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Reviews For Mistaken Trust
Reviewer: edwards_girl_4_ever (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 02:01 PM · On: Chapter 20

Wow great chapter, so happy you found a way to empower Bella. I can't wait to see what renee said, thought it is either that charlie talked to her or Jake got to her... not sure what.


The idea of Jake the master criminal is a little weird, though I'm enjoying the effects. Did he rob a bank? I'm sorry but it is a little funny.


Overall this story is well thought out and really really well written. Great job!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 

Lol. Well actually, there is something very key that has not been revealed yet, and once it has (it's related to how Jacob paid the criminals, and no, he didn't rob a bank, lol) I think things will make a lot more sense to you. 

Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me! 

Reviewer: Trysh (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 01:53 PM · On: Chapter 20

Welcome back!!!!

I was kinda wondering when Renee would be brought into the story. I am so glad that Bella learned some self defense moves. I NEVER woulda thought about Jacob hiring a thug to get to her. STUPID DOG! Reading about her actually laughing and feeling stronger makes me like this story even more! Keep the chapters coming :) (and yes again I jumped up and down when I saw you had updated!!!)

Author's Response:

Thanks :-)

Yeah, you will see lots of Renee in the next chapter. I'm so glad you liked the self defense to help Bella feel stronger. I think it is really important. It's great that she has Edward to always protect her but it is important for her to also gain confidence in herself as well. 

Once again thank you for your lovely review. I always love hearing from you. It truly means a lot. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Big Hugs!

Reviewer: Luiza (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 01:41 PM · On: Chapter 20

Oh, cliffhanger, noooooo-
Now I'll spend weeks wondering what did Renee write on that e-mail.
It was also a very good chapter.
Pleeease update soon!!

Author's Response:

Lol, sorry. Thank you very much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I will do my best to update soon. I'm going to try very hard not to take as long as it took for this chapter to come. 

Reviewer: wantmoretwilightnow (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 01:13 PM · On: Chapter 20

No pun intended, but this chapter certainly packed a punch.  Sooo much happening, so tense...and then Emmett.  What a brilliant idea to include that.  And from Emmett, it made perfect sense, along with how he treats her.

It is clear you truly have a strong sense of your characters' motivations.  Soooo god.

Author's Response:

Ha ha, yeah, there's lots going on. I'm so happy you liked the part with Emmett! 

Thank you sooo much for your kind words! It means so much to me! 

Reviewer: VampFan (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:37 PM · On: Chapter 20

Long update and thx for giving Bella some kind of strength to hold onto.

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it. I think it is important for her to feel better about herself. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: daggers4u (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:21 PM · On: Chapter 20

Thank you for the extra links! Love them! The YouTube video is awesome! *sigh*  ^__^

This was a great chapter!! Glad u updated--today was a perfect day for me to get it! Yay!

Author's Response:

I'm so happy you enjoyed the video! Thanks for commenting on it. Very few people have commented. 

Thanks so much! :-)

Reviewer: Gwilwillith (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:17 PM · On: Chapter 20

incredible writing as ever!

Author's Response:

Thank you sooo much! :-)

Reviewer: imyoursweet666 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:00 PM · On: Chapter 20

damn cliffy!!!

Author's Response:

Hehe, sorry :-D

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! 

Reviewer: bella1224 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 11:11 AM · On: Chapter 20

Great chapter it was well worth the wait. I can't wait for the next chapter you have me on the edge of my seat.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! It really means a lot to me! 

Reviewer: Saydonee (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 11:00 AM · On: Chapter 20

great chapter! what did rene say? is she coming to visit?

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! You'll see in the next chapter :-)

Reviewer: gr8fulmom (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 10:40 AM · On: Chapter 20

I'm guessng that Jacob is visitng Renee...sheesh! Now thats a problem!

Author's Response:

Well, I won't say if you're right, but thanks so much for reviewing! :-)

Reviewer: Bkwrm (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 09:59 AM · On: Chapter 20

Ok. Edward is a fucking MORON. They need to LEAVE. NOW. They're vampires, for heaven's sake; they can run and hide in another country until Bella's ready to be changed. Why are they cowering from HUMANS?

And please tell me Bella's not going to run into Jake's trap. She did that with James; she can't be THAT stupid.

Author's Response:

*Cringes* Intense review, but I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts. There was less of Edward's point of view, so it might be a bit less clear and I'm going to try and explain it to you.

