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Reviews For The Transfer
Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2011 01:21 PM · On: Chapter 17: Stepping Off the High-Dive

they are becoming quite sweet together

Author's Response:

Hi cbz!

E & B are really quite sweet together. You are in danger of getting caveties from reading this sweetness...just a warning.

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2011 10:33 PM · On: Chapter 5: Reorganizing

cause he is an interferring mutt

Author's Response:

Damn that Jake! Bad dog! Bad dog! lol

Thanks for the laugh! You are rolling right along here cbz!


Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2011 10:11 PM · On: Chapter 4: Ground Rules

I think she has reached that quota

Author's Response:

Hi c!

I think my own personal quota would be one. I'd throw Edward to the ground instantly upon that initial contact and have my way with him. But that's just me...and about a million readers worldwide, I'm guessing.

Thank you for taking the time to review. I appreciate it.


Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2011 09:23 PM · On: Chapter 2: Settling Down, Settling In

same gossipy Jessica

Author's Response:

Hi again cbz!

Yup! Same old Jessica...gossipy airhead. All of the characters are pretty much in character...with the exception of the vamps turned human...but the personalities are still there, only perhaps more so. Hope you like the others as you meet and get to know them.

Thanks again for the review.


Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2011 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 1: Putting the Move On

just a tad crank but Bella is a tad bitchy too

Author's Response:

Hi cbz!

Yeah, I suppose Edward is a tad cranky...and you're right, Bella is acting a little bitchy because of his crankiness...give them time to warm up to each other. They'll warm up quite nicely...just stick with this beast of a story. I promise good things. ;)

Thanks for the review. Keep in touch.


Reviewer: Rory1984 (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2011 07:14 PM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Here is the next review :)  which I am writing while waiting for the wfe premiere lifestream to go online ;)

67.000 you tube hits??? Wow... thats something :) Glad to know that someone else had to do the groveling to do this time.. and Emmet came to the professional for advice ;) and the anthurium :) hilarious.. so Emmet and Rose.. and thanks for a new vocabulary.. wonder when I ll be needing that one ;)

Glad that Bellas lip is back in 'action' and the other incident with the stitches in her lip... awkward ;)

Oh and again I love love the description of the flower desciption!! Hilarious :)

And finally the room mate change :D Loved it!! Is that actually allowed?? or is it just ficiton ;)

Oh and Edward ... he was a little panicked their for a second.. wasnt he? And so adorably nervous whether Bella will like the surprise or not.. cute :)

I wish we would get chapters when they are going through the adventure of 'living together'.....

cant wait for the final epilogue... :) :( very mixed feelings!!

Reading your new story as well.. reviews are coming!

Off the premiere now and hoping Kristen will be there...!!

Take are!

Author's Response:

Hi Rory1984!

So happy to hear from you again. I didn't watch the livestreaming of the wfe premiere, but I have been drooling at the pix and video clips evver since. ;) Soooooo dreamy! And the kiss in the car...did you check that out? I'm totally happy pretending that Rob is a lot like my Transfer Edward. ;)

Okay, on to your review of chapter 71 (seventy-freakin'-one???)

Yes...all those YouTube was certainly time for someone else to be in the doghouse with their girlfriend. ;) Glad you liked the anthuriums...and glad I could add to your vocabulary. :) If you ever get to Hawaii...they are very common flowers.

Bella's lip...awkward is right. At least they are comfortable enough with each other to get through that little glitch.

As for the roommate change...I'm not even sure what goes on in dorms anymore. I'm that old!!! But I would imagine they can keep it on the down-low, could move back for a night or two if Emmett is in charge and probably won't report anything...and there is also the very strong possibility that Angela and Ben and Mike and Jessica are making some room changes as their relationships flourish. :)

And yes...nervous Edward...I love him when he is not quite sure of himself. I think it just adds to him that he is vulnerable and sweet. ;)

The epilogue I am writing will show their lives as they live together. I'm actually toying with the idea of writing a shorter sequel as an epilogue...a "sequelogue" because I want to take the reader through the rest of the school year...glimpsing special occasions, holidays, etc. with the two of them. I find it too hard to just breeze through an epilogue after writing in such detail. It seems "jarring." I'm not sure though if readers of The Transfer would read that much "extra" I'm kind of in a quandry. I think if I write it all as a single epilogue it will be reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy looooooong. ;)

Thanks for the review. I appreciate you taking the time that you do on your reviews. I think it's amazing. Thank you, bb!


