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Reviews For Days Like This
Reviewer: ipreferbrunettes (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 08:06 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Girls' Night Out!

oh no!  really,  he wasn't lying? i'm seriously too emotionally invested in this story!!  I just don't see how she can ever forgive him :((((  I think there may be a few more tears from me before this story is done.


Author's Response:

Oooh, no sorry! He really wasn't lying. Grrr, silly Rob! At the moment, Gemma is completely confused and shocked, but we will eventually find out the reasons he did what he did. There's definitely a bumpy road ahead, but I hope you'll continue to stick with them and see it through. Thanks so much for reading!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: oopsadaysey (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 05:07 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Whusskkaa - that was one hell of a PRICK!!!


I know I am probably behind everyone else - BUT  Teach I have a most excellent excuse - 2 cyclones in one week - the second Yasi the biggest to hit Oz in a century or more. It was seriously scary - and I have always had a death wish - base jumping, bungee jumping etc - but we had no control = 200 kms plus winds for 12 hours the whole event was over a 48 hour period and it is still raining and blustering on and off, we now 3 days after have electricity and thank the Goddess of Internet.


Rob is an asshole and I really do know where pour Gemma is - my husband of almost 40 years just had to smirk at a room and you could hear all the elastic snapping in the panties ( and briefs & boxers ). The bad was that I was only 16 and it took me a little while to work it out - he wanted me but did not want me to be around all the time - I grounded him - it was great for him to have dated two models that were known from their shoots and covers but I was the sensible business like one and didn't take the hype seriously.


He screwed around - a lot - but some how we ended up together - my father always called him my late husband (guess y ) and my mother always called him my first husband. He HE


So at first I thought Rob made it up but you have confirmed that he slept ( did he fuck or just sleep???) yeah yeah I know. I know what she will face if she/he finds their way - she is his security blanket, steady solid not demanding but Oh god the number of I love yous would seriously get on my nerves - we do not ( I repeat do not ) I love you unless it special - Y - because it becomes retorical and no longer has meaning after a while - they are just words - I know i'm no longer a hard core romantic - but he (the panty dropper ) can sure surprise me with trips to Canada, US, Hawaii & New Zealand etc.And the smirk still works even though I call him old man.


Keep up the story line, be brave , stay out of ther bunker you can become a serious alcoholic.


On another note - some of the fandom in OZ have been trying to get a flood appeal going and now its a disaster appeal for Qld together - they had floods and we had the bloody cyclones - horrible - Yasi was almost twice as powerful as Katrina - get the idea now -


If anyone is interested in submitting one shots or even better donating -all donations are tax deductable - please contact the mob at

all donations above $ 5- will receive over two hundred one shots from writers from a few genres - the bulk being the wonderful Twifans - please give -over 1million people were affected by Yasi - just think is 10% of our population for the entire country the third largest city in the country was flooded by the inland sea.


Once again I am loving this story so much!!!!








Author's Response:

Hey oopsadaysey,

First of all, oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you were stuck in Cyclone Yasi. That's terrible! I'm actually Australian too, but I live in Melbourne. I've been glued to the news (and Today in the morning), watching it all unfold. It really was scary. My heart goes out to you and I hope things have settled down for you a bit now. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review my story after all that!

So yes, Rob really was an asshole in this chapter. Sorry to hear about your similar history. Sometimes life and love can be a messy business, can't it? Grrr, boys!

Unfortunately Rob really did sleep with someone else. And by that, I mean he had sex with someone else. Gemma doesn't understand why at the moment, but we will discover the reasons behind it eventually. At the moment though, Gemma is completely confused and heartbroken. Still in shock, mostly.

I've heard about Fandoms Fight The Floods and think it's great. I'll definitely be checking it out, thanks!

Thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck up there in Queensland!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: Conlynsmom (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 11:26 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

What??!!?? That word definitely sums up the chapter for sure.  Wow! And, under no circumstances should you be hiding behind the couch.  This is why we LOVE this story.  It is real... with all the joys of falling in love and the heartache of when it goes wrong.  But relationships can be messy. In my humble opinion, I think this may be your best  chapter. As an artist, you strive to get a reaction from those exposed to your craft.  And, girl, you've definitely hit a nerve!!!

I can't wait to get Rob's POV. I adore your Rob and all his flaws... so lost and overwhelmed at times. My kids asked me what was wrong because I literally gasped and yelled no several times at his words of infidelity.  And, Gemma trying to understand what happened but being unable to.  I thought you once again captured the emotions of Gemma perfectly... my heart ached for her.  And, honestly, I was holding it together pretty well until Sarah began to cry and then my own emotions overcame me too.

 I have never really "cared" about characters as I do with your Rob and Gemma.  And, I have read A LOT...classic literature, best- seling novels and lots of fan-fic.  Your words actually stayed with me throughout the night and day today.  I needed a day to gather my thoughts to actually review which I don't do often but have several times with you and this story.  You are such a talented writer and so enjoyable to read.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us ;-)

Anxiously awaiting the next update,


Author's Response:

Hi Kathy,

Okay, I've come out from hiding behind the couch now. What a lovely review, thank you so much. You're so right - relationships are messy, and so is life! Although we may have wanted them to, Rob and Gemma couldn't stay in their happy little bubble forever. It just wouldn't have been real. I always wrote Days Like This to be a fun, happy little story but I also wanted it to be realistic. Sometimes life comes crashing down on us when we least expect it. Poor Gemma!

