons

yay! :D :D :D

Reviewer: LoveableMidget (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:13 AM · On: Decisons

Reading and loving your story all the way from New Zealand :)

Reviewer: panda-marnie-um (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:06 AM · On: Decisons

awww im happy!!! yay for moving in together!

and yes you have readers outside the US, im from Sydney, Australia and i love this story!!!

Reviewer: mkd (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 03:05 AM · On: Decisons

that was so awesome im so glad that it was a happy resolution and that jacob wasn't too annoying

Reviewer: possession (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:59 AM · On: Decisons

Heart On My Sleeve.....

You think you've heard this before
I'll try and say it differently
As long as it comes naturally to me
It's been makin' me sad
'cause i can't find a better way
To speak the words i want to say to you

Know i love you
Know i need you

That i want you to know
I won't you let you down
No i can't let go
And i want you to see
Everyday i wear my heart on my sleeve
On my sleeve

It's been driving me mad
Consistent tones and constant drones
Keep pulling me back inside my head
Nothing matters at all
The world will keep on spinning around
All these feelings keep on pouring out

Oh i love you
Oh i need you....

I just thought it fit this chapter!



Reviewer: jennayg123 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:59 AM · On: Decisons

I'm so sad it's almost over! But I can't tell you how excited I am to see that she's moving in with him! Nice work Alice!

Reviewer: edwardsvolvo (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:58 AM · On: Decisons

Oh thank you for nice.  I feel all warm inside and it's hot here. 

Looking forward to the last chapters. : )

Reviewer: esmie3 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:53 AM · On: Decisons

Wow. Amazing chapter! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you sooo much for the update :)

Reviewer: Phoenix Rising (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:51 AM · On: Decisons

Whew, that chapter was an emotional roller coaster!  But such a happy ending...great job!

xoxo Sarah

Reviewer: Twilight_obessesed (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:39 AM · On: Decisons

That was great im glad she said it to i loved it great chapter :)

Reviewer: caperves1979 (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:28 AM · On: Decisons

Thank you so much for this giant great chapter.  What do you mean only 2 chapters left?  We don't get to stay with them until they have 7 grandchildren and live in a retirement home?  Just kidding, I know it has to end and retirement home lemons would just be gross.

Reviewer: brettrocks (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:13 AM · On: Decisons

im canadian if it helps

Reviewer: nofangsallowed (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2009 02:13 AM · On: Decisons

So sweet!  Yeah!

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