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What about Admiral Fic? Captain Fic?


Postby psymom on Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:52 am

We seem to have a LOT of new users lately, and I would like to welcome you all! I am psymom and I started the Twilighted archive in March of 2008 as a haven for Twilight fanfiction with no restrictions on content, as long as it is WELL-WRITTEN. Please review our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before submitting a story to the archive:


The forum was opened in May of 2008, and those of us that have been here from the beginning know that this place was born out of frustration with being censored. So, because we are all adults (read our Terms of Service--you must be 18 to register) we do not censor you here--you can pretty much say anything, as long as you are NICE. That is the golden rule (and one of the only rules):


So here is a recap of the rules as they have evolved over the last year, for quick, easy reference:

1. BE NICE! This means be respectful, do not flame. If you don’t like a person’s story, don’t come on the forums and tell them that, or leave nasty reviews for them…just DON’T READ IT. This also includes not disparaging real people and/or other sites.

2. No fic writing on the forum. This site is a quality-controlled archive. If we allow fic to be posted on the forum, anyone whose story was rejected could then post their story on the forum, and pretty soon we would have nothing more than another where anything and everything can be posted.

3. No nudity in pics/avatars/signatures please--that means no breasts, no male or female genitalia, and no bare bums please. So far this has not been a problem, and is likely assumed by most, but this is just to be clear.

4. No asking for or distributing fics that an author has removed.

Thanks and Welcome to Twilighted!

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