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Reviews For Cullenary Coupling
Reviewer: KristinHazzard (Signed) · Date: June 16, 2010 05:51 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Love, love, loved it! I hope they eventually go from fake-engagement to real engagement. I am seeing how the first arc relates to this one more and more! Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response:

HI there KristinHazzard!

Thanks so much for the review! I'm having lots of fun with the Fake/Real courtship. 



Reviewer: pomme_de_terre (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 10:45 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

As always, I loved the chapter. The proposal was priceless! Now, they are not going back to school? Hmm. Also liked the interaction with Edward and Erik. Well done! Ellie

Author's Response:

Well hello there pretty lady,

As ever, you make me smile. Thanks so much for your continued support of my writing and your friendship. 



Reviewer: WillowMarie (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 07:06 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

I am so inadequate at reviews, but I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy reading this story.  It is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  Every time I get on Twilighted website, I hold my breath-truthfully-until I know if there's been a CC update.  If there's a new chapter, I smile, continue breathing, and drop what I'm doing to immediately read it.  I think I've been following this story for the better part of a year now.  I wouldn't mind if it went on forever...I don't know what I'll do when I don't get a fresh dose of Cullenary Coupling!  Peace.

Author's Response:

Hi there WillowMarie!

Hon, nothing about you is inadequate. Repeat that ninety times for your homework. I do not grade reviews. I am every bit as happy for a one-lined review as I am by a five paragraph one. What matters to me is that something about the story struck you to leave me a note that you enjoyed it. And for that, I am honored. It helps me as a writer to know what stood out in the story for you. And you've done that here. So thanks for making me smile. 

If you follow me on Twitter @bookishqua I always tweet when I post a chapter. 



Reviewer: elphabacy35 (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 06:05 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

"This is a Dalmation dog" made me lol.

Books, I'm not sure how I feel about the approaching end of the HOD arc. I've loved it, but I'm also intruiged about what the stoty will be like once it's done. So, I guess I do know how I feel, I feel mixed:)

I loved Bella's response to Edward's formal proposal, and I also really liked the story Edward gave Erik about Bella being rich and not being able to touch the money unless she marries.

Oh, and SSE, my dear pompous prig, let's talk soon about Christ's love, and I will try and help you understand if you are engaged or not:)

'til next time...


Author's Response:

Starched Shirt Edward has perked up at the mention of his name. Every time he hears that you have thought of him he blushes and then runs to pick a rose to place in your honor before the Blessed Mother. Like you, I'm nervous about the upcoming end of the HOD arc, too. But the story will stay in EPOV and the snark will continue. Swear.

Glad you liked the marriage dealio. I wanted it to come out of anger, and thoughtlessness, and pride.



Reviewer: CindyWindy (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 01:32 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

I popped over here to reread a bit so I thought I'd review here too. 

I did mean to ask about the swan pic. Was that what we were supposed to guess, that it was on Harry C's body? 

Looking forward to reading Bella's diary!


Author's Response:

Hi CindyWindy!

You were supposed to remember that it was on Harry's body, yes. And thanks for spoiling me by reviewing on two sites. :)




Reviewer: notmyself (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 10:38 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Holy hell! That is why I love you so much. Every once in a while you throw out a shard of puzzling pieces and a heap of happy. Thank you for the odd twists that pull everything back into the frame of the first couple of chapters and give it all a new meaning and us a new understanding. I am having trouble coping with all the awesome. Just beautiful. I love the nicknamed Fitzflock. I love the flowers, what next, candy? A gift certificate to Bath and Bodyworks? Victoria Secret? Wow. I can't thank youu quite enough for the bursting feeling after reading this chapter. Should have come with a possible side effects warning. Thank you, yet again.



Author's Response:

Hi there Mia,

I'm getting all misty-eyed reading your review. Thank you for your continued support of this story. I keep posting it because of amazing people like you. :)




Reviewer: twaddles (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 06:52 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Oh my goodness, so much fun.  Please please can you have some more Douglas in the next chapter.  I wish I can understand Bella.  I understand she is really hurt by Edward, but all his arguments he has made to her, makes sense to me, so why not forgive him already.  The other thing I noticed in this chapter is that she is again calling him fake ..., like previously when they were on better speaking terms.  So I thinking that maybe she is finally seeing Edward as she use too... I hope.  They are just so cute together. 

Thanks again for a great chapter, looking forward to the next one.


Author's Response:

Hi there Twaddles!

Expect more Douglas in the upcoming chapter. You have my evil author word of honor. *blinks* I think that you are confusing the idea of forgiveness with reconciliation. Bella sincerely forgave Edward when he asked her to a few chapters back. She also sincerely forgave Leah for all that she did to her, too. Forgiveness in my mind is when you tell someone that you accept that he or she sincerely regrets causing them harm. Reconciliation, on the other hand, is an entirely different kettle of fish. Reconciliation is when you not only forgive someone, but you work on re-establishing the relationship and repairing it. Edward has not asked Bella for this - and Bella in her mind does not think he wants it, either. So she is sincerely confused by his behavior. She thinks he's lurking around because of her scent and she's hurt that he's still coming around her and trying to be understanding about the appeal that her blood has for him. In her mind, she sincerely does not think she has a remote chance of being the object of his love. 

Hope that helps. And they'll make more progress in the next chapter which is about to go up. Promise.


Reviewer: fanficreader83 (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 05:25 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Ok, so Edward still is misguided (he is Edward though) but seems to be moving in the right direction.  Bella's actions reflect what she believes and that is that Edward does not care for her in a traditional sense(hehe) and is only intrigued by her scent.  Edward's plan to keep the truth to himself does not allow for him to fess up that her scent does not have the same effect on him anymore.

Alas, Edward is starting to gain some clue (although there are many others offering their wisdom to this clueless one) and is slowly making things right.  He does and does not seem to realize that his plan, of being somewhat truthful while still not going into details about things not directly addressed or questioned, might actually allow Bella to slowly start to let him back in.  We saw quite a lot (for them anyway)of communication happen between these two with Bella taking the initiative.

