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Reviews For The Transfer
Reviewer: spunkaroo (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 06:26 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Another great chapter despite that chocolate bastard cake! Loved Edward playing the piano for sweet and sounds like way overdue. So nice everyone together and so supportive. Carlisle always cute when trying to do the fatherly can tell he is equally impressed with Edward's choice. I personally want a piece of that chocolate bastard cake, it's the most mentioned thing in this chapter, even above Edward's boner!!

Author's Response:

Hi spunk!

Glad you liked the chapter despite the evil baked good. Edward at the piano is kind of sexy, no? The whole gang, including Mom and Pops, seems like a nice group, you know? I'm not sure if I would have been into a birthday dinner weekend for one of my college friends' parent. ;) But this is the Cullens, and any reason to hang out at their house is just perfect! ;) The parents do like Bella though, that's important. Of course, Edward could probably have brought home a hunchbacked, one-eyed girl with the IQ of a gnat and the parents would still have been happy that he was making an effort again. ;)

You have a piece of that cake, I'll have a piece of Edward. LOL

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: goonbye (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 01:20 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

OMG, i love it!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Hi gb!

OMG, I'm so glad you love it!!!! Thanks for the love! ;0

Chapter 46 should be up any day. Keep in touch.


Reviewer: amiecullen (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 11:40 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

This was great.. can't wait til the next chapter... love it.

Author's Response:

Hi amie!

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked chapter 45. The next one should be up shortly. I've updated, but it hasn't posted yet. Thanks for the Chapterlove!


Reviewer: accsmom (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 10:21 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

that damn cake.  stupid stupid cake.  but thank the heavens above for the frosting...

It was so cool to see this updated yesterday, it was my birthday, what a great way to end my day.  Sadly i couldn't finish reading it, but i got to finish it FIRST thing this morning.

love the story

miss my ass!  How is it anyhow???

Author's Response:

Hi accsmom!

That cake! Can you believe the audacity of that baked good? Way to impinge upon the good times of your creator!

But the frosting---yum, chocolate ganache-dipped Nudeward! *slurp* Sorry, I'm drooling over here.

So happy birthday from me and the whole Transfer Gang to you! Imagine Edward playing the following song to you on his piano:

          Happy Birthday to you!

          Eat Cockblocker Cake too!

          Happy Birthday dear accsmom!

          May your Edward dreams come true!

Thanks for the continued Storylove! I'm taking good care of your ass. It's a relatively quiet ass, and doesn't require much attention, so as long as it stays there on its shelf, watching and encouraging me as I write, I've got no problem housing it. Let me know if you'd like me to send it back, in case you need to laugh your ass off. Can't do that without an ass. ;)

Take care. Once more, Happy B-day. Chapter 46 is on its way this weekend.


Reviewer: newecullen1 (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 05:39 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

lmao alright esme, you snuck right in and stole the show!!! i knew edward wouldn't get off that easily...pantry fun? o more please. wish i had one big enough to stuff myself and edward in. *sighs* the plane has been fueled, the engines checked, the luggage loaded and the people seated. i think it's safe to say we're ready for lift off!!! kudos grl

Author's Response:

Hi new e!

Gotta love the mama of The King of All That! I guess that makes her the Queen Mother. Glad you liked the pantry fun. I would be willing to stuff Edward and myself into a kitchen cupboard or even try for a drawer, as long as it meant that I would be together with him. I'd say your airplane analogy is pretty spot on. We're ready for lift off, all right. Someone's "lifted" and someone's getting "off".

Thanks for the kudos. It's a heck of a lot better than cooties! ;)

Thanks for the review and the compliment. Stay tuned for chapter 46 this weekend.


Reviewer: captn crunch (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 03:24 AM · On: Chapter 44: Just Desserts

damn great chapter! luv luv luv how you incorporated the original lines in here. i luv emmett but now he's starting to annoy me in his cock blocking ways...but he's being emmett so if he flashes them pretty dimples all will be forgotten! LOL! and eddie ain't cooking in the pantry--he's just causing a 5alarm fire in there!

