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Reviews For Days Like This
Reviewer: heavenleigh (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 06:38 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

omg how cou;d he do this to gemma.If he had planned this then he really does have some issues. please please please update again really really soon. I seriously love this story.

Author's Response:

Hi heavenleigh,

Eeek, I know! There are certainly lots of questions to be answered, and they will be. Things will take time, but eventually we will understand what's going on inside Rob's messy mind.

The next chapter won't be too far away. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: xrxdanixrx (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 06:25 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Wow. To me, things don't really add up. Gemma says he had done this deliberately? I don't see how or why. To push her away? That doesn't even make sense. The only way this situation might make sense is if A. it was an accident. B. it's all a sham. C. he thought he slept with someone else but he didn't. But I highly doubt he would purposely sleep with someone else. He's been practically obsessed with Gemma. You can't be that consumed by someone and then go sleep with someone else on purpose.

And I highly doubt that if he did cheat, that she'd just take him back, even after a substantial amount of time and groveling, because that's just not her character. She got rid of Aaron after he did that, and she loved him, so why would Rob be any different? Because she said she loved Rob more? No. If they have any fighting chance in the future, that means there's a lot more to this picture than meets the eye. But if he straight out cheated, like had actual sex...I just don't see how they could have a future with Gemma's morals.

I will still be on board to see this out.


Author's Response:

Hey Dani,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me. Your review really made me think about things!

I don't want to give too much away, but I will say this. Yes, Rob really did sleep with someone else. I know that seems totally confusing right now, but that's kind of the point. We only know what Gemma knows, and at the moment, that's not much. She's hurt, confused and completely shocked. As awful as this may sound, confusion is kind of what I wanted you to feel, because I wanted you to experience what she's experiencing. That's why the story has always been told from her POV.

Why did he sleep with someone else? We don't know that yet. But we will, I promise. Questions will be answered in upcoming chapters. Not right away, but slowly. There's certainly a lot to work through.

I'm glad you'll still be on board to ride the storm with them!

Thanks so much...

-SwimmingBee x



Reviewer: pearlgem (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 06:07 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

is this a test????? I want to kill him. And honestly I just don't know how her friends will ever forgive him....ive been in that position & it sucks :(. Ugh I know you had 2 do it but it hurts! Please update soon!

Author's Response:

Hey Gemma,

You're right... it really does hurt! It hurts me too, trust me! Poor Gemma. But yes, it was always going to happen. We always knew Rob had some underlying issues, and now we're seeing the extent of those issues. I hope you'll continue to stick with them and see this through.

Thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: boomerand (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 05:59 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

crying, sobbing, gasping ... ugh, need happy, please delivery me from thsi evil!

Author's Response:

Oh no! Sorry for making you so sad, boomerand. Things will get better eventually, I promise!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: norah (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 05:58 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Please swiMMing bee tell me that HE lied because HE was overwhelmed and He tried TO push HER away with lies because he knew that SHE wouldn't forgive cheating.please your Rob is so perfect in HIS WAY DON'T MAKE HIM a CHEATING BASTARD.I BEG YOU ON HANDS AND KNEES.GEMMA WON'T FORGIVE HIM OTHERWISE.AND HE COULDN'T HAVE BEEN PLANNING TO HURT HER.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,TELL ME HE DIDN'T CHEAT:(

Author's Response:

Hi norah,

Okay, I don't want to break your heart here... But yes, Rob really was telling the truth. He slept with someone else, and Gemma's still in shock because of it. I know it was a miserable surprise, but really, we always knew he had some underlying issues there. Things can't be all sunshine and roses forever, right!? Things will get better with time, I promise. I hope you continue to stick with them, despite the current angst.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: emozing (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 05:40 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Hey Bee!  Looking over couch -- offers friendly smile.  Can I help?

Just read chapter.  Not quite sure what I think about this.  Part of me wants to believe that it's not true.  That Tom was right saying that Rob always pushed people away from him.  Don't remember the exact words.  Will probably go back and reread some.  But Rob appeared so "practiced", showing no emotion when he told Gem.  Almost resigned to what her response would be. 

And then part of me believes that he did cheat on Gem.  Knowing that this would be the one true way to push her away.  And again with the way he told her - almost practiced, planned.  Doing what he needed to do.  Scratching my head on this!!!

The last morning he was with Gem he struggled to leave her.  The days prior to this everything was perfect.  Everything he did with her was over the top.  Something is just not adding up.

Was it the conversation where Ally made the statement that Gem was pregnant?  He really didn't even stutter at the mention of pregnancy.  And he talked about some day!!!!  Was it DWTD?  So many questions with no answers just yet.

I need to think on this a little.  You might just get a second review from me later.  The question that I can't conceive an answer is just "Why?"

But I do know this.  You've been talking about your hard-working, speedy betas.  I hope they are in overdrive and the next chapter is in que.  And your forum board ought to be very exciting until the next chapter gets here.

And don't hide.  We need you here holding everyone's hand.  Even if they don't work things out, you have to be there for your readers.

Elaine -- sparkledamnu on twitter


Author's Response:

Hi Elaine, 

I think I've already answered a few of your ponderings over on the forums, but I'll tackle them here too!

Aww, thank you for your friendly smile. Believe me, it helped!! :)

So as I wrote on the forums, yes, Rob really did sleep with someone else. We don't know why yet, but maybe he really did do it to "push her away", as Tom suggested. Rob was very much "doing what he needed to do", like you said. Practiced and planned? Hmm. Well he is an actor...

