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Need help revamping a story AU Human

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Need help revamping a story AU Human

Postby KelseyJane on Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:45 pm

Hey there,
So the story I am talking about there are I believe 3 chapters up on this site. I want to slow things down and really dig into the characters and figure out how they would really handle everything that happens in this story. Right now it is completely twilight fanfiction but it's an AU Human story and I want to change the characters so this can be an original piece of work. As a fanfic, my main characters Alessa(new character) and jasper fall in love and have their happy ending as well as everyone else, no matter what happens when in reality, I don't think it should quite work that way.

Synopsis: Alessa is a bartender who doesn't let herself get too close to men due to a past relationship. The closest thing she has is a friends with benefits type of thing with Emmett. If given the chance, Emmett would gladly try a relationship with her but she doesn't want that. So in order to fulfill the girlfriend aspect, he starts dating Rose. Now Rose's brother Jasper works at the bar with Alessa and develops a crush on her and slowly gets her to come around and start dating. As She and Jasper get more serious she slows down the friends with benefits with Emmett, but doesn't completely stop it. Their affair comes out in the open and everyone is hurt but are eventually okay, which I don't really like. Yes, I still want Alessa and jasper to have their happy ending after all the other trials they have to deal with. What i don't feel like i have is a plot. The story just kind of follows Jasper and Alessa's relationship but nothing profound really happens until the affair becomes known. After it does, Emmett talks to Rose and tells her everything that went on with Alessa to clear the air. My best friend mentioned that she wouldn't think rose would be okay with being 2nd to alessa since he can't be with her. Does that make sense? (Right now as a twilight fanfic, she and emmett get back together and everything is perfect. Not realistic.)

There is a lot more that happens and more I want to fix, I just need someone to bounce ideas off of and maybe help me write a few scenes. So if you are interested, please respond here or PM me. Thank you so much!
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