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Reviews For The Transfer
Reviewer: kng1986 (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 02:47 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

Thank god there are no proms in college or Tyler would definitely asked her.

...we were about to go commit a crime of passion in the woods. And I was a willing accomplice.    Charlie's not dumb but at least he's making them work for it, lol.


Author's Response:

LOL!  I wanted Tyler to be the one who put her life in danger, but then I didn't think he could invite her to a high school prom to make up for it. So the date suggestion---but I coudn't resist putting Edward right there, overhearing it and commenting later that Tyler had some screws that needed to be tightened. ;)

You just know that Charlie knows---he was young once too. Probably why he came downstairs for that glass of water that you know he didn't want. ;)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: TeamAllTwilight (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 02:00 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law


A.  How funny they were the laughing the vampy undies and the whole shopping trip...I loved Bella...rewind..rewind.  LOL  very funny stuff there!

B.  Emmett, I can see him picking his seat and someone elses too if given the chance.  I also see Rose smacking him in the back of the head!  I love it, he is so fun!

C. Tyler is a dork, plain and simple.  I think I will go find me someone standing with their significant other and admit I let their stalker in the building but offer to take them out on a date to make up for it....DUH...can we say dumb-de-dum-dum- DUMB!  LOL

D.  Love Charlie, he is one of me favorite characters anyway, and he was nto too hard on Edward that was nice.

E.  Edward and Bella that poor boy has been cockblocked more times then I can count, at least this time it is not that damn bastard cake doing it.  LOL

You know I love this story and I am sorry you had a hassel gettign this chapter the way that you wanted it.  I would gladly wait longer though to read if I had to because your chapters are always worth reading. 

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us all, you rock it girlie!


Author's Response:

Hi TAT!!!

Glad you loved Bella, squirming under the scrutiny of her Hyena Girls. Once she and Edward have been together a little longer, she'll be a Hyena Girl too...or maybe not quite, she's a little more calm and quiet than they are.

Emmett is so goofy--even when he's serious. I can just hear him,,,you know? And yes, Rose should have smacked him in the back of the head. lol

It had to be Tyler who inadvertantly put Bella in danger, right? Almost like being squashed with a van. And of course the best way to make it up to your accidental victim is to ask them for a date. At least he's not asking her to a prom, sonce they are 21 and have been out of high school for a few years. ;)

I love Charlie too. I can so picture him being all taciturn and gruff to Edward. You know he didn't need that glass of water that he came back downstairs to get. ;)

Hold that bastard cake thought. Edward is going to have a brief thought regarding that cake next chappie.

Thanks for the uplifting compliment and words of encouragement. And thanks again for the Storylove and the review.


Reviewer: Rayday (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 01:52 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

a) The Hyena girls were too funny. A much needed, carefree time for Bella to have fun and be embarrassed by the questions.

b) Emmett and the Dorm meeting was done very well. I'm glad that everyone seems to be taking the threat seriously; even Victoria and Lauren. Hopefully this will help keep James away from Bella.

c) Babbling Tyler Crowley: I'm glad that he felt guilty over letting James into the dorm, but I don't know if he has much of a brain to suggest Bella going on a date w/ him when it was quite obvious to everyone that Edward and Bella are an item. Though you gotta love the bumbling talk he had with Bella, it was funny.

d) Chief Charlie Swan. I love Charlie and I think he is just eating up the obvious discomfort that Edward is having being in his home. I think he absolutely loves making Edward squirm and I can only imagine what else he may put Edward through. I'm glad that Bella told him about James, it's only right that her father knows what kind of danger she is facing.

e) Edward and the stress to impress. Oh Edward what are we going to do with him. With his tendency to over think everything, I'm surprised he hasn't had a heartattack around Charlie. I hope he learns how to calm down around Charlie, otherwise I foresee a lifetime of awkward Edward.

I loved the chapter and look forward to your next udpate.:)

Author's Response:

Hi Rayday!

I love the Hyena Girls---you know that Bella will be more comfortable with them knowing her "goings on" after she and Edward have been together a little longer. The novelty will have worn off for Alice and Rose and everyone can just settle down then.

Added dorm security-awareness can only be a good thing. Big Sis comes through.

I just had to get Tyler in this in Twilight, he inadvertently does harm to Bella. And then he has some misplaced notion that he can make it up to her by taking her out. At least he didn't ask her to some high school prom!!! LOL I like the fact that Edward doesn't take it as any kind of a threat, just making the observation that Tyler has a few loose screws.

