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Reviews For Everything I Knew
Reviewer: Maryfriend1228 (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2019 06:24 PM · On: Outtake: Naked Lunch

Oh my gosh. Could Emmett be anymore immature? Nothing I hate more than people who want to tell others about their sex life. Find it so tacky.

Reviewer: Maryfriend1228 (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2019 01:19 PM · On: Chapter 14: Tuesday's Gone

Not particularly liking Esme in this chapter. Seems kind of intrusive and very demanding of Edward.

Reviewer: Maryfriend1228 (Signed) · Date: August 21, 2019 11:37 PM · On: Chapter 10: Bella Bear and Tom Petty

I thought that Jasper was out of line in his warning to Edward about Bella. Sometimes even well meaning friends need to mind their own business.  Just because he could pick up on Edward's feelings for Nella doesn't give him the right to warn him on how to treat her. Where is his warning to Bella. Yes, her marriage is over because her hubby is gay. But Edward's fiancee died from cancer. Don't make her pain seem more profound than someone elses. 

Reviewer: Maryfriend1228 (Signed) · Date: August 21, 2019 06:11 AM · On: Chapter 6: Dinner, Divorce and Late Night Texting

Bella's telling Jake to keep his big mouth shut when she can't seem to keep hers closed. Anyone she comes across, she's telling all her business to. Know she's hurt, but in this case discretion is needed.

Reviewer: Mounds01 (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2016 06:22 PM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

Great story. I loved how Bella and Edward recognized each other as their soul mate. It is a very good story!

Reviewer: JD Thorn (Signed) · Date: July 31, 2015 01:20 AM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

So sad to see the end of this wonderful, sad, funny, awesome story. It will definitely be a re-read soon. Thank you for sharing such a touching personal story. Absolutely loved it.

Reviewer: JD Thorn (Signed) · Date: July 30, 2015 11:59 PM · On: Chapter 34: The Blue Dress

VERY WELL WRITTEN! No need to worry about losing readers. If someone is stupid enough to stop reading because of that fabulous piece of work them EFFF them! Loved it.

Reviewer: CaptCron76 (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2015 09:45 PM · On: Chapter 28: Confessions...

I love the phrase "my name stitched to hers". It is beautiful!

Reviewer: CaptCron76 (Signed) · Date: May 20, 2015 04:27 PM · On: Chapter 12: Seattle Play by Play part 2

I love that you referred to it as a lemon drop! I thought I'd read this story before, but I haven't.  I love it and I am ever so grateful that I do not have to wait for updates!!!

Reviewer: just a fan (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2015 04:52 PM · On: Chapter 9:The Pixie Walks

This is a really good story. Makes u wonder where they are all headed ,each one has serious issues to deal with or have already had to move pass-----I'm sure time will reveal the outcome.

Reviewer: Kdanielleb (Signed) · Date: December 16, 2014 10:57 AM · On: Chapter 5: Dear Aunt Emmy

Lawton,oklahoma but from se texas lol where all have you had people right from that's a cool idea

Reviewer: Kimmyle (Signed) · Date: August 13, 2014 03:39 PM · On: Chapter 2: Rose & Wine

That is quite a good plan she has devised isn't it. I can sort of set myself into her shoes through your writting which is amazing, since I really wouldn't know the first thing about how to handle a situation such as this.

Reviewer: Kimmyle (Signed) · Date: August 13, 2014 03:22 PM · On: Chapter 1: Fear and Doubting in Port Angeles

Well, sounds for a good start considering where you want to take this story... I think it is definitly well written and can't say that much so far since well this is the first chapter after all right?

Just when I read i thought about what I would do in a situation simular to this and as surprised as I would be I believe the vomiting might have overdone it just a little tiny bit :) Of course I am not married and do not have a lot of experience or any conserning situations like these so I wouldn't know :)

I am glade you found a way to get ride of the anger or what you feel because of what happend to you through this story, and on the risc that it might sound none compationit I am looking forward to reading your story so far.

Reviewer: Belladonna75 (Signed) · Date: July 29, 2014 04:42 PM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

Wow!  That was an awesome fucking story!  Thank you so much for sharing it.  I enjoyed every minute!  