So we will get Rob's POV eventually, but still told through Gemma, if that makes sense. I've always written the story through Gemma's POV, and that was a deliberate choice on my behalf. Again, because I think it feels more real that way. When we're in a relationship, we don't always know what's going on inside the other person's head. I wanted the reader to experience the story through Gemma's eyes only - to feel what she feels, which in this case, unfortunately isn't very pleasant. But yes, we will find out exactly what's going on inside Rob's head eventually, I promise! He definitely has his flaws, but Gemma is really only realizing the extent of those flaws now.

I'm so pleased you care for Rob and Gemma as you do. Such lovely words, thank you! I really appreciate your kindness, especially after a chapter like this. Thank you so much for taking the time to review, it really means a lot.

The next chapter won't be too far away!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: RainerNight (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 09:41 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

I am for once in my life speechless. I'm still not totally sure what happened.


Rob did it on purpose? He'd better have a damn good excuse.

I think this is the best time for Gem to take Tom's advice.

"Don't let him push you away."

that's what he's doing. And I'm not okay with that.


love it though. i may have cried.

Author's Response:

A speechless Rainer?! Oh no! :(

So yes, Rob did this on purpose. Grrr, silly boy. Although we don't understand his reasoning right now, we will find out answers eventually. It will take time, but gradually things will get better.

Gemma remembers Tom's piece of advice in the next chapter actually - "Don't let him push you away." It certainly seems like that's what he's doing, big time. We'll see how Gemma reacts to that realisation.

Thanks so much for continuing to read and review, despite the angst!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: roxiegirl (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 07:50 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Bee! I loved it! *claps hands*! But ima angst hoor, so it figures I'd like it. Am I crazy? Nah. It takes stuff like this to make for a better relationship in the end. I'm sure (fingers crossed!) that you'll give us an HEA. And yeah, I got the feeling something was up when he was just standing in the door looking at her..and when he didn't return her text. That was Monday night I believe. I liked this so much I'm gonna re-read it right now! Hugs Roxie!

Author's Response:

Hey Roxie,

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed the angst! It was certainly a difficult chapter to write, but it needed to happen. You're right - relationships can't always be roses and sunshine. Sometimes they need to be tested to be fully appreciated. I always promised a happy ending, and although it won't happen overnight, I'm still standing by that promise.

Oh yeah, something was definitely up when he was leaving that morning and found it so difficult to leave. He was saying his goodbyes. Although Gemma didn't worry about him not returning her texts, it was definitely a sign that something wasn't right. He's never not returned her texts, up until that point. Hmm. Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely review and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: emozing (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 07:22 PM · On: Chapter 4 - Let's Do This

Just re-reading -- trying to figure things out --

Now I understand the Prince of Persia moving -- just saying - Team Jake - yeah - Jake G.

Author's Response:

Hehee. Hope you're enjoying the re-read! I wonder if it's helping to figure things out some more?

Yay, Team Jake all the way!! Gemma's always had a little thing for Jake Gyllenhaal. Gee, I wonder where that came from... ;)

Thanks so much! You do make me giggle.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: babystar (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:51 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

2/3/11 @ 2PM

I wasn't expecting any rain today, Bee. But here it is. I tried to prepare myself for this fall; for I knew it was eminent. However, all my preparedness was for naught, for all the good it did. Knowing that it was coming doesn't make it hurt any less. I am absolutely wrecked, Bee.  I feel as if I have I lost something very integral to me.  I read this chapter @ 8 this morning, it is now 2PM and my thoughts are still a jumbled mess.  Why does this hurt so much?  I've been through 5 boxes of tissues over this chapter, this is so bizarre! I've never felt this much pain over a fictional character... Not ever.  Yes, I cry at a drop of a hat, I cried when Edward left in New Moon, I cried the majority of the time reading Emancipation Proclamation, but I have never felt this deeply over a story and characters before.  I have never felt as destroyed as I do today. I feel like I’m in mourning like I lost something.  The majority of us are all grieving, lost and bleeding.  I know that seems a bit much, but it’s true nonetheless.  This hurts, in a way that fiction has never hurt before.  I don't know how to write this review.  I'm feeling too much, all at once.  I guess I’ll start by telling you that I love this story today, with the same love and devotion that I did yesterday.  Nothing can ever change that for me.  I may not know exactly how to write this review, but what I do know is that you have a real gift with the written word, Bee.  You rocked this chapter perfectly.  It may have left me feeling angry and hurt, but you rocked it.  I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you write.   The reaction you are receiving for this chapter is a real testament to your skill as a writer.  You really are fabulous.

Robert isn’t simply flawed, Bee.  He is downright evil and I can’t believe I allowed myself to get taken in by him…it’s really heartbreaking.  I had really grown to love your Robert…flaws and all. It’s inexplicable because I’d normally despise and castigate any male character that treated Gemma the way that Robert did in the bar fiasco. I don’t know what it is about him, but I often find myself making excuses for him, always trying to pardon the unpardonable, always looking for redemption, well no more.  His chances are over.   He is very much beyond redemption.  Does he think that a love like that happens every day? What I would give to be a fly on the wall when that old lonesome feeling takes him by surprise…when he realizes the magnitude of the damage that he caused.