You know Cop-Dad had a great time making Edward nervous. And you know he didn't want that glass of water that he came back downstairs to get. ;) Obviously with a father in law enforcement Bella would have to tell him. And now he can contact Officer Peters and apply a little personal pressure on the situation.

Edward needs another beer after making it through that afternoon and evening. ;) He's still got tomorrow to get to know Charlie a little better.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for the Chapterlove!


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 01:46 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

Haha. ;o) That was awesome....

Although I'm not sure if Emmett should have pointed out who was being stalked..

Please post soon. ;o)

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it. It's okay for Emmett to point out who is being stalked, the residents can be more observant if they know who they are baing careful for. And it's not like James lives there or anything. I researched. You are supposed to let neighbors know what's going I figured her neighbors are her dorm-mates. Next chapter on the weekend.

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: delilah69 (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 01:17 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

a.) the girls are too funy, and they are awesome friends! i love them! and wish i had some like that!  b.) emmet did a great  job of being serious and letting everyone know that they are kind of like a family while at school and that they need to take care of each other!  c.) tyler is an idiot! i wouldn't have said yes! you have flowers for a girl that i think might be with another guy and she's not even home!? hello!?  d.) charlie is charlie. hes an awesome dad! he looks out for his girl and does a great job!  e.) edward is going to make mistakes and it'll be even more difficult with bella assulting him everytime she gets a chance!    f.) im nervous about what james will go through to try and get to bella!

Reviewer: twilightgma1954 (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 01:17 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

its a right of passage buying sexy panties with your girls your supposto laugh and be happy   Emmets funny no matter what he does   Jusiting the dad  i think Charlie went easy on him    but i think you stalling on saturday  we have been waiting forever for them to finally be together    please  tell me your done  stalling 

Author's Response:

Hi twigma!

I'm nearly done stalling/telling my love story. Charlie did go fairly easy on Edward---maybe because Edward is keeping an eye out for Bella, so why would Charlie want to scare him off???? Oh yeah, so he doesn't have sex with his baby girl. Give it up Charlie. ;)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: delilah69 (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 01:17 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

a.) the girls are too funy, and they are awesome friends! i love them! and wish i had some like that!  b.) emmet did a great  job of being serious and letting everyone know that they are kind of like a family while at school and that they need to take care of each other!  c.) tyler is an idiot! i wouldn't have said yes! you have flowers for a girl that i think might be with another guy and she's not even home!? hello!?  d.) charlie is charlie. hes an awesome dad! he looks out for his girl and does a great job!  e.) edward is going to make mistakes and it'll be even more difficult with bella assulting him everytime she gets a chance!    f.) im nervous about what james will go through to try and get to bella!

Author's Response:

Hey delilsh-delilah!

I love the Hyena Girls too. Give Bella a little time and a little sex with Edward...she'll probably become a Hyena Girl herself once she's a little more comfortable and settled into the couple-ness with Edward and the couple-ness within the group dynamic.

I like Emmett being serious, but still being young enough and boy enough to say things like, "I know you all think I'm talking out my ass..." and waving to Bella and making her introduce herself to the dorm community in case someone doesn't know who she is.

LOL I had to get Tyler into this by making him be the one who unwittingly put her in danger---just like in Twilight, so he had to apologize to her just like in Twilight. ;)

You know Charlie didn't even want that glass of water that he went back downstairs to get. ;)

Apparently Bella is just as hormy as Edward---we just didn't get to hear her thought processes like we heard his ramblings.

James is indeed a worry, isn't he?

Thanks for the review. Hear from you again soon!


Reviewer: spunkaroo (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 12:38 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

That was a jam-packed chapter with so much going on. I feel sorry for Edward, he may expire from anxiety before he has his Saturday night with Bella. Just wondering if his pants are made of spandex given all the stretch and growth he has required in the crotch area??LOL Haven't heard a peep from James since his sinister classroom appearance....hope he hasn't followed them to Forks?? But at least if he did that would give Charlie an excellent excuse to use his newly cleaned gun!! Is it Saturday yet?? Can't wait for Edward to get an eyeful of Bella's new "inner stuff", not that she'll be wearing it very long, I would think. Great chapter banner, thanks for this.

