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Reviews For Cullenary Coupling
Reviewer: elphabacy35 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 01:22 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

I finally got a chnace to sit down and read this update! I just want to say, that I love how you supply all of the photos and links that go with your chapters. It certainly helps to visualize the locations, and such. But it also reminds me again, of how much time and care you take with this story. I, for one, really appreciate it. And I'm sure I'm not the only one:)

Ok, fave line this chapter : "And what the heck are you talking about her jumping?" Emmett barked. "Bella doesn't jump. She could break her neck using a step-stool." I love your Emmett, I just really do.

I'm excited for what is to come...Douglas? Soon? Love him too.

Take care Books


Author's Response:

Hi there Stacy!

SSE is ecstatic to hear from you. Emmett, too, but don't tell Rose, she would not understand. I have had so much fun with the photos and songs that I'm glad to hear that you enjoy them. For me, it's part of the research that I do to try and write a scene. I'll find a picture that speaks to me and try to describe it or work it into the story. Other times I just find a pretty photo that is representative of the theme I am trying to convey. Most of the landscape ones are from the Forks area, and the ones I've been using lately are indeed from Europe. Keeping in mind that I do change my mind from time to time, Douglas is not slated to appear in the next chapter BUT the one after that. And you'll meet his wife, too.


Thanks so much for the review and making me smile. You made my day. :)




Emmett is winking at you.


Reviewer: notmyself (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 01:12 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

That is the cutest, furriest squirrel picture I have ever seen. Also, I love you. A lot. I want to have your babies and hold hands and live inside your head sometimes. I imagine it sounds like chaos and beautiful music and smells like apples and pine and crazy.





Author's Response:

Hi there Mia!

Thanks so much for the review hon! I have been trolling the internet looking for squrrel pictures that meet my criteria for cute-ness. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it. :) And you made me laugh with your review. My mind is a sick and twisted place that runs 90 mph when I'm writing this story. I'm glad you are enjoying it. :)

Douglas is winking at you.




douglas and tree

Reviewer: sexysadie13 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 12:15 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

I must say, I've truly missed Grace.  It's nice to see her again - please pass on my regards.  Also, I'm assuming that it was Victoria or someone with her that "killed" Paula, if she is actually That would be interesting.  And Paula might fake that just to get away from stupid Charlie and retarded Jake. Then again, I know she wouldn't purposefully abandon Seth.  Even though he's in good hands.  I hope that Bella can come out of this stupor pretty soon - it's time she really digs into Edward....maybe even rip off an arm? It seems to me that Arria might get grounded for her actions - or lack of forethought while she was in Forks.  Hmmm....would that be the same punishment as for us lowly mortals, or would Marcus have to put her into some kind of coma? I digress.  But she could certainly be put over someone's knee....ew. Not like that. Sicko. Jugurtha has taken residence in my mind - and he whispers nasty things in my ear.  I kinda like it.  Ok, I'm lying.  I love it. And, by the way, Douglas has been visiting me here - in the tree in front of my house.  He decided the South was much better for this time of year, but he'll be back in Washington soon - he hid Edward's nuts in a safe place - no worries.  Hopefully, Marcus can make sure his daughter learns a few things about strategy once she makes up for her mistakes, and Jake might learn a thing or two about respecting the opposite species - vamps, not tramps.  I mean, girls.  Except Tanya, she is a VampTramp.  No respect - I mean disrespect, T.  I, of course and as usual, loved this chapter.  Can't wait to read the next one, and I'm sorry you've been sick.  I hope that you're doing much better now.  It made my day to see your updated chapter.  Thank you for continuing this story.  I love it. It keeps me TOTALLY entertained.  So....exactly how did that cave become available again? Did Grace really remove the rocks from the front? It's cool if she did...I'm just wondering the purpose - if there was any, other than protecting Bella for the time being.  And, if at all possible, can Edward get his orgasm-induced-kisses back just once? Maybe just to bring Bella out of the catatonia? That's a good way to come back to it all - or to come at all I guess.  Haha. Again, I love the story, loved this chapter, and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of "As the Human Turns"!

Um, quick question - how did Bella get all these powers? Was it just the jewelry, or did Arria do something to her?

Author's Response:

Hi there SexySadie13!

Grace is flapping a wing at you delighted that you missed her. She thinks that Douglas and Jugurtha get way too much attention. Although she has a crush on SSE. You can assume that Paula most definitely was attacked by hostile immortals. And for the record, she loves Charlie even though she understands his limitations. She loves him in spite of them. She also has remained in Forks all these years not only to watch over Seth, but to watch over Jacob. There's no way in hell she would run and leave Charlie, Seth, and Jacob behind. Bella will be in this state for 24 hours. If I keep the chapters divided the way I intend, then she won't wake up in the next one, but the one after. She will wake up when they get to Forks. As for her digging into Edward, put yourself in CC's shoes. This is the girl who never told a soul about the vampires that she learned about in the book. She kept her promise. This is the girl who hung around said vampires for months and never indicated she knew - because she didn't want them to feel uncomfortable and put them in a bad position if she had not earned their trust. This is the girl who fell head over heels for Edward like a freight train and got her heard crunched and his family took off and did not come back. So if you were Bella, after experiencing what you saw her going through, would you trust the Cullens? Would you even give a damn that they were there? I don't see Bella as being hostile. But I also don't think she'll trust a word out of anyone's mouth. Everyone she has ever loved in her life has lied to her from her point of view.

Douglas is waving at you. He'd like you to meet his mate Henrietta. And he agrees with you that he still had Edward's nuts. He has had to hide them from his wife.