I can now see that Robert was not worth the fall.  Robert didn't just betray Gemma today.  He betrayed everyone who entrusted her to him. Trusted him not to hurt her. He shook her father's hand and promised to "take care of our girl". He betrayed Sarah...he sat on their couch, looked her in the eye and promised never to hurt Gemma again.. Michelle wrecked me...I didn't cry when he told her that he slept with somebody else. The tears came unbidden when Michelle, the robotic lobby lady enquired as to her well being, went out of her way to ask whether or not she could be of assistance and call somebody for her.  I can only imagine what she must have seen on Gemma's face to make her abandon her stoic professional demeanor.   OMG, and Sarah is going to feel like such of a fool for having forgiven him the bar fiasco.  I live for the day that Sarah refers to him as Robert instead of Robbie. I can’t recall a single day that Robert has ever been anything other than Robbie to Sarah, even from the very beginning.   I want him to know that Sarah will never ever; feel the same way about him again.  He didn’t only destroy his relationship with Gemma….but with every single person that is loyal to her.  I get the feeling that Ally is going to end up being stuck in the middle of this mess because of her relationship with Marcus and that is totally unfair! Way to go Robert….another relationship potentially ruined because of your sorry ass.  Robert is too lost to be saved, and what’s even worst is that I no longer care about saving him.  My only focus is on Gemma and hoping beyond hope that she can get pass this.  I feel so confused, Bee.  I knew he was fucked up, I really did…But just not this level of fuckery.  Melissa and I talked about this for a little bit.  She is already trying to talk herself into forgiving him.  She kept reciting this lame ass quote to me, “The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Gandhi.  I mean what the hell!  What’s really good?  Do I look like freaking Gandhi or Mother Teresa? NO! I’m only a simple, pissed of girl.  I didn’t earn the moniker “revenge like no other” from having the ability to turn the other cheek!

2/3/11 @ 8PM

Part of me wants Gemma to forgive him, not because he deserves it, or because I want her to go back to him, because God knows that I DON’T, but rather because she deserves to be free of him.  Robert may have been able to numb himself enough to keep from feeling the pain he caused her, but the numbness will eventually fade away... and nothing in the world is more painful than having to live with the knowledge that you destroyed the only women you purported to love.  I hope he is eaten alive with the guilt and that he never receives absolution.  All she ever did was love and care for him.  Gemma is a good person.  An honorable, good hearted person. I refuse to blame her for any of this.  I know that some will say, she had this coming for being so trusting and not addressing the underlying problems in her relationship with the Pig, but that's simply not true.   She may have been a little naive, but naiveté does not warrant being treated the way that Robert treated her.  Robert shattered her heart into a million pieces. There is no way he will be able to find all of the pieces to adequately stitch them back together again.  How many blows can on spirit take before it crumbles to ashes?  Does he not realize how difficult it must have been for her to trust him, to let him into her heart after Aaron?   She trusted him with her heart, body, home, and her friends.  Gemma gave him everything and he discarded it as if it meant nothing, as if she meant nothing.  What am I saying…off course he realizes how very difficult trusting him was for Gemma, after Aaron….that’s the point.  It is because he knew….he knew it was the only way to cause irreparable damage.  It was the only thing that he could never take back, and so that’s what he did.  I might have been able to consider the idea of forgiveness if this had been a drunken mistake, an action committed free of malice.  I probably wouldn’t have wanted Gemma to forgive him, but I wouldn’t be opposed to the possibility of someday, the way that I am now.  Forgiving him is NOT an option.  Or maybe I should say, rekindling a romantic relationship with him is not an option.  I understand that she will need closure from this, and that closure might entail having to forgive him in order to move on with the rest of her life, but that it about all that I’m willing to afford him.  I feel no pity or empathy towards Robert, and I’m hoping that Gemma will feel the same.  Some people might think that this is harsh of me…and maybe it is.  I can’t deny the fact that I’m feeling very bitter and hollow, but it will pass.  I know, I know….bitterness is easy, hatred is easy, but forgiveness….not so easy.  Malice is the wish to do harm: The intention or desire to cause harm or pain to somebody.  What happens in a court of law when the defendant is found to have acted with malice and premeditation in the execution of a crime?  He goes to jail and sometimes put to death if the crime was particularly heinous.  He doesn’t get a second chance at destroying his victim…and neither should Robert.

What the hell is it with California?  Is there something in the water out there?  Does the state have a secret grudge against Gemma Taylor or something?  Silly I know, but think about it for a second…Aaron was perfectly fine prior to landing in California.  Then BOOM! He turns into a lying, cheating bastard overnight.  Hmz, Gemma ought to move away from that place.  There is too much pain associated with California…relocating might be her best chance at moving on.  She needs a break from it all.  How will she ever make sense of any of this?   How can she even begin to forgive him? It will never be the same again....things will never be that pure and all consuming again.   The scar will always be there, how can she forgive him for stealing that perfect bubble away?  How can she be with him sexually after this?  Every kiss, every touch will cause a flashback of him being intimate with another woman…will make her wonder if he touched this other woman with the same love and passion he is using with her.  When I think about the conversation Gemma will have to have with her mother and father…I hate him all the more.  Can you imagine the pain her parents will feel at the realization that their daughter has once again been utterly hurt, without being able to do a thing about it.  Her parent’s feelings of helplessness are enough to condemn Robert in my eyes.