Author's Response:

Hi spunk! That was a rather busy chapter. Several loose ends that I wanted to get organized, as well as paving the way for things to come. It's good for Edward to be so nervous--it'll keep him on his toes, acting gentlemanly and respectful. Charlie will eat that up, although he will secretly gleefully enjoy tormenting Edward a little too---you know he wasn't thirsty for that glass of water that he came back downstairs for... ;)

You'll have to wait and see on the James thing. You never quite know what to expect of him. I don't think you expected him in the coffee shop that second time, or that he came by the dorm and dropped off flowers, or that he would show up in her class. He likes to keep us all guessing, doesn't he? ;)

Glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for the great review.


Reviewer: Rory1984 (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 12:36 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

All of the above but especially the Hyena girls and Edward and the Stress to Impress :)

I also loved the beginning about the Emmets road trip! That is just soo him! And the reference to Edward climbing the tree through the window into Bellas bedroom ;)

Absolutely loved Rambleward.. whats not love

I´d overkissed and been caught with my tongue illegally in the wrong mouth So GREAT

And then of course the piece about "Sir Charlie" was hilarious. But I can imagine meeting your girlfriends father ´the cop` can be a wee but intimidatiing..

The Hyena girls.. some Alice and Rose and ´blushing´Bella action I LOVED IT.. it has been to long..

Also the quote froom Twilight when Tyler ´accidentally´ asked Bella out.. with Edward standing right next to her (he must have lost his mind..).. and Edward saying that bella will be unavailable any night in the future.

About the previous chapter: Liked it.. but it was kinda different. the ball game was kinda hard to read for me (especially as English 2nd language..) .. but I loved that Edward accompayied Bella to the police! - Where is my knight in shining armour??-

And it was so funny that both Charlie and the other police officer said not to try to be the hero--

Peters had said the same thing to me. Was it written across my forehead or something? :D

... and I can feel a lemon coming, right???? Lookin forward to it :D :D

On a different note: I was wondering about Renee? I dont remember if she was mentioned in earlier chapters. What the story with her?

Rob: Finally in Louisiana :D :D with his girl (sharing a residence - thats what I read- but u know according to Oprah you cant believe anything you read ;) but I still do.. makes sense)

Anyway he has released the jaw, when is he finally gonna release the sexhair???? soon please!!

Well, take hopw you are ok, take care, my dear. I am looking forward to the next chapter..I assume we are not gonna make it to `the night`yet... but I can be patient ;) ;) I try :)

Author's Response:

Hi Rory!

This was quite the review! Thanks so much for taking so much time to share so much. I really appreciate it. Herzlichen Dank!

I don't know what made me think of Emmett going on a road trip with buddies, but I had to share. It did seem like quite the "Emmett" series of events, didn't it?

Glad you liked the Hyena Girls. I've missed a little girl time just with the three of them. I was almost going to cut that part of the chapter, but I couldn't let the girls go. I think I have some Hyena Girl friends too.

You always notice and mention my Twilight bits--the climbing through the window here. And also the Tyler Crowley profuse apology for unintentionally doing Bella harm.

Rambleward is pretty delicious, isn't he? I'd just love to cuddle the anxiety out of him. ;) Jasper is going to be so disappointed if he ever finds out about Edward illegally parking his tongue in the wrong mouth the minute he got to Dear Old Dad's house. And even worse...on display for Dear Old Dad!

Glad you liked the Sir Charlie bit---I can soooo hear Billy Burke saying that. It's in his voice in my head. lol  My dad was in the Marine Corps, so I can imagine that was fairly intimidating for my boyfriends. And I know my DAD was a joker, but he could sure come off seeming very gruff. Those poor boys! Didn't really matter, we still overkissed, etc. ;)

And Edward does have that hero complex, where he wants to save Bella. Funny that both police officers noticed it. But I would imagine they've had experience with guys like Edward wanting to protect their women.

There is definitely something lemony coming our way in the next chapter. Not the full-blown-lemon, but lemony goodness all the same.

Renee----I didn't have much use for her. She is mentioned back in the first chapter and a bit when Bella's birthday rolls around. She is in Phoenix/Jacksonville (I don't even remember now!!! LOL) with Phil. I think I will include her in an epilogue kind of chapter. I'm kind of toying with writing a sequel rather short story and including things that happen between when this story leaves off and following them sporadically until they graduate at the end of the following school year. Haven't decided. Funny--I had that thought today for the first time, so I need to mull it over. And that would include some Renee.

