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Reviews For From The Ashes
Reviewer: VABelle (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2011 11:51 AM · On: Chapter 7

so Bella is awake and has recieved the Goddess part of her back. Yet what was the whole drinking from Edward thing, is it like reverse blood singers?hmmm

Author's Response:

Tareva!  Bella is up and running! ~dance of joy~

Receiving "the Goddess part of her back".  I really like the way you said that.  Yes the Goddess is within all of us certainly!  When I wrote the scene I was picturing an Invocation type ceremony, where one calls down the Goddess for balance -a blessing if you will.  Bella invokes and receives this blessing, to steady herself and have more control over her abilities.  

Drinking from Edward!  How I love creating those twists.  Bella and Edward have such a strong, metaphysical connection, that to me, it makes sense for her to feed from him.  Then again, they are going on a hunt next chapter, so I guess we shall see what that experience will be like for them. ;) I hope I do it justice.  I'm researching the area around Denali National Park.  Mount McKinley is beautiful. 

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing dear lady.  

Mistress Moon

Reviewer: TessLouise (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 05:17 PM · On: Chapter 7

Interesting development.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  More to come, in the next chapter we will meet a few of the Denalis.


Reviewer: cgooden (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 02:14 PM · On: Chapter 7

This story has been very interesting and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much Cilicia!  I can't wait to give you more!  


Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 06:33 PM · On: Chapter 1

Um.... Don't have a facebook, lol.
Just didn't want one i'm fine with an email and texting lol. I know that probably sounds crazy just never had a myspace or facebook, lol. Sorry, lol but there is someone who has the same name as me on facebook says my aunt but the picture is of a black person and i'm white lol.
Once again I LOVE your story and can't wait for the hunt, lol.
well until next time
McKayla H, LOL

Author's Response:

Oh my!  I friended a "Kayla" and thought she was you!  Now I have to go through the embarassing "Ummm...who are you exactly?" with her.  LOL!

Thanks for letting me know! :)

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 08:50 AM · On: Chapter 7

What is she??? lol
She's so different from everything else! Can't wait till the next chapter.
well until next time

Author's Response:

Hey Kayla thanks so much for reviewing and for friending me on FB.  At least I hope that's you.  That better be you!  LOL!

Next time we are going hunting...but not for rabbits!!!

Thanks again!


Reviewer: lindsayrae (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 08:31 AM · On: Chapter 7

OH how I have missed you!  And these characters!  I feel like it's been ages since we've met. 

This was lovely.  Feeling the intensity and unsuredness and realizations...Very real.  This story never ceases to amaze me, as you, my love, never cease to push yourself to be better and better with every chapter. 

Bella's strength and vulnerability are so exciting for me.  I love seeing her come into herself with all of this new power, and it keeps it so accessible as she figures out the difficulties attached to it all.  Edward as her meal ticket?  What are we going to do with that!!

Author's Response:

As I have missed you!  I am back at it, swinging away, in fact, I'm outlining chapter 8 tonight and doing some research on the Denali, Alaska area as THE HUNT needs some good scene set up since it is so absolutely gorgeous!  I will also be introducing some of the Denali coven.  Check out this pic of Mount McKinley...

Mountain range.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter and it felt natural to you. I'm ashamed it's been over 3 months since my last update and to have such a lag in between and still be able to bring the readers back to the moment is a relief and merciful blessing! 

Edward as her mealticket....woman, you know I gots to do sumthin' with THAT and I am cranking the heat on that dinnah!

I'm blessed by your continued support doll. Thank you so much.







Reviewer: pennylynn (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2011 12:12 PM · On: Chapter 6

I can't wait for this to finish.  Your writing is so good, and your ideas are unique.  Of course, you knew that already. 

Author's Response:

Hey Lynn!  Thanks so much for the encouragement.  I'm certainly needing it right now.  I have been unable to write due to health problems and a fried laptop.  I'm hoping to get back to this piece soon as I have about 800 words or so completed, but I just can't snag time to finish it up.

Thank you so much for catching up and waiting patiently. 

Kindest Regards,


Reviewer: lindsayrae (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 11:29 AM · On: Chapter 6

Ooooh, Bella's all tatted up!  I wonder what the story is behind THAT!  I have to tell you, Ro.  I've been trying to read this chapter since it posted.  Every time I think I have enough time to actually pay attention and read, something happens.  I have been a big ball of frustrated mess.  But now that I've had time, I am most DEFINITELY not disappointed!!  My, oh my!


