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Reviews For Let Go of My Heart
Reviewer: JayNahNah (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 02:37 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? last!

Author's Response:

<3 Thank you! :)

Reviewer: Bella MacLeod (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 02:12 PM · On: Chapter 14 - You Save Me

SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have a knack for making women melt the the words you spin and weave!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

You're so sweet!  Thank you!!  :)

Reviewer: Bella MacLeod (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 02:02 PM · On: Chapter 13 - If I'm Not In Love With You

Just like me Bella's helping a friend in need!!!!Talk about selfless people...I'm just like that everyone else first me later!!!!I Love it!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Same here... :)  Thank you!!

Reviewer: Bella MacLeod (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 01:48 PM · On: Chapter 12 - I Still Miss You

What would I do?????Toss the humans and jump his bones!!!!!!!!!!But that would be easy,and I have lived a complicated life.I know about love,loss,and finding love again!!!!I also want you to know I have my Edward and Jacob all in one man...My Husband!!!!A woman's heart is as deep and has as many fathoms as the ocean!!!!!The way this is going is she will eventually be with the man she Love's with every fiber of her being...Enough said except.....I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

You are one of the lucky ones sweetheart! Thank you so much!! :)

Reviewer: oplok71 (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 01:19 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?


Author's Response:

So sorry!!  Thank you!! :)

Reviewer: HockeyChick (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 05:41 AM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

That was so sweet and cute. The proposal was perfect :) Did you totally get the dark blue tux idea from Rob's appearance on the Golden Globes? Can't wait for the next chapter! Welcome back :)

Author's Response:

Of course!!!  Thank you!! :)


Reviewer: songii (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 12:45 AM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

oh if only all divorced husbands and husbands to be could have a relationship like that! The only thing that was missing is Edward's daughter to share the moment, i am surprised he didn't bring her in town for the event.

Author's Response:

Right!?  I do have to say, my dad and step-dad got along really well...but it's doubtful that he talked to him before asking my mom to marry him!  :) Ok, so bad, bad Marie...I only thought about it after the fact, and since he had plans...well...he couldn't fly her down and pawn her off...she's coming back soon enough, no worries.  You'll see what he has in store just as soon as the next chapter validates.  ;)  Thank you!

Reviewer: Mrs_Dynamint (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2011 11:40 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

I am SO happy that you are writing again!  I was just looking through my favorite stories yesterday and thinking " what ever happened this one?"  Thank you, thank you  and THANK YOU.

Ok we are getting another chapter very shortly so I will put away my pitchfork ( for now).  What a beautiful way for Edward to propose. I don't know if it was realistic to ask the Ex's permission, but I liked the idea of including the children. 

The surprise element reminded me of my hubby's proposal when the engagement ring came out on the dessert tray at out favorite restaurant.  Then he got down on one knee in front of everyone and recited a poem he wrote.  It worked wonders- we are still happily married twenty years later!

And now onto LEMONS!  I can't wait...

-Mrs. D.

Author's Response:

I figured since it was such a small window between the divorce and him proposing, that he might as well make nice.  He does have to deal with him forever after all...might as well make it as easy as possible. :) Nice juicy lemons coming right up!  :)

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2011 11:08 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

Good Chapter.....

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Reviewer: lanigirl95687 (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2011 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

excited that they are getting their happy ending! cant wait till the next chapter 

Author's Response:

Thank you!!!  :)

Reviewer: Enchanting Lilly (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2011 08:59 PM · On: Chapter 19 - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

Oh what a chapter, They don't make men like your Edward anymore. Oh hell maybe they do but mine must have flunked the course. There is nothing I have to say but WOW. I need to take a nap so I can dream I am Bella. Hurry with next chapter.



Author's Response:

LMAO!!!  No, I suppose they don't...or if they do, they are few and far between that's for sure!!  Next chapter posting soon!!  xoxo

Reviewer: beckz111 (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2011 10:59 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

whens ur next pdate hin?
feels like forever

Author's Response:

I know!  Soon, I promise!!  I written and scratched the next chapter 2x...I think I am almost happy with how it's going now!  Hang in there!!  xoxox

Reviewer: cbell (Signed) · Date: February 11, 2011 12:58 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

Well as much as that part of Bella's life with Jake is over.  It was not easy to say goodbye to years of being together.  I think she should take this time to figure out how to be single and what she wants.  Beside Edward.