I hope Rob and Kristen are having a lovely time. I think they seem like thay are perfect for each other. But who really knows??? Just them, I guess. So happy to see the jaw porn out and about again. Can't wait, like you, to see the reemergence of the sex-hair. :) *drool* *slurp* *puddle*

Thanks a bundle for the lengthy review. Next chapter by Monday, maybe even a little earlier this time. Take care!


Reviewer: twilightmomct (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 12:17 PM · On: Chapter 56: Flirting With the Long Arm of the Law

Well there was certainly a lot going on this chapter.

Kudos to Victoria & Lauren for apologizing.

Charlie did his job putting the fear of God into Edward! It reminds me of when my husband made the comment "men are simple creatures, all we need is food & sex to make us happy" I'm not even sure he realized what he said until after it left his mouth.


Author's Response:

Hi twimom!

It was a busy chapter. Charlie must take some sort of secret delight in doing that kind of thing. You know he came down for water that he didn't even want, just to keep Edward on his toes and keep Bella on her side of the couch. ;)

Now, my husband has never said what your hubs said...however, I believe it to be his unspoken motto. ;) I think all men learn this motto sometime around juniot high/early high school and it sticks with them for life. LOL

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: cullen sandra (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 09:22 AM · On: Chapter 30: Leave Them Wanting More

i know alice means well, but she would annoy me after a while, so demanding, bossy and overbearing.

Author's Response:

Alice is Alice. I can't really think of writing her another way. She means well, like you said, and she wouldn't stick her nose in too far where it doewn't belong. And Edward puts up with her because she's his twin.


Reviewer: zimphella (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 05:01 AM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

Great chapter! I'm so glad that Bella finally went to the campus police about James. Stalkers suck. I had one in college, who was also named James and he was way creepy, but not as creepy as this James. It was fun to read abou their crazy imaginary ball game there.  I hope to see a reaappearance of Emily and Edna.

Author's Response:

Hi zim!

Glad you liked that one. I've had a number of readers tell me that they had stalkers. Scary! I hope you were able to follow the ball game, at least you were able to follow their banter and antics. And B & E didn't have to think about her situation for a bit. I think it was a good break---besides, I missed the gang. ;)


Reviewer: cullen sandra (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2010 09:44 AM · On: Chapter 23: Just Add Water and Stir

that was just so cute, and funny. poor edward and the pepperspray, but who knew it would turn out for the good.

Author's Response:

Certainly a first kiss that won't be forgotten! I think if Edward got to choose, he'd go with the pepper spray all over again, given how things worked out. ;) Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it. You are making some quick progress through this story!

Keep in touch.


Reviewer: TheFutureMrsPattinson (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2010 06:36 AM · On: Chapter 1: Putting the Move On

I love it!

Can't wai to keep reading =)

Author's Response:

Hope you continue to enjoy!


Reviewer: OCDvampire (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 10:03 PM · On: Chapter 54: Out of Left Field

Yeah, we all have chapters like that, but it came out awesome in the end!

You write Edward so well it's almost as if you have him permanently on hand for research. Is he still chained to your bed? Next time you have trouble with a chapter, try one of those ice-cream sundaes. I recommend (as Edward is such a caveman) you dress Edward in his loin cloth and slather the sundae over his abs. If you prop him up slightly it would melt along the happy trail.

I had to take my own advice when I got my last chapter back from the betas. I had a complete meltdown until my good friend (funny how all my best friends, lately, are people I have never actually met) talked me down from the ledge. The only way to pick myself back up was an ample helping of Thunder and Lightening with a side portion of Love Potion No.31, served on P's cheeky buns!!! Yummmmy!!

Seriously, your chapter rocked, so it was worth all that rewriting. I'm falling in love with your Alice - funny, sassy, bossy and SO organised!

Esme's the potential mother-in-law from heaven.

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned the more intimate moments, but that's just because I was brought up not to mention those things, lol. I have immense respect for anyone who can write lemons of any kind as! So after reading this chapter, I'm expecting The Big Event to blow my socks off!! Don't worry, it doesn't take much

Looking forward to your Ramblin' Man! Will he be rambling while he's ramblin'?

I'm glad you're getting enough reviews to snow you in, but it does take time to reply (or just to read them in my case).

RL has been taking it's toll on me, and will be worse next week as we relocate Mum to the Isle-of-Wight. I can't see me getting more poetry written for a while, although if there's no internet available on the IOW I may get chance.