So... I paced with impatience, and pleaded in prayer to any god I thought might listen to send her back to me.  The cold, answering silence stirred my panic, thickening my veins with worry, clogging my conscience with the insanity of uncertainty. Holy shit.  This is beautiful.  The alliteration just took my breath away.  It's melodic almost.  Which really speaks well of Edward, but even in the dark feelings he's having about Bella's disappearance, there's a steadiness to it.  *sigh*  Love it.  Beautiful work.


I'm anxious to see where we go from here, and if Bella can bring any ideas to the new happenings.  Now that she's had her not-so-helpful visit, does she have an idea of where to start?  What about her eyes?  Her...her!!  Will she find anything in her book?  ....Curiosity.  Always.

Author's Response:

Lindsayrae, you gorgeous goddess you, YOU are my 69th reviewer!  ~throws tickertape~

I love alliteration and have overused it many times!  I adore the word pairing "insanity of uncertainty"! ~jumps around~  Thank you so much for your love!!  It is so nice to know which passages reach out and create a strong reaction.  Every word written is usually burned into the back of my retinas by the time I post, so allowing me the privilege of knowing they have impact and ring true - is extremely rewarding.

If Bella can't figure out the conversation with the mysterious diety, maybe Dr. Daddy can. ;)

Her eyes!  Consider it the "shifter" part of her nature.  Her book, as in Leda's book will not be as useful to her as the Codex that Xandru gave her.  The Codex was written by Aesa, the pregnant twin who escaped the Volturi raid.

I'm so thankful for your curiousity.  I'm so thankful for you!




Reviewer: TwiliteAddict (Signed) · Date: January 09, 2011 04:37 PM · On: Chapter 6

Thank you so much for returning Bella to us so quickly!  And all tattoo'd too!  Very Smexy!!  Enjoying the adventure and so glad to be a part of it -- I get to have my curiosity quenched as well as know how excited the readers will be when the chapter is posted!

And the humor is always welcome.  Loved Em's editted out lines as well as Jazz's.  I can't wait to hear the conversation between Edward and Bella regarding her 'little adventure'

And, ur, um, can we get some supernatural lemon action soon? I loved the ones in Broken Doll!   Or will there be a weddin' first???  I'm good at plannin' those and helping with details *winks*

Author's Response:

My dearest beta extraordinaire.  I would never be able to get these chapters out without your very patient efforts. I am so thankful for you.

Supernatural smexin' eh?   That is coming up.  I'm sure Bella is going to be getting hungry soon....~waggles eyebrows~

Thank you so much and I am DEFINITELY going to need some help with the wedding - mainly the proposal as I have NO IDEA.  I've never been proposed to, nor did I ever give much thought on how I wanted it to happen as i guess I just kinda knew deep down it never would?  I know that sounds pitiful, but really, I'm not hurtin' for it. :)

I would think Edward would be quite old fashioned with the whole matter? ~shrugs~

So out of my element.


Mistress Moon




Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: January 08, 2011 01:46 PM · On: Chapter 6

  Hi, Rowan!

  I didn't realize Edward was still aware of the physical plane.  Looks like R... the god really needed Bella's full presence to assure their privacy.  ;)

  Wow!  The ice casket withstanded Rosalie's attacks?  Bella was really thorough with this spell!  :)

  I like the new Rose.  Comparing with the way she rejected Bella before...

  Well done!  That was a very dramatic awakening!  Unusual golden eyes, tattoo, her hair grew back...Yes, our Bella is like no other vampire!

  I wonder what else is different.  Will she have newborn strenght?  Not that it matters, with all the power she already have.  Does she need to hunt?  Just curious.  :)

  Also wondering how much of her godly interview she will share...

  Oh, right!  And leave it to Emmet to mind Leah and Jacob's love life with everything that was going on.  If he knew how right on target his musings were...  X-)

Author's Response:

Yes, he's aware of both planes.  I think I explained that in chapters 2 and 4.

I guess I just figured if one was going to be called in the presence of a god, that mind, body and spirit would have to be present!  

I never understood Rose's rejection of Bella.  In fact, I like to think Rose would have grown up a bit considering the role models she has been living with for decades. 

All questions about what else is different will be revealed.   She will also tell the family everything about her meeting with the god.  She knows the more heads they have in the game the better. ;)

Thanks so much for your review and rating Costa!  


Mistress Moon


Reviewer: romancaholic (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2011 08:34 PM · On: Chapter 6

Edward's feelings of Bella being taken from him in their ice casket.  Worrying if she will return.  Wondering how she would be changed.  When she did return, Alice had no more pain.  Bella was a beauty. With golden eyes and a marvelous tattoo on her back resembling wings in colors to represent flames.  Tattoo sounds lovely.  Will it enable her to be the Phoenix again and reborn.  Edward's love and devotion for Bella.  Upon having her returned to him.  Thank goodness Esme was thinking and brought out a robe for Bella to put on to avoid being on display.  Looking forward to the next chapter with Bella's POV of her return and reunited with her family the Cullens and the love of her life Edward.