You are very astute about Arria. Look at life from her perspective. She has spent that past 1,000 years believing that she is Marcus' only heir, and that he's drooling on a throne in Volturi. Now she suddenly meets her mother and her brother AND her father. She was raised by soldiers to be ruthless - all the while knowing that they wished she were a man instead. So Arria is going to have a hard time adjusting to her new world. And I had to come up with a plausible reason why Arria would not be there in the first place to protect Bella, you'll learn more about it in the next chapter. I didn't want her to look stupid, but I did want to show she has some things to learn. And Arria just between you and me, is beside herself she's so angry at present. She's been trying to follow her family's rules with Bella and is getting heat for it.

You can say anything you want about any of the characters in CC. I won't be offended. I like calling Tanya the Trampire's Trampire. There's not much to the cave story. Jake got put down in front of the cave and he and Grace moved it aside. She rolled it back over to hide them and left to go back and kill more vampires. She also shielded the cave before she left, not that Jake knew. And if you go back to the scene where Paula was invested as a shaman, you'll see that she brought a paper bag with her and wouldn't let the cullens touch it. The spirits told her in a dream to bring a few things. Paula thought they were meant for Hezekiah in the afterlife. A sweater to keep him warm, a blanket, and lo and behold, Jake is using them instead for Bella. Who'd thunk?

Thanks for the well wishes. I feel better. I just have a virus that like an ex-boyfriend is not taking a hint and leaving. :)

I like the irony of Edward trying to convince Bella that he loves her and NOT being able to show it that way. And he's too embarassed to tell her, "Oh, I used to have that power but don't anymore - I have to use my hands now like real men, so says Sitting Bull." So he's just dying here. He enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing her so well-pleasured. It did all kinds of things for his virgin ego, in particular if you read the last part of Hitchcock, he sincerely wondered after viewing the destruction he had caused if he would ever be able to pleasure his human bride. The kiss gave him hope. And now he doesn't have the kiss. Now he has to use words. And his hands. And with all due respect, put yourself in Bella's place. The last time she saw Edward, he said horrible things to her, broke her heart, and told her that it was all about her scent - and that he had intended on killing her the day of those kisses. If I were in her shoes, after seeing all those people die, if I woke up having an orgasm with Edward's lips touching mine, I'd puke. And this is just me, but the fact that she would feel pleasure would make it even worse. That's my take on it, and you are free to disagree. :)

Bella got the powers from the bracelet. No one knew that Vivinna's family priest (pagan, mind you) had "blessed" it with a gift.

Arria did do something to her, but only to try to repair her shields. Hope that all made sense. I can't always answer questions, but I will the ones that I can. If you have any others please feel free to PM me.




Douglas and wife

Reviewer: Kaydence (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 11:01 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

Gosh, I liked so many things about this chapter. First, through the flashbacks, I think you've emphasized what a great character your Bella is. You took some of her greatest characteristics from canon Bella and amped her into a powerhouse! She's still self-sacrificing, reserved, stubborn and typically thinks the worst. You've made her strong and powerful on top of it.

Edward seems to be vowing to do right by her--very nice. :-)

Also, for the record, Arria deserves a strong talking to by dear old I could kick everyone's ass because I'm full of unparalleled awesomeness and mind fuckery tricks, at best.

Author's Response:

Hi there Kaydence!

Thanks so much for the review! I'm giddy after reading what you had to say about Bella. I know people at first were like - when is she going to wake up - at the first part of the HOD which is why I was all kinds of excited for How Bout Dem Apples so they could see what a treasure she is. I've changed her from canon though at least in the initial way I portrayed her. She did not think the worst but she did accept it when she encountered it. She did not want to think that Billy murdered her Grandparents, but she was told he would....and then he acted all creepy with she accepted it. She said earlier to Edward that she did not blame her father for loving Jake more than he loved her because he has always wanted a son, and he spends more time with Jake than he did her growing up so that it was just natural. And she meant it. So to me, I wanted to raise the question is it terrible for her to be so accepting of an emotionally distant father? Does it make her a realist? Or an idealist?

Edward most definitely is vowing to do right by her. He's still stunned about that whole love dealio. He hasn't had time for that to sink in. And right now he's worried for her and scared that she'll never wake up. And he's showing that streak of unrealistic hopes in thinking about her being a saint and forgiving him because she speaks to Lauren. Right?

You will squee in the next chapter over Arria. That's all I'm sayin'. And the one after that. :) *evil grin*



Reviewer: summerc79 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 03:30 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

Ave Books!

Great to see a new update up so soon after the last one :D Kudos!! First of, can I say that if my last review made your night, your reply made my day. Oh, by the way, what you said about "Devotion is Beautiful"? That is exactly the point I wanted to make by mentioning it. And I totally agree with you that as things stand at present, our favourite couple cant possibly walk off into the sunset holding hands. It's just my inner HEA cheerleader that was coming to play LOL not to mention the love of a happy CCE ;)

OK, so ch. 52...

Women and mothers can be so mean... There was CCE chance to fully assess Bella's condition (you know, him being a doctor. Twice. Professional...) and he got denied... At least his "exposed" torment was short - except for the lingering echo of the minds around him that is.

You have to admire his dedication though, when it comes to his favoured subject of studies - not to mention his furthering of basic physiotherapy. IS he fully booked for weeks to come? I could use a little help to release the tension in my shoulders too.

