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Reviews For When It Rains
Reviewer: OperaAngel (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 06:10 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

of course i'm staying with this! haha, loved the last chapter, it's so cute and fitting if (dare i say it :S) a little bit rushed! don't hate me! it works, honestly, just not sure i was expecting it lol. looking forward to seeing where you're going with the sequel, plus - JPOV! yay! 

thanks for your lovely review response, even if a bit late! life's much better now thank you, i hope it is for you as well. it's fun having conversations via reviews, isn't it! if a little confusing!

shutting up now and looking forward to the sequel xx

Author's Response:

I know it was rushed, I'll readily admit that. But I was boring myself writing so I didn't want to risk boring anyone reading it. Then my validation beta told me the only way to make sure that lovely reviewers and readers like you knew the story had ended and that there'd be a sequel was to have a chapter at least 500 words long. So I worked one it. Like you said, it works for what I needed it to do.

It is fun having conversations via reviews! Especially when I hear that life is better for you now. Me too!

Now I'm off to write!

Reviewer: rosaliehale (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 06:06 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

I can't believe this story is over!!! I've loved it so much and I can't thank you enough for writing a sequel! I'm so excited, and you're definitely going on my favorite authors list. :) Can't wait until it's posted!

As always,

~Madelyn xx

Author's Response:

Are you sure that you want to thank me before you read it? Eh, who cares? I'm so happy that you're so excited! And I'm honored that you're putting me on your favorite authors list so you don't miss it! Thanks for so many super kind reviews!

Reviewer: marti1013 (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 04:05 PM · On: Familiar Faces, Strange Places

yeah we got teased with the 60 degree weather.  As well as the bears, one of whom came out of hibernation early and was siting in the middle of the road blocking my kids' school bus lol.  I live in the APA, Adirondack Park Agency, and the wildlife is abundant, not to mention miles of no one but the wildlife, so very safe for veggie vamps to have a buffet, especially Emmett and his bear fetish, lol.


IF you still have my hotmail acct, email me sometime.  I have an idea that I'm not sure how you'd be receptive to, but I thought I'd throw it out to you.  About a possible angsty/conflict type thing.  NOthing too drastic, but it might bump the rating to a T (pg-13).

I'm still working on that "M" outtake if you're still interested.  But I might start over and make it local for me...  At least I can write about the Adirondack Mtns.




Reviewer: kissablecullen (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 04:03 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

I can't wait to read more of  the sequal x 

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks!

Reviewer: laurell (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 03:30 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

eeek! i love this story so why say no to a sequel :) hope you post it soon -L

Author's Response:

I love that you love it! I'll post it just as soon as I get it beta'd and submitted!

Reviewer: ladyenchantress (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 02:28 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

I would love to see more of this in a sequel!!! 

Author's Response:

Yay! Thank you!

Reviewer: Pange (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 01:03 PM · On: Familiar Faces, Strange Places

I love, love, love non-canon couples.  And I love Jasper.  So I can't wait to read more!  =)

Author's Response:

Non-canon couples are the best, aren't they? I think it's because there are whole books to the canon couples but the canon couples are so brief that it's easy to play with the characters. I'm 110% Team Jasper. Who cares about Edward and Jacob, right?

Hope you like the rest!

Reviewer: Dryad (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 11:08 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

Thanks for the incredible read...and look forward to the sequel!

Author's Response:

You're very welcome! And thank you for reading!

Reviewer: Daylen (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 11:04 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

ohh a sequel would be good! It'd be nice to see where the faux-family thing goes for them all :)

Author's Response:

Thanks...and that's exactly what I hope to show!

Reviewer: bownbey (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 09:25 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

I am very interested. Can't wait to see the continuation. Great job.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! Hope you like the continuation!

Reviewer: Filippanna (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 06:06 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

Oh ! A sequel ! Yay ! altough I think the ending of When it rains was quite sudden, I can see the problem of writing "looooove"- chapters for all eternity - we got the love part in Paris , I get it :-)

But wouldn´t there be a discussion of humanity vs sparkly ?

See ya at the sequel :-)!

Author's Response:

Yeah, I know it was sudden but I'm glad you an see the problem with "looooove" chapters over and over. Just not my thing.

Humanity vs Sparkly? If you mean about Angela becoming sparkly...that's in the plans for the sequel!

I'm so psyched that you liked this story so much! Thank you!

Reviewer: sickandtired212000 (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 05:38 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

I liked this chapter, it was cute and sweet but man, was I shocked when I read that you were finishing the story, I was like Noooooooo!!!

I'm uber excited for a sequel, and one in Jasper's POV too.


Author's Response:

Oops, didn't mean to shock you! lol. Just a sort of cliffhanger within a chapter, I guess. And I'm super-uber excited that you're uber-excited for the sequel! Be sure to let me know what you think when I post it!

Reviewer: Screaming Mimi (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 04:00 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

Goodness, that was a surprise! I'm glad I went on and read this now so I know about the upcoming sequel. I've enjoyed this story very much. It's got fluffy moments (which we all need sometimes) without being overstuffed-fluffy (which we sometimes get too much of). Nice job.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Fluffy without being overstuffed is the perfect way to summarize my goals for this story!

The ending was a surprise to me too! It just happened that way... Glad you liked it and hope you like the sequel!

Reviewer: Screaming Mimi (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 03:05 AM · On: Seeing the Unseen

Just started reading this tonight. Really enjoying it so far.

"Girls, please don't eat the company." Oh mah Gawd, too funny.

Reviewer: Aurora Cullen (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 03:01 AM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

i cant really wait hope to read more wonderful stuff from you soon


Author's Response:

Thanks! Hope you like what you see!