Author's Response:

Hi cappie!

Glad you liked the DGC! (Damn Great Chapter---as opposed to the Damn Fine Swanky Fort) Glad, glad, glad you luvved the use of the "As if you could..." lines. I thought that fit in there nicely. Emmett is just an incorrigible man-child. You know it, I know it, E & B know it, and best of all---Rosalie knows it, and she tries at least to do something about it.

I like the 5 alarm fire idea. Yep, that boy is hot. Who needs an oven when your boyfriend is that hot? That cake would cook if he just looked at it seductively!

Thanks for the review and giggles.


Reviewer: sistajalice (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 02:37 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network


That was GREAT!

Can't wait to read the next chapter :-)

Author's Response:

Hi sis!

Glad you liked it. Cockblocker Cake makes a good chapter GREAT!

Chapter 46 should be up this weekend.

Thanks for reviewing.


Reviewer: KayaRayne (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 02:19 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Another great chapter.  I love feisty Bella, she keeps the rest of them in line. Hopefully Edward won't suffer from orgasmic combustion for long. Patiently waiting to see what these two do with their 1 1/2 hour free time before the b'day dinner.



Author's Response:

Hi KR!

I love feisty Bella too. She's got unexpected personality, you know? She's not all blushing, quiet, and shy--there's stuff going on under the surface. She does keep them in line. I think they're impressed--she's dealing with them well.

Stay tuned for the one and a half hours of business before dinner. There will be some combusting going on. Better now than at the dinner table, or in the middle of enjoying your Cockblocker Cake. ;)

Thanks for the review. Keep in touch.


Reviewer: edwardsvolvo (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 01:52 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

funniest chapter ever - loved it!

great choice of songs- stardust - GAH!!!nice really nice

Em in the pantry - always a good time. looking forward to the next hour and half.


Author's Response:

Hi e's v!

Glad you enjoyed it! I love the song Stardust. Glad you're a fan too. Em is always a good time--in the pantry, in the playroom, at the pool, in the dorm, in the dining hallo. He's just a big man-child wherever he goes. And Rose must be his self-designated babysitter. She's got her work cut out for her. LOL

The next hour and a half, and all the business that entails should be up dny day now. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!


Reviewer: Siren (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 12:44 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

My Favorite line in this was:

~"Cake, Edward. Cake!" I reminded him pointedly.

"Such an annoying, pain-in-the-ass, chocolate bastard of a baked good," he muttered.~

Always a plesure reading your creations. Love it!!! Seriously, highlight of my week. Lol.

Love you and looking foward to 46!

God bless and much love,


Author's Response:

Hi Kate!

Edward gets so worked up so easily about the most innocuous things. Like a birthday cake. Who'd have thought that it could mess with his mind so much?

Thanks for the Creationlove! Chapter 46 should be up sometime this weekend. I just submitted it, so any day now. ;)

Thanks again for the review. You're so good to me.


Reviewer: acey (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 12:36 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Mean, naughty, nasty lil writer!   

Author's Response:

Hi acey!

I know. I feel all-powerful from my throne in front of my computer and you all at my literary mercy. (Literary? Really? Nah, guess not!)

Thanks for the review. I'll post chapter 46 this weekend, so you won't keep thinking I'm a meanie. ;)

Thanks for the review. Keep in touch.


Reviewer: sweetnees75 (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 12:11 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

oooh more please love caveman edward


Author's Response:

Hi sweet!

More very soon. Glad you love Caveward. Now picture him in a loincloth and you have the very best visual image I can think of. ;)

Thanks for the review. Keep in touch.


Reviewer: maizeandblueinvalpo (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 12:09 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

I busted a gut with this chapter.  Too many funny moments to mention.  It is nice to see Edward so carefree like someone his age should be.

Author's Response:

Hi m & b in v!