I loved how playful they were when they didn't even seem to realize it (drugs may have been a huge factor for Bella ;).  Edward chose not to reveal his true feelings and mate bond, which was probably good because Bella might not be so quick to believe all that.  She does however set a deal into motion that will bring them together (and wow, she does mean 'together') even if it is not entirely due to romantic reasons (yet). 

I really enjoyed this chapter (I usually do with all the other ones as they always get me thinking but this one more so)!  I liked the trash-talking to Maria at the end and look forward to seeing her demise (that statement is a bit wrong and evil but then again so is she)!

Can't wait to read what you have planned next as this arc ends!  I am really starting to think back on the beginning and question what was happening and what levels of truth may or may not have been revealed in it!

Author's Response:

I love reading your take on the chapters because you have a way of writing about the story that makes me take a good hard second look at my characters. I do agree with you that  Edward is keeping the mate bond from Bella for all the wrong reasons but if she did know about it, she probably sincerely would not handle it well. That makes the genuine problem of when you sit on a secret like that for that long, how do you come clean? Esp. with their relationship? I'm about ready to post the next chapter. Expect more banter. :) Thanks for reviewing and supporting my story and just being amazing. 



Maria is misty-eyed and blowing blister filled kisses at you.

Reviewer: lippert1000 (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 05:16 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

I love this story so much!

Author's Response:

Hi there lippert1000!

Thanks so much! I'm delighted you are enjoying my snarky take on Twilight!



Reviewer: Lost Star (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 05:00 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Completely awesome chapter. :)

Author's Response:

Hi there Lost Star!

Thanks so much for the review!



Jugurtha is blowing kisses at you. 

Reviewer: nocturnal_rendevous (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 11:55 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Makes a person wanna scream at those two!!  UGH!  Well, we know that Bella's been hurt by Edward and doesn't trust him.  AND Edward hasn't been much too eloquent in relaying his feelings, so there's that.  LOL  I love your story and was thrilled when the update showed up in my inbox.  I look forward to your next update.

Author's Response:

Hi nocturnal_rendevous!

Trying to write conflict between two severely shy and non-confrontational characters is enough to make me want to drink. Lots. I'm glad you are enjoying the results of my suffering. :) LOL. I'm about the post the next chapter - it'll probably go up on ff first.

Thanks so much for reviewing!



Reviewer: kimboacp (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 10:12 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

I'm going to be really sad when the HOD part of this story is over. Can't wait for what happens next. I like what Marcus did to Maria it made me laugh abit that he could catch her off guard like that. Don't let Edward do anything that might hurt him before the wedding please. Can't wait for the Denail/Newborn coven to come down so that Edward and Bella can have a semi private converstation without all the males trying to catch her attention. I look foward to reading the next installment of HOD.

Author's Response:

Hi there kimboacp!

Thanks hon for the review. I had waaay too much fun with the newborns as you soon shall see. And I know, I get all misty-eyed about the HOD arc which is ending very soon. But we still have the rest of the story to finish and it will be in  EPOV. Swear. 



Reviewer: TraceyJ (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 08:58 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Oh Good Lord.... The snark! I love the snark!!!!  Well, Edward is going to get a ring on her finger... Can't wait for more...

Author's Response:

Hi TraceyJ!

Thanks for the review, hon. :) And the continued support of my story. Will write snark for reviews. :)



Reviewer: Shemhazai (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 07:25 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

I love that you put referances at the end of every chapter.  It keeps me entertained inbetween updates.

Author's Response:

Hi there Shemhazai,

The nerd in me is totally squeeing at reading that. Thanks, hon for making me smile. 



Reviewer: jenejes (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 06:52 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Jane said to Bella, "That was well played. You are learning how to make a man squirm. But you could use a lesson or two." Lovely, if Jane and Bella joined forces, well, I would be really dead for an undead miscreant. The only thing that could be worse would be if Tanya or her sisters got involved.


Greatest foreshadowing EVER.


Anyway, I totally forgot to review after reading the last chapter. It took me 2 days to get through it and i'm still sort of confused...but that's par for the course. However, my question is about Bella, since the rest of the story seems to be coming together quite nicely.

It seems to me that subconsciously, Bella's mind/body is aware of her mate bond with Edward, but she is consciously refusing to allow herself to trust him again. I understand that, but I'm just curious about the though process going on there. How does she actually convince herself that he's really in love with her, he's really her mate and they are getting married for reals real? I mean, what the hell is up with this Bella? has she gained any weight back? There didn't seem to be any concerns with her heart during the chapter 8 stuff. Okay, I know, I know. you don't give away any plot points. I get that and tottally respect it. I just needed to get these thoughts off of my crazy head in anticpiation for what's next.


My funny for the day is a great picture that a friend of mine took in Japan. Seriously, there is nothing funnier than those crazy Japanese trying to translate into English.!/photo.php?pid=1012371&id=1626371449

Author's Response:

Hi there Jenejes,

You ask some really excellent questions. I'll try to answer what I can without giving away the plot. Bella stuffed Edward into a corner of her mind when he was away from Forks as a coping mechanism and decided to mentally treat it as just a typical break up. I don't envision her acting obsessed like Book Bella did with Edward on the brain 24/7. In my mind, she survived because she cut him off and stuffed him into a back corner of her brain. And let's face it, she kinda was busy trying to stay alive. I can promise you that I am not writing this story with Bella knowing she's mated to Edward all along (like she did that whole vampire dealio). She seriously has no clue they are mated. What Bella has been doing is cross-checking just about every thing that Edward has said to her with others - that's why I've shown her having conversations with Seth, Leah, Carlisle, and Sergei - even Marcus in which she's hearing info reinforced that Edward already told her. So she's getting third party confirmation so to speak. Edward is going to have to show her with deeds over time that he truly loves her because at this point in the story, she really does not think he does. She is drawn to him, but is excusing it away as a childhood crush on a picture. As for the front arc, I left a LOT out on purpose. Don't read the lack of mentioning about her heart beat as being significant in that portion. Bella is slowly gaining weight back - you'll "see" a bit more about that in the next chapter. Thanks for the pic. :) If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me. 