Reviewer: rlunghofer (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2011 03:59 AM · On: Chapter 23: Just Add Water and Stir


Author's Response:

A pretty good first kiss, no? HELLZ YEAH! Glad to know you enjoyed that, r! Now you'll have to see how everyone else reacts to the new developments! lol


Reviewer: domoash (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2011 01:13 AM · On: Chapter 23: Just Add Water and Stir

"Was that an acceptable first kiss?" Yes, yes it was. I'm really loving this story so far

Author's Response:

Hi domoash!

I'm so glad you liked that first kiss...I think it's a memorable one. Thank you so much for the Storylove. I hope you continue to enjoy the read. Let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to review. I'll send Edward over for a shower kiss to show my appreciation. ;)


Reviewer: rlunghofer (Signed) · Date: April 16, 2011 10:26 PM · On: Chapter 19: This Might Be Working Out

mmmm mmmm good!

Author's Response:

Hi r!

You are heading for some real MMMMM MMMMM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the next chapters.  ;)

Glad you seem to be enjoying...although you're a bit tongue tied. ;)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: Cina24 (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2011 06:09 PM · On: Chapter 1: Putting the Move On

Yeah your right.. I'd be more like "what took you so long". Loving your new story this will also be a HEA right!

Author's Response:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew you'd see the light if I presented the facts clearly.


p.s. I won't let you down on the new story. Promise.

Reviewer: karin9166 (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2011 03:23 PM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Thank YOU for sharing your talent!! I've just loved this story :} Can't wait for the epilogue...

Author's Response:

Hi again karin!

Thank YOU for all the many nice reviews. I'm glad you have enjoyed reading. I'll work on that epilogue...I have a feeling it is going to go longer than I might turn into a "sequelogue!"

Thanks for the Storylove!


Reviewer: karin9166 (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2011 02:24 AM · On: Chapter 64: The Bubble Bursts

OMG! OMG! OMG!  You are too good...thanks for the mantra! Gotta get to the next chapter...:0

Author's Response:

Hi karin!

Looks like the James chapter did a real number on you. Thank goodness you had that handy dandy mantra I put out there for you. ;)

Thanks for the review and the OMG's!


Reviewer: rlunghofer (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2011 01:01 AM · On: Chapter 1: Putting the Move On

OMG Just tooooo funnny!

Author's Response:

Hi r!

Glad you liked that first chapter. What a way to meet! Things can only improver from there.

Thank you for reviewing.


Reviewer: displacement (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 05:49 PM · On: Chapter 23: Just Add Water and Stir

great story, but the swift changes in pov is disorienting and way too repetetive!  it's really irritating to have to read the exact same dialogue twice in two paragraphs.


however, i really like your characterizations, and thanks for not making jacob too much of a bad guy.  :)  


i especially like jasper and several of your one liners have made me laugh out loud (the silver scarf going with his new skirt - ha!).  if only it wasn't so repetetive i would really really love this story!! 

Author's Response:

Hi dis!

Sorry you're feeling the story is too repetitive. I think I did some of that initially just to show their two sides; to get their POVs on how they were thinking about a situation before they actually got together. It occurs less as they are getting together and as the story continues. I think it's because I was such a fan of Midnight Sun and I loved seeing how differently Edward would be reacting to things compared to Bella. I'd never written anything before so it was kind of a learning process as I went.

Glad you like the characterizations, though.

Thanks for taking the time to review.


Reviewer: Rory1984 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 01:20 PM · On: Chapter 70: Outtake: A Window to the Soul

And the pancakes are back ... aww how I missed them :D :D

I absolutely loved drunk Edward... and Jasper and Emmet ;) I could really see that scene in front of my mind!! Thats how good your writing is!! :)

I am glad Edward let loose that evening after all the angst he went through in the last week! He needed it - just to be deliriously happy with this girl!!

And the journal.. oh dear how did he manage to write all that in only a couple of days??? But I think it was a good way to channel his emotion and thoughts! And I must say again how sweet it was that he gave it to Bella. I makes me all teary eyed when he does stuff like that and lets down all his guards around her!!!

I cant believe that it actually only has been a few weeks that they have been dating.. but I fells like they have been going out for years.. and are now ready for their happily ever after .. ;)

Anyway going on to the nexy window now ...

I cant believe this is going to be over for real soon... :


Author's Response:

Hi again, bb!