This betrayal is so much deeper, hurts so much more than anything else that came before  it, hurts more than Aaron. He knows what Aaron did to her, how broken she was after that. He made her fall in love with him.  He watched as she tentatively immersed herself within him, all the while coaxing, encouraging, supporting, promising, but most of all lying.  Every I love you, was a lie, every caress, every kiss, every touch…all lies.  He could never have done what he did to her if he did love her, even a little bit.  Robert is a cruel, selfish bastard. I never once believed him unworthy of Gemma until this minute. I guess it wasn't enough for him to believe his unworthiness in his head, oh no... He had to go out and prove it to be so, and boy did he succeed.  I never thought that I could ever come to hate Robert with the same intensity that I hate Aaron, but I stand corrected.  Aaron was insignificant in a lot of ways.  I disliked Aaron from the very beginning.  I was never afforded the opportunity to develop positive feelings towards him, to grow to love him the way that I did with Robert, and for that reason alone, this betrayal hurt so much more.  Remember when I said that Robert earned a free pass for almost anything, with the exception of infidelity and or abuse? Well, he doesn't get a free pass for this.  Furthermore, I'm no longer interested in understanding him, or the reasons behind his fuckery! He is just plain evil.  I will freaking have the biggest bitch fit when Thomas shows up imploring Gemma not to let Robert push her flash, the little bitch didn't just push her away, and went on his merry way...oh no, he shoved her down and proceeded to drive his car over her.

2/4/11 @ 4AM

There are so many things going through my mind. I can't make sense of any of it. Was he telling the truth? Is this only an elaborate plan concocted from the mind of a messed up boy in the midst of a chaotic storm? Was this his great big rescue plan from his messed up world? In the end, does it really matter, whether it be truth or fiction? Would Robert lying about having betrayed Gemma with another woman make the pain more bearable?  My answer to that is, no. It doesn't matter....either way is unforgivable.  Bet you weren't expecting that huh, Bee.  You probably expected me to say that I hope he lied in order to push her away, and didn't really have sex with Kellan's friend.  Believe it or not, I really believe that Robert lying about having slept with another woman would be even worse than if he'd actually committed the deed.  Not only that, but I seriously believe it would diminish the story.  I don't know how to explain it, but I’ll try.  This story is awesome, kick ass in every single way.  The cheating thing is horrible, but its real and gritty.  It actually lends even more credibility to the story.  How long have I been moaning and groaning about the level of non real communication between the two? Like I said before, I knew that they were heading for an abyss. It just never occurred to me that this could have been it…not with him knowing her history with Aaron.  That again, shows your brilliance as an author.  Anyway, going with the scenario where Robert didn't really cheat and only lied in order to push her away, would be cliché and unworthy of this story.  The cheating factor was introduced, the bubble is burst beyond recognition, and her heart is even more fractured than it was in the beginning.  Now, he needs to own it. I want to see if he can come back from this.  If they can make it to the other side intact and together.  And you know what Bee? It’s okay if they can't recovery from this, in love and together.  I would rather see that happen than to have the integrity of the story diminished in any way.  Again, going with the theory that this betrayal didn’t really happen….how cruel would a person have to be to maliciously plan out and implement something like that?  To knowingly set out to cause irreparable harm to somebody whose only crime lays in loving you?  What type of a monster would lie about something like that….especially knowing her history with Aaron?   Either way you look at it, Robert is a heartless coward.  No career is worth devastating someone so pure and innocent.  I'm still very much in the moment right now, the pain is still fresh, but I can honestly tell you that I can't imagine Gemma opening up her heart to him ever again.  He numbed himself and callously shattered her world into a million pieces...I want her to numb herself, and cut him out of her heart like the cancer that he is.

I will never be able to forgive Robert for his actions in this chapter, regardless of what the truth turns out to be.  I know that it’s easy for me to say because I’ve never been in love with anything other than my dancing.  However, my views on infidelity are pretty absolute.  I strongly believe in the view that once a cheater, always a cheater.  At this point in time, I wouldn’t trust Robert to give me the correct time of day…how do you regain trust once it’s broken?  I wouldn't forgive the prick even if he channeled Lloyd Dobbler, and stood underneath my bedroom window serenading me with Peter Gabriel.  I'm finding solace in the fact that tomorrow is a new day, Gemma's world may be collapsing around her today, but the same won't necessarily be true tomorrow.  She will make it through this pain, just like she did after Aaron. I refuse to believe that Robert will be the end of her.  She may not know it yet, but I know she is stronger than that. This moment too, will fade into the past.  You know what pisses me off, Bee?  This stupid, numb zombie shit that he pulls in order to break her.  He did it during the bar fiasco and again during this chapter.  What the hell is that suppose to mean anyway?  What, that he is bi-polar and didn’t mean the shit that he did during the zombie numb fest?  It’s such bullshit!  What a freaking coward.  If he wanted to end the relationship, he didn’t have to eviscerate her the way that he did.  He could have been a man about it, and say, “Gemma, I can’t be in this relationship anymore.  You are a liability in my world.  I can’t love you anymore.”  Yes, I would have hated him for it, but I would’ve also been left with a bit of respect for him.  Now there is nothing left but hatred and disgust.  I wish that I could feel indifferent towards him, as that’s the real opposite of love, not hate.

2/4/11 @9 AM

OMG, BEE! I just read on some of the review replies that Robert did indeed cheat on Gemma and I couldn’t be any more relieved!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  You can’t possibly know how it worried me that this would turn out to have been an elaborate plan of his to push her away.  It may sound terrible that I’m actually relieved by this, but I can’t help it.  The other scenario would have cause great damage to the story.  My admiration for you just skyrocketed to the moon!  I know how difficult this must have been for you to do….it would’ve been so much easier for you to go with the lie, but you didn’t…and I for one, am forever grateful.  I can live with anything that happens in the story, as long as the story retains its integrity.  Heck, I’ve even gained a smidgen of new respect back for the Pig…wonders will never cease.  It’s a major pet peeve of mine when authors introduce something like cheating, only to later back peddle from it or turn it into a great big misunderstanding….completely absurd!  I feel so much lighter now, LOL.  Anyway, I came up with a recovery plan for Gemma to get over the Pig:

1)    Burn those damn spotty shoes!