Reviewer: JaJiTaXx (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 05:03 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Hi Books... I'm so sorry, now I can't read this chapter. I'm in my final exams at college so I'm super busy.... as soon as I can I'll read it....

take care...



Author's Response:

Hope your exams went well, hon. Thanks so much for spoiling me with the reviews!


Reviewer: Missy96 (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 04:38 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

i love the story! great righting

Author's Response:

Thanks so much Missy96!



Reviewer: Mav (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 03:32 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Eight - About That Marriage Business

Truly adore this story - it just keeps getting better!

Author's Response:

Hi Mav!

Thanks so much for the review! And the stars! :)

Hugs to you,


Reviewer: redsoxlove (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2010 05:47 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

oh and i forgot, i seem to be using more and more snark accidently in my real life lol lol thats all your doing! and remember the add at the top of twilight that was there forever? for the book seers of the light? did you read that? it was really good..worth the read..ok now i'm done.

Author's Response:

Dear Redsoxlove,

Stop! I'm blushing! LOL! I highly recommend snark in your every day life. It brings with it joy. Please accept this as a token of my affection to wear with pride in your daily life. :)



Reviewer: redsoxlove (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2010 05:44 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

ok, i'm going on a and ask starched shirt edward to kindly cover his ears.

first of all for vampires learning from day one to keep the secret above all else, the hoard of sexually harassing idiot vampires are NOT doing a very good job! maybe when the venom hits some brains it causes major brain damage? or thier power is being super retards? carlisle should get in his lab and do research..not that kind of research! how on gods green earth do the people of forks highschool not notice that the 50 million new stdents are even wierder than the cullens?the volturi, marcus' legion gorgon and stupid blue bloods and a really stinky vampire teacher..lmao..stincky vampire? howd that happen haha.and all surrounding bella and noone notices anything?? shouldnt they all be afraid? that natural instinct thing? maybe all of forks has a will turn you into a complete obliviouss dipshit cloud over it? although i have to say it is very entertaining! i like bella and jane scenes. didnt jane end up doing a human after the bachelor party? i forget who it was. AND i would like to know what crawled up Mrs. Corelli's butt. i think she needs to do some research, yes THAT kind! isnt edward suppossed to beable to dazzle the heck out of her? or his wolf powers are throwing him off? i mean, i know edward hurt bella alot when he left her, but since when does a school staff member get that involved in thier relationships?? its not like bella was screaming at him to leave her alone. bella and Mrs. Corelli are being drama he switched her lunch embarassing yes, not the worst thing thats happened to bella this month! its not like he ripped her clothes off in public...yet..she doesnt cut him a break! maybe if bella took her heart condition a little more seriously and let the stubborness go a little, edward wouldnt have to treat her like a child! yes i'm defending edward! and now he cant sit near her?? and esme agreed!!?? ummm hello people isnt bella sick because of the estrangement from her mate? its killed before? so yea good idea seperate them more!hows he suppossed to learn to talk to her if he cant get near her all day? this is not the time for meddling feminist humans!! i think edwards right, she's been taken over by gen. alice needs to go kidnap dr phil turn him, and bring him to forks asap! and rosalie needs to find a new occupation, she's surounded by nut jobs she should be head shrinking.its complete insanity in forks!!! ok i'm dne :)

where are the denalis? and where are the newborns?  oh and i think poor edward has suffered enough..the spirits are abusing thier powers..the tests are a little much now, especialy for powers he didnt ask for and took as a favor to help the tribe!   tell dream edward to meet me tonight..i miss him...please and thank you! :P

Author's Response:

Hi there redsoxlove!

Oh how you spoil me so! I'm delighted by your rant. Keep in mind, I love arguing, so take the section below as playful banter.

I also do not mean to imply in the section below that your view is "wrong" because I can see how you would make the arguments that you have given what you read. Here's my explanation. 

Ok, couple things to put into perspective here. Edward is what we would call an unreliable narrator. You get to read things from his POV, but just because he describes it in a certain way doesn't mean it's necessarily what is really going on. For example, his family clearly loves him in the first part of the HOD arc, but Edward does not perceive that. He truly thinks that if he offended them in some way, that they would ask him to leave. Hence, he stays quiet for a few decades. He convinces himself he doesn't love Bella when in fact he's head over heels for her and has formed a mating bond. So Edward thinking Mrs. Corelli is cruel and inhumane? Not so much. Here's an except from the Snarky Summary that is actually Corelli's diary explaining her view of what happened:


There are days I love my job and days I want to cry. Poor, poor Bella Swan. One of the Cullen kids – the one that looks like the love child of a tall thin version of Silent Bill, Bob, Bubba, whatever the character’s name is and Howdy Doody– flipped out in the cafeteria and all but chased her with a handful of pills she has to take. The entire school got to hear from him a reminder of how thin she is and how sick she’s been. She certainly looked like she was begging the ground to swallow her whole on the spot. So I dragged her and Mr. Would-Be Boyfriend and his brother into my office. Then I find out she’s got a heart condition. Poor thing looked like she was going to die in the chair in my office. The Cullens have never been troublemakers – although I’ve got my eye on that Jasper. He looks like he’s been around the barn a time or two and way too innocent. Which clearly means he’s up to something. He might allegedly be dating his adopted sister, but he’s been all but smoldering looking at some of the Eurotrash new students. So I bellowed at Cullen jr. about his oafish ways. Kid never speaks anyway so I limited him to talking to Bella once a day. Seeing as he never speaks, it might actually encourage the dope to say something meaningful. I hope this makes her feel like she’s got some kind of control in her life. Three more months and then I don’t have to chant my daily prayer about how seeing as I’m an administrator and all I can’t kill that bitch Lauren Mallory with a Jimmy Choo heel through her heart and burn her at the stake. I am professional. I am professional. I am professional. Fuck it, I’m totally making a voodoo doll of that bitch. I am professional. I am professional.

