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Reviews For Second Chances
Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2012 01:09 PM · On: Chapter 21

this has been so good!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!!

Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2012 03:38 AM · On: Chapter 32

Thank you! Thnak you! Thank you! I am so STOKED tp see a chapter to one of of my Top 3 favorite stories here at Twilighted. I am a happy, happy girl tonight. Keep those phenomenal chapters coming! This is such a well written and mysterious story, it just makes you want more so badly!

Thanks from one of your biggest and bestest fans! :)

Disney Vampire

Author's Response:

HAHA! Youre soooo welcome, sweetie! Glad you loved it!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2012 02:06 AM · On: Chapter 19

ugh, your killing me! LOL

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2012 12:54 AM · On: Chapter 16

Ayee! i didnt' see that coming.


Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 11:13 PM · On: Chapter 14

It's hard to tell that this was your first lemon. It was effing awesome!

Author's Response:

You are tooooo kind, but thank you for that. I love how you said effing. lol!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 10:08 PM · On: Chapter 13

awe, poor edward and bella.  Well, it had to happen sometime. It could have been alot worse.

I sure hope they get some kind of clue leading them to the bad vamp

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 09:32 PM · On: Chapter 12

LOL. What's killing me is that this vamp left his venom at her cabin. That would have been a humongus clue with a neon sign pointing to it!

Author's Response:

I had to say something here. The cops took the evidence, and the Cullens have no idea where her cabin is, or even that she has one. At this point. ;)

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 09:12 PM · On: Chapter 11

wonderful chapter! LOL...Bella has a eating disorder...if only she knew!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 08:25 PM · On: Chapter 10

Damn! But I had a feeling they wouldn't. Ugh. I really hate this stalker guy.

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 08:10 PM · On: Chapter 9

well, its about damned time for the cullens and jake to step in. But I would have readilly accepted the packs help. Still, its a very good chapter!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 07:03 PM · On: Chapter 6

Ugh this is so good. And I have to side with Cathy on this. It's way to soon, as hot as it was to read!

Author's Response:

Gaaah, thank you for saying that. I had some feedback early on that it was moving too slow in the beginning. Granted, I would just love to hop right into the sack with Charlie, this IS supposed to be canon. LOL!

It means a lot that you appreciate that. Thank you.

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 06:35 PM · On: Chapter 5

No i'm more then curious! I understand what it's like to beg for reviews! LOL. 

I'm throughly hooked now! Great chapter!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 06:25 PM · On: Chapter 4

This is a very good chapter! I wonder why the wolves and the Cullen's don't know about the nomad vamp in the area...isn't this their territory?

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 05:43 PM · On: Chapter 2

oh dear, you've got me hooked!

Reviewer: taintedangel30 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 05:33 PM · On: Chapter 1

LOL I promise to be gentle. This is a very good start. There really aren't that many Charlie fics around. This is a nice change!

Author's Response:

A new reader! A new reader that reviews! Can I tell you how much your reviews have made my day today? That, and that you found this little fic? Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu!!!

That's exactly why I decided to write this. For Charlie. I just had to. Check my A/Ns as you go, and you'll see some explanation.

Aw, and you were QUITE gentle, thank you very much. I'll respond to a few of your other reviews too. I hope you're still reading. I just posted the latest chapter yesterday. LOL!

Reviewer: k1942 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2012 05:18 PM · On: Chapter 32

That was wonderful, especially because of how long it took and how much pain was washed away! It brought a tear to my eyes, I don't mind telling you! Super heroes got nothing on Charlie Swan! It was just amazing how the two of them banished the horror of Damian from havimg power over them. Dare I say you did a fabulous job with this moment in their lives! The pink flower ring and proposal was perfect!

Author's Response:

K! Can I just say, I adore your reviews. You're one of the few who've stuck with this fic over the long haul, and what you share is always thoughtful and uplifting. Don't worry about the tear, hon, I was right there with ya. This chapter had to be...just right. For SO many reasons. I didn't want to disappoint, nor did I want to upset anyone out there who might be reading it that had been in a similar situation. Realism plus vampires makes for many an edit. ;) The thing with Damian...yeeeeah, that was an idea I had that I originally thought might be too...dare I say...hokey, but my HammerHips talked it through with me, and gave me the confidence. Bless her. LOL!

So glad you loved it as much as I do, and thanks for leaving such a kind review. <3

Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: July 08, 2012 06:01 AM · On: Chapter 31

Just waiting for the next chapter. I am so excited to see where you are going with this story. I cannot wait to see where the next chapter takes us

Can you loan me your vamp Charlie for even just one night? He is the epitome  of the vampie Charlie  that I would want and he is so desirable. You write him so well as a vamp and I have always looked long and hard for a great story about Charlie  becoming a vampire and lo and behold:  Here he is!  I would just like to borrow him for a litle while! hehehehe....though I know Catherine might not like it....