Glad you enjoyed this chapter. I'm glad you made that comment about Edward. When you think of how he was at the beginning of the story, he's such a different person. And you hit the nail on the head--he is acting his age. What he went through at the age of 17 is not something most of us have to deal with--it aged him. Sad to grow up so fast because of something so painful.

Thanks for the review. Chapter 46 should be up this weekend.


Reviewer: renesalecau (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2010 12:07 AM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Uh-oh! it's finally time to get down and dirty! this chapter was really nice with the developement of B&E's relationship. I enjoyed seeing them interact with eachother.


Author's Response:

Hi Tay!

E & B are getting a lot more comfortable with each other now, don't you think? They're kind of settling into couple-dom. Thank goodness for this weekend away; it has sped things up for them, and of course for me the writer and for you the reader.

Stay tuned for chapter 46 up sometime this weekend.


Reviewer: orangemonkey (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:56 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Yum .. Chocolate cake and kisses ....

Author's Response:

Yum, chocolate cake, kisses, and Edward covered in chocolate ganache. My life would be complete. ;)


Reviewer: 1918EC (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:53 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Well let's see, Edward and Jasper are going to need a bigger dorm room, you know, big enough for a pool table and a piano...As long as there are no outside interferences, I think chocolate cake will take on a whole new meaning for E/B...I say this next comment with dark, heavy lidded eyes, I can't wait to see how Edward and Bella spend the next hour and a half...Awesome chapter as always, sexy, sweet, and funny as Hell...Looking forward to your next update! *Hugs*

Author's Response:

Hi 1918! I'm glad to hear from you again. You know, I think the boys need to put their beds up on risers, like the girls' room, then they'll have all kinds of room for a grand piano and pool table. Oh, the possibilities are endless!! I think a lot of my readers will never look at a chocolate cake quite the same way again either.

The next hour and a half should be rather a relief for both E & B, I think. ;)

Glad you liked chapter 45. The next one should be up this weekend.

Hugs right back at you. Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: fanficfanVic (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:47 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

i remember when my hubby was playful like hes a grumpy gus.  Think we can get Edward to give out a remedial course.

Author's Response:

Hi Vic!

Let's go hunting for fictional 17 year-old hotties, shall we? Then we won't have to depend upon our grumpy Gusses. And if I find out that Edward's offering a remedial course, I'll sign up your Gus as well as mine. ;)

Thanks for the giggle.


Reviewer: westosobear (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:43 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Ok the foreplay has been good, but I'm so ready for the main event

okay the foreplay has been good, but i'm ready for the main event!

Author's Response:

You and them both, westoso! They'll both get something. I hope it's enough to tide you over. ;)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: RobstenLuvre (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:31 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

My, my, my, these kids just continue to get cuter and cuter as the chapters go on; I didn't think that was possible. Unfinished business is never good, so i really hope Edward can get 'er done *wink wink*.

Author's Response:

Hi RL!

If the Undeniable Sexual Tension doesn't get to them, they'll explode in a burst of Cuteness most likely.

Oh, I think Edward's all about gettin' 'er done this next chapter. I think he'll wind up gettin' 'im self done as well. ;)

*REALLY big winks there*

Thanks for the smiles.


Reviewer: muldergirl (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 11:02 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

You do realize you are writing one of the great american romances here. Sure, E&B and all that, but your story just shines with love and possibilities. It has everything, from humor and angst, to passion and drama. You really write the characters so well, especially Emmett. He is difficult to write, without coming off as a buffoon. But you do it so well. I'm so proud of you *wipes tears*

As far as the tension is going, it's building to a crescendo. Yowza. You are going to have to promise to give my Edward some sexy times soon. I think you owe him, after giving him a girlfriend like Tanya (although it's sad what happened, I hate Tanya.Sorry)...and I really like that chocolate ganache idea. ALOT. Chocolate and Edward = Muldergirl and...never mind.


Oh, P.S.- You really need to enter the name for that cake in the Betty Crocker bakeoff. I think it'd get first prize. LOLOL

Author's Response:

Oh muldergirl!!!!