Reviewer: marti1013 (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2011 01:16 AM · On: Familiar Faces, Strange Places

Thanks for the thoughts and good vibes.  He is doing better, finally.  A virus plus a bacterial infection knocked him down for a long time. Winters just suck up here in Northern NY.  And I honestly laughed when I saw the local places you listed for the next story. 


Yes, definitely ask away.  If i can't give you the answer immediately, heaven knows there's someone I can ask who will know lol.


And I'd definitely go to Adirondack Med. Center if I knew Carlisle was there.  'Oops.  I must've slipped on a piece of soap in the shower, again, Doctor.' lol



Author's Response:

Eh, I know all about sucky winters in that general area. I'm from not all that far away from you...Erie, PA, to be exact. It's supposed to snow this week!!!!! Last weeks temps in the 60s was just teasing me, I guess.

I hope you laughed in a good, happy way! lol

Ooh, I just thought of an important question! There is food for vegetarian vampires relatively close to Au Sable Forks, isn't there? I googled the map and saw a bunch of forest/park area, dreary weather and settled them there. But they need food, after all. lol


Reviewer: marti1013 (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2011 11:45 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

OMG OMG OMG!!  I'm from Upstate New York, visit both Lake Placid and Burlington often, in fact, I live about 25 miles from Lake Placid!  I grew up about ten minutes from Ausable Forks, in Peru, NY.  How awesome and serindipidous!


Sorry I haven't reviewed in awhile, but my son got really sick a few weeks back and betweeen being in the hospitals (one of them Fletcher Allen in Burlington :P) and just being home with him while he recuperated, I haven't done much.



Again and as always, a lovely wonderful chapter to a great story.  I can't wait for the sequel.



Author's Response:

I hope you son is still doing better. And there really isn't a reason to say you're sorry for not reviewing in awhile when it's for that reason. I remember noticing on your profile and when we PM'd for a bit that your son was sick and I was actually worried about him. I'll send all my good vibes your way!

Even though you made me nervous, of course! :) Being from the area I decided to write about...seriously, what are the chances? If I need to know anything about the area; things to do, names of places & that type of thing... you wouldn't mind if I ask you, would you? Or, if you read a chapter, and I screw something up about the area (Google can only do so much!), call me on it so I cna fix it?

Anyway, thank you so, so, so much!

Good thoughts and vibes coming your way!


Reviewer: tammgrogan (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2011 11:31 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

COOL, Can't wait!!!

Author's Response:

Yay! Thanks so much!

Reviewer: MyChele (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2011 10:52 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

OMG! Hell Yeah!! I am very interested. I absolutely love this story.

Author's Response:

Swwet! That makes me very, very, very happy indeed!

Reviewer: tushka (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2011 10:14 PM · On: A Bridge of Sorts

Can't wait for the sequel - I have looked everyday for another chapter!  I personally LOVE this storyline   thanks!  

Author's Response:

Aw, I'm sorry you looked every day and I had nothing for you! I was very frustrated with myself, rest assured. And I'm super pysched that you're excited for the sequel!

Reviewer: OperaAngel (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2011 10:57 AM · On: Beginning the End

I am SO SORRY i didn't read and reply to this earlier. fear not, i haven't deserted you, but life has been a bit of a rollercoaster, thankfully getting better now. can i just say "awww" and be done with it? i am now officially a melty pile of goo on the floor, you've very much proved you can do fluff! lol, awesome as always, and making me want to go to Paris! (well, sooner than i actually AM anyway!). And "i just need to be normal for a minute" - *insert dreamy sigh here*. bring on the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Yikes! You apologize for not reading and reply earlier and I manage to miss your review completely! We're quite the pair, aren't we? lol! Anyway, I'll forgive you if you forgive me. ;) I hope, even though it's been almost three weeks, that your rollercoaster has smoothed out even more. I had a pretty crappy week there, too, but things are looking up. I'm glad you liked my fluff and basic romance, I was nervous about it!

Hope you like the last bit and will stick around for the sequel!

Reviewer: Daylen (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2011 10:39 AM · On: Beginning the End

umm yeah... guess Angela's not so upset after all... being in Paris and all hehe :)

Author's Response:

Who would be upset, right? Thanks for the review!!

Reviewer: sickandtired212000 (Signed) · Date: February 26, 2011 09:38 PM · On: Beginning the End

Wow, I just found this story and I love it! I like the idea of a Jasper/Angela story, don't think I ever read one of those before. You've made the loss the Cullens faced very believable, and while I'm not a huge Nessie fan, your depiction of her is too cute, I think she's great. I can't wait to see where the rest of the story is headed.

Author's Response:

Aww, I missed your review somehow and it is so very nice! I'm sorry my reply is so late! But I love what you said. Especially the Nessie part, I'm not the biggest Nessie fan either so I'm super glad to hear that I made her cute! Thanks so much and, if you review again, I promise to reply faster!

Reviewer: Filippanna (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2011 06:18 AM · On: Beginning the End

A perfect New Years Eve in Paris.

Author's Response:

Aww, thanks so much!

Reviewer: rosaliehale (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2011 03:25 AM · On: Beginning the End

AAH!!! FINALLY! The BIG kiss! :) I love them together; they're so cute! And Angela's getting sassier. I like that. haha :) Go girlfriend!

Fantastic chapter! Can't wait for more!

~Madelyn xx

Author's Response:

Awww, you're so sweet & nice! Thank you!

I'm glad you like Angela's sassiness. She'll never be Rosalie but she's got a shell to break out of a little bit. No one is always a wallflower! :)

Glad you liked the kiss, too! Of course :)


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