Mrs. Corelli is thinking about how she saw Bella, the quiet kid she really likes waste away for the past few months and she does not want anyone picking on her. She also knows that Edward and Bella have some kind of past - she's not sure what. So in her mind, coming down hard on Edward and giving him the "you shall speak once a day" is actually her making a token punishment. Edward barely speaks at school anyway. Now she's actually told him he gets to greet Bella. So in her mind she's actually set it up so they will speak, but on Bella's terms, not Edward's. And Bella can opt out of the conversation if she so chooses. But notice she left wiggle room. She told him if Bella talks back then they can speak. She never said he can only speak once and that's it even if Bella talks. As an administrator, she felt she had to put some physical distance between the kids because she felt that Bella clearly wanted some space from Edward by her behavior in the office and she's trying to keep the school from getting sued by setting up a system where the kid with the heart condition can have a bit of breathing room. And keep in mind, even if they weren't allowed to talk at school (which had not happened) they are literally spending 24/7 together and most of their talking has always been away from school regardless. 

You raise very good questions about the trampires. I mean the newborns and the Denalis. They are currently up in Alaska repairing their home that was burned to the ground. 

You make an excellent point about how the humans at Forks aren't particularly bright being surrounded by 50 vampires. In my mind, since the Cullens can pass, these vampires just make it all the more hilarious because they're constantly tempted to snack, And Edward is monitoring their minds 24/7 so would know if they slipped. And they are irate that they have to follow all these silly human rules. I wanted to create a situation to "show" just how awful life is for Bella when she gets back to school. She loathes being the center of attention and now she has 50 immortals all but throwing themselves at her AND she's surrounded by other immortals that are playing offense. She hates it. Bella was mortified at what Edward did because she had every intention of eating, and she had every intention of taking her medication. They were running behind schedule, she did not realize she had to take it exactly on time or else - she meant to take it in the nurse's office, not in front of all those staring immortals. Also, Edward forgot that it's school policy that she would be taking medication in the nurse's office and he shouldn't have been pushing pills on her in the first place. In some schools, Bella would be in trouble for having bottles of medication on her without bringing them to the nurse - so that's another reason why she's angry. Edward has stepped in and without malice made every person in the room aware she had a heart condition. She's so private she never told a soul about what happened when she and Edward broke up. So how do you think, given that knowledge, Bella would feel having all those eyes staring at her? Especially after she had tried to reach out and talk to Edward and had established a fragile kind of peace earlier in the chapter?

I realize that I've been posting this story about every 3 weeks for over a year so it feels like Edward and Bella have been apart forever. So I need to remind you of the timeline. Edward and his family left in the spring and did not return to Forks until late November. And Bella has been in the hospital ever since they returned to Forks, slowly getting better. So she's been deemed strong enough to attend school, and she's not as medicated for anxiety as she has been, but she's still jittery. Why should she trust anything Edward says to her? She grew up with this picture and description of him from Ephraim's journal and made him her vampire prince charming. And when he dumped her he literally shattered all her dreams. The question remains if Bella really did know Edward at all? So she's certainly been trying her best to learn more about vampires (conversations with Arria have been alluded to, and you saw her discussion with Sergei) to verify the truth of what Edward told her. Another thing I need to remind you of, remember when he left he told her he had planned on killing her that day in the park and had decided at the last minute to let her live. Imagine hearing that from your prince charming before he sneers and prances away? She's barely been around Edward in a rational state until lately. So for Bella all of this is confusing. 

And then there's the aspect that the nerd in me researched how couples fight when they do have conflict because I wanted to make the reunion arc more realistic. Couples typically have these fits and starts - two steps forward - one step back on the way to regaining trust. It's not like it is in the novels where they have one big confessional scene and all the hurt feelings go away. So I've been trying to show how over time Bella is healing and getting to a place where she loves Edward. We are nearing the end of the HOD arc, so you know I'm not going to drag it out forever.

As for the spirits - First, Edward DID ask for the powers. He agreed to take them on in the Legacy chapter. Second, Edward is the one who chose his sacrifices - the spirits never demanded he give up the particular things he chose to give up. They actually berated him for thinking that they were asking him to kill Bella, remember? So the fact that he makes these huge sacrifices are not the spirits' fault. It's Edward's. A theme of this story is power requires sacrifice. The deal he made with the spirits was that if he had all that shaman power running around in his immortal body, because it could potentially do so much damage, he had to prove to them (when THEY chose) that he was strong enough to handle them. It's not an issue of being fair from the spirit's point of view. It's an issue of making sure that Edward doesn't go out and kill people in a frenzy. Because he certainly went bonkers in Italy. So they felt it was appropriate given he had abandoned the tribe in the way he had to test him to see if he was worthy. I also need to remind you that in his absence - the tribe has had a significant portion of their people slaughtered by Victoria's troops. And Edward left them alone with what he thought was okay training with a Shaman that most certainly not trained. That's on Edward - in chasing after Victoria he put his family's welfare above that of the tribe who he had sworn to help. The spirits actually have every right to strip Edward of his gifts.

And think back on how Hezekiah died. He kind of sort of got the shaft from the spirits - but he saved his wife's life in the process so he was fine with it in the end. It didn't make his death any less painful.  

Hope that helped clear things up. I adore debating with you. Please feel free to PM me if I have failed to answer your questions. 



Jugurtha is leering at you.


Reviewer: schleprock (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2010 11:07 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

sorry i have not reviewed sooner my computer died and i had to get a new one! ok .i like that we got a little more of jaspers past but what i really want is more edward bella one on one time. you where they actually make a try at talking, not just thinking about each other!!! update soon cause you know i'll read.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review schleprock! And hope your computer is behaving. :) The whole purpose of the scene with Aaron and Jasper was five-fold in terms of plot purposes. One, you find out what "really" happened in all those visions so Jasper now understand what they meant and his past, two you now understand just why Jasper is so bug-eyed crazy angry, and third you get an understanding of just how evil Maria is - because she's the big baddie of the story. Finally, you get an explanation or at least a theory for why his first wife Annie went completely off the rails and did all the horrible things that she did. Spending 150 years in servitude pining away daily for the love of your life only to find him happily married - ouch. Fifth, I needed the readers to understand just how the Cullens managed to escape from Alaska and an entire army on their tail when they couldn't before.