Author's Response:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter too...having it finished that is!  LOL!   Thank you so much Carol for the summation of the chapter and the review!  

Kindest regards,

Mistress Moon

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2011 01:04 PM · On: Chapter 1

I won't forget ur story i love this story just do little summaries once in awhilw lol.
well until next time

Author's Response:

You are such a doll. Thank you for loving and reading the story and being patient about the updates.  I'm hoping to have Chapter 7 out in a few weeks.  


Mistress Moon

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2011 12:19 PM · On: Chapter 6

well thats cool could you by any chance look update a lilttle faster. lol I'm going to forget about this story otherwise i already don't remember most of it, lol. Well anyways loved this chapter.
well until next time

Author's Response:

Oh sweet Kayla.  How I would LOVE to update faster.  Please don't forget about my story!   Arrow to my heart!!!


Reviewer: TessLouise (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2011 11:40 AM · On: Chapter 6

Very interesting development.

Author's Response:

I kinda thought so.  Thank you so much!  Happy New Year TessLouise.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2010 01:12 PM · On: Chapter 5

  Holy Raviolli!!  Forget the vampire-witch theory,  Sulpicia is much more!  She is The Source's evil twin!!  8-O

  Now I'm really sorry for Santiago.

  I wonder who was The Source's champion, and who stole him/her.  Sulpicia?  Is the champion still around?

  This chat with the repentant god was fascinating.  I hope some day you will tell us who he is.  And his brother.  I would wild guess he is from the egyptian pantheon.

  And I hope the next chapter comes soon.  Bella rising is the scene we all are waiting for!  :)

Author's Response:

The Source's original  champion will be revealed along with their story.  Yes they are still around.

i'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the talk with the god. That entire portion of the story was not planned, and spouted rather organically.  There are clues within the chapter that reveal who the god is if you look.  I like leaving clues. :)

I am currently working on the next chapter.  I'm about half finished?  The holicraze and family visiting totally cramped my writing time.

Happy New Year Costa.  Thank you so much for reading my stories over the holidays.  It's been lovely getting to know you through your reviews.

Blessed Be.


PS:  Here's some picspiration for Bella's wedding.  :)

Winter, forest, woman in a wedding gown.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2010 12:14 PM · On: Chapter 4

  Alice bleeding venom...  What the heck was she seeing that was so disruptive?

  Summoning a god...I should know, at this point, that these two would do anything for each other;  but I still have it in me to become dumbfounded by this prospect!  8-o

  Where do I think she went?  Why, I think things backfired on her a bit.  Instead of bring whatever to her presence, whatever brought her to its!  :-/

Author's Response:


Bella's powers intermingled and magnified Alice's, making her see Bella n' edwards future in lightening fast intense visions.  

Wait until Chapter 5.. you get to meet the god!

You are a very smart reader!  Thanks for the review and rating!


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2010 11:02 AM · On: Chapter 3

  Hmm, Santiago seems to be Sulpicia's confidante.  Were all the Volturi aware she was the real power behind the throne?

  No, I guess not.

  I was wondering how could a simple vampire be so dangerous to a divine entity like The Source.  But, being Sulpicia a witch too, and of the darkest sort...  :-{

  Ice blue eyes?  Sulpicia have blue eyes?  Are you sure she is a vampire, and not something else?

  I was thinking Eleazar would be a good guy to survive the Great War; now the odds seem pretty slim.  :(

Author's Response:

The only Volturi that knew Sulpicia wore the pants were the brothers three and Santiago.   Sulpicia is more than a vampire, but that will be revealed soon enough. ;)

I'm still plotting about what to do with Eleazar.  :)


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2010 10:03 AM · On: Chapter 2

  Being a witch-queen have it's privileges.  Not everyone changing into a vampire can escape to the In Between, or similar haven, together with the soul of her beloved, and avoid the worst of the pain.

  Speaking of Edward's soul, take that, Dullward!  :-P

  Leah deserves a special mention.  As the most hard headed member of the Pack, it's refreshing that her friendship with Bella will continue.

  The description of the events in the In Between, the way they reflect the changes Bella is experiencing...very alluring.  I'm on the edge of my seat imagining the Bella who will rise from that block of ice!

  Lucky me, I guess all I have to do is turn the page.  :-P

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you liked my section with Leah.  Leah and Jacob won't feature heavily in the sequel, but I wanted to give them a little spotlight.