Yes, the last morning he was with her he really did struggle to leave her. He had crawled in beside her at 3am and poured his heart out to her, then found it incredibly hard to leave the next morning. He knew what he was going to do. So... why would he do it? That's the question.

We will find out eventually, I promise! At the moment Gemma is confused, so we're confused.

Don't worry, I have my hard-working, speedy betas on the case! The next chapter is in the validation queue and shouldn't be too far away. Answers to all your questions won't come right away, but they will be there eventually.

I'm always here to hold your hand, lovely Elaine! Thank you for your review and for sharing your thoughts with me.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: Caroline (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 05:34 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Girls' Night Out!

I don't like this. You better make it right soon

Author's Response:

Hi Caroline,

It was a difficult chapter to process, I know! Things will start to get better, slowly. There's a bumpy road ahead, but I hope you'll continue to stick around and see them through it.

Thanks for reading!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: jacoblucas (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 04:42 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

well....that just sucks big time!!  I really was not expecting that!!  Hope they make it throug this, but if it were me, I would hate him forver, lie or not

Author's Response:

Hey jacoblucas,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I know, it really does suck big time. But honestly, you weren't meant to be expecting it, because Gemma certainly wasn't! It was meant to come as a horrible shock, even though we already knew Rob had some issues. They were cruising along so nicely in their happy little bubble, and Gemma especially was completely oblivious to everything around her. It had to come to an end at some stage. I hope you continue to read and see them through this. It will get better, I promise.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: unicorn_bliss (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 04:26 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

This seems to be an ongoing thing in Rob fic's recently. If he really did cheat. I have no sympathy for the bastard and hope he wollows himself sick.

I also hope like hell that she doesn't take him back. Ever. Seriously, the fucker doesn't deserve her if he is going to just run off and fuck someone else without a care in his fucked up mind.

So be it.

He can't be with Sarah again though. Not if he cheated.

If he lied about it just to mess with her mind enough to break it off with him. He doesn't have a right to feel sad,angry or numb!! He did it to himself. Coward!!

If he lied about it he is such a coward.

If Robbi wants to break it off. He should be man enough to do so himself without lying or putting more pain then the enivitable. What he did was beyond selfish.

He didn't have to tell her he fucked someone else either. He could have broken it off with her and told her he didn't feel that way anymore.

Atleast, she would have known it wasn't her. But him. Now, it's like a double blow because she will feel like she isn't good enough for anyone to stay faithful for. And he fucking knew that. Rat bastard!!

Soooo  don't care what his 'problems' were/are. He can go screw his 'problems' and all the other shit that goes with it. Because nothing he does or says now will ever make him redeemable in my eyes if he actually cheated.

So what if he had a troubled past and bad experience. Boo-hoo. He had a hell of a lot of time to tell Gemma straight up. But didn't. So if he blames the fact that she didn't really 'know him' for his actions.

I'ma strangle him.

Author's Response:

Hi unicorn_bliss,

Unfortunately, yes. Rob really did cheat on Gemma. He wasn't making that up. In some ways, I'm imagine lying about it would be just as bad.

You made some really interesting comments though. You're right - there will be a lot of wollowing ahead and he really doesn't deserve her after he did what he did. He hurt her so badly. :(

Rob and Sarah? Hmm, that's sure to be interesting!

But yes, Rob totally knew about Aaron and cheated on her anyway. Right now, we only know what's going on inside Gemma's head, but we will find out the reasons why Rob did what he did. I hope you stick around and read on.

Thanks so much for your review, it means a lot.

-SwimmingBee x


Reviewer: KalifDee (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 04:07 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Huh wha huh? I think Rob's full of shit and he's either A: Had someone inform him that being with her is going to ruin him *cough Summit* or B: He doesn't want her to be brought into his public, exhausting, extorted lifestyle. He's soooooooooo lying to her! BASTARD! I don't think no matter HOW much he had to drink he would cheat on her. Nope...don't buy it for a second!

He lied, he'll tell her that next chapter. Make it happen woman!! I want my HEA ending!

Author's Response:

Hi KalifDee,

Okay, I don't think it's going to spoil anything in the future if I tell you that no, Rob wasn't lying to Gemma. He really did sleep with someone else. Eeeek! I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I wanted to clear that up for you so you can fully appreciate the angst Gemma is feeling. She wondered that herself for a moment, but she's come to realize that yes, he really was telling the truth. Why? We don't know yet, but we will find out.

That being said, I always promised a HEA ending, and I stand by that promise! I hope you continue to stick with me and see how it all goes.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. And... sorry!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: February 02, 2011 07:47 PM · On: Chapter 16 - Love

One, two, three... Phew!  Finally!

I just had to keep reading today to get to this point.  Work be damned.  LOL!  That was lovely, dear.

I am so glad Rob was willing to speak to her.  While I wasn't too keen on Gemma having to do all the work to get them back together, it was obvious that she had to.  Don't mind me... I am just old and fixed in my ways.

Now they've broken down the wall between themselves, its the wall to the outside world that they'll have to face, isn't it?

Yay! I am almost halfway through to getting current on this story.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, Ms. SwimmingBee

Author's Response:

Phew indeed!! :)

I'm so glad you got past the icky chapter and kept reading. This chapter makes it all better, I think!

You're not alone in thinking Gemma shouldn't have gone to see Rob. Lots of readers wanted to see him grovel more, but at this point in their relationship, it wasn't going to happen. She really had to get them talking, or they never would have. Grr, boys!

As for facing the outside wall, they still have a while to go before they get there. I always wanted this to be a story about Rob and Gemma, not about Rob and the paparazzi, fans, Summit, Kristen, etc... That's a factor of course, because it has to be, but I wanted to keep that in the background somewhat and focus on their relationship and their development as characters. Hope that makes sense! 