You will be getting more one-on-one Bella and Edward time in the next chapter. The reason it was structured the way it was in this one was to show a breakthrough in their communication. Bella has been deeply traumatized and doped up to her eyeballs - not a really good atmosphere for Edward to try to broach anything serious with her. Yet she actually reached out to him although she had a hard time staying on topic. Then he had to go and make her angry. I needed the readers to understand just how awful Bella finds the vampire presence at Forks with that scene. You'll find out why in the next chapter - which has tons of Edward and Bella. Promise.



Reviewer: MsLessa (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2010 09:42 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

Ok are you trying to kill the boy? What's with hamstringing him in school? Seriously everyone is pounding it in to him that he needs to talk with Bella, socialize with Bella.  But now all of a sudden he's only allowed to speak to her once a day in school on pain of expulsion? And doesn't them being close enough to touch help them to heal each other? If he's clear across the room that's not what I would think of as close.  What really is the purpose of this beyond the Edward torture?  And are we ever going to see some happiness here?  It's been some serious doom and gloom.  We need something funny.  Maybe Douglas can visit Bella and Edward at school?

Author's Response:

Hi there MsLessa!

What would be the fun in killing Edward. Then he would be dead. For good. :) I think that you might want to re-read the chapter scene with Mrs. Correlli with the following thought in mind. Edward is what we call an unreliable narrator. Just because he says something happened doesn't mean it meant what he thought it did. We've seen that several times - like that whole falling in love with Bella dealio. With Mrs. Corelli she's an administrator. And she's been watching Bella waste away for months fretting over her. And all of a sudden the girl disappears and her Dad keeps writing notes saying she's ill and now she shows back up in school still looking like death warmed over and that mute Cullen kid mortifies her in front of the entire school. Mrs. Corelli was amazed the kid spoke for one thing, but she also was terrified when she heard Bella had a heart condition - a serious one. She's afraid that Romeo could kill Bella from stress. So she tries to give Bella a sense of control in her life. Mrs. Corelli figures that Edward never talks in the first place, so her telling him that he can only talk to Bella once a day instead of punishing him, will actually encourage him to open his mouth and say something constructive and thought out. And if Bella answers? Then they can talk. But she felt she needed to do a bark is worse than it's bite kind of punishment. Edward's parents played along with it to remind their son that he has to blend in with the humans and if he acts out and can't control himself - and they know Bella is his weakness - then he won't be able to hang with the humans. That's the message they were trying to send to him. And it was a step forward for Carlisle and Esme because they've coddled Edward, treating him like he's a 17-year old when he's over a hundred. Mind you, Edward manipulated them into doing it, but still. And Mrs. Corelli has no way of knowing that they need to be close to each other and Edward has never been the type to plaster himself against Bella in public in front of others - at night is another story entirely - but he's proper. So him moving a few feet away from her in a room is not going to lessen the healing effects she has on him. The purpose of this chapter was to set up the next - to show that Bella is not passive any longer. I wanted to have a confrontation between the two of them that would spark them into talking to each other. And it made sense to have Edward because of the mate bond that is trying to work, becoming emotional about Bella's welfare and blurt something out completely forgetting that whole tact and diplomacy is best maintained with silence on my part rule he's lived by for decades. I also wanted to highlight the conflict that Bella has. There's no such thing as a vampire with a disability in the immortal aristocratic world. Not that they know about Emmett because the Cullens did not associate with the aristocracy. So now you have the problem of Bella. She's got all these immortals that are checking her out trying to wheedle their way into her life and yet at the same time they are looking at her like she's weak not only because she's not an immortal, but because she's a flawed human with a damaged brain. In their minds that makes them incredulous that Arria didn't just kill the girl to hide the family shame. Arria did not want to turn Bella precisely because of this. She did not want people looking down on her child. Edward mentioning she has a heart condition in public in front of the aristocracy gives them ammunition against her. And it angers her because she had tried talking to Edward earlier about some pretty hard subjects and this is what it gets her. While he's had a fumble with Bella, Edward has also done some huge growth in terms of how he sees himself in relation to his family in this chapter. He has always hid his expanded abilities out of fear that he needed to spy on his family to make sure they didn't want to make him leave. So here he sees Jasper with a knife flying in the air, and Edward actually is willing to sacrifice his secret to save his brother that he acknowledges that he loves. And he holds back not because he's being selfish, but because he realizes that he needs to also respect his brother, and allow him to handle his family business in private and to take care of himself. Jasper would have been irritated had Edward gotten involved. So here's Edward who thinks he knows more than everyone else in the world. Except of course for Marcus, actually treating his brother with love and respect. That was huge. I also wanted you to see just how Evil Maria was because she's coming and she's gunning for them all. I hope that answered your question. I'm not into needless torture or angst, and I hope you gain a better understanding of what my goals were. I'm still learning this whole writing business. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me. And thanks for the feedback, you have some serious funny business ahead. I'm giving you a teaser of the snarky summary:

Oh heck, let’s see what Mrs. Corelli’s diary has to say:

There are days I love my job and days I want to cry. Poor, poor Bella Swan. One of the Cullen kids – the one that looks like the love child of a tall thin version of Silent Bill, Bob, Bubba, whatever the character’s name is and Howdy Doody– flipped out in the cafeteria and all but chased her with a handful of pills she has to take. The entire school got to hear from him a reminder of how thin she is and how sick she’s been. She certainly looked like she was begging the ground to swallow her whole on the spot. So I dragged her and Mr. Would-Be Boyfriend and his brother into my office. Then I find out she’s got a heart condition. Poor thing looked like she was going to die in the chair in my office. The Cullens have never been troublemakers – although I’ve got my eye on that Jasper. He looks like he’s been around the barn a time or two and way too innocent. Which clearly means he’s up to something. He might allegedly be dating his adopted sister, but he’s been all but smoldering looking at some of the Eurotrash new students. So I bellowed at Cullen jr. about his oafish ways. Kid never speaks anyway so I limited him to talking to Bella once a day. Seeing as he never speaks, it might actually encourage the dope to say something meaningful. I hope this makes her feel like she’s got some kind of control in her life. Three more months and then I don’t have to chant my daily prayer about how seeing as I’m an administrator and all I can’t kill that bitch Lauren Mallory with a Jimmy Choo heel through her heart and burn her at the stake. I am professional. I am professional. I am professional. Fuck it, I’m totally making a voodoo doll of that bitch. I am professional. I am professional.




