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When your child is hurting, you’d do anything to ease their pain. Renee is faced with the difficulty of knowing there’s nothing she can do to help Bella feel better… and Florida is not an option.

Categories: New Moon Characters: Bella, Charlie, Renee
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1079
[Report This] Published: May 05, 2008 Updated: May 06, 2008

Monster by angela_weber Rated: PG [Reviews - 3]
Summary: Jasper is repulsed by himself and by his actions at that fateful birthday party in New Moon. What has he become?
Categories: New Moon Characters: Alice, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1747
[Report This] Published: April 25, 2008 Updated: April 26, 2008

Nostalgia by Twilightened Rated: G starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 9]
Summary: Bella comes back to Forks after more than 40 years. She gets caught up in her memories as she relives some of the most poignant moments from her early life: her change, her wedding, the loss of her parents, her love of Jacob Black, and more.
Categories: Post-Eclipse Characters: Aro, Bella, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Jacob, Jane, Renee
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes Word count: 14510
[Report This] Published: March 29, 2008 Updated: April 21, 2008

Summary: FeatureSet at the End of Bella's Junior Year. Hilarity ensues when the Forks Gang is forced to endure Sex Education class with Coach Clapp.
Categories: Twilight Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Eric, Jasper, Lauren, Mike, Rosalie, Tyler
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: No Word count: 20506
[Report This] Published: April 18, 2008 Updated: April 19, 2008

Summary: Feature


This is Edward's side of the bedroom reunion scene in eclipse (Chapter 8: Temper, pages 185-195).

Many thanks to psymom and MarcyJ for very thorough and extremely helpful betas - they're amazing!

As usual, all the regular disclaimers apply: Stephenie Meyer owns all things twilight; no money is being made from this work; and absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. The dialog from eclipse here is copied only for clarity. Thanks to Stephenie for creating such wonderful characters!

One other note: I am a member of team Switzerland - I do not dislike Jacob, so don't be upset with me. Edward, on the other hand, has his own opinions...

In Edward's words...

Categories: Eclipse Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: Totality
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes Word count: 7339
[Report This] Published: March 22, 2008 Updated: April 17, 2008


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