Arria, the way she goes on you'd think she was born out of Jupiter's thigh. She needs Daddy M (not Boney, huh, though maybe he can turn out to be daddy Cool - somehow...) to steer her back on the right path. Such impatience for someone who has all the time in the world. Not to mention her lack of foresight. Is she a firm believer in wishful thinking?? Liam should have given her a crash course on human sensitivity at some point or other. Then again they may well have been occupied elsewhere, with a different kind of human sensitivity studying... Poor Bella!

Also, DONT aggravate Mary Alice (tiny but sturdly!). Her and Jasper are the calm before the storm. Dont get them upset - where have I heard that before? Oh, and I like Monsieur Emmet. Does he blow-dry as well??

Maybe it is time to hand CCE some Xanax. Or run him a bath with Ylang-Ylang and lavender oils, you know, just to relax him some. He cant very well give himself a massage can he? He's good, but not that good surely. I volonteer to stand by and hand him a towel at the appropriate time though. We all got to do what we can to help, right? Every little bit counts, and if I need to sacrifice myself, then so be it.

Arria doesnt back down easy does she? Though with her lineage I guess that makes sense. That dog love its bone lolIt's either her way or, well, no way at all. I would love to see her SSE impersonation though. Maybe we should start collecting funds for her own customized prayer bench? She'll have you for it, the things she let Bella see... Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Old friends have made a come back lately. Good to hear of Grace again. Not so happy about Jacob's reappearance though... Oh well, it's got to give a little bit I guess. And he did contribute to saving Bella after the cliff jumping episode so he cant be all THAT bad. Now I know that CCE has Quileute Powers and that those seem to have a fetish for all things green, but he should try to keep the green-eyed monster at least at arms'length... Hang on... Human Edward had green eyes... Maybe there's a link there somewhere...

CCE is definitely waking up from his I-know-best state. Ouch! Feathery clouds are not really softening the blow right now though. He's got his work cut out. Good news for us ;)

Happy writing, Books! Oh, and hows the throat?

Author's Response:

Hi there summerc79!

:) I'm still mulling over the devotion is beautiful line. It's gorgeous. Worthy, perhaps of a chapter title. :) which if I do, you totally get credit for.  Edward in my mind, literally experienced dying with Bella but what made it terrifying to him is that he experienced it physically. He did not know what was going on in her mind - that's left up to his imagination. And  Edward has a fertile imagination. So when he next sees Bella and realizes that she is indeed alive, he's coming out of his delusion by nothing all the things that seem off. Seeing her back made him relive the vision - the worst moment of his life - again in front of everyone. And to me, it's a sign of his control coming back that even though he lost it for a second, he was able to block Jasper and the rest of the room from feeling what he was feeling when he was in such agony. Jasper was too busy puking and being horrified to notice.

I'm laughing over your booking comment. His hands, alas are for Bella alone. Not that she wants anything to do with them at present. And I'm loving the comparison to Athena - i think that's going in a snarky summary. :) I needed to come up with a plot reason for why Arria - who had seemed to capable in the past could screw up so badly. And you'll learn about it in the next chapter. I wanted her to look bad, but not like a complete moron. But you are totally right on the sensitivity part. She was raised by male soldiers to act like a man - all the while knowing that her female status made her "deficient" in their eyes. She was all they had, the last resort. And now all of a sudden she finds out that her mother is alive, and she has brothers? Arria's world has also tilted. I liked the idea of Emmett sitting down in front of all these manly men and combing the human's hair. He likes combing Rosalie's. And he feels very parental of Bella although he won't call her his daughter for fear of offending Carlisle.

I'm afraid the only thing that will help CCE at present is the recovery of his dear little one, or the slow death of any and all who have harmed her. Arria is a tough negotiator. And she also does not show her emotions easily. She hides them well. You could say she has a very well-crafted poker face. But I wanted to explore the idea of her acting like a parent from her times and THAT being unsatisfactory to the Cullens. For the record, Carlisle and Esme have made many mistakes with Edward. They infantized him all these years, treating him like he really was 17, not a mature adult.

I wanted to show Jake being a hero, but also being imperfect. He saves or helps save Bella's life, and he also risks his neck to do so. He does not do so for Bella, though. He does so because he loves Charlie and looks to him as a father substitute and knows if anything happens to Bella esp anything he could have prevented, it'll kill Charlie.

I am feeling better, thanks for asking. :) And don't count out the green eyed monster yet. CCBella is the hottest human of them all. Vampires are going to be stampeding for her attention. And CC Edward can't pee on her to mark his territory. Alas.


*evil grin*

thanks so much for your thoughtful review and making me laugh. :)



Reviewer: MsLessa (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2010 02:33 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

*blinks* somehow I missed the last chapter being updated as well so today I felt like I got a two-fer. 

Wow.. there is just so much to take in on what's happening.  It really feels like I need to block off a week and just reread this all from the beginning because there is so much here that is making past things becoming clearer.  Arria is one seriously sucky mommy.  Doesn't matter which set of parents Bella's got they are all fucked in the head.

On a smaller yet happy side note... Carmina Burana o fortuna  totally got to see this performed live.  My mommy took me to see TSO as a Xmas/bday present. BEST LIVE SHOW IN THE WORLD totally worth the hundred bucks a ticket for 3 hours of music.

Author's Response:

Hi there MsLessa!

I've seen Carmina Burana before and loved it. Esp. the story behind it. So of course I had to use it in this chapter. And yeah, Arria will never get the mother of the year award so it begs the question if she did the right thing in leaving Bella with the Swans. Somehow I think Bella was better off without her. Thanks so much for making me smile.