Reviewer: redsoxlove (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2010 04:18 PM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

aww..i really like edward and leah's heart to hearts! leah is still a bitch and edward still has ulterior motives, but the talks seem to help both. edward even seemed to care a little bit. and edward not knowing the slang terms for things and his confusion is hilarious!! he's gotta be totaly sick of the telecles clans constant presence and meddling, but i think i've said before in the hod chapters, marcus and company were not present.

so aaron works for maria but is two timing her with jasper right? he never intended on killing jasper or any of the cullens. he was helping them? has anyone checked on how alice is feeling lately? she's been through alot. jasper having a wife, finding out about her biological family..ect..

the telecles arent just hanging around for bella right? they are waiting to fight maria and company? and they just turn whoever the hell they feel like? whatever member of thier family they want they doom to vampire life without question? savages! one more thing..the clan and the legions..they are all human hunters correct? have they been drinking sludge instead since coming to forks?

i wonder what would happen if a vampire bit an animal but didnt kill it? lol a lil vampire douglas? see what the animals in the forest feel about that!

i'm sorry to ask so many questions but when genevive sent warning and bella dreamed of the red eyed people and the fear that went with it. she was trying to get the cullens to protect her from marcus and company? knowing they were her biological family? did she not want her mixed up with them, and/or turned? and liam warned bella about so much, taught her about vampire blades and how to fight ect prepare her for her vampire family reunion? why the hell didnt he tell her the whole truth so she could be fully prepared!!!?? i guess if he didnt tell her as much as he did she'd be a bumbling idio in a straite jacket by now after everything thats happend.

seth isnt actually her brother right? he's charlies son but bella isnt charlies.

i heart seth! i'm only half way thru but i have to take a break so i'm sending this review now. one more thing..there is an immortal child? related to caius held captive by maria? how is he cauis' son?

Author's Response:

Hi redsoxlove!

Thanks so much for the review! I love hearing your thoughts on the story. And hon, you can ask me anything you want about the story - no need to apologize. There's no such thing as a bad question. I might not be able to answer ones that reveal future plot developments, but I have no problem answering ones that refer to the current chapter or past ones. The thing about Marcus and his family in the first part is that well, I left them off the page. That does not mean that Bella and Edward weren't guarded 24/7. I just didn't include it. Evil, I know. And Marcus relocated the family to Forks for several reasons. First, Maria is most likely going to want to fight in the Americas, so logistically it makes sense. But remember, food is king. And the source of their food supply is on Bella's land. And it's a tightly guarded secret. So it looks good to move there ostensibly because that is Bella's home and since she is the Telecles human heir who is ill and needs to recover, no one would question Marcus moving Heaven and earth to see her being happy. And that is a goal of his. But making sure the food supply is safe is another. I haven't mentioned it lately but they are all kinds of curious in trying to figure out why the algae supply has been shrinking. 

Aaron does indeed work for Maria. He worked his way up the ranks, and he is most definitely two-timing her with Jasper. The meeting that I wrote literally was the first time they had talked since the day Jasper died. And when Edward was snooping around in Aaron's brain trying to figure out if Jasper was in danger, he read thoughts from Aaron that verified that Aaron helped the family escape from Alaska in several ways. First, he stopped his soldiers from poisoning and killing the animal supply so that the Cullens would not starve. Second, he provided them a huge distraction so that they could make an effective get-away that made it look like Phoenix was at fault. And third, you saw indications that he had been leaving signs for Jasper to find - things that only Jasper would know from his human life, hoping that Jasper would recognize them and understand the message he was trying to convey to him. So that's Aaron. Really really irritated at present hearing about his sister's death. Aaron said he was given a choice by Maria - either way his and Jasper's family was going to die. He could kill them. Or he could turn them. If he refused Maria said her forces would use them for fun. And Maria insisted that he had to turn the entire family. So he did. Remember as a newborn, Aaron was not all that rational, easily led, and very confused and driven by instinct. So the double-tragedy in that situation of him being forced to kill/turn his family is that he actually did manage to turn everyone but his son. And the immortal child that Maria made - she named him Guillermo (and he is Caius' son. Maria was from a noble clan that was allied with Caius' and she was like a sister to  Caius' wife. Maria's family welched out of an alliance that would have married Maria to someone in Caius' clan and Caius over-reacted and put her entire family to the sword. He let her live as a favor to his wife and put Maria in charge of his son, and stuck her and his wife with Marcus' family. When they were attacked, Maria took off with the baby and turned him at a young age). So the immortal child insisted that since Aaron hadn't turned his son, he had failed at the task and the family deserved to die and he wanted it as a birthday present. Maria said, "Oh fine, just this once." And she let him kill the family with his gift (fire) while Aaron was forced to watch. 

