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Reviews For Just Another Day
Reviewer: dbg (Signed) · Date: February 07, 2013 06:37 PM · On: Chapter 1

What a great one shot.

No one has ever captured the whirlwind of emotions a newborn has like you did here.

Great job!!

Thank you

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2012 11:37 PM · On: Chapter 1

  Hey, Janna!  I have to confess, I don't know why I decided to read When Darkness Turns into Light in the first place.  You broke two solidly bound couples, and this isn't my usual brand of poison.

  That said, I was enthralled by the way the feelings between Jasper and Bella evolved from a deep friendship to a new love.  And by Jasper attitude toward the obstacles in his way.  He worked his lack of control over his bloodlust, managed intimacy with Bella...  And that right away.  Edward, at least as a first reaction, would have seen the obstacles as insurmountable, as a proof of "I don't deserve Bella, I'm a monster, I will hurt her" and blah-blah-blah.  And, since this Edward was stupid enough to really stay away...  His loss.

  There's also the part where he sees Bella in a more equalitarian way.  I think the next passage sums that well:

  'He was willing to spend however long it took with me until I felt completely comfortable doing whatever it was I was learning.  He never rushed me or helped until I ask him or until I reached the point that I was in over my head.(...)  He allowed me to stumble and fall and that meant the world to me, because no matter what, I knew he would be there to pick me up and that gave me the courage to be fearless.'

    A perverse part of me almost wish you would show us the occasion when they meet Edward again; to see him squirm seeing what his "strenght" (*cough*arrogance, stupidity, blindness...) made him lose.  For no good reason.        P-)

  The lighter part wishes Bella and Jasper to resume their relationship with the Cullens, Alice in particular, and with Jacob.  It would be good to see that, too.

  To summarize, you are a writer good enough to make me like your story, despite my reservations against the theme.        ;)

Reviewer: BugRehsom (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2011 01:26 AM · On: Chapter 1

so.... about that sequel?


I enjoyed this little insight into their post change life.

Reviewer: Lead69 (Signed) · Date: October 10, 2011 11:14 PM · On: Chapter 1

It's been so long, lady. I'm so glad to see you back.

You always give such good chappies and never fail to impress me.  Looking forward to reading more.  :) Lea  

Reviewer: efromhawaii (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2011 03:12 AM · On: Chapter 1

I got so excited when I saw this and it was so good to visit with your Bella and Jasper from "When Darkness Turns to Light" again. 

In my humble opinion, "When Darkness Turns to Light" is a classic in the Twilight Fanfiction universe. 

Author's Response:

Awwww, thanks so much!  

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