I am in love with your review!!! WOW I'm writing one of the great American romances! E & B is definitely a good starter kit for writing any story, I'm convinced of that. Somehow I don't think I'd have the following I do if my story was about Tiffany and Andrew and their friends Steve, Veronica, Linda and Matt. It just doesn't sound right, you know? And no one would care about them. :)

But thank you for seeing the love and possibilities, as well as the humor, angst, passion and drama. I love these characters. They really have become almost real to me, to the point where it comes so easily thinking about the kind of things they would say and do and still keep that all in the context of the specific character. Emmett and Jasper are a lot of fun to write. Thank you for not finding my emmett to be a buffoon--I just want him to be an incorrigible man-child who lovingly picks on his younger, rather intense brother. He's trying to get Edward to loosen up the best way he knows how. Bella has been a big catalyst there. He is quite the different character than he was back in the initial chapters.

The tension is just about fever pitch, isn't it? The fever will break next chapter. Edward will be getting some sexy times soon, don't worry.

Nothing like a little chocolate covered Edward to fill up a girl's Easter basket, is there?

Glad you liked the Two-Layered chocolate Bastard Cockblocker Cake. I hope you enjoy my next author's note at the start of chapter 46. I should post that this weekend.

Thanks for the wonderful review and the happy smile on my face.


Reviewer: mariae10 (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 10:54 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

God I love this story sooooo, soooo much!!!!You are faboulous!!!! It is such a refreshing change from all the angst filled stories, keep up the awesome writing!!! Thank you!!!!

Author's Response:

Hi maria!

God I love getting a review like that soooooo much!!! ;) You are fabulous for making me feel fabulous by telling me that I'm fabulous. Fab-YOU-lous! I'm glad you like my mostly happy-go-lucky story. sometimes I think, there's not enough stuff/angst/drama going on here to make this a very good story. But then I get a review like yours and I think, well, people like good and happy; it doesn't all have to be angst and drama.

Thanks you for the Storylove and the review and the many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reviewer: Tammygrrrl (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 10:29 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Who would have thought a person could hate a cake so much??

Holy shit, when these two finally do the deed, how hot will it be???

Author's Response:

Hi Tam!

Wait until you read the author's note above chapter 46! :) That cake could have been hated even more. Edward---so outrageous in his inner ramblings. I love freely cursing Edward. ;)

When these two do the deed, you'll think you're on the surface of the sun. ;) That's how hot.

Thanks for the giggle, and of course the review.


Reviewer: hisbrandofheroin (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 10:19 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

How the hell do you turn this shit off in your mind?

There's no way, Edward. So embrace that shit and FUCK the hell out of Bella.

Ahh, Sorry. SIGirl TOOK OVER there for a moment. But you know, you say you I'm not supposed to order anything, but when you taunt me with the thoughts over a naked Edward dripping with chocolate all over him, YOU MAKE IT SO HARD! I'm going to COME OUT of the Twilight FanFic'dom and beat you mercilessly. But not before you give me my chocolate covered Edward. All three dozen, by the way.

Thanks for such a SPEEDY (<---HaHaHa) update, real glad I didn't have to wait LONG or I would have surely COMBUST my now. Everything was real awesome. I love it. But you probably already knew that by now :D All storylove is given with PLEASURE, you EARNED EVERY DRIZZLING OUNCE OF IT :D CAN'T WAIT for what's bout to go down! Hope its a quick update so you can get a quick response :D <3 <3 <3

P.S: I made up nicknames! I'm SIGirl (no shit, Sherlock) and you can be BDSM (I think I earned another No shit, but thats cool) BDSM stands for Bannerday:Sexual Maiden. Love it? Looooooooveeeeeee it? Hahhaha.

Author's Response:

Hi HBoH!

At some point, go back and read my author's note before chapter 26. It will make you giggle.

Yep, you're right, Edward won't be getting this shit off his mind anytime soon. And even once they take care of "business", he'll just have more memories and visual images to keep his mind on this shit. It's a losing battle, Edward. You've become a sex fiend, now that you've let the monster out of the basement. Or the pants, whichever.