Reviewer: dh_director (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 09:30 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

I am sure you know where you are going with this story, but there are so many little details and unnecessary references in this chapter that nothing really happens. A story needs action to carry it through. I feel like the plot is starting to stagnate a little.

Author's Response:

Hi there dh_director,

Thanks so much for your feedback. This is my first story so it has been a learning experience and I am sure that I don't always get things right. What I tired to do in this section is take a large chapter and divide it into several sections because of the complexity of the plot. I also had Mizra make up a family tree which she spent hours doing in order to help the audience keep track of the plot.

I can see how you might construe the plot is slowing down at this point. I had to get more subplots off the page and did not want to end with a cliffhanger. I do think that you and I have a different notion fo the conceptualization of "action" in a story and I'd appreciate it if you could PM me and explain your view on that concept in a story. Thanks so much for your feedback.



Reviewer: JaJiTaXx (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 09:06 PM · On: Prologue: Bella, Sex, and Privacy

mmm.... i see your point with Arria and Bella....

*pouts*  but i wanna know.... 


i'm gonna sleep now so Buenas Noches!!

Author's Response:

I understand your frustration. Imagine the Cullens. They want to know, too. And they are going to have a hard time learning anything that is helpful. :)

Get some rest!


Reviewer: Mav (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 08:36 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

Adore it!  I'm so glad Edward is slowly removing his head from his ass and the baddies are getting the come-uppance they deserve! Sounds like Arria might be grounded for a century or two for flunking Leadership 101.  Looking forward to Edward groveling once Bella comes to - it's going to take some pretty hard-core sucking up, though!

Author's Response:

HI there Mav!

Thanks so much! I don't know about you, but I had to think about times in my life that I'm not so proud of - times when I have hurt someone's feelings. Sometimes it takes a while for the impact of the actions to click. So I did not want Edward to understand all at once what a jerk he had been. I want it to come to him in bits and pieces here and there and sink in over time. That's why in the front arc of the story he keeps saying what an angel Bella is for taking him back after all he put her through.

Yeah, Arria made a huge mistake in trusting Bella's safety the way she did, and she's mad as a wet hen about it. I had to give a plausible explanation for why Bella would go through such a bad time considering that Arria's coven is so large. I also wanted to be able to point fingers at someone else aside from Edward as to why Bella is in such bad shape. He did take steps to make sure she would be safe. He left 200 pages of instructions with the Fake Canadians. He counted on the tribe to help, too. And everyone failed Bella for, at least to me, good reasons.

And put yourself in Bella's shoes right now. Would you believe a word that came out of his mouth or that of the Cullens'? I wouldn't. Sucking up would only drive me further away. He's totally screwed. :) evil grin.

Thanks so much for your review and support of this story. You made the cold author's heart in me smile thinking of Edward's plight.



Reviewer: JaJiTaXx (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 06:27 PM · On: Prologue: Bella, Sex, and Privacy

my headache is definetely worse.... and between twitter, watching the grammys and reading... i'm making it worse...  ¬¬!!

that Arria.... i don't know if i should laugh, be angry or just hit her for her mother skills... she's a nut job... rivaling Edward... (douglas has his nuts... so i'll just say el está loco)....

i just wanna know what the hell happened to her... and for her to wake up soon... i'm not a patience person... i hope we'll know soon!!.... 

the thing u said on twitter... almost brought me to tears... that was so sweet... thanks!! :P

muchos saludos


Author's Response:

Hi there JaJy!!

I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I hope you feel better soon. I don't get them often but when I do, I am completely useless. Arria to me is a complicated figure. She is not a traditional kind of mother. She did not have a conventional upbringing even by the norms of her time. After the ambush, her little branch of the coven fled as far away as they could and stumbled upon the algae so stayed put in Washington state for hundreds of years. She was raised by soldiers to believe that she was Marcus' only living heir. Now all of a sudden she's not. Edward doing the hunger strike when he did with the other covens that they had treaties with really caused her to have to overextend her forces. So she learned the hard way and made mistakes. I wanted people to see that she most certainly is not perfect, and that just because Bella finds out she's not biologically related to Renee does not make her life any better.

With Bella I want you to keep something in mind. Think of the way that I have written her character. She is the one who sat around silently for months playing along with Edward and the Cullens' game of pretending to be human and never gave them a sign that she really knew. She completely caught them off guard. She does not trust easily at all. And she also found out during that time period that Charlie and Renee had lied to her about her brain injury all of her life "for her own good." I hope by seeing the dialogues (mental ones) that Edward has overheard from Leah you also see that she never told Leah anything about Edward. At all. Or Seth. Or Sue. Or Harry. Or Charlie. So why then, with something like Edward and his family (which is big, mind you) if she kept her mouth shut because she kept her word that she would - would she start talking now - now when she has absolutely no reason to trust Edward and the Cullens? Or Arria. She will wake up soon, but don't expect her to be forthcoming with information. Hope that made sense. :)


Reviewer: fanficreader83 (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 06:01 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

So we definitely learned more about Bella during Edward's time away... she developed some powers and had many tragic things going on around her and to her... I am very curious about the flashback in which she says that she is stronger than she appears... I also think it was quite appropriate for Edward to claim that same thing at the end.  There is so much still to learn about these two!

I am curious if we will learn more about Paula and also about you mentioning the first part of this story... do we get any hints or should I go and revisit it to see if I can make sense of things... I must be honest though that I love this story but am always surprised... I like to think that I can figure things out while I am reading but I am always finding myself surprised, pleasantly so as I am so enthralled with this story!