Thanks for the great rating and review!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2010 08:52 AM · On: Chapter 1

  And here am I, straight from Bronken Doll!

  Eleazar...a double agent?  Possibly a relative?  Figures!  Not saying I did figure him out before, but figures!  :)

  'I wondered if Aro believed in turning Ioana, he was keeping this prophesied nemesis under his control.'  Hmm, I didn't realize it before; but yeah, by ancestry alone, Ioana could very well be the foreseen one.  Sometimes I'm slow.

  Summarizing Xandru's thoughts:  whatever peace Bella have when awakening from her change will be short-lived!  It seems like Sulpicia will make the battle with the Volturi Guard look like a walk in the woods.  :(

Author's Response:

Hooray! A hearty welcome to the sequel Costa!   Eleazar is a double agent.   Not  a relative, but a member of the same brotherhood as Xandru's father. 

Sulpicia is going to be quite...badass!  :)  Thanks for your review!


Reviewer: Lossewen (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 09:23 AM · On: Chapter 5

WOW!!! This story has come SO far since Chapter 1 of Broken Doll, and that is exactly why I love it so much!  So much fan fiction is formulaic and predictable, and therefore to me somewhat boring.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, your story has me on the edge of my seat!  I love how you have woven myths from the real world into the Twilight universe so seamlessly--your research is evident.  I don't often read works in progress, but I can tell that this one is going to be worth the waiting.  I haven't been this anxious to see what happens next since the T.V. show Lost ended!  Keep up the excellent writing!

Author's Response:


This review totally made my day and got my creative fires lit again to get crackin on Chapter 6.   I'm humbled that this series has kept you on the edge of your seat and that you are anxious for the next update!   LOST!  OMG, I loved that show so much.  I just finished watching it this summer on torrents.  My hubs and I watched a few epi's a night until we were finished the series.  What a ride. 

I can't tell you how much it means to me to know my writing has progressed and keeps you interested enough to wait for updates.  Thank you so very much for subscribing and adding me to your favorites list.  I hope I don't disappoint.  Please feel free to PM me any time if you have any questions or theories on the story itself!  

Kindest Regards,



Reviewer: VABelle (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2010 02:46 PM · On: Chapter 2

Curious to see who/what Bella becomes...

Author's Response:

Something really...powerful.  She will need every ounce of it also. ;)


Reviewer: VABelle (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2010 02:28 PM · On: Chapter 1

although this is a sequel i have to say this is one of the best first chapters ive ever read. The way you described Alec's transformation amazing and so well-written, the line "I was crazed, cauterized from my humanity from the inside out; my bones forged into steel, my organs seized, rendered inert and impotent as I was baptized by fire" gave me goosebumps.  Im so excited about this story.


Author's Response:

Wow Tavera, thank you so much.  I really worked hard on this first chapter as I wanted to do Xandru justice.  This was meant to be an outtake but became too big - I had to use it to begin the next phase of the series.

I'm excited you are excited!  I can't wait until you meet my Big Bad Sulpicia.  ~evil grin~


Reviewer: PrincessNerra (Signed) · Date: November 26, 2010 11:22 AM · On: Chapter 5

Ok, who is this God? I take it that The Forsaken is Sulpicia?

Author's Response:


Hey Shenerra!  I left some clues about "who" the god is throughout her encounter with him.  The biggest is the name of the yacht.  Google it and you will discover who the mysterious god is that is "retired".  Sulpicia is The Forsaken as mentioned in chapter 1 - It's a conversation between Eleazar and Xandru and Xandru near the end of it.  

It will all come together soon doll, I promise.  I'm just laying the groundwork in these first few chapters.  So the things that seem "ambiguous" are for a reason so the layered plot isn't revealed all in one sickening wollop of an information dump.  :)

I love that you have questions.  That is why the chapters are written the way they are.  I want you to wonder at the mystery unfolding.  

Thank you so much for subscribing and giving me feedback and questions Shenerra!

Kindest Regards,



Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: November 25, 2010 06:29 PM · On: Chapter 5

Sorry for the late review anyways i'm going to quess the forsaken is Aro's wift supllica or something right?
I have some quesses going on in my head about this story but if i tell you them odds are you wont tell me if im right so i just tell you if i was ever right
love the story so far
until next time

Author's Response:

Hey Kayla!  Yes, The Forsaken is Sulpicia Aro's wife.  I actually reveal this in the first chapter.  Eleazar gives this information to Xandru.

Thanks for reading, reviewing and rating!  




Reviewer: TessLouise (Signed) · Date: November 25, 2010 06:44 AM · On: Chapter 5

Very interesting

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Did you find my hints as to WHO the god is?  ~evil grin~

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