Anyway, I am looking forward to your next chapter and I hope it comes  sooner  rather than later. I don't think I could take it if I have to wait a year or even a few months for it..Can you post soon?

I really love this story and want to read more, more, more....there is so much more to get to into in it, the Volturi and what role they have in in what happened  to Catherine and Charlie, who the heck was Damien that nasty vamp[ we ahte so much for what he did, and how he is tied to Aro, the Cullens and what if anything the Volturi want with them. Gosh almighty, there is so much ground to cover and I am so excited. PLease post soon!

More chapters! MOre chapters! More chapters! PLease? 

I remain;

Your Ever Faithful Fan


Author's Response:

DV!!!! So glad to see you're still here. Your reviews always make me smile, and this double blessing on one chapter did even more so. And I do believe you're correct in thinking that Catherine would NOT like you borrowing Charlie. LOLLLL!!!  I've just finished Ch 32, at least I think I have, and I'm just waiting on my prereaders and betas. It shouldn't be too much longer. Hint: I think it will be everything you, and I, need. ;)

Yes, you ARE the ever faithful fan. Thanks so much for sticking with me and this fic. It means the world. <3

Reviewer: k1942 (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 10:34 PM · On: Chapter 31

First, let me welcome you back! YAY! It was well worth the wait! I wish there was a way to hug Charlie and Catherine and tell them it absolutely will get better and be okay! What they are dealing with is enough to break your heart. I'm holding fast to the conviction that you will find a way to help them out, and defeat the Volturi once and for all! These are my favorite vampires and wolves, so they must have a happy ending!

Author's Response:

Thank you soooo much! Aawww, that makes me smile huge! I'm so glad you're loving these characters as much as I do. Yeah, these chapters have been tough, which I think is why it took me so long to be able to write them. I just finished 32, I think, and I'm just waiting for my prereaders and betas. I hope it's everything you want it to be. ;) Thanks soooo much for the review, and sticking with this fic. <3

Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 07:48 PM · On: Chapter 31

What a great day! I opened my email to see an alert for a new chapter for this story! I am so happy to see this. This makes my day! THANK YOU!

Thanks for upating. Now I cannot wait to continue to follow this story! I have missed it so much! It is one of the nest stories in Twilighted and definitel;y one of the best written. I love to read it. So now I am waiitng  for more.. :)

Thanks again for a great chapter, for making my day a winner and hope to see you back here soon with more updates!


Disney Vampire

Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2012 04:40 AM · On: Chapter 30

I am looking forward to you coming back and writing more of this wonderful mystery story. I miss reading the chapters. I hope you are coming back to finish the story. There are so many questionsa we are left with and we are hanging by a thread to find out what happens.

Please come back VERY SOON and write more. This is one of my very favorite stories and I have missed reading it and following where it goes.

Please, please., please, come back now and write more chapters. There are so many places it can go and so many plotlines to tie up. I need to know what happens! Please, keep us in the loop with these characters and this story. so forward to reading more of this wonderful tale. I will watch for more cha. I look so forward to new chapters and an ending sometime, as I have been for a while now and hope that there will be a notice in my inbox that there is an update to this phenomenal story.

PLEASE COME BACK and write more of this wonderful story. So many of us readers are waiting for more...



Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2011 07:34 PM · On: Chapter 30

Looking forward to more of this story. I am so interested in what happens and what is going on with the Volturi, in regarda ro Catherine. Please write more soon! I am so eager for more of this great story!

Please???? More.... Soon....  :)

Reviewer: Shygirl (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2011 03:29 AM · On: Chapter 25

*sigh* and *sniffle*. i'm jut gonna say it now... You. Are. AMAZING!!!!This is one of the best fics I have ever read!!!

Author's Response:

Gosh! I just realized I never responded to a bunch of new reviews, yours being one. Amazing? Well sheesh! LOL! I do so hope you've read more, and you're still loving this.

Thank you so much for your review and your kind words. Ch 32 soon to come! <3

Reviewer: Shygirl (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2011 03:03 AM · On: Chapter 16

OMG, I was sooo hoping that Bella and the rest of the Cullens would get there in time to save Catherine and Charlie from having to endure that torture!!!! Poor Catherine!!!

Reviewer: noamg (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2011 09:20 PM · On: Chapter 30

I love your story - the humor, the emotional insights, the suspense. I do have a question, though: what'll happen when the lab finishes analyzing Damian sperm and the police realize it's not human? I hope to see Charlie's reaction to the part of BD that Carlisle apparently skipped over – Sam's intention to murder his daughter in order to kill his unborn granddaughter and that Billy, his best friend, had merely been "uncomfortable" with it.         

Reviewer: so into it (Signed) · Date: May 24, 2011 10:45 AM · On: Chapter 30

awwwww!!!!!! i love it!!! it was humorous and dramatic at the same time well in one part at least lol cannot wait for the next chapter!! :)

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