Yay, half way through! So glad you're liking the story. You're lovely, thank you!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: February 02, 2011 05:27 PM · On: Chapter 15 - The Perfect L.A. Boy

Yikes!  I knew Rob would walk in on them! 

That was a very scary chapter for me! 

C'mon Rob! 

Can't stop reading!  I wish I could go faster, really.  Need to know what happens next.

Oh, and Dan with the dimples is a gentleman.  As for Rob, well...

Author's Response:


Ooh, this was a difficult chapter all round, really. Rob was pretty mean and Gemma just didn't quite know how to deal with it. Definitely a side of him she'd never seen before.

Yes, Daniel with the dimples is a gentleman. But we don't always fall in love with gentlemen, do we? Hmm. 

Thanks so much for reading! :)

-SwimmingBee x


Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2011 04:13 PM · On: Chapter 11 - Chocolate Soufflés and Text Messages

Bumpy roller coaster ride was the best way to describe that chapter.

Jealous Rob, scares me. 

Author's Response:

Hmm, yep! It was definitely a bumpy roller coaster ride. Eek, don't be scared of Jealous Rob! He's okay, really. Just a bit silly, drunk and confused. :)

Thanks so much for continuing to read!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: babystar (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2011 10:35 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

I want you to know that I'm glaring at the screen as I write this review, Bee.  I'm in full pout mode...childishly throwing a temper tantrum! I just stomped my foot for good measure and it’s all because of.....YOU, Bee!  Bet you are thinking "What the heck did I do? This girl must be smoking something good."  Well Ms. Bee, my friend Melissa told me that there are only about 15 chapters left in the story :(  She read it in a review reply here and I'm absolutely crushed that Robert and Gemma have a projected ending in site.  Oh why, must they come to an end, Bee? Why can't they stick around for, I don't know…another one hundred chapters?  Uhm, that isn't too much to ask now is it?  Not selfish of me at all. *Innocently batting eyelashes at Bee* Oh no Bee, I can't breathe, I'm fading away as I type, the only thing that will save my life is if you reconsider and never end Days Like This, *shamelessly batting eyelashes some more at Bee*  This chapter was simply bubblicious!  LOL, sorry, I couldn’t resist the word bubblicious!  OMG the sweetness that is Robert and Gemma blows my mind.  He loves her so completely, that he can’t bear to spend a night away from her.   I love the way her mind always goes back to him, when they are apart.  I was very impressed  when Robert offered to stay home from work in order to take care of her.  Gemma has clearly become the most important person or thing in his life, rendering previous plans and obligations virtually unimportant.  OMG, Bee… his response after Gemma  shared Ally’s pregnancy theory with him was absolutely perfect…breathtaking to say the least.  If that doesn’t make Robert’s intentions clear than I don’t know what will!  The man wants her to have his babies…! Why wasn’t she jumping up and down and doing the happy dance?  Oh, yea, just remembered that she was sick with the Flu at the time.  When Robert questioned Gemma on whether or not she ever wanted to have his babies, I screamed out YES, YES, I DO, I DO!  I just about melted when Gemma described to being awaken to the sound of keys being placed on her night table!  What is so irresistible about Robert using his keys to Gemma’s apartment?  That key has taken on a life of itself and I couldn’t be happier about it. Robert’s 3 AM confession to Gemma just about wrecked me!  The line where he admitted to needing her all of the time just about did me in.  How can one man be so incredibly intense and passionate in his love for his woman?  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Robert and Gemma are the type of characters that one never gets tired of reading about.  I am absolutely obsessed with them.  I want to read about every single mundane moment of their lives together…dealing with the paparazzi, Gemma meeting Robert’s family for the first time, their first Christmas together, getting engaged, getting married, the first time that Robert gives Gemma a key to his apartment, their many fights and arguments, the first time that Gemma tells Robert that they are expecting a baby, Robert’s freak-out the first time that Gemma is hassled by the press, the two of them going grocery shopping…etc, etc.  Absolutely everything, which is why it kills me to think of Days coming to an end.  I think I may have to sue you for mental anguish, Bee :)

Twitter Bee? Moi? Never!  I'm hurt that you don't know me better by now Bee, so very, very hurt...okay, okay, so I'm not really hurt and am only continuing my campaign of trying to guilt you into never ending the story, LOL. In all honesty though,  I'm still snobbishly boycotting all things Twitter and Face book and absolutely refuse to use them.  It’s funny that you tweeted about the 1000th review at around the same time that I got the urge to be the 1000th review!  But then again, I've come to realize that you and I are freakishly in sync when it comes to this story. Your review count was at 994 when I posted my last chapter review, but didn't give it a second thought.  It wasn't until a few hours later, in the middle of taking a shower mind you, that the bright idea of being the 1000th review entered my if that isn't proof of my unhealthy obsession with this story, then I don't know what is.  Afterwards, I felt a bit guilty over stealing the 1000th review spot though, because it occurred to me that I might have inadvertently  robbed you of something special you might have been looking forward to.  Please accept my sincerest apology, if that is the case.  I tend to react without forethought at times.  I’ve never really studied Psychology in depth.  Dancing is my passion, my father is the Doctor in our family.  I’m just an incredibly curious person with an insatiable need to understand the reasons why.  So I tend to dig and analyze the subject matter ad nauseam until my curiosity is sated.  My mind literally, will not stop till I understand, LOL.  Which reminds me, I don’t expect or want answers to my review questions that will give away the story, Bee.  I pose so many questions because my obsession with Day’s makes me helpless to do otherwise…but I really want to be surprised.

