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Reviews For Howl at the Moon
Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2013 04:07 PM · On: The Nightmare

Again - a nudge... in case that is all it takes.  :-)

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: April 21, 2013 04:18 PM · On: The Nightmare

Just sending you a friendly nudge in hopes that you simply need a spark in order to bless us with a new chapter.  :-)

Reviewer: kaceyktn (Signed) · Date: February 13, 2013 06:17 PM · On: The Nightmare

update soon .......i really am enjoying this story

Reviewer: amhatfie (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2012 01:41 PM · On: The Nightmare

Oh no.

Can't wait for more soon.


Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2012 05:12 PM · On: The Nightmare

Holy crap!  Poor Jake he's going crazy!  But i don't blame him at all.  Especially after their fight last night! 

I love how in his dream his wolf was trying to let him know that Ness was in trouble.  The way his wolf was in the dream with Jake but they were seperate and his wolf dropping the bracelet at Jakes feet giving him a clue what to look for.  The blood on the bracelet is not good.  The creatures that have Ness are they masking Ness's scent?  Is that why it just seem's to dissapear?

Will the next chapter be in Ness's POV?  Take care and update soon! 



Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2012 01:05 AM · On: The Nightmare

Let me applaud you for such an original tale.  The pros... although it teased us in the early chapters as to what is to come, it has now delivered to the point where we'll get to see the wrath of the Cullens and the Pack go up against something they obviously hadn't ever seen before.  The con - and there's only one - and that you're only able to give up bits and pieces of this tale, so the enjoyment is short lived and painstakingly slow.  But then again the fact that we the readers are still enthralled with your tale is a testament to your ability to spin such a tale.

Thank you... and I truly look forward to the next several chapters!  The fact that these "monsters" were easily and quick enough to cause Renesmee pain means they'll more than likely give our heroes a run for their money.

Author's Response:

Thank you for this awesome review. I struggle with this story. The beginning chapters were the first creative fiction that I had ever written, and I had no idea what I was doing. I still don't, haha! But i had this story in my head, and I had to at least try. Every chapter has been a learning experience for me, and while they're not perfect and not exactly what I had in my mind when I started writing, I hope that at least a few people would find some sort of entertainment in it. There's been a few things that I had originally planned on expanding on further, but when it came down to writing, sometimes they just didn't work too well, and so I left them out or kept them brief. It's definitley disappointing to me when that happens, but I'm still learning. :)

There's a few more chapters left, and then, perhaps if I'm not completely brain dead at the end, a sequel. This story will have an ending though, so no one will be left hanging if the sequel doesn't happen. I really, really appreciate your review!

Reviewer: kjhlove (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2012 05:18 AM · On: The Date

sooooooooooooooo good!

Author's Response:

Thank you! ;)

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2012 06:07 PM · On: The Date

OMG are you seriously leaving it there?  What a cruel cliffy!!!!!! lol

Why is Jake being such a stubborn ass?!?  I would love to hear what Leah said to him! lol  Please update soon!  Dixie

Author's Response:

Sorry for the cliffie! Jake's always a stubborn ass, hahaha! 

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2012 01:35 PM · On: The Date

Jake to the rescue - with Leah and Seth following closely behind!

Thanks for sharing your talent!

Author's Response:

Well, thank you for reading! :)

Reviewer: Mick (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2012 04:59 AM · On: Grandmother and Goodbyes

Nessie's interaction with the Cullen's is spot on. I love how lighthearted her and Emmett are. Likewise, I loved how she and Jasper shared a moment with no words at pulled that off perfectly!

Author's Response:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Reviewer: Mick (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2012 04:45 AM · On: Grandfathers and Googly Eyes

I think the dialogue you have here moved the story along quite nicely. I think it was just the right amount for this chapter.

Author's Response:

Thanks! i always worry about dialogue. Too much. too little. Oh well. Thanks for reading! :)

Reviewer: Mick (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2012 04:29 AM · On: House of Cards

Great beginning! Vamp stories aren't easy to write (so difficult to get the details right), but this one already has me hooked.

