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At what you just give it up?

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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby GreekBee on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:52 am

xparawhorextwerdx wrote:Question 2

*puts hand up* I haven't updated my multi chapters in almost a month...I have reasons! I put one on hiatus, because of school. Also, my beta's been mega busy for my other so I don't have the latest chapter back yet from her. As soon as school calms down, I'll post again. But until then, I just can't write.

I was recently clearing out my favourites list, and I PM'd any authors who haven't updated in a few months. If I don't get a reply from whoever I PM'd in the next week, I'm deleting the story. However, when an author is nice enough, like Rialle, for example, to send an email saying that she's busy, but she is working on it, I'll leave it. If they have a legitimate reason, school or work or something, I'll let it slide. But six months is my limit. I'm also a fiend for clearing out my favourites of complete stories. When a story is complete, I clear it out. Dunno why, I just do.

*rasies hand*

I am so guilty of this, and I know I suck because of it, but I am busy (trying to get into college! etc) and then this chapter just will not come! It's being stubborn and I'm just going to have to clear a chunk of time and sit down and go throught eh whole chapter and what I want to happen in it and get it sorted.
It really plays on my mind that I don't update often enough. I feel really mean (ok, like an utter bitch) because I am so genuinely thrilled/amazed/happy that people are reading my story and I still haven't updated, not udating sends the wrong vibe though; saying that I don't care about my story, don't appreciate my readers and that is not the message I want to send because it just isn't true.
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby mozzer0906 on Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:03 pm

I will ditch by the end of the first chapter if there is poor grammar or spelling. I mean there is NO excuse for spelling errors. NONE.

If the grammar is bad enough that I know it is bad grammar, I dump it too, because I suck at grammar. If I catch many mistakes, the story is badly written.

Once I sign onto a story, I pretty much stick with it. Long update lags wouldn't cause me to dump it if I liked a story. Writers have lives, shit happens, they get blocked, whatever, I'll wait for it.

I've only really dumped one story out of boredom. I just got tired of it. It was going nowhere, it was tiresome and I found myself skimming over updates to catch what was going on. Finally I just decided to bail.

There was one story that I poured so much time into reading. I cried for the lead character. Then the writer just jumped the shark, the jetty, the pier and the boardwalk and is flopping around on dry land. I took it personally. I can forgive a misstep or two, but one after another after another? Then I read all of the gushing reviews that people leave and I think to myself "do you people have any taste? are you reading the same trite chapter I am?" I mean I gave one constructive criticism review, but now, I just can't even think of something constructive. She took a fantastic story and made it predictable, and so far-fetched in the realm of coincidence and character responses that I just am pissed. Yet, despite this, I still read every update. I don't know, I guess I figured I wasted so much of my life on this fic, I may as well know how it ends. Therefore it is very hard to get rid of me as a reader. I do stop reviewing though if I fall out of love with a story.

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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby TEAMEDWARD23 on Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:57 pm

Spelling errors don't really bother me unless it's stuff like you should already know. For example, Emmet :roll: It drives me crazy when I see that. And when 'they're' and 'their' are switched around, that's irritating as hell. But the other stuff, I don't really care about. If it has a good plot, I'll read it.

Things that really will make me stop reading a story:
Over-smut-iness. Like where all the characters do is have sex, or want to have sex, or something sexually related. Sure, smut is fun to read every once in a while, but I need a plot dammnit. Also, stories that make Bella out to be this girl who will just f*** anyone make me wanna throw my computer out the window.

Stories that describe the characters outfits/look too much. Ugh. I've seen this is in some the 'i'm-rich-and-go-to-boarding-school' stories where Bella's whole outfit/look it described in detail -- from how she doesn't straigten her hair because OMG it's naturally straight, right down to her black, peep-toe Jimmy Choo heels. And it's just like why the HELL do I care?!

FF's that depict Jessica and Tanya as the absolute, most-trashiest chicks on the planet. I'm talking about FF"s where they hit on Edward constantly and BEG him for sex. I can handle FF's where they're semi-slutty, but the ones where they try to sleep with him every two seconds make me wanna scream.

Stories where Edward/Bella fight for chapters on end and when one of them finally apoligizes, the other doesn't seem to care. Just make up already!

And finally, my biggest pet-peeve: when Bella is instantly attracted to Edward and is instantly madly in love with him or vice versa. It's really annoying, especially when Bella is all sappy and weak. And that's another thing, stories where Bella is weak and stories where Edward is overly protective (protectivness is cute, but when it's overly done it makes me wanna slap someone's momma).

Oh and stories that are overly long -- after chapter 50 or so, you just have to end it.

Ooookay, rant over :D (Sorry I'm so picky..)

As for the whole update thing, I really suck at updating. Like I deleted one of my stories and put the other on hold because I just don't have the time to write everyday. Currently, I'm only writing one story and I have...0% of the next chapter done. It usually takes me like a month or two to updated during the school year, but over the summer, I usually update twice a month. As for the stories I read, I took a break from FF in December and sort of lost interest from all the stories I was reading and only kept a few stories on alert and most of the stories I left were stories that hadn't been updated in a while, but I'm still holding out hope.
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby Nightshade on Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:59 pm

TEAMEDWARD23 wrote:Stories that describe the characters outfits/look too much. Ugh. I've seen this is in some the 'i'm-rich-and-go-to-boarding-school' stories where Bella's whole outfit/look it described in detail -- from how she doesn't straigten her hair because OMG it's naturally straight, right down to her black, peep-toe Jimmy Choo heels. And it's just like why the HELL do I care?!