To further expand upon our freakish connection you know that Gemma said something in this chapter that I forgot to write in my last review? LOL, I even forgot to sign off my last review, but anyway I digress.  I feel a bit out of sorts every time you mentioned the Eclipse press junket.  Somewhere along the way, I stopped thinking of Robert as being Robert Pattinson, the movie star.  You've done such of a wonderful job of immersing Robert and Gemma into their own bubble of happiness and intimacy that,  it's almost as if you've  created this alternate reality in which they reside in.  A reality where Robert is simply a man in love with his Gemma.  A man desperately trying to construct a happy life for him and his woman.  This is why the mention of the Eclipse press junket now feels alien to me.  I know that Robert is still surrounded by the movie star paraphernalia in terms of having the huge penthouse apartment along with the car and driver at his disposal, but even that doesn't really matter when it comes to labeling Robert.  The world that you created does not have the fanatic fans screaming his name....nor does it have press tours.  Yes, he goes to work every single day, but it’s easy for one to forget exactly what that work entails.  So as a result, I get thrown for a bit of a loop when the words Eclipse and press junkets are mentioned...they are no longer part of Robert and Gemma's new reality.  It was a bit surreal for me to see Gemma basically echoing the same sentiments in terms of the screaming fans.  I like the fact that you choose to do that by the way...that you protected them from the Hollywood craziness for as long as you did.  It gave them a chance to build their relationship away from public scrutiny. A chance to strengthen their very foundation before the rest of the world tries to tear it apart.  I have to wonder though if that wasn't both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because of everything  that I’ve already said, but a curse because it left Gemma completely unexposed and unprepared for the harsh reality of being in the spotlight.  I'm questioning whether she wouldn't have been better served being acclimated a little bit at a time.  Which reminds me, I love the promise that Robert was able to get Gemma to make regarding the imminent  lies and speculation sure to be printed online and the gossip magazines in relations to his supposed relationship with Kristen Stewart.  He was basically telling her to refrain from believing anything she may read in the newspapers unless it comes directly from him.  That was an incredibly smart thing for him to do, because we all know that it's only a matter of time... 

I'd like to discuss your last chapter review response for a minute. The part where you hinted that Robert had a reason for his newfound behavior with Gemma. After reading that, my first thought was "Well,  if there is something wrong that is causing him to be so intense and emotionally dependent upon Gemma, then I don't ever want him to be right again."  I'm serious…I don't see his intensity as a flaw or something that has to be fixed.   I'm a bit fearful of you amending my Robert's behavior in an attempt to make him "healthier". Do you know that has actually happened to me?  I reviewed this one story, and you know how my mind just comes up with scenario after scenario, well anyway, I asked the author a question in order to alleviate some of my fears, and she responded with thanking me for the review as well as saying that my review gave her an incredible new plot twist to the story.  Off course the plot twist turned out to be the very direction that I didn’t want to see the story go in.  She wasn't even thinking along those lines, but because my curiosity got the better of me, and I just had to ask her….I ended up putting the detested idea into her head and completely ruining the story in my eyes, LOL. I LOVE Robert just the way he is…perceived flaws and all.  My questioning his mindset by wondering if his behavior was healthy or not, wasn’t my way of implying that Roberts behavior ought to be amended in order to fit my preconceived notion of what a "healthy" relationship looks like. I’ve also come to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect evenly divided relationship!  A slight disparity in feelings will always exists and it doesn’t have to be problematic as long as the divide isn’t glaringly obvious.  It isn’t possible to force two people to amend their feelings in a way that will enable them to be equal in their regard for one another.  I hope I didn’t completely confuse that explanation and that it made a bit of sense.

I just had another light bulb moment Bee! Something occurred to me when Gemma told Rob that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves him, especially the part where she admitted that Robert had previously confessed the same sentiment to her... Well, that line struck a chord within me and gave me pause for a second.  It made me realize that, in some ways Robert has hinted at his desire for a future with her... much more so than Gemma.  Robert was the one to initiate and verbalize his desire to visit her childhood home and meet with her parents.  He clearly has envisioned a future with her.  He even went so far as to ask point blank if she ever wanted to have his babies...he might not have come out and say,  “Gemma,  I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, will you marry me” but what he has said and done are clear indications that he wants forever with her.  Due to the fact that the story is being told from Gemma’s POV, we the readers are aware of what's going on inside of her head.  For example, we know that she would like to visit his childhood home as well, but does Robert know that? Has she said it to him? And if not, how is he supposed to know that she wants everything with him?  How is he to know that she sees an actual future for the two of them, a future beyond what they currently share?  He can't know it unless she makes it clear to him... remember who we are dealing with here… Robert, the poster child for low self esteem.  Could Gemma be unwittingly feeding his feelings of unworthiness by her failure to communicate that she wants him to be a permanent fixture in her life?  If I remember correctly, Gemma’s admission of wanting to someday have Robert’s babies was the first instance where she verbalized her desire and intention of being in a long term relationship with him.  Is it possible that he is just as confused as she is, and that he is waiting for her to broach the subject of their future with him?  I've also been wondering if Thomas's warnings are valid when it comes to Gemma.   Could it be a red herring to mask the real problem or simply there to create a problem where none exists?  Robert comes across as being a man deeply in love…a man fiercely holding on with everything that he’s got, not someone looking for a way to distance himself from his girlfriend.  He has admitted his need for her, admitted the fact that his love leaves him feeling weak at times, and yet he is still here… I might be wrong, but Thomas’s concerns might have been valid in the past, but not anymore.