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading!!  xoxo

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 08:32 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

Good Chapter.....

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  xoxo

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 01:28 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

Finally.....Bella is divorced.....and she is free to be Edward.....Just fucking wonderful.  I think that this was a great chapter and cannot wait for more.  THANKS FOR THE AWSOME READING.  Sher

Author's Response:

Thank you SO much!! Much love!! xoxox

Reviewer: twilightgma1954 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 12:54 PM · On: Chapter 17 - Give In To Me

I think if he was kissing her back after all the drama they went through to get to this point I would have to kick his ass my self 

Author's Response:

Right! Edward would be a dead man!!  LOL xoxox

Reviewer: HockeyChick (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 08:00 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

This chapter was sweet and sad at the same time. Kaylie was adorable. Lynnette broke my heart :( Let the happiness flow through now :)

Author's Response:

Loving the kids!!  Thank you! xoxo

Reviewer: lobsters4ever (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 03:10 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

I'm glad that the divorce is finalized.  While it is terrible that Bella, Jake and their kids have to go through that.  Bella can start to move on with her life and work on her future.

Author's Response:

Amen!! Thank you!! xoxo

Reviewer: lanigirl95687 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 01:57 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

well i hope that the new year bring good! cant wait till the next chapter 

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading!!! xoxo

Reviewer: nsturms72 (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 12:51 AM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

Bye, Bye Jacob!!!! LOL! Hello Edward!!!! Really good!

Author's Response:

LOL  Thank you!!

Reviewer: Mrs_Dynamint (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2011 08:45 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me


WOW!!! This chapter... I don't know what to say.  You handled this difficult process SO sensitively.  I loved how Bella just sat in her car in the rain after signing the papers- feeling numb.  It felt right for her character. Not that the divorce wasn't what she wanted, but that  she needed to mourn the end of a significant chapter in her life and admit that her marriage was a failure. Failure is not something that anyone accepts easily.

You are really building a very strong relationship between Edward and Bella as well. The fact that he could just sit with her as she cried over another man and not be threatened is really quite extraordinary.  I LOVE how you are painting all of your characters not as black and white, but in beautiful shades of gray.  After all, isn't that where most of us end up living anyway?

I am sure you have heard this before- but keep writing! You are truly talented and should think about publishing in the future.

much love,

Mrs. D

Author's Response:

You seriously brought tears to my eyes with this review! Thank you so much for your support! Lots and lots of love!!! xoxox

Reviewer: songii (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2011 07:49 PM · On: Chapter 18 - Bring It On Home To Me

oh, sad for the kids! hope they get support they need for both parents thru this. BUT always happy for a happy E & B

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading!!  xoxox

Reviewer: twilightgma1954 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2011 07:27 PM · On: Chapter 5 - Call Your Name

I love the way you weave past with present never giving to much away at once....I am dying to know what broke them up....leaving her with the need to move on so quickly...I know when break ups first happen even a few day with your heart being broke feels like forever and if he was in jail for months with no contact..she was probally feelin he would never come back needing to move on with jake ...I bet he was to ashamed when he was in jail to call and let her know...but he was to late when he did finally reach her...face book you gotta love it ...going to see him wow that got to take some kind of courage    I just love this

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!!  xoxo

Reviewer: cbell (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2011 07:09 PM · On: Chapter 17 - Give In To Me

That was a close on.  I didn't think he would risk what they had for one minute.

Author's Response:

Of course he wouldn't....he'll never make that mistake again!!  xoxo

Reviewer: songii (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2011 08:22 PM · On: Chapter 17 - Give In To Me

glad vic angst was short lived! I Hate things that get in the way of happy b & e!

Author's Response:

Me too!!!  ;)  Thank you for reading!!

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