Reviewer: xanath (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2012 03:58 AM · On: The Date

OH GOD...How can you stop here!  It is too much to stop now.



Author's Response:

Haha! Sorry! But it won't be much longer until the next chapter :)

Reviewer: Chope (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2012 12:38 PM · On: The Date

Damn not a cliffhanger! Please update really soon. Waiting in suspense why doesn't jake realize she is hurt and in trouble ?? 

Author's Response:

Thanks! Chapter will update soon and we'll know why! ;)

Reviewer: kjhlove (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2012 04:01 PM · On: That's What Friends are For...or Not

soooooooooooo Good!


Author's Response:

Thanks! :)

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2012 08:36 PM · On: That's What Friends are For...or Not

i'd love to kick jake's ass. but something tells me that jake is insanely jealous. this should be very interesting.

Author's Response:

Haha! Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it! :)

Reviewer: noo_noo (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2012 11:15 AM · On: You're Hot then You're Cold

This has got to be the best jacob and nessie fanfiction ive read! your a talented writer.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you for that! I appreciate it, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story! :)

Reviewer: Chope (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2012 11:08 PM · On: That's What Friends are For...or Not

Great story! Hope you update soon

Author's Response:

Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm way behind :)

Reviewer: amhatfie (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2012 05:02 PM · On: That's What Friends are For...or Not

Poor Ness. I think we need to kick some sense into Jake. Although I am sure it is going to sit and brew in him for the 24 hours and he will get worked up.


Author's Response:

You're the second person who's wanted to kick Jake, LOL! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I'm so behind, but slowly catching up now. Thanks for sticking with me :)

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2011 04:20 PM · On: That's What Friends are For...or Not

OMG really Jake?  The boy is starting to piss me off!  I loved the chapter.  Welcome back by the way!  Please don't wait so long to update! 

Take care, Dixie

Author's Response:

Hiya Dixie! I didn't even realize I hadn't responded to this review. So sorry about that! Thanks for sticking around through my fail. I appreciate you! :)

Reviewer: Jessmarie646 (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2011 10:11 AM · On: Welcome to Elkins

Ohhh I love your story I can't wait to see what happens! 

Author's Response:

Thank you! :)

Reviewer: closettwilightfan (Signed) · Date: August 14, 2011 09:20 AM · On: You Got Me Tossing and Turning

“No, he wanted me for lunch. There’s a bit of a difference.”  HAHAHAHAHA!

Best line ever! :) 

I also loved that you mention the Peugeot RCZ!  I could totally see Edward buying it for Nessie on a whim... but he'd want to put all the bells and whistles on it, since it's technically only a $32,000 car.  :)


LOVING the story so far! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks! Yeah, they definitely souped it up for her. But she's not allowed to drive it by herself yet because of something that happened...but that's a story for later ;)

Reviewer: amhatfie (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2011 04:55 PM · On: Welcome to Elkins

Haha. I don't think I've ever read a Cullen story that was smooth. But then again, I'm sure they are out there but I, unfortunately, like the drama.


Author's Response:

LOL, so do I! Fortunately for us, maybe not so fortunately for Jake and Nessie,  there's still plenty of drama to come :)

Reviewer: vampgurl777 (Signed) · Date: August 06, 2011 10:00 AM · On: Welcome to Elkins

good job. but when do jake and nessie kiss?

Author's Response:

LOL! That's what we all want, isn't it. There's still a bit more story to get through, but I promise it will be good when they finally do. :)

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2011 07:01 PM · On: Welcome to Elkins

Welcome Back, I've missed your story!

I'm with Leah, I can't wait until J/N are a couple. So whe will they come across the Beasts?  While out hunting for Ness?

Update soon and Take care!  Dixie

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm glad I didn't lose you! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Well, I can't give too much away, but they'll be learning about some of the town's secrets real soon ;)

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