Confident Gemma is out in full effect! You go girl, with your sexy confident self!  Gemma was like "Pish posh, it aint nothin but a chicken wing, my man may still be out, but I'm getting my sleepy self to bed, very  secure in the knowledge that everything is wonderful in my world".  LOL, it really doesn't take very much to change an entire perception, Bee.  That one action of Gemma's has caused a shift in my perception of her.  She is no longer the weak, hurt, and insecure girl that we were first introduced to.  That Gemma would have stayed up all night, worrying and wondering why Robert hadn’t contacted her or made it home in a timely fashion.  I'm so very impressed with her!  Gemma is 100% secure in Robert’s love for her, and that is a beautiful thing.  I’m really hoping that he’ll eventually become just as secure in her love for him.  Oh, I loved that she drove to be with him even though she wasn’t feeling very well.  I know that it wasn’t the safest thing for her to do, but still….It’s wonderful that she made herself available to him after his expressed need to be with her.  In return, his tender, loving, care of her was beautiful.  I don’t think he would’ve ever allowed her to drive to him, had he been aware of the severity of her cold though.  Lastly, I’m going to cut down on my favorite lines a bit because this thing way too long!

Warning:  Guilt trip alert!
Only 15 more chapters to go? Brilliant but crazy author say what? You have completely ensnared me with this story; I'm simply awed by it. The past few chapters have been some of the most sensual, romantic, and sexy chapters ever written. The writing is simply amazing.  Great job.  That said...I'm still sending evil glares your way for planning on ending this lovely journey! I really, really, really, wanted the story to go on forever and ever! You are ruining my Robert and Gemma living the rich, famous and ecstatically happy lifestyle fantasy :( Hope you are the guilt trip working yet? And yes, I'm still pouting and stomping my feet like a spoiled brat as I finish this review. POOOR MEEEE!

Favorite Lines

"I'm so fucking tired, but I just had to see you. It's 3a.m. and I couldn't sleep without you beside me. God, I'm so in love with you, Gemma. You're all I think about. I feel like I can't function without you anymore." He kissed my shoulder again while his fingers continued to pinch and tease my nipples. "I need you, all the time. I get hard just fucking thinking about you. About what I want to do to you. Am I mad? Tell me you want me this much too."

I stood and listened to him for a little while, before walking to the other side of the bed so I could see his face. His eyes met mine and he smiled almost shyly. God, he was amazing. He was so full of complexities that I adored. So clever, yet so silly. So talented, yet so self-deprecating. So perfect, yet so flawed.

"Because I would happily have babies with you, Gemma Kate," he said. "It would scare the absolute shit out of me, but I would do it in a heartbeat. They'd be such adorable babies."

I didn't hear back from him, but I didn't expect to. He was most likely fast asleep somewhere after a huge day of interviews and fans. We were good.
We were so good.

"Will you promise not to freak out when you see hundreds of websites and articles screaming about how Kris and I are a couple? Will you promise to talk to me about something first, if it worries you? Because there will be shit, Gem. There always is. But you have to know I love you, so much. I adore you and I want to be with you. Just you, always. Will you promise me that, Gem?"

Till next time, Kari

P.S. This has become one of my top 3 favorite chapters thus far in the story.

P.P.S. OMG, this review is like a freaking book report!  LOL, my sister says if you were smart you’d figure out a way to block out my reviews :) Stupid Stephanie! I think I might have had too much caffeine. HAHA, I was sure that Twilighted would cut it off at some point!  But, it didn't :)

Author's Response:

Wow Kari!!

Hehehee, you really did write a book report, and I loved it! I'll give you an A+ on your book report, for sure. Tell Stephanie that I'm so not blocking your reviews - they're fabulous and I always look forward to reading them. I'm so glad Twilighted didn't cut you off, it was such a fun, fabulous book report!

So ohhh no! Sorry for making you throw a temper tantrum! I'm so, so, SO happy that you're enjoying the story so much, and I know how invested you are in Rob and Gemma - and some other characters too. Cough, cough - Daniel and Tom - cough, cough! But to make you stamp your feet even more... I actually finished writing it on Monday! I even wrote "The End" and everything! Eeek! It still has to go to my betas for editing (and removing my copious amount of exclamation marks and Australian spelling), and then of course it takes a while to be posted to Twilighted, so it'll be a long while before the story is actually finished here. But to make matters worse for you? Actually, there's 46 chapters altogether. Which means there's only 13 more to come, not 15. Eeek! But that's still heaps! A lot can happen in 13 chapters, trust me! Does it help if I say there will be a happy ending? There may be a few bumps in the road ahead, but I always promised a happy ending, so... that's all I'll say for now!

All that being said, I felt a mix of emotions as I finished writing the story too. I will miss Rob and Gemma, a lot. And I'll miss sitting down and chilling out while I write about their adventures together. But on the other hand, I'm pleased because the story ends exactly where I always wanted it to end. As you know, I'm a teacher. I teach what you would call elementary school, and when I'm teaching students how to write stories, I tell them to create a plan first. Whether it's written, illustrated or in their head, their plan has to contain a beginning, a middle and an end. Because whether we like it or not, all stories must have an ending! To me, there's nothing worse than a story that goes on and on and on, just because the author doesn't want to say goodbye to the characters. I always knew where Days Like This was headed, and that's exactly where it ended up, so I'm pleased. I hope that makes sense!