Author's Response:

Hi there fanficreader83!

Thanks so much for your feedback. And what you had to say about the flashback made my night. To me, I thought it would be interesting in this story to raise the issue of strength. Who is stronger? Edward or Bella? Because to me both are strong and weak in different ways. Edward has endured emotional hell - self inflicted - but emotional hell for seven decades without cracking. It raises the issue of whether that is strength or a sign of his mental illness. Bella for her part has endured all sorts of things that would send the average human screaming for a bottle of Xanax. And yet she's still kicking. After everything she had been through, for her to act the way she did in the throne room to save the children - to me that showed strength. How she treated her father at the end of this chapter - that took courage. So I wanted to show how both are frail, yet strong.

You will not get any hints about Paula from the first part of the story. Not any you could discern at this point so it wouldn't be fair for me to send you back to read for it. I'll tell you that much. You also will learn more about that situation yes. Promise.

And thanks so much for your kind words on the plot. I try very hard to make it unpredictable without giving the audience the sensation that the twists don't make any sense. I'm still new to this whole writing dealio so I've been learning as I progress. :)



Reviewer: JaJiTaXx (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 05:24 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

hi there books!.... i must really love this story, because i've had a MASSIVE headache all day and i read it anyway... 

Bella teleported... mmm... WOW!!!.... that was unexpected to say the least.... 

we can finally know what the hell happened with Bella all those months... mmm... so, she really tried to kill herself, even if it was as a mean to escape, or save everyone... idk.... 

Paula is dead... mmm... 

and why in the hell Jacob is a wolf?.... 



Author's Response:

Hi there JaJiTaXx!

I am so sorry to hear about your poor head. I hope that you feel better soon. I can't even think when I had a headache, so I admire your determination and strength. :)

I did set the stage for teleportation throughout the story with the Fake Canadians appearing and disappearing in How Bout Dem Apples - and Edward was teleported by the Gorgon not once, but twice. So I figured it could happen to Bella. For the record, she could not do that when Edward was in town. And we finally have some glimpses into what happened to Bella. The challenge for the Cullens will be finding out the truth. Arria is in a bad spot because if she tells everything she knows then a) she makes herself look bad because she was supposed to be guarding Bella - and failed, and more importantly; b) Arria does not think it really is the Cullens' business what happened to Bella. Edward dumped her. They left. End of story as far as she is concerned. She will not blocked Edward and Bella being together, but she's not going to make it easy on Edward. She also because she does not have an understanding of mental health, really does not see the importance of why anyone should know what happened to Bella. She might show a few things more, but when it comes to what she knows of Bella's thoughts, Arria's lips are sealed. Her mind, too.

Edward said that something horrible must have happened in order for Jacob to be a wolf. Because Paula herself admitted that he would make a horrible one. And she feared if she turned him, he would end up dead because he is not all that intelligent. So you ask a very good question. You'll find out more on that in the next few chapters.



Reviewer: TraceyJ (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 05:00 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

ROFLMAO!  Good God. This is still hysterical.... My fave part?

The second I saw the moron, I was yanking that wolf status. I saw his beady little eyes and drooling rapscallion rubbery lips in my mind, as I heard her ribs crack beneath his hands. He'd make an ugly wolf, anyway. And a stupid one, too. And if Victoria's troops had attacked, factoring in his stupidity, how was he still alive? That merited further consideration. Jacob Black was the cockroach of my life. 

*slapping leg laughing* Seriously?  I know it wasn't good with Paula dying and all...But I didn't know that when I first read this! Damn... Oh and the snarky summary at the beginning?  Priceless!  Can't wait for more..... This really is a soap opera.....absoutely genius!


Author's Response:

Hi there TraceyJ!

*sniffs* I prefer Epic Saga thank you very much. LOL. I'm delighted that you are enjoying Edward's hissy fit over Jacob. I mean the poor guy only risked his cojones several times to save Bella - who for the record her really does not like all that much having his Father insist that he had to marry her his entire life - when Jacob is kind of sort of jealous of her. He sees Charlie as the father he always wanted and when Bella came to town, it always meant two things. First, Billy would start yammering that he had to marry her, and second, he'd see less of Charlie. So here's Jacob who is not the sharpest tool in the shed being heroic and standing up for Bella and really saving her life and all Edward can think about is that he broke her ribs, put his lips on here and therefore, must die. Glad the man has his priorities straight.

I've already got the next chapter written. Kinda. :) I'll post it as soon as I can. Thanks so much for your review! You made me laugh. :)



Reviewer: Rgwmnks (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 04:48 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

Whew, I think I held my breath through most of this chapter.  A lot of info in here.  I am not real sure that I believe Arria.  I mean, she seems to have her own agenda here.  I am hoping that she is wrong because if not then we have lost Paula and that imbecile Jacob really is a wolf.  I am anxious for them to all get back to Forks.  I really want to hear from Bella on all the stuff that has happened while Edward was running away, looking for Vickie, or whatever.  He did not make sure that Bella was properly taken care of.  It seems that his leaving to protect those he loved had quite opposite effect.  Like I said, i hope these are fabricated visions.
I'll be here when the next chapter is posted, until them I will be sure that I have an inhaler ready at the helm. :o)

Great Chapter.

Author's Response:

Hi there Rgwnmks!

