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Reviews For Cullenary Coupling
Reviewer: RebeccaJ1973 (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2019 11:48 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Eight: Something Fetid This Way Blows

I have a sneaking suspicion of just who baby girl O'Shea is and, if I'm correct about that as well as what I suspect she could do, just why a certain Quileute wants her blood in his lines.

(By the way, I'm guessing you're throwing out the background SM has given for the tribe's ancestry in this story???  Ephriam Black, Quil Attera, and Levi Uley were the 3 wolves the Cullens encountered in the 1930's, but since only one of those are mentioned with a first name correctly placed with a last, I figured it was probably best to pretend I knew any of their ancestry.)  

Reviewer: RebeccaJ1973 (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2019 11:37 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Eight: Something Fetid This Way Blows

I have no doubt Emmett would be pea green (or maybe a pale green given his vampiric nature) over all the fun Edward had playing with Bella's pesky "suitor" :D

Reviewer: RebeccaJ1973 (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2019 04:44 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness Part Six - Bonkers

2 little-known-facts-of-lesser-interest (my father's word for trivial information, though the second one is not exactly 'little-known') that wouldn't let up in my head while reading this...   

1- Cockroaches are not native to the Pacific Northwest nor do they generally last very long there when they are brought in as stow-aways among belongings of people moving there from climates that do support them (I've lived in Texas most of my life, but my husband and I lived near Portland, Oregon for the first three years of our marriage.  Some of the boxes we had had stored in our garage in Austin apparently had some hitchhikers, all of whom died not long after our arrival.  This was during the years 1996-1999 and the Twilight stories take place in 2005 and 2006, so I shouldn't think it would have changed much - though I do allow for the possiblity).

2- Edward's human life occurred from 1901-1918, but the Catholic church made significant changes after that time (most during Vatican II) including ones relevant to fasting during Lent (these changes resulted from a document called Paenitemini).  Given that this story has Edward paying very little attention to the humans around him during his immortal years prior to meeting Bella, it seems odd to me that he and Starch-Collar Edward's annual argument would apply the more lenient rules for Lent that didn't come about until several decades after his change. [I don't like any fish other than occasional tuna salad - and I'm super-picky about even that - and am allergic to shellfish, so Fridays during Lent were always hard on me growing up in a strict Catholic family.  My mother's response to my complaints was always to point out how much stricter the rules were when she was growing up - we weren't allowed to talk back, so I never got to point out that 1) she actually likes fish so it wasn't the same thing at all, and 2) she couldn't possibly have hated it as much as I did or she wouldn't be inflicting it on her own children!  I was relieved when I got my driver's license at 16 and could drive to Taco Bell for some bean burritos every Friday during Lent!!! :D]

I'm sure you've heard this last gripe a number of times by now, but I'm going to say it anyway.. Why, why, why do you have to make Charlie a bad parent? :(  Mostly I've laughed at the humorous changes you've made to various supporting characters but I like Charlie (and Seth) just the way he is in the books.  This Charlie is not likeable at all!

Reviewer: RebeccaJ1973 (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2019 03:11 AM · On: Chapter 3: Propositions and Practice

I'm keep reminding myself this is AU so the canon content is not necessarily applicable, but I find I am stuck on one thing from this chapter (well, one really big thing among all the other small stuff)... I cannot imagine how Jasper and Carlisle, much less Edward, could possibly believe that beginning his marriage with a whopper of a lie, repeated acts of deception, and a broken promise could bode well their future as a couple (Emmett's exclusion from that last was intentional as he is the only one of the four Cullen men who I could actually believe would do something that stupid).

Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2017 03:26 PM · On: Chapter Eight - Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-One - The Sounds of Silence and War

Excellent story so far!! Stuped Edward. lol I hope Paula is not really dead, i liked her.

Reviewer: DayDreamerCozmo (Signed) · Date: November 20, 2016 03:55 AM · On: Chapter Eight: Heart of Darkness - Part Forty-Seven - But Forgiveness is Divine

Okay I get that poor Bella was embarassed but she has too take her medication for God's sake and it was too much of a big deal for everyone to act like suchill assholes. vice principal office? really ? and ando soon as she finds out that yes Bella needs to take her medication  she still punishes him? 

Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: September 26, 2016 02:24 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Twenty-Five: Technically I Did Not Sleep With Her on the First Date

Great story so far!!! Cant wait to read more!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: April 21, 2016 02:23 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Seven - My Queen

Great story! I think Edward is a little too protective but i like how you incorporated Bella being clumsy to having a brain trauma when younger. Cant wait to read more! onward ho!

Author's Response:

I've made Edward overprotective to the point of satire to kind of mock the books. I'm glad that you are enjoying the story! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: blue2185 (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2016 09:24 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness Part One - Pride and Tribulation

Great story so far. I have been wanting to read this for so many years and im just now going through my favorites and came across this. im trying to read my favorites inorder. i love how this is long but its sooooo long! I cant wait to continue this journey with you. I loved the grocery store part with Tanya, that was awesome. Thanks for a great story. Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! You made my day. The thing to remember about the length of this story is that while I could have broken it into four separate stories, because I start out in the present and then have the world's longest fanfiction flashback (which is the majority of the story) before ending up in the present, it's long. Really long. I didn't think breaking it up would help the audience and didn't want to have to advertise a new story when it really was the same one. But yeah, that's a double-edged sword. I had way too much fun with Tanya. She's a riot. She ends up being a cool character later on. 





Reviewer: twelvepointfive (Signed) · Date: November 14, 2014 04:24 PM · On: Prologue: Bella, Sex, and Privacy

I've just read your first author's note, no further than that. You may be interesting. I'm intrigued.


I'll be back with something more substantial when I can think properly, and have read and digested.

Author's Response:

Hi there twelvepointfive!

Thanks so much for you kind words! I should warn you I have a sick and depraved sense of humor. :) Hope you enjoy the story.


Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2014 03:16 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Seventeen - When the Fur Flies

I feel that Paula is definitely the best choice for shaman. I wonder will Edward's human traits start to fade now that he has transferred the Quileute power? Hmm... Very interesting plot!

ps Hezekias homegoing  scene made me feel very happy :-)

Author's Response:

On Edward? No. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2014 02:41 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Thirteen - Hitchcock

I think practice makes perfect, Edward! Keep it up, good man! Pun totally intended! Lol

by the way, very proud of Mary Alice and Rose! They will be great sisters to Bella - especially after she's turned... She will be turned and Edwards Real Wife someday soon, right?

Author's Response:

Hy chyla1,

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I wanted to flesh out the relationship between Bella and the sisters. No comment on Bella being turned. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: October 04, 2014 12:00 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Ten - Heartbeats and Lullabies

This is my favorite chapter yet! What an emotional roller coaster our Edward is enduring. I am actually pretty happy for him that he is getting an opportunity to experience some bit of human-ness not humanity - as the Cullen's are more genteel and humane than any real people I know. I feel his experiences are drawing him closer to the family and his beloved - all he has to do is continue on and persevere though this journey- continue the reconciliation.... I had tears in my eyes reading the last bit...very well written! 

The plot has definitely thickened and I am chomping at the bit to see how this all flushes out! I'm really excited that Edward will give Bella his locket soon and commit to being a real boyfriend! Kudos to you for allowing Bella's intellect and strength to shine here! They need each other - the protection and support is not one sided!

Well done Books :-D

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: October 02, 2014 06:59 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Nine - Legacy

Wow! So much happened here! Where do I begin? Well, I think the jade pendant is a type of protective amulet - to protect against vampires? I noticed Mrs OShea removed it to accept the Cullen's care... Is the pendant coupled with the shapeshifter power making Edward human? In so intrigued....Yay!

And Charlie? Huh, he child is near death and not even a phone call? No Father's Day tie for him! Ever! 

Cant wait to read on!


Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2014 11:09 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Eight: Something Fetid This Way Blows

Boy I don't know who to dislike most between the Blacks, Charlie, or Renee. I'm seriously hoping that the Cullen's whisk Bella away to their home, so we can be rid of these imbeciles entirely. 

Jake is a sad case.. I hope he pulls it together or smartens up! Will he ever be able to change into wolf form? Does he really not have the gene, or is it latent?

Author's Response:

Hi there, chyla1. Thanks so much for your review! Bella's parents aren't very sympathetic in this story - although Charlie might grow on you. 

