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Should I get into this fic writing fandom?

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Should I get into this fic writing fandom?

Postby BambiScott on Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:52 pm

So I’m late to the Twilight fandom. And with the movies just ending I was really wondering if anyone would even read some new fiction.
It seems to be most fics are mainly about Bella and Edward though I don’t mind them I’m interested in Jacob. But either way I’m going to give out two semi summaries of fics I thought about writing hoping to get a sense if the fandom would even read them.

Idea #1: AH fic where the Cullen’s Carlise, Esme and their children Alice (19), Edward (17) and Nessie (12) come to Forks in the summer for their eldest daughter Rosalie’s (22) wedding. The family lives in Italy. Edward is forewarned not to cause trouble as his new brother Emmett is a police officer and there is the fact that Edward has just slept with Tanya (the maid of honor) and has been thrown into a whirl wind of drama by Nessie’s best friend Jane who supposedly told everyone back home that he kissed her, which wasn’t the case.

Then he meets Bella who is like Emmett’s sister (plus Rosaile hates her) and Bella’s loner friend Jasper.

I think I might do this in a 3rd person pov so I can have Nessie who wants her first kiss stalk Jake around. (NOTE: this would be one sided)

Idea #2: I really want a Jacob/oc fic but when I searched to read some I found nothing I liked. So enter Charlotte (Lola) Hemsworth. She is Bella’s best friend from Forks. Kinda of a retelling of the books thought Lola is a child of the moon (real werewolf). Of course Edward and Bella would be in the fic but not as the center characters. And I def wouldn’t re tell every piece of the books. I just really want a fic where Jake falls for someone that makes sense or atleast a fic that is finished.

So if you have read all of this Thanks! I would really love some feedback to even see if I should get into writing twilight fanfics.
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Re: Should I get into this fic writing fandom?

Postby sandstone on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:27 pm

If you write fics. I will read them.
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