The pancakes that say it all! Probably the most expensive pancakes ever in an International House of Pancakes restaurant---which is a chain here in the US at the very least. Don't know if they exist in europe, probably not.

Drunk and silly Edward! Such a contrast to chapter 1 Edward! And though he has been drunk in the past few years, I'm sure it wasn't a happy drunk, but more of a depressed and angry drunk, right?

I can just imagine those three boys looped and loony as the girls stood by and watched "the Doofi"...related to the word "doof!" Glad you were able to see that so clearly through my writing. And you are right, Edward needed that kind of complete "release." It was nice to let him be completely happy-go-lucky and free and dancing with his girl.

The journal...that is all that boy did the past week. So now Bella knows that he wasn't avoiding her...he was spending every minute with her, in effect, by writing that tremendous apology and love letter to her. *sigh* So much angst, so much love. I'm glad to know it got you teary when he does something like that. that means I wrote it well. :) It also means you are a crybaby like me. ;)

It has been only a short time that they have been together, but it is just so right and they have spent so much of that time together both alone and with their friends. It's just meant to be, you know?

Thank you for the review. Hope you enjoy the rest and the new story if/when you take a read.

Danke fuer deine Reviews!


Reviewer: lexa306 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 01:11 PM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Yaay! So glad there's going to be another epilogue too. I don't think I could deal with only having a prepilogue. x

Author's Response:

Hey lexa!

Yaay! is right! I'm so glad I can't stop writing this story. Now I'm wondering if the epilogue shouldn't be a "sequelogue" because there just seems like so much I want to cover. We'll see. I certainly won't leave things at just the "prepilogue" :)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: Rory1984 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 11:31 AM · On: Chapter 69: Facing the Future

Now first my sincere apaologies that I seemed to have dissappeared from the face of the earth.. I was reading but didnt get around to write anything. So now I am reading again, cause I want to sent you a review to every chapter.. including the ones of your new story :)

Well, needless to say awesome chapter.

I love how you always connect to previous chapters. Like the KOL ringtone, the ambiance from their dining hall date or the flower symbolisim. And of course the genie ->zuchini part. And not to forget the Wild Sweaty Animal Sex :D :) Also loved when Edward like paraphrased the symbolisim of the flowers in his own adorkable words ;)Its awesome how you connect the chapters!!!

He seriously is the King of grovel.. everytime I listen to green eyes I have the image in my head of him standing on the roof serenading to Bella!!

The journal ... awwww

And the playful banter when they were looking for the grape that 'happened' to fall into Bellas shirt.. glad that is back after all the angst!

The highlight was of course the whole condon debacle... I am soo glad for Emmet that he got his moment :D .. I am sure this will follow EB around for a long time ;)

Then one more thing, when he mentioned she had to get storage units to store all the flowers she ll be getting from him.. I had to think of an interview with Rob I ve recently seen, where he said that he has storage units all over the world, cause he just can throw away the stuff he gets for free ;)

all in all terrific chapter... now going on to review the next ;)

hope your good:)

Author's Response:

Hi bb!

Glad to know you're okay and just busy with RL. I was thinking about sending an email just to make sure. :) I'm glad to have you back!

I'm glad you liked chapter 69. It felt like a good "full circle" kind of a chapter. I was happy I could tie so many things in...I think that makes it all hang together so much better. Like that KOL much more meaningful now, and Edward thinking to bring the ambiance along with the picnic dinner. And the flowers...when he/I first started thinking about what kind of flowers he should get I was puzzled, but I think the "everything bouquet" said it best and in a most Edward fashion. I was glad, too, that I could get them both back to their adorkable, silly, sexy ways with the grape and the genie/zucchini. And they had to finally have their Wild, Sweaty, Animal Sex. ;)

I'm glad you get the visual of Edward playing "green Eyes" on the roof in the rain when you hear the song. I think of that when I hear the song now too. How lovely would that be? Day-um!

And Edward...poor embarrassed, horny-in-the-moment Edward, wanting to get back to his horny-in-the-moment girl with condoms that he had to borrow from his Big Bro and Resident Advisor. Like you said, Emmett finally had his big moment. But just wait...the tables will be turned in chapter 71.

And I did see the storage units interview with Rob. I had already written this before I heard that. It just made it that much better. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed that and I look forward to hearing from you again, bb! You write the best reviews and it just flabbergasts me that they are in a second language for you. Ganz tolle Sprachuebung!

Auf Wiederlesen!