1.) Halle-freaking-lujah-- Someone said it. lolol. I can't STAND THIS. Honestly, half the time, in REAL LIFE we don't even noticed what other people are wearing. Seriously, try and remember exactly what one of your colleagues or co-workers was wearing today in detail. Can't do it? Yeah, that proves that it DOESN"T MATTER! AGH!

It reminds me of Madam Bovary. Dear god I hate that novel.

2.) I cannot handle bad dialogue. I have a real problem when it comes to the use of the word "here" in dialogue.

E.g: "All right, Bella now close your eyes here"

I don't get it. And I can't even begin to tell you how many fics I've read with that same tacky "here" thrown on the end of half the things the characters say! Why?! ::headdesk::

3.) Smut. Worthless smut with no story is just like empty calories to me. No thanks. Along these same lines: Poorly written smut. It could be the best sex in the world but the instant the word "core" is used to describe Bella's vaginal area and I'm done. I *hate* that. It's not her "core" her "core" is somewhere in her chest, you know, where all her vital organs are. It just feels like it's preteens who've never had sex that call it that-- It just screams immaturity to me.


burn, burn, burn.
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby nounbeast on Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:16 pm

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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby angel_gidget on Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:47 pm

There are several stories that I'll read the first few paragraphs of and say "Screw it". I'll do this when I see really bad grammar, OOC dialogue, etc.

But the thing that will eventually make me drop a fic even after I've read several chapters is when I either realize I won't remember it later or I know I'll completely confuse it with something else I'm reading. This means that I've seen the concept before and the execution of that concept isn't original enough for me to distinguish it in my mind. This happens to me sometimes with New Moon AUs in which it takes a longer time for Edward and Bella to be reunited. There's a lot of potential for storyline there, but some folks can't help revisiting the same ideas as everyone else.
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby alexajaye on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:43 pm

Well, recently, I stopped reading a story because it had SEX in every chapter. And I don't mean the flowery, pretty, lovey-dovey sex. I mean, like XXX sex. It was near constant and got boring after 19 chapters, and there were still 20 or so chapters to go. I had to say so long.

But realistically, a story has to do three things for me, almost instantly:

Characters have to be interesting and they have to be funny. It's was really draws me in and makes me care about them. How does this happen? Bring on the cliches, baby. Sadly, that's what it takes for me. My English teacher told me once that writing a story, a novel, whatever was like building a house. And a house needs a foundation -- something familiar. Some people don't like cliches, but a lot of the stories I've ready have and use them wisely.

The story has to start almost immediately. If the two main characters don't meet in the first chapter, I need to know why. And when they do, there has to be a good reason for it. And neither of them can fall instantly head over heels in love. I like gradual love stories, because most of the time, that's life.

Grammar for me is key. If you're a writer, if you write, hell, if you put words to paper and are over the age of 14, you went to school. You had English, and your teacher more than likely taught you the basics. When an author doesn't care about making mistakes, it tells me they not only don't care about presentation, but they also don't give a flying fuck about what people think of their writing -- their writing, not the story. Those are two different things.

Punctuation, plot, characterization and the like all go hand in hand with me. You're mixing up a cake. If you don't get all the ingredients right, the end result will not taste good. And whether you want anyone to like it more than you do or not, the first thing you should care about is how it looks.

As far as updating goes, most of the stories I read are updating frequently enough for me to remember what happened the last time I read, so I wouldn't just drop them for that reason alone. Now if they took an unlikely turn, that would be something else altogether.

That being said, a few of my stories are pushing the month and two month mark as far as updates. :oops: What can I say? I have tunnel vision.
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby Hislovestory on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:51 pm

First pet peeve is updating...if its been more than two months with no update I won't read it..I hate to invest my time in a story that is not regular..I use to read everything but ended up with a huge list that had not been updated in over a year...some were really great too

SOme stories have no plot.. they are just written make out scenes

I do not like stories where the writer feels they have to use the "F" word in every sentence...

Some stories don't know how to find a stopping point..
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby sandstone on Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:22 pm

One of the things that makes me stop reading , is if something happens in a story that really doesn't make sense.
One story- Emmet attacked a family member(I won't say wich one), and burns the cullen mansion down. No explanation for this was given.

If a character is extremely out of character- Bella snaps at edward and breaks his things, did I mention after proclaiming she is his best friend. Why?
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Re: At what you just give it up?

Postby ruthhazelton on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:27 am

Bad dialog, spelling, grammer, punctuation - if I start a story and it doesn't look like anyone has betad it - goodbye story. There is on on this site that I started and wanted to finish but I couldn't get past the first chapter - I thought I would go insane. The sad thing is - it was good. Its currently languishing in limboville. Starting a story and thinking this is really good - unfortunately Robsten broke up in July about the same time the story started - I couldn't deal with Bella cheating on her husband to be with Edward. I stuck with it for several chapters but then had to stop because it hit too close to home and I'm not even a Robsten fan. Starting a story and keeping up with it - when it gets updated once a day and you miss a week, you are already 7 chapters behind. Then they started updating twice a day and I was so far behind I gave up. Now that its finished, I'm going to try to go back to it and finish it. At the other end of the spectrum is the story that gets 7 chapters and then just stops and you wonder if the author is coming back. Starting stories where Bella has a strange disease and substances start oozing from everywhere - there are two on this site that I just couldn't deal with and had to stop partway through the first chapter.
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