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I need some imput for a fanfic I'm thinking about writing

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I need some imput for a fanfic I'm thinking about writing

Postby TheVampireGod on Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:42 am

Okay it's mainly centered around the Volturi and it's about a vampire who wants to take them down. This vampire mind you is very old and can take multiple vampires on his own. The reason he wants to destroy the Volturi is that Aro supposedly killed the love of his life and now he's decided to just go on a suicide mission after centuries later because he's fed up with the Volturi's power trip.

Now there is a problem I face does that sound believable? I mean do you think something like that could slip past Aro especially if it happened a few thousand years ago? I ask because Aro has that ability and there's no way someone could get away with lying to him.

I'm planning on the love interest to be Jane(crazy I know) the idea is that Jane and her brother were turned by Aro as messed up revenge plan. Essentially through flash backs of the main character we learn how the Volturi were formed and how it's members became the way they are. But I worry that giving Jane a lover might ruin her character because she's usually so cold and the idea of her being seen as well happy and in love(at least in flash backs since I don't think readers could buy a sappy present day Jane)

Now my final dilema is the confrontation between Aro and the main character I'm planning for it to be like this. Though I do have a problem where his power concerned I plan for it to be something that would scare Aro and I that the only power that could scare him would be like the power to copy other powers because really a vampire that can do that really be dangerous and could probably stand a chance against the Volturi.

So what do you think? Could a story like that work and how do you think the Cullens would react to such a character?
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Re: I need some imput for a fanfic I'm thinking about writing

Postby sandstone on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:59 pm

You could do it if the character had the ability or gift to block or alter Aro reading ability. Aro wouldn't realize he wasn't reading him rite.

It could be done.

Good luck!
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