Reviewer: lexa306 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 11:10 AM · On: Chapter 69: Facing the Future

*clap clap*

n'awww, the endings so cute. Wish Edward would make mor 5 ek pancakes with me! x

Author's Response:

Hi lexa!

Glad you liked that. Make sure to read the other two chapters as well...this is actually the story that doesn't end! :)

And of course we all want pancakes with Edward!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Reviewer: Tana (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 10:54 AM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Funny, funny, funny chapter! I will NEVER look at Anthuriums the same way again! Those are one of my mother's favourite flowers and now I'll have to stop myself from giggling like a school girl whenever I see them in the house. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. :) Loved this chapter. I'm happy they moved. Makes more sense this way plus its super cute!

Author's Response:

Hi Tana!

I am actually also a closet anthurium fan like your mother. Unfortunately now you know why your mother and I like those little heart-chaped L-O-V-E flowers. LOL Thank you so much for the Chapterlove. I'm glad you're glad they're roommates. I'm glad too. Probably not as glad as Bella is, though...and Edward...I think he's fairly glad too. ;)

Thanks for the review, bb!


Reviewer: KayaRayne (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 03:45 AM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside
























Author's Response:

Hi Kaya!

That was the most bizarre looking review. Did all the "dead space" mean you were overwhelmed and at a loss for words???  lol

Thanks for Glad you thought it was excellent.


Reviewer: karin9166 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 03:18 AM · On: Chapter 62: Across the Night Sky

Love it!! :) 

Back to reading......

Author's Response:

Hi karin!

I got behind on replies the past few days. Glad you are still loving the read.

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: Conlynsmom (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2011 01:05 AM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Oh Bannerday...sigh :-) You always bring a smile to my face.  I so LOVE this story!!!  RL has been a little hectic of late and I wanted to be sure to be able to enjoy your wonderful, AMAZING story with a little quiet and no interruptions.  So glad I finally was able to do that tonight.  And, gotta say that I'm kinda happy that these characters are staying with you as they have always stayed with me :-) And "prepilogue"?  Priceless!!!  I would love to have a margarita or two with have such a kick-ass sense of humor.  It would be a night to remember.  Hopefully, not on Youtube as poor Emmett though...LOL!

I must tell you (and I think I have) that this is the only story I've read and there have been many that I actually like Rose.  The dynamic between her and Emmett is great as is ALL your character development.  I'm so happy for Edward and Bella too...moving in together is a BIG step... although I'm not sure how they will explain thatliving arrangement to Charlie!  It's sooo sweet how your Edward is still nervous about Bella's reactions/views on things.  You know he'd do ANYTHING for make her safe or just to see her smile.  I'm excited to see what you have in store for these kids as they continue this adventure!!

Not sure what else to say other than you are so truly talented and I am sooo happy to have another story to enjoy from you... hope your hubby will read this one because he is missing out!!  You have such a gift to make your readers experience the story as your characters do and you always make us laugh in the process :-) The "potted plant of desire" is almost as good as the DFSF!! 

And, as for your style of writing...whether you make the ridiculous romantic or the romantic ridiculous?  The answer is... YOU simply make it PERFECT!!!

Thank you again for sharing your talent.  I hope you realize how much it is enjoyed.  You had mentioned in a reply to me that you don't often comment on the stories you read.  Well, reviewing those stories I TRULY enjoy is kind of a New Year's resolution of mine and I'm so happy you have found my feedback helpful.  I admire you so much for having the imagination and frankly guts to put your words out there.  It's awesome!!  And, there are probably thousands more who read your words but are not sure what to say.  Heck, half the time I"m not sure either but simply want you know that your hard work is appreciated and valued.

Until next time ;-)



btw, so excited to read your new story!! thanks for letting us know it's up :-)

Author's Response:

Hi Kathy!

You know, bb...every once in a blue moon I get a review that deflates me...and I shouldn't let that happen because nearly all of them have been wonderful, but still...once in a while. So now I have the solution: I'm printing up this last review of yours and saving a hard copy on a nearby desk shelf so that I can dance around the house with it when I get the grumpies. I shouldn't get's mostly constructive criticism even when it is criticism and this is a learning process.  

Anyhoooooo, I'm trying to decide what to wear out on our date, since you're taking me for Margaritas. Do you prefer rocks or blended? Salt or no salt? Fruit flavored or traditional? I'm willing to work with you on our order. I'll drink them any way...or maybe just have one of each. And no worries...I can be as drunk as a skunk and I won't sing...I know my voice leaves a lot to be desired. So no chance of You Tube sensations.