Do you get a break from school soon? After settling Mum next weekend, I will have a whole week off - yippee!! Smack bang in the middle of which is my son's 21st!

Now who's ramblin'? I think it's time I went to bed


Author's Response:

Hi Isabel!

Glad you liked chapter 54. In the end, I think I was rather happy with that one.

Edward is now a permanent fixture in my head, I think. That's what happens after 50-some-odd chapters. And the sundae...keep that in mind. We're making sundaes in Forks. But it won't get too crazy. Charlie is sitting in the same room. :( I really do prefer your way of serving them though.

I remember the first time I wrote anything at all lemony it was so difficult, and I thought for sure my hubs and children were reading overmy shoulder. This many chapters later, and I don't really care. LOL I guess that's what happens when you lose your lemonginity. I hope I do an acceptable job when B & E get there, after all this build up.

Hope all goes/went well with the Mum-relocation. We just moved my Mom after 40 years in the same home. My Dad passed away in August 09 and it took my mother, my sister, myself and assorted offspring one full year to get her to pare down, get rid of, and pack up and go to a smaller assisted-living place near where my sister lives. Not an easy year.

I have no time off school until the end of November---when it's my son's birthday.

Thanks for the ramble, review and smiles.


Reviewer: mjw022174 (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 07:20 PM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

I am sooo loving this story. I can't wait till next chapter!!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the storylove. Next chapter should be up sometime today. Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: 1918EC (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 07:15 AM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

No, No, No, it wasn't dry at all and yes the game was a little confusing at first, but then it made sense! I really loved this chapter, you totally took what could have been an all too serious chapter (stalking is serious shit) but mixed in (beautifully, by the way) some humor, I think the mix was just right...Poor Edward, he actually had the occassion to say 'my brother and resident advisor' that had to be a little hard for him, but it lightened the somber mood in that moment...I also loved it when Officer Peters asked Edward if his whole family lived in the same dorm and Edwards answer was so funny! Did you research the stalking laws for Washington state? You did a really nice job of portraying that...Not to down play the seriousness of Bella's situation with stalker freak, but I loved them all playing their baseball game...They were having so much fun, and I laughed so hard; especially at Alice and Bella, and of course Jasper and Bella doing that skipping circle dance (I could just picture it) and of course the game would not have been complete without Emily and Edna! Well, here comes the weekend... I wonder if Charlie will like Edward...I wonder if Bella will tell her dad everything about James (ya, probably)...It should be interesting to find out how things go when they help out at Billy's house...and last but certainly not least, BRING ON SATURDAY NIGHT! ;) Now for my doom and gloom, sorry I can't help it; I know nobody wants to think this but, what if James saw E/B going to campus police or had been watching them while they were playing baseball, and I can't help but worry that he might follow Edward and Bella to Forks, or what if he does something to Edwards car so they break down on the way and, oh I need to stop my overactive imagination again...I also can't wait for the safety meeting, I wonder if they'll find out who let James into the dorm...I'm so looking forward to your next update!  XO  :)  Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you how much I loved the playful, sexy note E/B were passing back and forth in her class, that was so cute!

Author's Response:

Hi once again!

Glad the game made sence after a bit. I didn't want to get bogged down into too serious of a chapter, although the situation is serious. I also couldn't avoid doing that at least a little bit because of the gravity of the situation. Glad you think I found the right balance. I wanted some fun.

I did indeed research the stalking laws for Washington State, as well as what kinds of options there are for students at the Universityof Washington if they are being stalked/harrassed. The SARIS program really exists and there is a Husky Night Walk for students who need to get someplace at night so that they are not alone.

the baseball game was a good getqwat for the gang and for us. I think I managed to get every character in there doing something that was uniquely "them." That was a fun little excerpt to write. I can soooo see Edward and Emmett calling each other Emily and edna and giving each other a hard time about mundane things. Such a guy thing to do, such a brother thing to do...and I don't know if you remember Edward's musings at one point about feeling like Emmett was probably glad to get his brother back. Probably precisely for these Emmett-esque kinds of situations.

James...we just have to wait until he shows himself next.

I am looking forward to your next review. You have so many good questions and observations once again.