The Telecles clan most definitely plans on doing major damage to Maria. As to who they turn, that's a controversial subject and it depends on which branch of the clan you are talking about. Vivinna- the Gorgon - would turn Bella without a question, and without worrying what Bella thought about the idea because in her day and age women really did not get much of a vote, she's of noble status and used to making decisions for the people in her family regardless, so it probably would not occur to her that Bella did not want to be immortal and even if it did she wouldn't care. She would do what she thought was best for the Telecles clan. She's cold that way. Marcus would not turn Bella against her will. Arria never wanted Bella turned in the first place. When Bella had her accident and was brain damaged as a result, Arria knew that Bella would have a hard time in the immortal world. There's no such thing (aside from Emmett) in their world of a "disabled" vampire. Not in the noble world. Arria knew that Bella would be looked down upon as the damaged heir and she never wanted her daughter subjected to such scorn, especially since she knew her daughter was so shy. So Arria is quietly furious with her own mother for revealing Bella's existence to the aristocracy in the first place. Hope that makes things clearer. Bella could not be turned at present because her heart is too weak. So the decision is moot at present. 

Your question about Genevieve is a good one. It will be addressed in the next chapter. Promise. What I can say is that part of the Cullens' frustration with Genevieve is that she kind of sucks at communicating spiritually speaking. Edward has complained about it on multiple occasions. Why send, for example, a letter of obnoxious poetry, when instead they could have simply written Edward a short note saying, "Hey at the Yorkie festival you might want to keep an eye on Bella." So the problem they find is that there have been all kinds of red eyed people that have been baddies. The ones that were there the night of the Yorkie festival, the ones that are blood-dependent that are in Marcus' side, Victoria, Phoenix. Legions galore of Maria. Take a pick. 

We have no idea what the heck Liam was doing at this point. It's from EPOV and the little he knows is that a) from observing at Liam's hideout the man was worried about some kind of attack as he had enough weapons to murder legions and he also had a good security system. and b) he worked with Bella with what Edward assumed was physical therapy exercises - but also included fencing and archery. Seeing as Bella has trouble with fine motor coordination, Edward was stunned Liam allowed her around sharp objects in the first place. And Bella has said that Liam never once mentioned to her anything about vampires. That's all you really know about Liam's motives. You raise a very good question in wondering why he did not tell her the truth. 

Seth is the biological child of Charlie Swan and Paula Black. That technically makes him a cousin to Bella, but she was raised as one of the Clearwaters, and they refer to each other as brother and sister and always have. I totally heart Seth, too. :)


Thanks for making me smile!

Jugurtha is blowing kisses at you,



Reviewer: summerc79 (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2010 04:15 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

I'm always really looking forward to your updates :) The anticipation of reading your latest creation never fails to make me giddy LOL

Now what would CCE's life be without practicality? Feeling the sarcasm here? lol No-one would doubt that practicality was the main reason for wanting to protect Jasper *cough*

Surprising interaction between Jasper and Aaron. I was expecting fireworks - and not the pleasant romantic kind. Though I guess we got a sharp greeting in the form of the flying knife easily avoided by Jasper through a Matrix-like type of move. In fact, this reunion was quite emotional. It needed to happen. There is some form of closure on the Annie chapter for them both (way to surprise us once more with Arria's respectful involvement in preserving the ashes).

Is it very extraordinary Esme is dexterous with a knife? Come on, CCE, think about it. As a human, and later as a vampire caring for a human, surely she's had to handle knives to carve through a chicken or a turkey or whatever.

Aaron & Jasper's heart to heart was really great to read. A lot was said and also closure was gained on a few things (as I stated above). So much hurt they carry, those 2. But it was good not to have Jasper using his powers (or hardly) during that talk. Maria truly is a nasty piece of work.

How tough is Leah?! or how much humanity (pun intended) is running through Edward's body that her poking registered with him? I'm glad to decided to further the conversation between the characters in this chapter. It seems that talking to each other is helpful to them both and it fits nicely in the flow of the story.

Edward & Bella... They make sure a pair those 2! And for someone claiming to know know how to start or carry a conversation, CCE has a knack for choosing topics. That boy does not know the meaning of "easy" does he? Why bother with mundane topics when you can go straight for the heavy ones. I mean, OK, he got her talking which was what he was trying to achieve, but still. If you don't want her to read Anna Karenina, leading her on the road of mass murders is hardly better *tsk at CCE* Thankfully, all was not dull and gloom. He still managed to earn at least one brownie point to store in his kitty (damn, that sounds dirty doesn't it? LOL) It certainly was a much needed, very important conversation for them to have, where some things were at long last laid in the open. By the way, whenever Jugurtha comes forward I have this image of CCE sitting on a stool in his corner of a boxing ring, with Jugurtha standing behind him, towel in hand, handing him that plastic thing boxers use to protect their teeth, and giving him a pep talk before the next round.

How interesting that Bella would ask Sergei about what being a newborn is like and not E. Although it makes sense really.  I think part of her still wants to become a vampire and have an eternity with E, but by talking to him about vampirism it would somehow force her to admit it clearly to herself (something she might not be ready for at that stage), not to mention reaffirming outloud her feelings for him - instead of whar he perceives to be a form of indifference.

*sigh* CCE and his spontaneous bonfire tendencies. Maybe he subconsciously want to hear more Quileute legends - though in that case, someone should point to him that you sit around the fire, not spring it from your being. Seriously though. There will be NO taking his little bottle cap from him. Period. He said so. And Marcus declared the both of them married. To each other. There. Huff! Don't even think about thinking about entertaining the idea. No. No. No.

And what's that about wanting more chest hair? LOL Does he want to rename himself Cullen Carpeted Edward? hahaha and with his bursting into flames tendencies he would be a liability. I know he holds a flame for Bella, that he burns for her even, but that could become way too dangerous. Also, has he heard of Demis Roussos. Yep, didn't think so. LOL Those Quileutes have nothing on him. Careful what you wish for, Mister! euh... boy... euh teenager. Gah! you know what I mean :p

And theeeeeeeen, cut to Hezekiah! It had been a little while hadn't it? He almost gave poor E a heart attack with that memory. Way to startle a fragile multiple species vampire.

Oh, boy! I mean, oh vamp!! Bad luck about the jammed wolf link. Guess their network had bad coverage over the area. And once again it falls upon E's sagging shoulders to save the day. Can't an unbeknown-to-his-bride husband get some time off to dote on his little Grandmaster?! *pouts* Not to mention that a twice dead undead won't be of much use to anyone.