2)    Remove all traces of the prick from her life.  She needs to put everything that reminds her of the loser in a box. Including anything he may have given to her, every piece of clothing she has worn in his presence, and everything he may have touched...every DVD of the movies he starred in, Dirty Dancing included because he watched it with her... everything.  Close it up and get Daniel to deposit it at the city dump, along with every bit of emotion she ever wasted on him.

3)    DO NOT listen to Broken by Lifehouse, Love Hurts by Jon B., Don’t Cry by Guns N Roses, and absolutely NOTHING by Celine Dion.

4)    Purchase an entirely new cell phone and change the number

5)    Change her email address

6)    Disinfect her entire apartment with germicide in order to obliterate all traces and smells of him

7)    Make an appointment to get tested for STI’s (sexually transmitted infections)

8)    Change the locks on the apartment door, better yet they should just move out into a brand new place.

9)    Grieve for the future that will never be, and forgive herself for choosing to love the Pig to begin with.

10)   Put as much distance as possible between herself and the Pig.

Notice that I didn’t include forgiveness and understanding in my list….Well, that’s because I don’t want to know…I’m all out of understanding.  Gladys Knight said it best:  "And I don't want to know, I couldn't care less about your feelings.  Don't you know? You should've cared about mine.  And I don't want to know.  It really doesn't matter why you're leavin', You should know…You're really throwin' away your life and I won't sympathize.  You've hurt me for the last time.  Got no more tears to cry"

Favorite Lines

"I have to go," he whispered, and I nodded. DON’T COME BACK!


"But we don't do that," I shook my head. "We sleep together."

"He didn't even care," I continued. "He just sat there and stared at me. I wanted to punch him just to get a reaction from him."
"He deserves it though. And he certainly doesn't deserve you."

"Are you okay to drive, Gemma?" she asked softly. "You seem a little shaken up."
I stared at her. It was the first time she had ever touched me and the first time I had ever heard her say my first name. She actually had expression on her face. She looked worried.
I nodded. "I'm fine. Thanks."
She stepped back and continued to study me. "Are you sure there isn't somebody I can call for you?"
I shook my head. "I'm fine. Thanks."

"I just loved him so much," I whispered, letting the tears flow freely as I dropped forward and lay my head on her knees.

Somewhere in the middle of my dreaming, Aaron turned into Rob. But this wasn't a dream. It was a memory. I remembered last Saturday night, when he came here after his first long day of Eclipse interviews and climbed into bed with me.

"You made me a cheese sandwich?" I asked. "You're a gourmet chef and you made me a cheese sandwich?"
"Fuck off," he said, laughing. "I figured you wouldn't be up to a five course meal right now."

I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed by all things Rob. I would never, ever be able to escape him. He was everywhere. He had taken over my bedroom. He had taken over my head. He had taken over my life.
And the worst thing? The worst thing was that I had let him.

Till next time, Kari.

P.S.  Dimples rocked! Hopefully he’ll get a chance to knock out the Pig, on second thought; the jerk might sue causing Dimples to lose his restaurant.

P.P.S. Why does he always fuck up when he has to be apart from her for a little bit of time? Does her presence act as a stabilizer? Oh wait, I don’t care and don’t want to know!

Author's Response:

Hi Kari,

So, wow. Remember that book report you wrote last chapter? That pales in comparison to this one! Were you seriously still awake and thinking about this at 4am? Eeeek! I hope you managed to get some sleep!

You wrote that you didn't know how to review this chapter, and honestly, I don't know how to reply to your amazing review. You posed so many fabulous questions and shared so many incredible thoughts that I feel like I'm not going to be doing any of it justice. I wrote a similar thing in the next chapter's author's notes, but it's tricky to know how much to say, as the writer. I could answer all your questions right now. I could explain exactly why Rob did this and how Gemma is going to deal with this, but I don't want to, because it would spoil the rest of the story. I've always tried to leave part of this story up to the reader to interpret - that's why I told it primarily through Gemma's POV and not Rob's. I love that people think about the chapters and ask questions about them, and I hope that continues. So anyway, I shall try my best to reply to your review without giving too much away!

First of all, I want to say sorry for wrecking you over this chapter. As I said after your other little review, I was so worried about how you would take this. I know how much you love Gemma and how you've always been slightly wary of Rob, but have come to love him anyway. You seem so sweet and lovely, and I didn't want to break your heart along with Gemma's, but I feel like I have. Eeek! I'm glad you'll continue to stick with the story though. And in an awful way, feeling angry, hurt and like you're grieving is what I wanted you to feel, because that's what Gemma is feeling. We've always experienced this relationship through her eyes, and will continue to do so. So it's completely understandable that you're feeling all those things. So is she! You don't have to be Gandhi or Mother Teresa. You're totally allowed to be angry and unforgiving right now.

I really thought long and hard about your "Rob is evil" statement. Is he really? He did a really awful, horrible, heart-wrenching thing and we know he made a huge mistake. All along we've known that he had some pretty major flaws going on there... It's really only now that Gemma's beginning to understand the extent of those flaws. You're right though - he didn't just betray Gemma. He betrayed Sarah, her parents, Ally, and do you know what? He also betrayed himself. Because as much as you (and Gemma) might be questioning his feelings for her at the moment, deep down I think you know they were very, very real feelings. He had reasons for doing what he did, as fucked up as they may be, and although we don't understand them right now, we will find out eventually.