Take care,


Reviewer: 1918EC (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 05:38 AM · On: Chapter 54: Out of Left Field

You done good L, this was a great chapter! I was prepared to be on the edge of my seat, and on the lookout for danger as I read this chapter partly because of the title of it, but I got distracted by Edward's steel ramrod...I had all sorts of cute, funny things to say until...My eyes got wide as I was reading what that slimy bastard was saying to Bella...Holy crap! I can't even believe he was there on campus, let alone followed her to her class, and waited until Edward left, and then sat RIGHT.EFFING.BEHIND.HER...My mouth is still hanging open...I'm so worried about Bella and Edward, geez even a little bit for the rest of the gang too, I don't want anyone to get hurt (except psycho boy) So are the bats and bucket of balls going to come out and play? I keep pushing for those don't I? I guess I shouldn't have such violent thoughts about sporting goods...So it is as bad (actually worse) as I thought, he is a genuine, grade A, put him in a straight jacket please, psycho...I'm not sure what else to say, I'm actually stunned (only slightly speechless) This was a really, really, really good chapter, even if it did freak me the Hell out...On to ch.55, I hate to even say it yet but I hope you update soon, I have a feeling I'm going to need to jump right into the next chapter! And just incase you forgot, I love your author notes at the beginning of each chapter (and your crazy ass disclaimers)  XO  :)

Author's Response:

Hallllooooo once again!

Glad you liked chapter 54. Glad you got sidetracked and forgot about the James situation. I wanted it to "Come out of Left Field" when he wound up right behind her. James is a student, was working at the coffee shop on campus, and is Emmett's age. The reason he has a connection to them is that he and Emmett and Laurent had a class together last year, and that was how they struck up an acquaintance. Emmett didn't know much more about James, and until recently, he was flying under the radar. Although Edward has always been suspicious of him.

You now know about the bats and balls...I wanted to pay homage to the original Twilight with a baseball game. Well...I'll mention this more next chapter's reply.

But back to James...he's no longer playing with a full deck if he's tailing Bella to class and waiting for edward to leave her unattended.

WOW. Thanks for the compliments about this chapter. I think it must have well-written if it freaked you out so much. I'm going to pat myself on the back if I can give my readers that kind of freak-out.

Thank you for loving my author notes too. I write that stuff and then I think, am I the only one being entertained by this nonsense??? But no, you're out there too, reading and enjoying. The biggest challenge for me each chapter is writing a new variation on the disclaimer. So it's good to know someone is reading my efforts. ;) LOL

Thanks for all that love. You have no idea just what a soul-hug it is. :)


Reviewer: 1918EC (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 04:02 AM · On: Chapter 53: Stealthy Maneuvers

Oh gee L, you are such a tease! Really great chapter as always...I almost said, 'I can't believe Edward went over there' but then I realized that would have been crazy to say because of course that was the first thing he would do! Oh Edward, what shall we do with you? I think (hope) that he won't do anything stupid to make things worse, get himself or Bella hurt, or end up in jail...Let's hope none of this turns out to be as bad as I think it might be...I have to go with Edward on this one; I think there is something really messed up with James' brain (beyond his usual creepiness) I just want this whole James mess cleaned up so Edward and Bella can go and enjoy their romantic getaway on Saturday night (I bought some scented candles, have the mood music already picked out, and have rose petals to sprinkle all over the bed on stand by just for the occasion) Hey, only two more chaps to go and I'll be caught up with you finally...Let's see if I can actually do it before you post again! XO  :) *Heavy sigh* Sometimes I just can't push the submit button fast enough; I'm starting to feel like Edward did when he was running, feeling like I'm missing something and can't quite put my finger on it...I keep going back and forth with an idea about all of this but...maybe I'll keep it to myself this time, I'll feel really stupid if I'm wrong, so never mind...I'll just go read ch.54

Author's Response:

Hi again, 1918!

Of course Edward would do the unthinkable and go to confront James without taking "back-up" or letting anyone know what he was going to do. We know that Edward protects first, thinks second.

James is a creeper. And he's not getting the message. We'll have to wait and see what happens with him.

I'm so happy to hear that you're all set for your romantic evening with Bella and Edward and The Transfer. I think you'll like Edward's plan. ;)

I'm dying to know what your idea/hunch is. I'm not sure that I would want to respond to it, because I wouldn't want to give anything away, for or against, but think a lot about what you read, and you know on several occasions you have been right-on with your thoughts about what was comiing.

Thanks for the review(s) and sorry I took a little bit to get back to you on them.


Reviewer: cullen sandra (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2010 08:53 PM · On: Chapter 1: Putting the Move On

that was a fun chapter, omg what a bad day for poor edward.