Bwah, ha! I'm glad you thought the chapter was bubblicious! What a great word. Rob's reaction to her little pregnancy comment certainly surprised Gemma, I think! She really just said it to tease him a little bit, but she was quite blown away by his quite positive reaction. Wow! And why wasn't she jumping up and down happily? As you pointed out, she was sick with a cold. But also, I don't know if either of them are ready for babies just yet, are they? Maybe 'one day', as they said, but not right now. His life is crazy at the moment and they're both still young. They would be cute babies though!

Aww, Rob using the key and crawling into Gemma's bed at 3am was pretty sweet. He so desperately needed his Gemma, after a long, crazy day. What's so irresistable about him using his key, you wonder? Hmm, I think it's the fact that she trusts him so implicitly, and also the fact that, well... it's Robert Pattinson, crawling into bed with her in the middle of the night. I don't think many of us would complain really! Hehee.

Which kind of brings me to the next part of your review... the fact that you stopped seeing him as Robert Pattinson, the movie star - just like Gemma did! She was all out of sorts when the Eclipse press conference came around too, because it suddenly made her realize again that her lovely, sweet boyfriend who adores her, is actually a hugely famous celebrity. She worked so hard at the beginning to get over that fact, but then they spent lots of time together at each others' apartments and hanging out with friends and doing normal things, and now he's just "Rob" to her. And honestly, he was all out of sorts about it too. It was almost as though he'd forgotten, as well. He's been so happily stuck inside his little Gemma bubble, going to "work" each day as if it was the most normal thing in the world, and now suddenly he's been catapulted back into the world of Edward Cullen again. So don't worry, you're not alone in your feelings! That was kind of the point. I wanted you to feel that way!

I always wanted this story to be about Rob and Gemma, and their relationship. I didn't want it to be about Twilight and Kristen and the fans and the paparazzi, and that side of things. Because there are already so many stories about that. I wanted to focus on the characters and how they develop as individuals and in a relationship. Of course Rob's fame is a part of that, but it's not everything. So what you said is exactly right - their bubble has protected them from the Hollywood craziness for a long time, and that was intentional. Will the bubble also be a curse? Hmm, time will tell, Kari!

Oooh, I knew you don't like Twitter and Facebook, it's okay! Hehee. And hey, I loved that your review was number 1000! Honestly! I gave a little squeal of excitement when I saw you were number 1000. It's lovely, please don't apologize! :)

I think it's great that you ask lots of questions and make predictions as you read. Sometimes you're so spot on that it's scary, actually! There is a bit of a surprise ahead... and that's all I'll say about that for now. Eeek! I totally get what you mean about not wanting me to amend Rob's 'unhealthy' obsession with Gemma just because you suggested it, it's okay! Hehee. As I said before, the story is all done now anyway, so rest assured, I won't be drastically changing Rob's imperfections. I couldn't help but giggle at your story of it happening before though. You're such a good reviewer and you offer such interesting insight into the characters, that somehow you end up writing the stories! Heee!

Another fascinating lightbulb moment in regards to Rob perhaps not realizing the extent of Gemma's feelings towards him. True, she hasn't told him she wants to go to London with him, and they still haven't really had the big "talk" about the future of their relationship. But still... she does tell him constantly how much she loves him, and she gives him little pep talks a lot about how wonderful he is. I think he knows very well how much she loves him. If anything, his self-esteem issues might be preventing him from understanding why she feels that way. But probably not just her, either. I think he wonders why millions of women all over the world are fascinated by him too. In real life, and in my story! But now we're getting far too complicated! Will Tom's warning to Gemma be valid? All will be revealed soon, I promise!

Confident Gemma was lovely, wasn't she!? I loved your "Pish posh" quote! Hehee. She really has changed a lot in the story, and a lot of it has to do with Rob, but a lot of it has to do with herself too. She's happy, confident and totally secure in her relationship. Aww. But no, she really shouldn't have driven over to see him, but she needed her Rob, just as he needed his Gemma!

So many sweet, intense favorite lines from Rob and Gemma. They really are so very much in love. Happy sigh! Wow, this was one of your top 3 favorite chapters? How lovely! I wonder what your other two favorites were? Hmm!

I really hope I've covered all your topics from your amazing book review, Kari. Thank you again SO much for all your kind words, support and encouragement. It really means the world to me, honestly! You're fabulous!

Until next time...

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2011 03:41 AM · On: Chapter 9 - Only You

Well, that was pretty hot, all around.  Nice way to end the evening.

Thank you again, and I really do look forward to seeing where the rest of this goes.

Author's Response:

Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying Rob and Gemma's adventures.

Thanks for reviewing, too. It's been fun to relive the chapters as you've been reading! :)

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: emozing (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2011 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

Alright Bee - I heard Rob did get what Gemma had.  You need to send Luke to pick me up.  I have my nurse's outfit on and my niece's doctor's kit.  I promise to make him soooo' much better!!!

This was a really sweet chapter.  Two people so in love.  And you write their love story so realistically that we all become a part of it.

These were my 2 favorite parts:

"God, I love you, Gemma," he moaned as he kissed along my jaw and down my neck. "You're beautiful. So fucking beautiful." We kissed for a long time before we eventually started to slow down. My head was feeling even fuzzier, probably from the heat of our kissing. I pulled away and rested my head on his shoulder again.
"Sorry," he smiled. "I'm ready to fucking take you right here, and you're nearly dying." I giggled. "I'm not dying. And you can take me if you want. I might pass out, but that's okay." He laughed and ran his hand along my leg. I was really only half kidding. I felt like absolute crap, but I would never say no to Rob. Ever.

It's adorable how he wants to take care of her.  And that they can't keep their hands to themselves even when Gem is sick.  And he so doesn't care if he gets sick either. 