Edward and the Cullens are definitely NOT cowering from humans. The only reason Berruti got to Bella was because none of them thought of Jacob hiring humans. Now that Edward knows, there is obviously absolutely NO WAY that a human will be able to get past vampires to get to Bella. None of the Cullens are worried about humans getting past them. From Bella's point of view we get that she senses that Edward is worried, but since he's not letting Bella out of his sight, he's not worried about anyone getting through him to Bella. He's actually worried that the pack are going to find a way to remove Jacob's shape shifting abilities and that if that happens, they will have to either fight the pack or put Bella through court where Jacob might still go free. 

From Bella's point of view you might get the feeling that there're worried about humans because Bella is afraid. They came up with the self defense idea to make her feel stronger about herself. 

So it wouldn't really solve anything for them to run away. They need to get rid of Jacob so Bella can live her life without having to look over her shoulder in fear that Jacob is still out there.

As for Bella falling into Jake's trap and going to him willingly, I promise you that that WILL NOT be happening. I agree that that is stupid. Bella will not be deciding to do that. I hope that makes you feel better :-)

And I hope things make more sense to you now. Let me know if you have any more questions, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

Reviewer: depper57 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 09:51 AM · On: Chapter 20

Another great chapter.  Poor Bella, she has gone through so much already and still has so much to be afraid of.  It is so heartbreaking.  My tummy just aches for her everytime I read this.  Thank you for the comedy relief with Emmett.  Looking forward to seeing what happens next!  And really looking forward to some vengeance!

Author's Response:

Thank you! Yes, it is very sad. But I promise that the good times are on their way. We are VERY close now to seeing Jacob pay. I'm so glad you liked the comedy with Emmett :-)

Thanks so much for your review! 

Reviewer: smartin47 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 09:50 AM · On: Chapter 20


Author's Response:

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

Reviewer: mountainlion718 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 09:44 AM · On: Chapter 20

can't wait to find out where Jacob is getting that money from.....maybe that Carlo guy will turn on him

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your review and rating! You're awesome! 

Reviewer: petralucie (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 07:49 PM · On: Chapter 19

Thanks so much for this story. Realistic and sad, but really I'd like to read the continuation ...

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your review! I'm very happy you feel it's realistic. And yes, it is sad, but there are happy times as well and the story will definitely have a happy ending :-)

I'm so glad to hear you're looking forward to reading more. The next chapter is now awaiting validation, so hopefully it will be up soon! 

Reviewer: Lady-Gemini (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 01:06 PM · On: Chapter 19

Oh my god, this just get's better and better! I can't wait to see the next chapter, update again soon. X

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! It means a lot to me. The next chapter is awaiting validation now, so hopefully it will be up soon! 

Reviewer: VampyreAngel (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 01:06 AM · On: Chapter 17

I really hope Edward gets to avenge Bella, one on one with Jacob!

Author's Response:

Don't worry! You will see a Edward/Jacob one on one. Thanks so much for your review! 

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 31, 2010 01:29 AM · On: Chapter 19

I hope you have calm and not stressful days because I need to know what happens next.  Thanks for the story!

Author's Response:

Thank you so very much for all of your reviews! It means a lot to me. I'm so glad you're enjoying! I'm glad you like long chapters because the next chapter is VERY long. It is now awaiting validation, so hopefully it will be up soon. 

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 31, 2010 12:30 AM · On: Chapter 16

I know how much work you have to do, but please don't think you're unapreciated.  We're still following your story excitedly.

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 30, 2010 11:42 PM · On: Chapter 14

I love long chapters!

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 30, 2010 09:54 PM · On: Chapter 8

You are doing a wonderfull job.  So believable and real.

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 30, 2010 09:21 PM · On: Chapter 6

Oh the tension!  The drama!  You're doing good job with this!

Reviewer: mommakat (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2010 05:35 PM · On: Chapter 19

First, thank you so very much for sharing your story! I started reading last night , paused to actually sleep, and finished today. I couldn't stop.

Second, the chapters come as the chapters come. I know we readers get impatient but really, each author can only write as she or he is inspired. Sometimes that means the chapters come barreling out fast and furious and sometimes that means they just aren't ready yet. And as compelling as getting the story out must be you still have to live the rest of your life. Hang in there- you are worth waiting for!

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you're enjoying!

And thank you sooo much for understanding. That is so very true! You must either be a writer yourself or you're extremely preceptive. This is the first story I've ever written and now I understand what other writers go through, lol. Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot to me.

Reviewer: elaine24 (Signed) · Date: July 24, 2010 03:04 AM · On: Chapter 19

great story. cant wait to read more.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! It means a lot to me! 

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