And more sacrifice to go back to be? Un-fair (CCE says so) But at least she's the one bringing him back to earth - he probably would have preferred cloud #9, but hey, can't have it all can you? The icing on the cake had to be the Smurf lips though. Had blue been replaced by gold he could at least have pretended he was a Culture Club fan, you know, "Karma Chameleon" (aaah, karma...) and the whole "colours like my dreams: red, gold and green". In view of his latest test results though he'll have to settle on "The Power of Love" (how ironic is that whole "keep the vampires from your door" line? lol isn't that what he's doing though?) The return home wasn't plain sailing either, but when is it ever? You got feel sorry for E. Thankfully, both Jugurtha and SSE are fine. Phew! (aaah, SSE.... But I digress)

Things just got a lot more interesting at Forks High. Interesting, frustrating, complicated, ... same thing at this point really.

Wait, wait, wait!!! Did SSE really suggest killing people? well, vamps? *gasps* I was right when I said he was changing. I bet he's now wearing a death-metal rock band t-shirt underneath his shirt as well :p Maybe I could send him a "Stairway to Heaven" one? LOL

I'm confused as to why Mrs Corelli was so harsh on Edward. Or is it me being too soft on him? While he wasn't exactly tactful in how he dealt with Bella, he hardly mangled her.

By the way, those Gilette videos are so hilarious! I first watched them a while back, but they don't get old LOL

Until next time, my snarky friend!!!

Author's Response:

Well hello there oh woman who spoils me so with astounding, thoughtful reviews!

I am bowled over by your review. You have no idea how much you made my day. :) I knew everyone expected Jasper and Aaron to fight. That's why I made them talk instead. Also, I had to come up with a good explanation for how they could possibly have escaped in Alaska from overwhelming armies of Phoenix so Aaron offered a good way to tie off that plot thread. As for the knife throwing, I loved the irony of it - because in my mind, they used to do that to each other all the time and always miss. So Aaron was starting out the meeting with the greeting just like the good old days and the question in Jasper's mind was - is he really aiming this time, or is he playing the game. This chapters involves forgiveness - different facets of it. So it was important to me to show multiple situations where you see forgiveness in its various stages (or not - with Leah). And you are right on Edward how he's being all over-bearing about Bella's reading - although to be fair his sister, father and Dr. Jung agreed = but lurches right into awkward and painful conversation with Bella. I used the book part to try to "show" not only her mental state, but that Arria was treating her daughter like an adult capable of making her own choices. She still doesn't quite get the whole emotional fragility angle. Although she's trying. 

Oh, and I don't know that Edward wanted more chest hair, I think he was just mentally rambling and feeling a little insecure. To me it was not about the chest hair so much as he was focusing on that so he couldn't focus on the scars on his abdomen. He's very insecure about them. He thinks that they make him look repulsive. As with Hezekiah, yeah, good call on the heart attack with the memory. I wanted to "show" how Paula in the chaos of the attack ended up creating more chaos when she turned almost all of the tribe. And to me it would create even more panic if the new wolves could not communicate with each other and had to rely on instincts when facing these armies and HUGE Eurowolves. Glad you liked the smurf lips. I had so much fun with that scene. Loved Edward thinking he had to reject Arria. He's so vain at times. And gah! I remember that song from culture club. I'm going to have to go listen to something now to get it out of my mind. LOL :) SSE wearing Death Metal? He wouldn't know what that was. But it's a hilarious image. He has suggested killing people before. He was all for taking out Jacob Black. And he's a big fan of the inquisition. In his mind, if you are defending the life of our dear little peach, death is fine. otherwise, it's the ten commandments behavioral management plan. 

Mrs. Corelli has had a front row seat for the past eight months in watching Bella waste away without being able to do much to help the girl. And she knows her well enough to know that she's painfully shy and how all the whispering about her most likely made her miserable. And she doesn't really know why the Cullens were gone, but she does know that Edward did something to hurt Bella's feelings before he left. Bella never said a word to a soul about it, so she can only guess on that one. So she was harsh on Edward because she's fearful for Bella's heart. Literally. And she wanted to give Bella a sense of control that she wasn't being hounded by Edward. That's why she stipulated that if Bella spoke back that they could talk, but it had to be on Bella's terms. She was not happy with Bella being humiliated in public. But her punishment of Edward was more of an chewing him out than anything else. She's moving him to another seat - but she really has no idea how much that will effect Edward. And since he has an impeccable behavioral record she has every reason to believe he'll toe the line. So to me her bark is much worse than her bite and Edward is just all huffy about the injustice of the situation. Hope that made sense.

I died when I saw those videos. Died. Glad you enjoyed them. Off to snarkland. :)


Reviewer: Robs_Muse (Signed) · Date: May 31, 2010 08:32 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

As per usual you do not disappoint! I love that Edward has no social skills as I always thought he needed some help there. Maybe not to this extreme but I'm totally cool with it.look forward to seeing more high school hijinx! *muwha* that's smoochies by the way! See ya on Twitter!

Author's Response:

Hi there Robs_Muse!

Thanks for the kind words! And the stars! Edward really has few social skills and that's been something that I wanted to show all along. He was painfully shy as a human, and getting those memories back, rather than fueling his confidence, have only served to remind him just how poor he is at communicating. And to me, Mrs. Corelli as an administrator is in a bad place. She knows - although Bella never said a word to anyone, that the two of them were briefly involved last year - and everyone saw them have some kind of argument before Edward disappeared. And while no one knows what was said, people gathered enough by Edward's facial expressions that he was cruel. So when you take that with his behavior in school and how desperate he is acting around Bella. And then add to it that Bella has a heart condition, Mrs. Corelli doesn't want Edward near Bella. Bella doesn't seem to be afraid of him, which is why she leaves him in Bella's classes. But she gives Edward strict guidelines figuring out the guy never talks anyway so perhaps he'll put some thought into it before he speaks. Expect much more high school hilarity in the next chapter. :)



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