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This is my first attempt at fan fiction. Being so inspired by what I have read I wanted to try.Because I did not finish this, before the release of Breaking Dawn, and am in fact still working on the last chapters, I debated whether to submit this at all. I did not want others to think I was playing off Breaking Dawn. I really loved the last book of the series and now wanted to finish my own poor offering.

In any case, this is what I envision would happen to conclude the story of Bella and Edward.

DISCLAIMER: The characters are those created by, and belonging to Stephenie Meyer, and I offer a huge thank you to her for her vision of Twilight, and for sharing that vision with all of us.

This is my own vision of where the story might go, and any similarity to Stephenie Meyer’s work, as well as any copy write violation, is completely coincidental, and unintentional.

CHANGE OF CATEGORY: Well as it turns out, some of the content of my story, requires it to be listed in the AU category. Sorry for the confusion. But thanks for reading.

I would like to say a big thank you to the beta helping me with my submission...qjmom. Youhave made this not only a fun experience, but a learning experience. I appreciate all your help and advice. You're the best!





Categories: AU Characters: Alec, Alice, Angela, Aro, Athenodora, Bella, Ben, Billy, Brady, Bree, Caius, Carlisle, Carmen, Charlie, Claire, Collin, Demetri, Edward, Eleazar, Embry, Emily, Emmett, Eric, Esme, Felix, Gianna, Irina, Jacob, James, Jane, Jared, Jasper, Jessica, Kate, Kim, Leah, Marcus, Mike, Other Character, Phil, Quil, Renee, Rosalie, Sam, Seth, Sulpicia, Tanya, Tyler, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes Word count: 151108
[Report This] Published: August 13, 2008 Updated: October 04, 2008

Summary: "She mentioned something about a bunch of female vampires... and you." Pg 193 of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.

Alternate Universe
What if something had happened in Alaska? How would Edward tell Bella about it? How would Bella react?
As told in Edward's POV. (Pre-twilight, but moves to Eclipse in later chapters)
Rated NC17, just in case, for scenes between Tanya and Edward.
Categories: Pre-Twilight, Eclipse, AU Characters: Bella, Carlisle, Carmen, Edward, Eleazar, Esme, Irina, Kate, Tanya
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes Word count: 14209
[Report This] Published: August 25, 2008 Updated: September 07, 2008




It's the beginning of Bella's new life, taken place after "Eclipse". Everything is going well, or as well as it could ever get for a newborn vampire. With her new family of vampires protecting her and making sure she doesnt "fall off the wagon", Bella is living her new Vampiric life just as she always thought she would. On the one day that Bella allows Edward to leave her home alone, reassuring him that she would not leave the house, she gets two unwelcomed visitors.... who just happen to be human.

~ A story of the first time Bella Cullen "fell off the wagon."

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Categories: AU, Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Carmen, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Irina, Jasper, Rosalie, Tanya
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 8713
[Report This] Published: July 24, 2008 Updated: August 10, 2008


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