Reviewer: RavenFlyer (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2014 04:15 PM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue


p.s. i loved this story, it is most welcomed in my life

Reviewer: jacksperluvr (Signed) · Date: May 25, 2014 08:14 AM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

i liked it a lot

Reviewer: lanore (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2013 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 4: What Lies May Come

She should have been more mad then she was.  Because ten years is a long time to be with someone then find out you wasited you time with him or her.  

Reviewer: lanore (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2013 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 4: What Lies May Come

She should have been more mad then she was.  Because ten years is a long time to be with someone then find out you wasited you time with him or her.  

Reviewer: gatorgrl91 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2013 01:37 PM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

So glad u flounced the therapist idea!! You created a beautiful work of art! I can't even begin to imagine what you have experienced, but I'm glad you chose to share it with us. Best of luck with your HEA-u deserve it!! Look forward to reading lots more of ur stories! I'm an avid (prob more like addicted) reader and am constantly looking for more stories to read!

Thx again!


Author's Response:

Well Heather, thank you oodles for reading my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been posting mostly on FFN and AO3 now simplky because the validation process here is too long and I hate the lag. So if you want to read more of my stories jump on over to FFN and look for me there. Same name, MissJanuary. 


Reviewer: gatorgrl91 (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2013 12:05 PM · On: Chapter 17: Swing Life Away

"Disney cruise" - Best vacay I ever went on!!! Hope Jared and family have as much on their cruise as I did on mine!! :)

Author's Response:

I've been to DisneyLand, but I don't think I could handle the cruise. I don't fair well on boats, saddly. Thanks oodles for reading.


Reviewer: gatorgrl91 (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2013 06:42 AM · On: Chapter 8: Rear View Mirror

Wonderful Tonight was also my wedding song! :) Fortunately, I've been married for 17 years and since he's put up w/all my "stuff" and is still very loving, I don't think I'll end up like Bella. 

My heart breaks for Bella tho. Great story!

Author's Response:

Hopefully not! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to revierw. 


Reviewer: luv4rain (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2013 05:14 PM · On: Chapter 10: Bella Bear and Tom Petty

I loved this chapter, I laughed out loud a couple times I just cant help it when those boys are involved.


Author's Response:

Those boys are funny, they always made me laugh when I wrote them. Thanks for the review!


Reviewer: luv4rain (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2013 07:27 PM · On: Chapter 3: This Love is Over

I like this so far. the plot is really interesting and I already hate mike so... good job haha.

Author's Response:

Well Hello, I was surprised to see a review come in for this, it's been a little while since it was completed. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far. Thanks for reading and thanks for the fic lovin'. 


Reviewer: iloveedward (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2012 11:29 AM · On: Chapter 14: Tuesday's Gone

I am not comfortble with the pittbull analogy. Pit bulls do not have, and have never had a locking jaw. Stereotypes like the ones you are using are what I spend my days fighting.

Author's Response:

It's a simple, if inaccuate, writing analogy that most people would be able to drawn a picture from or understand, that's all nothing more. I'm a dog owner and have nothing against the breed, so it's not intended to be offensive. I've said it before in my story and I'll say it again, if something offends you, or you dislike what you are reading, feel free to stop. It's just a story and I don't think review boards were intended to be soap-boexes or political platforms of any kind. Just saying. 

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2012 08:09 PM · On: Chapter 37:Epilogue

Holy hell I loved yoru story when I thought it was fiction but with your authors end note I broke down into tears....I am so so so rry you suffered anything even relatively close to this I felt so badly for Bella to endure all that she had and thought wow what a creative author I would never have been creative enought to write something like this.... I was always told as an author to write what you know its what draws readers in when you know what yoru talking about.  I am so glad you gave Bella her HEA and I truly believe there is a HEA out tehre for everyone as long as we are strong enough to want it!  Best wishes Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing your story!!!

Author's Response:

Hi Silly Sad Sarah,

Even tiny truths keep a story real and alive, and I tired very hard to keep it that even when true fiction took over most of the chapters, so i'm glad that it drew you in all the same and that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading and for the fic love. Much appriciated my dear. 


Have Holly Jolly Chirstmas, and a safe and happy new years,


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