I wanted to do something different with Jake in this story. I didn't want to do a love triangle - but did want to show why Jake would want to be with Bella irrationally. No comment on Jake's future wolfness. Don't want to ruin the plot. You will however get an answer to that question. :)



Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2014 06:24 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness Part Six - Bonkers

Wow you were very thorough in your research for this chapter. Very impressive. It was a little long, and Edward is a little, shall we say, "extra" in his caregiver mode, but I am still here. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response:

Hi there, chyla1!

Thanks so much for the review! I had perhaps too much fun with that chapter. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it. SSE is waving at you. :)


Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2014 05:39 PM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness - Part Three - EdBargo

 I am so happy with the way we're progressing. He so in right now and doesn't even know it! And glad that Bella is starting to heal!

Author's Response:

Just keep remembering Edward won't truly realize how in love he is until he calls her "My Bella" He's very good at coming up with rationalizations that explain things away. Thanks for reviewing! I'm delighted you are enjoying the story. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2014 09:12 AM · On: Chapter 8: Heart of Darkness Part One - Pride and Tribulation

I really appreciate this chapter. Yes I HAVE wondered those things...what makes these two tick. Your background here is very plausible -I accept it, along with the liberties you've taken, and thank you for the insight into his soul. I can't wait to read on - things are getting interesting. 

Author's Response:

I had a lot of confused readers when I first posted this chapter. Thus, the AN. I thought that Edward would be a whole lot more difficult in a relationship after all his issues. So I had fun with this. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2014 08:31 AM · On: Chapter 6: Lies, Dreams, and Schemes

This was a good read! I have to admit - I really think I actually like Jane from what I've read so far...I hope she doesn't break my heart later. Anyhow..reading on now...


Author's Response:

No worries on Jane. She's entertaining in this story. Promise. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2014 02:26 PM · On: Chapter 5: Indecent Exposure at the Thriftway on Aisle Three: Shameless Hussy Part Three

Too damn funny! Hope Yorkie posts it on YouTube 

Author's Response:

He is a man of his word. Promise. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2014 02:04 PM · On: Chapter 5: Indecent Exposure at the Thriftway on Aisle Three: Shameless Hussy Part Two

Funny chapter! Just imagining Jasper's pouty look lol! Oh boy, cannot wait th see what Tanya and Emmett have in store for those busybodies!

Author's Response:

Hi there chyla1,

Thanks so much for reading. I like the idea of Tanya and Emmett ganging up on the world. :) Both of them in their own ways are equally tactless. 

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2014 01:24 PM · On: Chapter 5: Indecent Exposure at the Thriftway on Aisle Three: Shameless Hussy Part One

I was really digging the chapter,well until all hell broke loose! I'm kinda not liking this Tanya - just about as much as I hate her in other fics. For a small second there I thought Irina was gonna bust out the ace and tell Edward what Tanya did! I really hope she gets her just desserts... She really out of line and way overdue for some karmic payback! 

Ps is she psychotic or something? I mean in the clinical terms... This obsession with Edward to the point of delusion is pretty scary!

Author's Response:

I wanted to make fun of the Tanya character when I wrote this by making her self-involved to the point of parody. In my mind, she does not, nor has she ever loved Edward. Her ego just can't handle rejection. I do have to say as the story evolved, the Tanya character became a lot more entertaining. I do think you will really like her if you keep reading. 

And don't give up on Irina. She's awesome. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 02:23 PM · On: Chapter 4: Homework Was Never Supposed To Be This Much Fun

Oh damn! The homework was going along swimmingly, now this... 

Author's Response:

I do have a depraved sense of humor. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2014 11:41 AM · On: Chapter 3: Propositions and Practice

Still here! A lot going on in this chapter... So...Vulcan undeath grip, huh.. Very funny! Loves me some Spock! Can't wait to see what the homework entails, lol!

Author's Response:

Had to put something in there that was completely ridiculous. :)

Reviewer: chyla1 (Signed) · Date: July 09, 2014 09:03 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Tanya and the Bachelor Party Bet

Wish I could've been at that party! Can't wait to read next chapter!

Author's Response:

Delighted you are enjoying the story. Thanks for reading! :)

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