Yes, he knew he was hurting her. He knew what he was doing. He's made a complete mess of things because HE is a mess... But sometimes life is messy. Sometimes love is messy. Sometimes bad things sneak up on us and whack us over the head when we're least expecting it. As much as wanted them to, we knew Rob and Gemma couldn't stay in their happy little bubble forever. It wouldn't be real. So here they stand at the biggest obstacle in their relationship to date and we'll have to see how they deal with it. Will they both move on and never speak to each other again? Or will they try to reconnect and deal with it? Time will tell...

Californian boys and Gemma really don't seem to be a very good mix, do they? Well except for Daniel, but he doesn't really count. She does love LA though. But I agree, she does need a break from it all, and we'll see that happening in the next chapter. :)

So no, he wasn't lying. He really did have sex with someone else. I agree with you actually, that lying about it would have made it even worse. It would have made him look a bit psychotic, actually. It would have just been weird. Gemma contemplated it briefly herself, just because he didn't sound very convincing when he told her - he almost sounded like he didn't quite believe it himself. But she soon realized he was telling the truth, and they both have to deal with that. At the moment, she's in complete and utter shock and can't quite understand it all, and he's numbing himself from it. Knowing Rob as we do, we know that might work for a little while, but for how long?

I'm going to quote a line from you for a moment - "Every I love you, was a lie, every caress, every kiss, every touch…all lies." Hmm. Really? Do you honestly really believe that? After everything they've been through? I know it kind of seems that way at the moment, but I'm not so sure. He's not that good of an actor... ;)

As for why he told her that way, so cold and blank... You wondered why he didn't just make something else up and break it to her more gently. Again, he has his reasons, and we will find out the answers to those questions eventually, I promise.

It sounds as though you might not care less about those reasons though, eeek! Do you really not care about Rob anymore? I know how much you've always adored Gemma and he hurt her beyond belief, but I also know a little bit about you through your reviews. I know you're truly an inquisitve person who loves to understand people. Even though he royally screwed up and you hate him right now, this is perhaps the biggest mystery in this story to date. You might not want to crawl inside his mind at the moment - Gemma doesn't either - but I kinda hope you might want to again, one day. Even this review of your kind of went from shock and confusion, to anger, to asking questions... You even gained a smidgen of respect for him by the end there, for being honest with her.

Gah! You want Gemma to burn to spotty shoes!? Noooo! They're far too cute for that! And she can't get rid of Dirty Dancing! OMG! That's sacrilege, Kari! Hehee. That being said, she will deal with some of her Rob memories in the next chapter.

Hehheee. I love that you changed some of your favorite lines to add a quote from you in there this time. "Don't come back!" might have been slightly out of character for Gemma at that point, when she was lying sleepily in bed saying goodbye to him, but I love it anyway. ;)

Ooh, Daniel with the dimples was quite lovely in this chapter. It was one of my favorite Dan / Gemma scenes actually, when they sat on her bed and he passed her the cheese sandwich. She actually paid attention to something and he managed to get a little rise out of her because of it. Aww.

But hmm! Interesting last question, Kari. Why does he always fuck up when he's away from her? Do you really not want to know? Reeeeally? If I know you, you're thinking about it anyway, you're just not letting yourself. ;)

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. I was really looking forward to reading what you had to say about this chapter, but dreading it a little bit too. Things will gradually start to get better, but they'll take time. In the meantime, we'll stick with Gemma and see how she's doing. I'm glad you'll still be here too! :)

Thanks again...

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: Edwards Life (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 11:49 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Girls' Night Out!

Hi SwimmingBee,

Thank you for writing back to me.  I really appreciate it.  First and foremost - I promise... YES!!!  I will definitely continue to enjoy this story despite the angst involved.

I agree - ALL relationships are going to roll along with things going great with a feeling of being in that perfect little bubble, but... NO relationship is perfect so in order to make it as perfect as it can be, you must walk through some very rough times too.

Sorry about this but I did not express myself clearly when I contacted you yesterday. I wrote my review immediately after I finished the newest chapter posting.  When I asked why he cheated on her, I was actually wanting to know why you chose to create angst by way of him cheating on her (other than the fact that she'd be more affected because of the Aaron situation).

So... here is my corrected angst causing question...  Why did you choose to create angst by way of Rob cheating on Gemma?  OK, there that is better.  Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for taking your time to respond to my crazy rantings of confussion.  That was very nice of you to listen to my nutty brain.  I can't wait for your next several chapters.

Have a great Friday & weekend!   = )

I am,

Edward's Life

Author's Response:

Hey again Edward's Life, 

I'm so glad you'll still continue to read, despite the angst. And you're right - no relationship is perfect. There's always bumps along the way and obstacles to face. This is Rob and Gemma's biggest obstacle so far, but the story is not over. There's still plenty of time for them to work through it.

Okay, so as for your angst causing question... Why did I choose to make Rob cheat on Gemma? Hmm. Honestly, it's a tricky one to answer and I don't think I can do it without spoiling things for you. I'm a big believer in mapping out a story before I start writing. Some authors just start writing and see where the story takes them. I knew exactly where this story was going to go before I even started writing - Rob cheating on Gemma included. I write with the characters in mind and I try not to stray away from that. I don't just write something in because I think it would be fun to write - I write because it matches the character's development or personality.

