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Reviewer: pookinpie (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 07:36 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

I'm becoming happy again. Being that I have smut for brains, I'm hoping sex in finally coming in the next chapter along with the D/S talk in detail.

Reviewer: glock26girl (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 06:45 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

Great chapter I'm glad that the Doc made bella realize that she was like Renee in the fact that she ran away from shit when it got bad.I glad that they are engaged again and I just miss the sex part with them cause you sure made it hot as hell. the dom/sub parts weren't back I think Bella was pissed cause he told her she couldn't cum till he told her she could....Can't wait for more great ,great story!!!!!!

Reviewer: simplydazzled (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 06:41 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

Still many issues for our couple to work on. Hopefully they will continue with their therapy and do the work that is required. Two steps forward and one step back. Their "date" was a microcosm of all their miscommunication issues.

Congratulations to Emmett and Rosalie for doing what they both wanted, eloping to Vegas. At least they talked about it and agreed between the two of them.


Reviewer: delilah69 (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 06:35 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

that thing with the videos was awesome!! and too funny! i am so happy that the ideas helped emmet to seal the deal with rose!is she preggers again? that would be awesome!

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 06:19 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

Good Chapter.....

Reviewer: CullenAddict (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 05:56 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

I think this chapter helps the last chapter to make a little more sense.  In the last chapter it felt like Edward was getting a little ahead of himself in proposing but this one showed their progress a lot better.  Great job on the chapter.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Edward apologizes :-)

BTW: I am a mental health professional and Bella's session about her tendency to run away was actually pretty realistic though the therapit's style is a little more directive than what I and most I know do.  It's usually better to lead the client to the conclusion on his/her own rather than pointing it out.  It tends to have a bigger impact that way.  Overall, nicely done.

Reviewer: Trysh (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 05:54 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

That's children for I have 3 teens, and take care of 2 2 year old I have my hands full. I enjoyed this chapter. Bella has come a long way on her own. That is a difficult thing to do...owning responsibility! As for Edward...I am surprised at him. I get that he was happy...but man..he did mess up a bit! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: LilCullen454 (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2011 05:23 PM · On: Chapter 26 - The Next Phase

Edward you dumbass!  You get the girl to say yes, she gets waxed up sexy and you get your stupid ass drunk!

These two are just frustrating!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: edward and jacob lover (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 08:09 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

when will you posting the next story?

i'm obsessed with this story

Reviewer: PBJilly (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 07:32 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

Great chapter.  You really got the long road to reconciliation down.  Although I never got the feeling Edward was all controlling in their every day relationship. 

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 10:35 AM · On: Chapter 8 - Revelation Number Two -- It's a Biggie (Pt. 2)

I couldn't comment on last chapter as sometimes Twilighted in the morning doesn't always work properly.  I think that there night was awesome.  Who could resist an Edward that liked a little kink.   Just yummy.   I just couldn't believe that Esme and Bella met that Carmen at the seminar.  Who would have thought.  I know, what is a little angst between Jacob and Carman.  This story is starting to get much more interesting and I am looking forward to a night with Edward and Bella and a BDSM included.  Like I said before Y U M M Y.   THANKS FOR THE AWESOME WRITING.  Sher

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 6 - Single Dad Dating

Simply fucking awesome......No walk of shame.  I didnt think that when you were in love with someone or dating someone, you didnt do the walk of shame.  I cannot wait to read about how much practice they get.  THANKS FOR THE AWESOME WRITING.  Sher

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 01:00 AM · On: Chapter 5 - Nannygate (Pt. 2)

Cannot say it enough but I am surely enjoying this fic.  So light and airy.  I hope that the girls will have a nice time at the mall.  THANKS FOR THE AWESOME WRITING.  Sher

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2011 11:39 PM · On: Chapter 3 - Hammering out a Plan

I am really sappy I guess because I LOVE IT!!!!!!  I like to read about nice shit for once in a while.  I love the fact that Edward is going to court Bella.  I also know what it is like to date someone with a child.  It was love at first sight when I met my now stepson, Chris.  He was ten when I met him.  Cannot wait for more.  THANKS FOR THE AWESOME WRITING.  Sher

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2011 10:54 PM · On: Chapter 2 - Revelation Number One

I think that I am going to like reading this fic.  I am a romantic type of person and always dreamed about guys in my youth and I like (for lack of a better word) sappy.  It is nice to read about nice things instead of hearing all about bad stuff when you watch the news.  THANKS FOR THE AWESOME READING.  Sher

Reviewer: sherrilovesedward (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2011 10:01 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Moving Day

I think that this was an excellent start for a fic.  Hmmmm Edward has a little girl.  I just love Emmett.  He just has such a wonderful personality in all the stories.  I am looking forward to see what is going to happen between our Bella and Edward.  THANKS FOR THE AWESOME READING.  Sher

Reviewer: simplydazzled (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 11:46 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

Go Bella! That woman has spunk and determination. Good for her.