I'm so glad you liked my "prepilogue." I think it was the world's first prepilogue. I'm really glad you like the character development and especially that you like Rose. I like her too. I think she needs some redeeming qualities if she's Alice's friend,Emmett's girlfriend and Jasper's sister to begin with. And Emmett deserves someone who is fun-loving and bowled over by him. I realy haven't gone there in the story until this last chapter, but I think that came through enough. I also wanted someone else to experience a little of the angst, instead of it all being only about E & B all the time. And how fitting that Em finally needed his Baby Bro and Floral Advisor!

And Edward...tearing his hair out, knotting up his fingers, thinking that he may have jumped the gun on the love-shacking up with B. I love when he gets like that with her. ;) And as far as Charlie goes...what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Alice can move back in if need be. ;)

As for my hubs...I think I'd die of mortification if he read what I've written! I've kept this mostly in the closet. LOL Who knows? Maybe he has read when I wasn't looking...maybe he's a regular reviewer too. :)

Thank you once again for a very lovely review and for the much-needed boost. You are more than kind and you make me glad I'm doing what I'm doing. I think I'm a shy person at heart, though I've learned to overcome that a lot through the years. This is kind of a fun way to put myself out there on a stage, so to speak.

Thank you for the salutation, appreciation and validation! I just wish we could get together for that libation! lol

Take care, bb!


Reviewer: Lyric1 (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2011 09:51 PM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

I have enjoyed every bit of this story, and the "prepilogue" in particular had me laughing out loud.  I can't wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response:

Hi Lyric1!

I'm not sure how to describe my writing skills...I either make the ridiculous romantic or I make the romantic ridiculous. Pick one. Glad you got a good laugh out of my "prepilogue." I'm rather proud of that term and I'm glad to see you using it back at me, making me feel like I've created something truly wonderful. I have a feeling that my epilogue is going to go's probably going to be more of a "sequelogue."  LOL

Really...I should be committed.

Thanks for the review and the love. I hope you will give One Stupid Thing a shot...I've got two chapters up so far and I'll try to get the third chapter up quickly. Some more good romance and stupidity, because that's what I'm best at!


Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2011 04:41 PM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

I knew exactly what they looked like.....after many trips to the Polynesian Village in Disney, and laughing about the pecker flowers...I remembered. :)  I hope the little peens survive dorm living! 8)

Wow, shack up in the dorms...very bold of them. Hope they manage to get some schoolwork done!

I loved the prepilogue, or whatever you called it. 8)  I am so in love with your goofy Edward....he's gonna be a great dad!

More epi, please! :)

Author's Response:

Hi Esq!

Don't you worry your little little heart about that potted plant of desire...I hear Rose takes good care of peens! And if she has any questions she can probably ask Edward, Emmett's Baby Bro and Floral Advisor! lol

Glad you liked the prepilogue...B & E shacking up all due to The Love Shack and an anthurium plant...sort of. :)  And come on, like there's any question that studying won't just fly right out the window with all that sexy in one room!!! Edward moving into your dorm room. THIS IS EDWARD WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, BB! lol

I love the thought of this Edward as a dad---can't you see him running after that first child when he takes the training wheels off that little kid's bicycle? The minute I read that line in your review that was the mental image that popped into my head. I think I'm in love with this guy all over again. ;)

Thanks for the review. I've been kind of swamped so I'm behind on review replies...WHAT ELSE IS NEW??? :) 

I'm officially on spring break so I'm hoping to get to work on both stories over the next week.


Reviewer: floweryfaye (Signed) · Date: April 13, 2011 11:56 AM · On: Chapter 71: Prepilogue: Same Window; New View Inside

Love it love it love it!!  Those were some 'secksy' times there were having there! ;-)

Emmett i just as adorable as ever, god bless him.

Can't wait for the epilogue but really NOT looking forward to this story finally being over, boooo!

Gonna go check out your new story, thank-you.


Author's Response:

Hi floweryfaye!

Glad you liked tha last chapter...B & E getting secksy and now shacking up all due to The Love Shack and an anthurium plant...sort of. :) Thank God for irrepressible Emmett! I love his groveling...and going to his Baby Bro and Floral Advisor for help!! 

Thanks for the Storylove and review. I've been kind of swamped so I'm behind on review replies...WHAT ELSE IS NEW??? :) 

But now I'm officially on spring break so I'm hoping to get to work on both stories over the next week.


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