So I do have my reasons for making Rob cheat on Gemma, but if I told you them, it would spoil upcoming chapters. Sorry! I feel like I'm not answering your question very well, but it's a tricky one. I promise, you will find the answer to your question in upcoming chapters of the story!

I always write back to each review, so if you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to ask away! Also, feel free to pop into the forums and join the Days Like This thread. Lots of people over there are chatting about Rob's behavior and trying to work him out. We will work out what's going on inside that head of his eventually! :)

Thanks so much! You have a great weekend too!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: virginislandslove (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 02:49 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

OH NO!!! This chapter makes me nervous! But, I know they'll make it through, once Rob stops being an asshat! Amazing chappie as always!

Author's Response:

Hi virginislandlove,

Rob's definitely being an asshat at the moment, isn't he? Eeek! I really admire your faith in their relationship though. Gemma's a strong girl... Stronger than she thinks at times. There's a bumpy road ahead for them, but things will start to get better.

Thanks so much for reading!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: chloe81 (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 01:10 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Why did you have to make him cheat? They will never be the same, once you cheat you lose trust in the relationship. Now if they do get back together it wouldn't seem believable.

Author's Response:

Hi Chloe81,

Oooh, this chapter was a difficult one to process, I know. Believe me, it was just as hard to write!

Right now, Gemma is utterly confused and hurt, and we don't know the reasons for him doing what he did. But we will find out eventually. There's definitely a long, bumpy road ahead for them, but I hope you'll stick around to see things through.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: staree (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:54 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

I love that the bubble popped. It makes for a more interesting story. Everything can not be perfect all the time. You are doing a great job with the story, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response:

Hi staree,

Wow, thanks for your kind review! You're completely right - things can't be perfect all the time, it's just not realistic. Eventually all bubbles pop...

The next chapter shouldn't be too far away. Thanks again.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: twilightmom96 (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:34 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?


i am not sure if he actually slept with someone else but he knew this was the way he could get rid of Gemma for whatever reason he has in his mind.

but really sad if he did actually sleep with another girl. gemma on BC pills...worried that they arent going to work while she was sick!

so sad for Gemma...rob knew this was her deal breaker and he did it why?

Author's Response:

Hi twilightmom96,

Sad face, I know! Poor Gemma. :(

So yes, Rob did sleep with someone else. He was telling the truth about that. As for why? We don't know yet, but we will find out in future chapters, I promise!

And don't worry, Gemma's definitely not pregnant. Gah, I couldn't do that to her as well!

Things will start to get better eventually, but it will take time.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: candi9699 (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:31 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

that's just an evil cliffy!  I'll still be reading though  :)

Author's Response:

Ooh, sorry candi! We will find out a few more details in the next chapter. I'm glad you'll still be reading, thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: Aurora Cullen (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:27 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

damn that boy is so much into his im not worth it its sick 

keep the good work love to read more

Author's Response:

Hi Aurora Cullen,

Rob definitely has some issues to sort through, doesn't he? Eeek.

I'm glad you're still enjoying the story though, despite the angst. Thanks so much! The next chapter won't be too far away.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: KathyK (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:11 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

So, I just thought of something. This is my second comment. Is this Rob's way of pushing her away? Seriously, he'll be lucky is this doesn't push her off a cliff! Because this would totally destroy someone. He has to be lying. He can't be this mean.

Author's Response:

Hi again Kathy,

Two reviews in one chapter, woo!

Hmm, this does seem to be Rob's way of pushing her away. Tom had warned Gemma twice that he might try to do just that. Eek! We will find out more details in the next chapter.

Thanks again!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: muz289 (Signed) · Date: February 04, 2011 12:11 AM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Hmmmmm, he didn't sound to convincing to me, i think he's telling fibs because she has gotten under his skin and he's running scared???????????

Love your story and fantastic writing keep it up, can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response:

Hi muz289,

Hmm, unfortunately no, he wasn't telling fibs! He was actually telling the truth... He slept with someone else. As for why, we don't quite know yet - but we will find out, I promise!

So glad you're still enjoying the story, despite the angst. Thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: acey (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 11:23 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

So it was planned..but why?  I am so sad right now...certainly no HEA for can there be..unless he was lieing to break away from her..but why?  To reconnect with Kristen?  I do hope u tomorrow!!  Ugh :(

Author's Response:

Hi acey,

Sorry for making you do the sad face! :(

So yes, Rob planned this. At the moment, Gemma is utterly confused and hurt, and we only know what she knows. We will eventually find out what's going on inside his messy head though, I promise. The next chapter won't be too far away!

Thanks so much for reading, despite the angst. Things will start to get better, slowly. :)

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: michellerella (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 10:27 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Ahh!  Not was I was expecting (or wanting!) I hope you update quickly to put me out of my misery!
Love the story :)

Author's Response:

Hi michellerella,

This chapter was a lot to process, I know. I'm sure it came as a completely awful shock, but it did to Gemma too. Eeek! I've submitted the next chapter, so it shouldn't be too far away.

Thanks so much!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: KathyK (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 10:19 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Yeah, you'd better hide. I'm in shock. I think I knew something was up, too, the way he said good bye on Sunday. But, how could he know? Are there just women at his beck and call all the time?  I'm still shaking, and I don't know how Gemma is going to get through this. Why does he want to break it off? Does he think he can't handle a serious relationship? See, it's better to be average and have a relationship with an average guy. That way nobody cheats on anybody. When you're so good-looking it's easier to cheat. I guess. I'm still reeling from this. I've never been so shocked by a story line in my life. I can't believe he did this. Please tell me he's lying. Please. Just fix it somehow.