And -

"So Ally thinks I'm pregnant," I said, and he turned to look at me right away. His eyes were wide and his face wore a mixture of shock and amusement. "Does she?" he asked, watching me closely. Clearly, he was being careful with his words.  I nodded. "She does."  "And?" he asked, his eyebrows raised. I couldn't help but smile at his expression, which had suddenly turned much more serious. Did he seriously think I might be pregnant, too?  "I'm so not pregnant, Rob," I said quickly. "Relax. Breathe. It's okay. I have a cold. That's all."  He continued to stare at me for a moment, studying me. I had no idea what was going on inside that gorgeous head of his.   "Are you sure?" he asked, frowning slightly.   I rolled my eyes, then immediately regretted it when it made me head throb. "Yes, Rob. I'm definitely sure I'm not pregnant. Seriously. Breathe. We're fine."  He nodded and leaned forward to kiss me again. He kissed me tenderly, holding my face in his hands. I felt like I was a precious piece of porcelain that might break at any moment.  He kissed me for a long time, before pulling back to look at me. His eyes looked so clear and blue. "Because I would happily have babies with you, Gemma Kate," he said. "It would scare the absolute shit out of me, but I would do it in a heartbeat. They'd be such adorable babies."  I giggled and frowned at the same time. "I'm not having your babies, Rob." He watched me seriously, almost looking sad. "Ever?"  "Well, maybe not ever. Maybe one day, if the time is right and if we both want to." Were we seriously having this discussion? How did we get here?  He nodded. "One day."

Rob only had momentary hesitation when Gemma mentioned that Ally thought she was pregnant.  Your Rob is the only one that I've read that didn't start stuttering!!!!

And he used the key to her apartment again -- he just can't stay away -- adorable.

Bee - another amazing chapter.  These kids are so in love.   But something's coming - don't know what - but even with all the protestations there is just something about the way Rob is worried.  

Hope you update quickly again.  You've spoiled us.  Thank you for doing a speedy, awesome job on your story.

Elaine -- sparkledamnu on twitter   

Author's Response:

Hi Elaine,

Bwah, ha! Your review made me giggle, thank you! Just what I needed on my first day back at work for the year. :)

So yep, Luke is on his way to pick you up, so you can nurse Rob back to health. You might have to give him a warm bubble bath and everything! ;)

Aww, there was lots of sweetness in this chapter, wasn't there? Rob taking care of Gemma when she was sick, then snuggling in bed with her late at night after the first day of Eclipse interviews. He needed his Gemma, just like she needed her Rob earlier in the chapter.

Nope, he really didn't care if he caught her cold. They can't keep their hands off each other at the moment. They're so happily floating around in their own little bubble. The pregnancy conversation was definitely interesting... Gemma was really just teasing him a little bit, and was surprised to find he actually had a fairly positive reaction to the whole thing. Eeek! So who knows, maybe one day!?

Hmm, something's coming? I think you're very perceptive. Rob really is quite worried about something or other, perhaps a bit too much. Time will tell!

The next chapter shouldn't be too far away. Really, it's my Twilighted beta who's spoiling us, validating my chapters so quickly! Thank you so much for your continued support and lovely comments.

I hope you enjoy healing Rob... ;)

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: gopher4953 (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 09:22 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

Hi Bee!

What a great chapter!

Poor Gemma amd her cold! Know just how she feels. But dear Rob wants to take care of he...even offered to send Luke to take Ally to the airport!

The girl time between Gam and Ally was so true to life! And Ally's trepidition at seein' Marcus again...even if they have been connected by's normal. Gem's right, tho, she's over thinkin'. I think that they will have an awesome reunion.

Oh, you know that Gemma's feelin' bad when she texts Rob about wantin' to stay home and sleep. But when he calls and she senses his anxiety, she gets up and goes to him. The love they share shows in so many of the little things they do for each other.

Love the cheese: "Just cuddle me, Rob," I said quietly. "Being with you makes me feel better than I have all day." So sweet! 

Ooh! The "baby talk! Rob will make a great daddy...when the time is right and he and Gem will make beautiful babies! Beautiful bath and the morning sex, mmmmm!

Loved the fact that Sarah and Gem watched the interviews and equated Rob's lookin' so relaxed and happy to the mornin's romp!

Then after sayin' he he probably wouldn't see her, he slips into the apartment at 3:00 am. He needed her wrapped around him in order to relax and sleep. I definitely think that their bubble is a beautiful place! I want one! (Hmmm, I wonder who with? lol)

So now the rest of the Eclipse press junket! Will there be some trouble? Gemma seems to be steadfast in her trust of Rob, but what about Kristen?

Okay, I've rambled on enough and am waitin' (im)patiently for the next update and MORE PLEASE,ASAP!

Love you and this amazin' tale of yours, sweetie. Thanks for such a great read!

Ellen xx

Wow, over 1000 reviews!

Author's Response:

Hi Ellen,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for yet another fabulous review! :)

Aw, yes. Poor Gemma and her cold. Oh no, do you have a cold too? They're never fun. Booo. Do you want Rob to come and take care of you too? Or maybe someone else, starting with a K? ;)

Ally's worries were definitely unwarranted, but then again, we all worry sometimes, don't we? We'll hear how she and Marcus are going over there in London in the next chapter.

You're so right about Gemma feeling bad when she texted Rob to say she couldn't see him that night. He didn't let her get away with it for long though, but he made her feel a bit better anyway. Happy sigh! Hehee, glad you liked the cheesy cuddling comments.