I didn't review the last chapter because my computer kept signing off but I wanted to say it was excellent. As a former ICU nurse, I wanted to say you did a fine job with Bella's ICU stay. I knew exactly what you were describing, just enough detail to set the scene but not so much as to be overwhelming. I didn't see the plot twists coming, so I was shocked at the accident and how long she had been gone.

Looking forward to future updates. Thanks!


Reviewer: txgrl (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 08:53 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

good job - good story.  It keeps me HOOKED!

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 08:44 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

I’m glad they are in counseling and are working through their problems. I’m irritated by Bella’s insinuation that the BDSM stuff they dabbled in was all Edward. She’s kidding herself if she thinks that she only did it for him. She enjoyed it as much as he did even encourage him on several occasions. He even decided that after the Carmen incident that he didn’t want to see Bella that way, control Bella that way. Bella is clearly embarrassed by her liking it and needs to talk about why. What goes on between two consulting adults is their business.

It’s way too early to be talking about marriage, but that’s just me! Lol Your story is certainly a good one. I’m enjoying it immensely!

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 07:34 PM · On: Chapter 24 - Heartache

I understood what about the Jessica thing...when you have a child you have to put them first; even if it hurts you...but.... they could have done it better. 

I have lots of questions; Why didn't they just separate until the situation was over?  Bella could have stayed with Alice/Seth or gotten another apartment.  Why didn't they explain anything to poor Carlie, why just up and leave?  The biggest question is why in the world didn't Edward go after Bella once he had paid off Jessica?

As for the Cullen’s…I understand they have to respect Edwards’s decisions but Bella was in town along time before she moved and no one called her?  I mean she was living with Alice for god’s sake!  Just because Bella was out of Edwards life doesn’t mean mom, dad, Emmett had to desert her too!

Reviewer: Edward_Loves_Bella_1988 (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 06:23 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

I'm glad that they're working on trying to get back to normal.

Reviewer: teacher (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 05:12 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

I liked the way you sped things up.


The idea of Carlie going to counseling is a great thing....I hope you show some of her progress with counseling in the upcoming chapter.  I can't wait for them to become a family....a real family where Bella is referred to as Mom and every member of the family is together through the thick of it.


It would be nice to get one more shot of Jessica in there so that Bella, Edward, and the rest of them can face the bitch head on.  I would love to see that.

Reviewer: branlc (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 05:09 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

I'm kinda glad you didn't go into all the counseling sessions. I'm a little concerned about Edward proposing though because I don't really get the feeling Bella wants to be with him.  Plus Bella seems a little on the crazy side and I get the feeling that she thinks Edward is some kind of pervert who forced her into trying the things they did. I really liked what Esme said to her about it being both of their faults and that neither were acting as adults. I  know that Bella's mad that no one tried to contact her but did she ever try to call them? Because the one time she called Esme before moving Esme answered right away and didn't blow her off. So I'm thinking that if Bella would have called her again and said she wanted to keep in touch they probably would have. I don't know I could be wrong but that's just what I think. :)

Reviewer: ubuhall (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 04:34 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

well that was really hard to read, felt bad for both of them while reading. glad that alot was said tho. at least Edward was giving hugs but it didn't say if Bella was returning them. but OMG, is Edward really thinking he is going to propose to her already???? they haven't even started a truly physical relationship again & he thinks that he is ready for marriage. of course he wants it but he has to be patient. I have a feeling the next chapter is going to be just as hard to read. gotta say tho your writing really makes me feel for them. love the story tho thanks! xoxox

Reviewer: oplok71 (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2011 03:59 PM · On: Chapter 25 - Beginning to Heal

i loved how you did the time lapse!  looking forward to their date night....

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