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Depressing storys

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Depressing storys

Postby sandstone on Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:57 am

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone ever read a story that was depressing.

I just recently read a AH story that turned my stomach.
Basically Edward and Bella were in love, but Edward joins a secret organization to protect Bella from murderers. Bella thinks he left her. Six years later Edward comes back. Everyone deceives Bella and no one tells her the truth about Edward. Bella doesn't trust Edward when he talks to her and she dates Jacob and becomes intimately involved with him (very intimately involved), Mind you while she is thinking of Edward and is still in love with him. I thought the story would get better, it just got worse. Eventually Rosalie an undercover agent and Carslile plan to coerce Bella into leaving with Jacob to a secluded location, advising her to “move on”, apparently with noble intentions of protecting her. Edwards still protects Bella and his heart is still consumed with her. Meanwhile Bella still doesn't know the whole truth. The author hasn't updated.

I didn't mean to describe that much of the story. I've said too much. I was just curious if anyone ever read a story that seemed too negative.
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