There is indeed a lot of info on these chapters. That's why to me it was easier to break them into smaller units and post every few days to give people time to digest. The family trees by Mizra really do help, too. If you remember the first part of the story, Jacob really is a wolf. Seriously. Swear. Go read Lies, Dreams, and Schemes. They'll be in Forks soon. Promise. Keep in mind, Bella is not in any shape to do any talking right now - even if she wasn't catatonic. The visions you saw ARE true. So with that in mind, put yourself in her shoes. Edward loves her one day and proposes and the next day tells her it was all a lie. His family who said they'd be gone for 3 days does not come back when all Hell breaks loose. Would you trust them after what she's been through? And does Bella strike you as the talkative type?

The sad thing about Edward is that he really did make an honest effort to make sure that Bella was protected. Arria has a HUGE coven. He left her in their care. So Arria here is really looking every bit as bad as he does because Bella is human for crying out loud and Arria should have been able to watch over her better. And Arria failed to protect the Forks area from Victoria (more on that next chapter). Plus, he thought that the wolf-pack would protect Bella. So they kinda sorta fell down on the job, too. and then there was Paula, the shaman. She should have contacted Edward if there was a problem. They had a link. And she didn't. So I realize at first glance Edward looks like an ass - and this is not intended whatsoever to take away from the horrible things he said to her when he dumped her. But he really did believe she would be safe and took measures to ensure it. Too bad reality had other ideas. Edward in his mind, was leaving for a suicide mission. He did not expect to survive killing Victoria. In his mind, it would be far easier for him to die, than for Victoria to get her hands on Jasper And Mary Alice. So in his mind he was making a sacrifice to show his family how much they mattered. He also, to be clear, was choosing them over Bella.

And you will need your seat belt and an inhaler is a great idea. Maybe a brown paper sack. :) *evil grin*



Reviewer: jenejes (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 04:21 PM · On: Prologue: Bella, Sex, and Privacy

sweet! I like Evil Marcus. You don't get to see it in many of the stories, and I'm truly truly stoked to see what he (you) come up with.


Now that you mention how you wanted it to come across, I can see it. Something like "Angela...Wright..Warner..Walker. or whatever. Angela W. That."

But I digress. I've started writing my own all human, cuz I'm afraid of the Vampverse if I mess it up ;-) I wanted to thank you for giving me the "nuts" to put my thoughts to paper..or screen

Author's Response:

Oh hon, I mess up the vampverse all the time. No one has tried to put me over the coals for it. If you want to write a vamp story - go for it! Seriously! One of the nice things about AU is that if I wanted to change a character's name, I could do it, cause it's AU. So really, let your muses loose.

And I'll probably do the Walllker...webbster..dealio in the next chapter. I had considered that too, but worried that I just had too much going on. I knew if I got Mike's name wrong everyone would really be confizzled.

I am having so much fun with Marcus. Glad you are enjoying him. He's such a fun character. Jasper's having a man-crush.


Reviewer: jenejes (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 04:01 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

I couldn't have them terrorizing Angela Walker I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this should be Webber.

Anyway, wow. So, this is so getting f-ed up right about now. I LOVE the family trees.

Okay, so Edward is realizing a)he's been gone a LOT longer than he ever thought. b) he left his family/friends in a heap of trouble he could never imagine and c) Bella is never going to forgive him...

Holy Douglas' nuts, this is one hell of a ride. What are the Telecles going to do about Maria and reunite Aro with his son? They are so powerful, it shouldn't take much to find her and teleport her to Volterra, right? Gah, this story is fun!


lots of love


Author's Response:

Hi Jene!


You're not the bearer of bad news. Thanks for catching that. :) And the family trees are awesome. I think, when I initially wrote the Angela part, I put the name in wrong because I wanted to show Edward was still not quite there. Upon second reading, that doesn't come through.

Eve was Aro's daughter. She's dead, really dead. So Aro could only be reunited with her (and his mate, too) by Edward showing them Arria's memories of her. It's Caius who has the son who was kidnapped and turned into an immortal child. I didn't put Caius family in the family trees.

The Telecles clan has not even started with maria. That's all I'm saying. :) *evil grin*

I can tell you they will not be finding her and teleporting her to Volterra. What they have in mind is much more painful.



Reviewer: LJ Summers (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 03:42 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

OH WOW. I love the family tree montage by Mizra!!!

This whole story is much more portentous here at Twilighted than in a doc. Just sayin'. Still, when you're done, I'm totally begging it from you.

Looking forward to Marcus' gettin' down and dirty (or looking down and dirty. or thinking dirty, anyway) on their next steps.

OH and your summaries are to die for. If the people with Sparks or Cliffs Notes wrote like this, lit books would sit, collecting dust, even on the shelves of lit majors.

Author's Response:

Hi there LJ!

I nod in humble thanks - you helped make this happen. Couldn't have done it without you. Seriously. I like that I can put all the pictures here at Twilighted compared to the format at ff, where I have to put the link in and hope people click on it. I had sooo much fun writing Marcus' romp through Romania - he'll only be there a few hours. But still. And many thanks for the summaries. I write them last and they are hard to do. I have to be in the right snarky mindframe. :)

Thanks so much for all your help. Starched Shirt Edward is waving at you. Douglas wants to remind you he has all the nuts in this picture. All the ones that matter.


Reviewer: anniebme (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 12:00 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Seventeen - When the Fur Flies

favorite scene - edward and emmett in the morning.  touching.

Author's Response:

I had a lot of fun writing that. Edward is not a toucher. At all. :)

Thanks for the review anniebme - you got a shoud out in the chapter that is in the queue about to be posted.




