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Character pairing

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Character pairing

Postby sandstone on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:54 pm

Does anyone believe it ruins a story, for the main character to become involved with someone else, when the pairing of the story is otherwise different.

I'm speaking in particular of Bella and Edward pairing story's, that involve Bella becoming intimately involved with someone else (usually Jacob) other than Edward. This sometimes happens with other characters and Edward as well. The story is usually an Edward and Bella pairing, a misunderstanding happens, or they are separated. Bella becomes sad and still deeply cares for Edward, then she intimately becomes involved with someone else. It includes Bella seeing Edward again or just deciding she should be with someone, even though Edward is in her mind and heart. The conclusion of these story's is Bella and Edward getting back together.

I've read story's have third party involvement but don't play out the same. With these story's it seems the story has either taken a bad turn or has entered a bizarre scenario.
These story's have main characters still in love with someone but they play the field. Bella makes a sudden,(Edward is sometimes still in the picture) impulsive decision and takes the next step with someone else, and Edward is still in her mind. In the end the story it's just a Edward and Bella pairing, or whatever the character pairing marked is.

There have been mention of third party situation that have made sense, but there are many story's that have seemed to take a strange course of events, or have had a depressing outcome. The story strays from the intended pairing. I was just curious to know everyone's opinion.
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Re: Character pairing

Postby dazzled eyes22 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:08 pm

I know this answer is a little late, but it does ruin the story for me as well.

In canon, we were supposed to believe Bella was irrevocably in love with Edward and she debated moving on with Jacob in New Moon and again in Eclipse, but didn't. If Bella or Edward can move on with someone else, the main pairing loses all appeal to me.

I can tolerate Bella or Edward with someone else before they meet or get together, but if a disagreement or problem causes one to move on like that, I would question whether he/she loves the other as much as they say.
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