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Reviews For The Blizzard
Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 09:35 PM · On: Chapter 9


Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 09:13 PM · On: Chapter 8


Reviewer: MarieS (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 6

Why are you writing FF, you should be sending your exceptional work to publishers. x

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 08:52 PM · On: Chapter 7

OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: midnightgirl (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 08:39 PM · On: Chapter 9

oh no.... he has to give in to her!! i love this story so much, please update again soon.

Reviewer: MarieS (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 08:21 PM · On: Chapter 5

You made me cry, not many FFs do that to me horny yes but cry no,this is very very good writing.

Reviewer: iced blood (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 08:13 PM · On: Chapter 9

someone better be at the door to stop that man. if he leaves that will kill both of them. i really hate when this happens. he knows that when he left last time she was in bad shape, now he wants to leave again?! again joe or angela or anyone better stop him before he leaves.

Reviewer: MarieS (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 07:45 PM · On: Chapter 4

Poor Bella.

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 07:24 PM · On: Chapter 3

Holy crow I cried....  damn it only a handful of stories have made me cry but wow!!!

Reviewer: VampyreAngel (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 07:07 PM · On: Chapter 8

Really loving it! Suggestion: Mike had made an extra key, sneaks in on Bella and Edward at night. Edward kicks his butt throughly, throws him out (or they call 911) and change the locks! Sweet revenge ;)

Reviewer: k80cue (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 07:03 PM · On: Chapter 9


You cant leave it there - Please stop Edward from doing what I think he is going to do - he cant walk on her again.

Make him go into the bedroom and make it up to her.

I promise to review every chapter from now on if you get Edward to go into the bedroom and make it all better - see I'm not against using blackmail.

Cant wait for the next update

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 06:51 PM · On: Chapter 2

Great Work, love his POV since he can't speak!

Reviewer: Purple Akua (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 06:42 PM · On: Chapter 9

SO. MUCH. ANGST. Poor poor Bella!! I hope he doesn't leave again!! I loved the few more glimpses into Edward's old life that we got in this chapter, as well as his interaction with Joe. He should listen to Joe!! I also loved how subtly he and Bella can communicate, and how even though he's always quiet, she could feel that it was a different sort of quiet. I thought that was really lovely. Tanks for the quick updates, so excited for more!!!

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 06:27 PM · On: Chapter 1

Just found your story holy first chap!!!!!   If this is a foretelling of things to come you have me hooked!!!!  Great Work!

Reviewer: DrHannibalLedford (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 05:44 PM · On: Chapter 9

He's going to leave without telling her, isn't he? The bozo! Grrrr.....

Reviewer: BreyonnaMorgan (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 05:31 PM · On: Chapter 9

Damn, he's a dumb ass.

Reviewer: nessie88 (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 05:16 PM · On: Chapter 9

Don't you dare leave, Edward!!! ;)

Reviewer: Shirl3yM (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 04:42 PM · On: Chapter 9

I've written a review for a story/chapter before.  I'll admit that I'm one of those people that will read and read, and since a lot (well, most) of it was written awhile ago, it doesn't seem necessary to write anything.  Even those that are recently done, I don't have much to say and it seems trite to just say, "Yeah, it was good."  I hate that when I get that feedback because I want more.

A few chapters ago, you brought me to tears... when he left her with his dog tags.  You have a way of invoking emotion and keeping me hooked into the story.  I really look forward to seeing a new chapter posted.  Although, knowing that it can cause me to be sad, makes me think twice (only momentarily) to read it at that moment (usually before I leave for work).  But I can't help myself and start to read it the instant I see it.

I want to smack Edward, although I understand why he thinks the way he does.  I love that you brought Joe in to (hopefully) smack that sense into Edward and that Edward does have a friend.  I hope that he doesn't leave.  That the pain that he doesn't want to cause Bella, which clearly he has, makes him go into her room and try to explain where he's coming from and why he did what he did.

Also, I'm really wondering about his ex-wife.  Is Alice his sister or ex-wife?  Since you've mentioned her and we haven't heard anything about it really since then, I'm thinking that Edward and Bella will be separated again or something else happens for Alice to be contacted and Bella will learn about what happened to Edward or why he's the way he is.

Kept up the great storytelling!  I'm enjoying it - even when I get misty! =)  But I do enjoy the happy/fluffy/lemony moments. =)

Reviewer: twilightdiheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 04:12 PM · On: Chapter 9

Oooohhh.  I want to strangle him for her.

Reviewer: PrincessNerra (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 03:34 PM · On: Chapter 9

Wow, what did Edward think he was doing? What he's going to leave and hope that she gets over it?

Reviewer: DancingIris (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 03:32 PM · On: Chapter 9

Oo!! I've read your other story! Looking forward to an update! I really like it. And this one too of course. Are you really gonna make Edward leave? :(

Reviewer: twilightdiheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 03:28 PM · On: Chapter 7

I bet that'll be Mike

Reviewer: twilightdiheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 03:08 PM · On: Chapter 6


Reviewer: twilightdiheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 02:53 PM · On: Chapter 5

Causing problems.  Can you get any help for him?

Reviewer: twilightdiheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 02:47 PM · On: Chapter 4

Why hasn't he been in tough with Alice.

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