Author's Response:

Glad you enjoyed the silly annoyances that Edward's first day back to school brought him. Things can only get better from here.;) Hope you continue to enjoy. Keep in touch.

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: 1918EC (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2010 04:42 AM · On: Chapter 52: The Gamut of Emotions

I have goose bumps! You are killing me with your story here (tiny smile) First, I'm laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my face at the gang's comments after Edward and Bella's PDA (which by the way was some of the best and funniest you've written so far) then, I'm feeling a little apprehensive but mostly relieved as Bella is telling Edward all of the James bullshit, and finally as Edward is running and realizes the gravity of this situation; I'm panicking wondering what it was that he figured out, so I found myself a little out of breath as I was rushing to read, and let me tell you, I never even thought about the possibility that James had been to the dorm before! Holy shit! This was an awesome chapter, so many good parts...Once again too many to mention, ok just a few (but no details, I have to go to sleep) You write the best Al, Jazz, Em, and Rose stuff; I already mentioned the lunch room pre/post E/B PDA comments, (priceless!) loved Jasper's words of advice to Edward about staying at Bella's dad's house, Emmett was so awesome to Edward when he came to his room to see what asshole wrote in the card to Bella, every time Emmett said 'as your resident advisor', and I have to throw in the swanky fort even if it isn't part of the gang (although it sort of takes on a life of it's own, or maybe that's just me) Oh hell, you know I just love everything you write...You know I love your story and your characters, oh and you too! *Hugs*  I have three chapters left before I'm caught up, you'll probably be finished with your story by the time my sorry, slow reading butt catches up, but you love me anyway...

Author's Response:

Hi 1918!

Sorry to be killing you---I wouldn't want to do write me such lovely reviews...why would I want to kill that off???  So, chapter 52..Glad you liked B & E's PDA outside and inside the dining hall and the gang's comments about that.

WOW, I'm excited to know how caught up and gripped you were by the part where Edward went running and was realizing something wasn't clicking as he sorted through his thoughts.

Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments. I thought it was kind of a jam-packed chapter. I think I felt pretty exhausted after it was done. ;)

I love writing the gang. the baseball game was a good way to get them together, having fun, taking B & E's minds off the gravity of the situation for just a little break. I also wanted an homage to the original Twilight baseball game.

Thanks for the overabundance of love for my story, my characters and me. We all appreciate it.

Love back at'cha!


Reviewer: i_heart_ecullen (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2010 02:29 AM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

This chapter like the rest was awsome!!!! Pls pls Update soon!!! And i cant wait to read your next chapter as usual!!!!!!! keep up the great work and pls update soon cant wait ti see how things go in forks!!

Author's Response:

Hi i heart!

Glad you liked the last chapter. I'm still behind on replies. Don't know if you've read the newest update yet.

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: murmureetoile (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2010 02:40 PM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

Great chapter!! I am French and didn't understand a thing about the baseball stuff, but it seemed fun (lol!).

Anyway, continue!! Saying that I'm impatient for the next chapter would be a real understatement!!

Author's Response:

Glad you were able to enjoy the fun of the game, even if you couldn't understand it. The important things to get out of it was simply that Emmett and Edward don't play games together well without trying to give each other a hard time, and Alice is bad, really, really bad. Worse than Bella, who wasn't very good, although she had never played before. And this got Bella's and Edward's mind off of the situation for a bit. ;)

Thanks for the review.


Reviewer: accsmom (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2010 11:58 AM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

Damn it took me long enough to get here!  My stinking internet has been down for over a day, and before that on and off for a couple days.  piece of poop!

I loveed the game and the interaction between them all!


Author's Response:

Hi accsmom!

Don't you just hate when the computer/internet/connections go on the fritz and you are kept from your beloved fanfics?????? I know I do. Definite thorn in my side.

Glad you loved the game and interaction with the gang--I missed them.


Reviewer: maizeandblueinvalpo (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2010 11:30 AM · On: Chapter 55: The Waiting Game

I'm glad they took the whole thing with James seriously.  That is nothing to blow off.  Edward wouldn't let her do that anyway.  It was nice of them to be able to go out and have some fun.   Looking forward to the time in Forks.

Author's Response:

Hi m & b!

You are so right about the seriousness of a stalker situation. I would have liked to have been playing Over-the-Line with them. ;) Forks...full speed ahead.

Thanks for the review.


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