Reviewer: June (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2010 06:14 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty - The Lies That Bind

How I would love to hear our Crazy Little Thing Called...Edward talk in "dog" voice to Marginal Dog.  You know, that voice we all talk to dogs in, like they're babies or something, "Well aren't you just the cutest widdle sweetie pie in the whole world.  Does you want your bwelly scwatched?  You does dwont you?"

I loved the brief interaction between Alice and Bella.  No, there's nothing out of the ordinary going on, it's not been 8 months since you've heard from me...all is normal, nothing to see here.

What I wouldn't give to see the inside of Jugg's cave.  I can only imagine...

Though I was surprised at his willingness to throw out the term "milf" in reference to his future/current-ish mother in law.  I hope someday we get to see Edward's realization of what, exactly, his subconscious was thinking at the time.

By the way, there is no bad day that a few minutes on Urban Dictionary can't turn around.  I'm sure Jugg's has it bookmarked.

I know this is a pivotal point in the story, but I am starting to miss Edward/Bella interaction.  I will be patient though, because I know you know what you are doing, dear author.

Can't wait to

Author's Response:

The next chapter is posted on, and is in the queue at Twilighted. I think that it is visually better looking in Twilighted, but that doesn't mean you can't pop over to ff and read it and then come and see it when it goes up on Twilighted. Just sayin. :)

I really can't see Edward even talking to a child like that, although you are making me laugh. Oh, we'll definitely see more of Jugurtha's cave. The library has received too much attention, methinks. Now that Edware really needs the predator to help him navigate the new jungle of his life, we'll have more sessions in that cave. I was trying with the Milf reference to do two things - one to have Jugurthat still a little out of character in order to show that Edward is not quite where he needs to be. Jugurtha very clearly said earlier that since he now knew that Vivinna was his Grandmother-in-law she was off the list of attractive women, and yet now he's saying the opposite. I also wanted to show with Edward's clueless ness over the words a way of dramatizing that he kind of sort of admired her for slugging him but didn't know how to mentally express it in a way that sounded appropriate.

I know you miss Edward and Bella, I do, too. But right now she's really is catatonic, and will be for 24 hours and I don't want to do a time passes at jump to that point without "showing" how people around her react, esp. what the brave new reality the cullens now find themselves in. She will wake up as soon as they get to Forks. The flashbacks you see are supposed to be the clashing of past/present/and future. For example, with the tree at the beginning, I wanted to show how biased Edward was. He has multiple degrees in biology, and yet fails to see the tree for what the academic side of him should recognize. Bella has to be the one to point that out. He sees the trees as either dead or dying, burdended by the moss. She sees that the trees are alive even after they've fallen to the ground and others consider them to be dead. Kind of like she's trying to tell him that if she were a vampire, she's still be every bit as alive. He totally misses that point. And keep in mind in the last chapter when Marcus said that although she was too weak to be turned, he would see that she was, Bella looked heartbroken. So the question remains how did she get from "I want to be a vampire and spend eternity with you," to "I really don't want to get turned."

As ever thank so much for your support of the story and for always making me think. :)



Jugurtha is throwing orchid petals and avalanche lilies at you

Reviewer: anniebme (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2010 09:52 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Fourteen - Phantasms, Families, and Fantasies

oooohhhhh!!!! what's up cliffhanger!!!!!!  its a good thing i don't have to wait for the next chapter - i don't know what i would have done had i started this when you did!!!!

Author's Response:

I post regularly and I make sure that I really post on time if I do what I call an informational cliff hanger, Anniebme. Cause you know from the front part of the story that ExB are in one piece - so there's only so much I can do in this section as far as cliffes go *wails*

The gloves are totally off when we're done with this arc. Kidding. Not. :)

Thanks so much for the review! You are heading into the mystery part of the story. I've planted clues everywhere. :)



Reviewer: sexysadie13 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2010 06:58 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty - The Lies That Bind

Hey...sorry I didn't get to leave a review on the last chapter.  It's been a while since I could get on the 'net.  Anyways, I loved this and the last chapter.  Edward seems to be coming out of the closet - I mean, pyschosis.  Hopefully he'll truly realize what a dumb ass he was for leaving her in the first place - especially now that he's seen the damage by Victoria - or, Annie - geez, can't they just keep they're real names?! jk. Hopefully, with Bella being like, royalty of the Vampverse and all, Tanya, Victoria, and oh, maybe good 'ole Charlie Swan could use a "talkin' to" by Marcus and his clan? I don't know whose dick Tanya is gonna have to su-....wait, succomb to in order to get out of the mess she creates for herself in the future, but it should be a good story to tell everyone over drinks.  I bet Mike and Jessica even get in the fun! I am really interested in seeing how all of this plays out - and your story is still TOTALLY my favorite! I can't wait for the next episode of As Edward is (almost)Burned- and-ripped-to-bits-by-all-of-Bella's-immortal-relatives. Haha - can't wait!

Author's Response:

Hi there sexysadie13!

I am always delighted for feedback whenever I can get it. Please don't feel like you have to apologize. I totally understand how RL can get in the way. :) And you are seeing what I have been trying to show, his gradual emergence into the big bad world.

And he will most definitely get it. Promise. Mizra is working on a family tree that will help everyone figure out the names dealio. And I think you will be entertained by Marcus when he gets to Forks. And I'm totally dying over your Tanya comment. She would like me to tell you that it's quality not quantity that matters. And you will see more of Mike and Jessica most definitely.

I'm having fun with the next two chapters at present. I'll get them up as soon as I can. :)



Reviewer: summerc79 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2010 03:47 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty - The Lies That Bind


How are you my books lover friend? Joigned SSE's choral back yet?