Author's Response:

Hi KathyK,

Okay, I'm coming out from hiding! Do you know what? It's perfectly fine that you're in shock, because that's exactly how Gemma feels too. I deliberately told the story from her point of view, so we would feel what she's feeling. So in an awful way, I want you to feel that complete sense of shock and hurt.

Unfortunately no, he wasn't lying. He was actually telling the truth - he did sleep with someone else. As for why he would do that, we don't know yet. But we will find out, I promise! But are there women at his beck and call? Well... maybe! He's Robert Pattinson! If he wanted to, I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to find a woman who would sleep with him.

Some of your questions are exactly what Gemma is about to ask herself in the next chapter. I don't want to say too much, but we will find out the answers eventually. It will take some time, but things will slowly start to get better. I hope you stick with them through the bumps!

Thanks so much for reading.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: agnesgirl10 (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 09:19 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Girls' Night Out!

I'm addicted to the relationship you've created, so I'm going to go on faith and hope he didn't actually sleep with someone else but just told her that to push her away.

Post again soon!

Author's Response:

Hi agnesgirl10,

I'm glad you still have faith in Rob and Gemma's relationship. :)

Sadly though, yes, he did sleep with someone else. We don't know the reason why just yet, but we will find out, I promise. Answers will be revealed! I hope you can continue to hang onto that faith and see them through this.

Thanks so much for reading. More coming soon!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: bettyboo23 (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 08:50 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Rob is such a Jerk i mean he has a great girlfriend who accepted his job and forgave him when he was being an idiot and he treats her like shit. And than all the whining about how he isn´t good enough for her well no wonder when he does things like that.

Sorry had to get it of my chast.

Ok now the good part.

This is an amazing story i really like it and i´m curious what else you have in store for us. Update soon please. :)

Author's Response:

Hi bettyboo23,

Yep, Rob really had his Jerk hat on in this chapter, didn't he? He really messed things up, big time. Poor Gemma!

There will be a bumpy road ahead, but things will get better, eventually. They'll take time. Something this big can't be resolved overnight, it's just not realistic.

I'm so glad you're still liking the story, despite the angst. The next chapter shouldn't be too far away!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: jordan (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 08:06 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Sob...Sob...sniffle...sniffle...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Did he really do it? I can't  believe it. Maybe he's lying or passed out and woke up next to someone and assumed they did the deed. I can't believe it! I think we've all been there...madly in love and not seeing it coming until he's cheated and then you look back and it doesn't seem so surprising after all.  It sucks and reading that this fictional character that I happen to love is going through it sucks, too! Heaertbreaking!!!!!!!You promised me my happy ending and so I'm going to have faith! Please update ASAP so I can move on!  Ha ha!  (Not really joking) This is going to consume my thoughts, you know...

Author's Response:

Hi jordan,

This chapter was a lot to process, I know! You're right though - these things tend to sneak up on us when we least expect them. As difficult as it is, I think we've definitely all been there in a relationship. Grrr, Rob!

But unfortunately, yes, he really did sleep with someone else. He was telling the truth about that. Why? We don't know that yet, but we will find out eventually. But yes, I have always promised a happy ending, and I'm standing by that promise! They've got a bumpy road ahead of them, but I hope you continue to stick around and see them through it.

Thanks for reading, as always! The next chapter shouldn't be too far away.

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: Victorinox (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 07:54 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Girls' Night Out!

If he cares for her at all this scenario is soo unlikely to happen. Not by cheating or lying about it. Not with him knowing about her history with Aaron. It is just too cruel and unforgivable amd makes Rob either a total ass or just an idiot. Either way, nothing can justify this strange and almost psycotic behaviour. He needs help. Sorry, I think your writing skills are excellent though.

Author's Response:

Hi Victorinox,

Yep, Rob is definitely being a total ass! I know this chapter came as huge, awful shock, but on the other hand, we've always known he's had some issues to sort through. Gemma's about to start realizing that maybe she underestimated those issues. We will eventually find out his reasons for doing what he did, but for now, there's lots of shock and confusion on Gemma's behalf.

I hope you'll continue to read and see them through this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: WhosThat65 (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 07:24 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

Why that little.freakin' ass. Okay. xo

Author's Response:

Yep, Rob definitely showed his ass-like qualities in this chapter. Eeek!

Thanks for reading, WhosThat65. More to come soon!

-SwimmingBee x

Reviewer: nsturms72 (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 05:55 PM · On: Chapter 34 - What?

wow. Can't tell you how bad this sucks. Not sure I want to read anymore at this point. Don't really get that there is any good reason to cheat. Don't really get why he planned on hurting her if he is suppose to love her. This sucks big. sorry. I don't think She should trust him again. For all the times he'll be away how can she? I just don't know what else to say. I can't see this turning around at all.


Author's Response:

Hi nsturms72,

I know this chapter came as a huge, awful shock. It was a lot to process, I know. It was just as hard to write, believe me! At the moment, Gemma is utterly confused and hurt too, so of course your feelings are completely warranted.

That being said, the path to love is never an easy one. As much as we'd like them to, they can't live in their happy little bubble forever - it's just not realistic. We will find out the reasons behind why he cheated, but things will take time. We know Rob has always had issues to deal with, and Gemma's about to start realizing that maybe she underestimated those issues. I hope you decide to stick with them and see this through. Even though it doesn't seem like it right now, a happily ever after is definitely within their grasp.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

-SwimmingBee x

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