Okay, okay, I'll let you have all the chocolate covered Edwards you want, just don't come out of the ficfandom and beat me mercilessly, I've got a story to finish here.

Thanks for the chapter 45 Chapterlove. I love the drizzle, heck I even love the drenching downpour or blasting torrents.

Chapter 46 is about to go down. I'll post it this weekend.

I like our nicknames. Now go back and read the chapter 26 author note above the story. :)


Reviewer: tinaconnor (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 10:11 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

Love you and this story. You really capture that young and in love feel perfectly.  Question, , just how many parents are as liberal as Carlise and Esme?  I'm guessing not all that many.  But it does add nicely to the story and allows for all kinds of sexy romps.  It all becomes clear now.

Author's Response:

Hi tina!

Thanks for the Melove and the Storylove! I think the best feeling in the world is that young, slightly on the edge, falling in love feeling, when everything is so new and unexplored.

Answer to your question: There are maybe a dozen parents in the world that are as liberal as Esme and Carlisle, the rest of us parents just pretend that our children aren't out there doing the same things that we did when our parents were pretending we weren't doing those things that they did, blah, blah, blah. I just hope everyone is doing those things safely. ;) That's all Esme and Carlisle are focusing on. Condom, anyone?

Anyway, you've figured out why I've made them so very liberal. ;)

Thanks for the review and the love,


Reviewer: CanadianMommmyX2 (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2010 09:54 PM · On: Chapter 45: The Food Network

God I love when he growls.  Seriously is Bella TRYING to kill OUR Edward (cause lets face it he can't belong to just her...that wouldn't be fair).  That poor boy is going to have permanent damage soon, and we can't damage the goods! 

I love his name for The Cake.  It made me laugh everytime I read it.  This better be a damn good cake.  It does sound good though.  Do you think he could bring me the full recipe?  I would make extra ganache to use on Edward.  I LOVE chocolate, so what could be better than chocolate covered Edward?  I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

I really like the piano scene.  I can only imagine how hot he looks playing.  Those long fingers...sigh...I don't think Jasper would mind sleeping under the piano.  If he does, he can just come stay with me.  I would make room for him.  I have a tent my husband can use in the backyard LOL!

Loved the update, I have been anxiously awaiting it!


Author's Response:

Oh CM!!!

You win the prize for the review that made me laugh the hardest!!! LOVED IT!

I, too, love when he growls and when he snarls, although the snarls seem like they would only be anger induced--although he was snarling as he chased Bella back from the pool house. Poor Bella and her sexy finger lick--she just about killed Edward and gave herself a coronary. ;)  I have to say, I love Outrageousthoughtward. Thinking that he's about to combust and collapse in a puddle of his own jizz---so gross and yet I find his extreme sex thoughts so very...tittilating.;)

And the Cake--another example of his extreme attitude. The name for the cake became increasingly derrogatory as the chapter and the interruptions went on. I'm going to post the cake recipe link with the next chapter. Ganacheward would truly be something to behold, or to be holding, or to be licking. ;)

The piano scene I picture is the one from the Twilight movie, when E & B are seated on the piano bench. I just think that scene is so hot. And it makes me hot and bothered. Rob has such pornographically long fingers. *sigh*

Jasper is just eccentric enough that he might go for sleeping on a piano, or beneath a piano. Maybe they get a piano and a pool table in their room at school, put their beds up on risers, like the girls' beds, and then there's just all kinds of options in that dorm room.

Okay, the part that had me crying tears of laughter was where you send your hubs to the tent in the backyard as you invite the fictional character into your bed. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't have a backyard or a tent, but there's a perfectly good lounge chair on the patio. That frees up all kinds of room in my bed for the fictional character of my choice. ;)

Thanks for the Chapterlove, the review, and the raucous, Emmett-like guffaws that spewed forth from my mouth.

Next chapter this weekend. Take care, girlfriend.



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