First thing I wanted to say, and I have quite a few... I that for some reason, while there are quite a few things happening in this chapter, the pace of the story seemed - to me - much slower than usual. On the story ECG, this chapter have fallen a point on two compared to the previous ones. It's still alive and kicking though ;)

Aah! the (brief) return of Dream Edward. We missed him. Then again Im holding him hostage in MY dreams most nights so I guess that could explain his absence...

The things you do for love and the right scent! Enduring the smell of human food, even have it coating your fingers, all in the name of your little bottle cap's well being. As we say in French: "C'est beau le dévouement" in other words: Devotion is beautiful.

You've got to admit that after everything poor Edward has been going through lately he deserves some one on one time with his Dear little one. Yet he cant seem to get there, with the Family, in-laws and a dog hanging around like a bad smell (hmmm think the Quileute powers could help with that?), granted E & B need their help and support but after all they are technically newly-weds thanks to Marcus so...

Hey, about Bella's gyrfalcons, do you think they might have sparked an ornithology interest in Edward? You know, that it could give him something to do/study once or if his life turns back to being normal bordeline boring - as in no intruder to keep away from algae lover's soul?

Arria & Edward (and Marcus?) holding hands... well, why did that generate in my over-working mind the image of them dancing in traditional costume to the sound of folk music?? Although the result of their "handy work" - the coloured shield - should rather evoke some music that SSE would definitely not approve of (you know, the whole Mardi Gras decadence)

Of course, Genghis had to go die on Edward...why not have Bella be non-responsive while we're at it?? Ooh, hang on, that's happened to. Damn! Someone has it in for E! lol and mouth to mouth to the mutt?? Once again, the things you do for love and your Dear little one.

Bella's sorry state. That was the perfect excuse to use "Mea Culpa" there. Just saying... ;) ok, ok, technically you did. But your latin streak should have come out to play. Bet it was dying to! Admit it! hahaha Thank God for Jugurtha's catalogues by the way. They will no doubt help channel and diffuse SSE anger. As for Edward, well he should have made a better assessment of her. After all, isnt he a doctor. Twice. Professional? But ok, he'll be forgiven this time - and this time only! he's been warned - since he himself isnt in top form at the moment. Still... Tsk, tsk, tsk

The return of Hezekiah. Yay! Missed him and his wisdom. All we need now is Douglas.

Scorned wives. A real plague, Im telling you! Poor Jasper. And Bella. And Edward... At least Marcus was understanding. Ever thought of giving Edward a voodoo doll to help with some of his problems? There's got to be the vampire kind somewhere. In Transylvania or something.

Even with all these new developments, our favourite Mountain Lion lover can take comfort in that Marcus has declared him and Bella mated. Take that, suckers!!! Literally!! Ha! He does need a healthy dose of Bottle Cap cuddling though. Come on, have a heart. His is beating. Sometimes. Have mercy! You're big hearted like that. I know ;)

Author's Response:

Hi there summerc79!

Bronchitis sucks. :( You are absolutely right about the pacing. I'm not used to splitting chapters into smaller arcs so a little bit of this is touch and go. I love that phrase, "devotion is beautiful" because to me it shows the irony. Edward did a lot of things that were quite ugly to "show" his devotion. And he did some lovely things as well. And you are right that Edward has been through a considerable ordeal. Now put yourself in Bella's place. She fell head over heels for him, he swept her off her feet (literally), saved her life a time or two, proposed marriage, and then dumped her the next day. Would you want to be alone with him? Would you want to be near his family - you know the ones who told you how welcome you were in the family, that they'd be gone a few days and never came back? I wouldn't.

And Bella, being Marcus' human heir - Edward will never have spare time on his hands to take up new avocations. He's going to have to help her 24/7. And I'm totally laughing at your proper use of mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa. See Starched Shirt Edward would say that. Main Edward would think it in English. And yes, it was a remarkable feat of self-control to keep from bursting into Latin, I channeled it by doing more research. :) And you have pointed to something that is most definitely relevant. Edward SHOULD have made a better assessment of her. The fact that he didn't is a sign of him not being quite right at the time. Douglas is waiting in the wings impatiently. We will also be introducing a love interest for him.

Edward definitely could use voodoo. :)

I said something to a friend of mine who was writing a NM AU about the reuinion part. I told her that Edward had to earn that first kiss back. And that's how I feel about CC Edward. You do have my promise that I won't drag it out. He does have to earn back Bella's trust. The Cullens, too. And if you look at how she treated her own parents? Problems.I am big-hearted when it suits me. *mwa-ha-ha*

Thanks so much for the review and making me think about my story. You made my night. :)



Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2010 12:12 PM · On: Prologue: Bella, Sex, and Privacy

I wonder if you made the wolves bad?

Author's Response:

Like the Quileutes turned on Bella while the Cullens were gone? No. Definitely not. :)

Swear. Deranged author's honor. :) Thanks for the review!



Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2010 11:40 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty - The Lies That Bind

Poor Genghis! I wonder how Victoria had managed to hurt Bella as bad as she did. Edward is  in a lot of trouble now. I feel so bad for Bella! I wonder what caused the scratch marks?

Author's Response:

You'll find out soon. Promise. :)

Thanks for the review. Genghis is woofing at you.



Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2010 08:46 AM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Thirty-Nine - Desperate Times Create Disparate Vampires

Great chapter! Poor doggy! Stench deserved everything he got!

Author's Response:

Stench did indeed! And officially, just so you know. I haven't even started torturing stench. :) *evil grin*

Thanks so much for the review!



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