The baby talk was pretty interesting, wasn't it? I think Gemma was just teasing him, but was surprised when he reacted positively to it. Bwah! They would make cute babies someday, but I don't think either of them are quite ready to go there just yet!

Hmm, gee, i wonder who you want to be trapped inside a happy little bubble with!? Hehee. Rob was very sweet though, snuggling in next to her at 3am. Clearly it had been a massive day for him, and he needed his Gemma. :)

We'll find out more about the rest of the Eclipse press junket in the next chapter. Will there be trouble? Kristen related, perhaps? Hmm, time will tell! All will be revealed soon, I promise.

Thank you so much for continuing to read and review, and for all your kind words and support Ellen. It really means a lot!

-SwimmingBee x


Reviewer: sammiebaseball (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 06:53 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

Yay!! So happy for you that you reached 1000 reviews!!!

I loved the chapter. I really look forward to the upcoming Eclipse press junket. I'm really hoping that the phone conversation between Rob and Kristen comes up again and then we can learn the what the whole conversation between them really was! Just can't wait! 

Thanks for the update!


Author's Response:

Hi Sam,

Thanks so much! I was very excited to reach 1000 reviews... I'm still blown away by the response to my little story! Yay!

Great to hear you enjoyed the chapter. We'll find out how the rest of the Eclipse press junket weekend goes in the next chapter. Rob and Kristen seem to be okay at the moment, and Gemma isn't too worried about their odd little relationship. We'll wait and see though. :)

The next chapter shouldn't be too far away. Thanks for reading!

-SwimmingBee x



Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 05:36 PM · On: Chapter 7 - A Total Reality Shock

That was a lovely phone call!  Tee hee!  I still remember being that carefree.

Ms. Gemma, of the Spotty Shoes,  you might be playing with fire here with Sir Dan With The Dimples.  Be careful!

As for you Ms. SwimmingBee of the lovely pen, I can't wait to see what's next.

Author's Response:

Bwah, ha! You do make me giggle! :)

It was indeed a lovely phone call, Ms. m244robp of the great reviews and fabulous stories!

Playing with fire? Hmm, we'll see! Sir Dan With The Dimples is okay though, really. Hehehee.

Thanks for another fun review! Love it!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: m244robp (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 05:27 PM · On: Chapter 6 - So Good

I'm slowly, but surely, making my way through.  I wish I could read faster, really I do.

I am enjoying getting to know Gemma.  I can feel her getting all giddy about the new adventure she's going on.

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm so glad you're making your way through the chapters! :)

Gemma is definitely giddy at this point in the story. She settles down a bit later, I promise! Well, kind of. Hehee.

Thanks so much for reading!

-SwimmingBee x


Reviewer: annielovesrob (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 02:06 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

This was just the sweetest chapter EVER!  I love how Rob showed up at her place at 3am just 'cause he had to see her.  And he was so terribly sweet to her while she was sick! We all need some TLC like that when we aren't feeling well.  Seems like they are getting closer and closer to having the "talk" about the long term plan for their relationship.  

On another note related to long term plans, I'm so very sad that you wrote the final chapter.  I really hope you will consider writing another RPF--you are so talented!  

Hope you are beating the heat down under.  It's 35 F here, so I'm jealous no matter how hot it is there!


Author's Response:

Hey Annie,

Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Rob was very sweet, taking care of Gemma when she was sick and showing up at her apartment because he missed her. Happy sigh! They still haven't had their "talk", but it certainly seems like they're getting there. :)

Aww, I'm a bit sad that I wrote the last chapter of this story too! I love Gemma and Rob and will really miss writing them, but at the same time, I'm pleased because I always knew where I wanted the story to end, and that's where it ended. There's nothing worse than a story that goes on and on just because the author doesn't want to say goodbye to the characters, I think. I have a few ideas for a new story floating around my head, but they're just ideas at the moment, so we'll see!

35 F, brrr! It was stinkin' hot here today - 41 C, which is about 105 F! Want to swap for a day? ;)

Thanks so much for another lovely review and for all your support. I really appreciate it!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 12:09 PM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

omg, he is so sweet

Author's Response:

Hi fprm,

Rob was very sweet in this chapter, wasn't he? Aww!

Thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: babystar (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 02:21 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

Uhm, Hi Bee :) I haven't read this chapter yet, but I wanted to be the 1000th review, so excellent chapter even though I've yet to read it :)

Author's Response:

Yayyyy!! I'm so excited you wrote the 1000th review! Thanks Kari! :)

Are you secretly following me on Twitter? Hehee. I was just tweeting about how I wondered who would be the 1000th reviewer, and voila! There you were!

Hope you enjoy the chapter now that you've said that. Hehee.

Thank you for all your amazing reviews and support. You rock!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: acey (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

Yeah...I feel there is a sharp needle in the horizon that will pop thrie lil bubble..I think that needle will belong to Kristen..Hmmm?  Great chap as always xo

Author's Response:

Hi acey,

A sharp needle, eeek! Bubbles don't last forever I suppose, so we'll have to wait and see. You think Kristen might pop their bubble? Hmm, time will tell...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: kimjhill (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 12:21 AM · On: Chapter 33 - Perfect Bubble

these two are killing me they are too sweet !!  i hope there is not more heartache on the horizon for them-i think gemma's comment on babies has got our rob thinking of the future.... maybe a ring in the near future ????  loved it as usual-cant wait for more

Author's Response:

Hi kimjhill,

There is lots of sweetness going on between Gemma and Rob at the moment, isn't there? Hmm, time will tell whether there will heartache or a ring on the horizon. Quite different possibilities, but you never know! :)

Great to hear you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

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