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Twilight with a Grimm's Fairy Tale 'The Robbery's Bridegroom' twist.  Bella is to wed Jacob Black after catching his eye.  What Bella doesn't know is what is in store for her.

Categories: AU Characters: Jacob
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 4577
[Report This] Published: August 20, 2011 Updated: September 23, 2011

Amore Vietato by blackjacklily Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 213]


Amore Vietato - Forbidden Love. That's what 18 year old Bella Swan found when she moved to the small town of Forks, Washington. 

Dating a century old vampire and best friends with a werewolf, Bella is thrust into a supernatural world where all the stories she thought were fiction turn out to be reality.

A momentary lapse of control by Edward leaves Bella with broken bones and all alone. So begins her fall from grace.  Until she awakes to find a different vampire in her room. One who warns her that danger is searching for her.

With the help of a rogue vampire, can Bella find the Cullens in time to do what she was born to do - fulfill her destiny and destroy the Volturi?


Story is rated NC-17 for adult language, brief and mild drug abuse and perhaps a few lemons! All canon pairings and slightly OOC.



Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Caius, Carlisle, Charlie, Demetri, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Marcus, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: No Word count: 50826
[Report This] Published: March 12, 2010 Updated: September 23, 2011

Confession by Camilla Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Summary: Feature

Banner Confession


Summary: In the mid-14th century, after the Black Death has ravaged Italy, a merchant’s widow goes in a pilgrimage, ostensibly to atone for her dead husband’s sins. But, in the holy place she has reached, things are not what they seem. Supernatural, AU, Pre Twilight.

Winner of the Emerging Swan Award for best Original Character (Bonizella)

 Emerging Swan Award




Categories: Pre-Twilight, AU Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 2883
[Report This] Published: September 21, 2011 Updated: September 21, 2011


Seth Clearwater is a 27 year old police officer and werewolf extraordinaire in Forks, Washington who is just biding his time and waiting...for her.
He had always hoped to imprint, but after over a decade of waiting he has lost all hope after not finding the one meant for him.  He watches as his friends and pack mates meet their imprints and move forward in life, happy and content.   Meanwhile, Seth is stuck, frozen in time as he waits for girl that will make everything worth it.  Lonely and losing patience, the only thing he could do was continue on with his life, working with Charlie Swan as a cop during the day and patrolling at night with his pack. 
Suddenly, is life is turned upside down when sixteen year old Regan comes to stay with Seth's mother Sue and his step-father, Charlie.  Regan is Renee's niece, and has had a rocky past as a wild child in Phoenix. 

Seth has imprinted on that young, wild, damaged girl who doesn't have trust for anyone, especially an older guy who is a cop.  He panics at that he won’t ever see her ‘that way’.  Is he just supposed to be her friend and protector?  Will Regan let him into her heart after all?

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Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Seth
Series: None
Chapters: 27 Completed: No Word count: 104444
[Report This] Published: July 23, 2010 Updated: September 15, 2011


Edward leaves Bella alone in the woods after telling her he didn’t want her any more. As she is lying on the cold forest floor; Bella remembers three important things. Edward made a promise not to leave her, and Edward never broke a promise, and third it was her body, her heart, what right did he have to decide what was good for her? All in all Bella realizes that Edward was covering up his true feeling about her. Bella goes to bring Edward home.


Categories: New Moon, AU Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Caius, Carlisle, Charlie, Demetri, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Jacob, Jane, Jasper, Laurent, Marcus, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes Word count: 57466
[Report This] Published: October 05, 2009 Updated: September 14, 2011

Hypnosis by hugsandkrisses2 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 4]

When Jake realizes he can't persuade Bella not to become a vampire normally, he has to try everything. He's desperate. And a flyer at a grocery store shows him just what to do.

Rated NC-17 for lemony goodness :)

Categories: Eclipse, AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 1117
[Report This] Published: July 24, 2011 Updated: September 12, 2011


When Bella is nearly killed in a car accident, her life changes dramatically. She is moved to Forks trailed by a secret that is as disturbing as the Cullens'. However, life isn't as grim as she imagined as she finds refuge in the least likely person and learns that sometimes everything has to fall apart for better things to fall into place.

Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Bella, Edward, Jacob
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No Word count: 3799
[Report This] Published: July 14, 2011 Updated: September 03, 2011


Is there redemption for the fallen? Can there really be a plan for those who've already lost their souls? Vampire Edward Cullen doesn't think so, but a young girl in a coma and an unexpected miracle just might make him a believer.

Twilight AU/Canon Pairs


Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Bella, Charlie, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 13678
[Report This] Published: August 13, 2011 Updated: September 02, 2011


Bella and Edward are both finishing the same graduate program, and have been friends for 5 years.  Of course, Bella is in love with Edward, but won’t tell him because she thinks there’s no way he would be interested in anything but friendship.  During a particularly difficult week in April, when he shows up to help her move, she discovers the truth about her good friend Edward.

Three-chapter fic written for Fandom for Storm Relief, to benefit the victims of the April and May 2011 tornadoes. 

Storm Warning Banner by CircleTime

Banner by the amazing CircleTime.

Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward, Other Character
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 11719
[Report This] Published: August 09, 2011 Updated: August 30, 2011

North Star Rising by spaniard Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 217]


Bella has set her sights on immortality, and finally, Edward has bent to her will. What could possibly go wrong as they plan for their own private eternity?

The best laid plans…

The ripples of the destruction caused by James’s coven have not yet settled, and the Cullen’s are about to understand exactly how much one moment in time can alter their fragile piece of perfection.

Categories: Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Irina, Jacob, Jasper, Kate, Rosalie, Tanya
Series: None
Chapters: 25 Completed: No Word count: 91120
[Report This] Published: September 13, 2008 Updated: August 29, 2011


Remember When It Rained banner by FrozenSoldier

Sequel to When It Rains. It's been almost a year since Angela Weber came into the lives of the Cullen family. Now, with Nessie well on her way to being as normal a little girl as possible, with Angela and Jasper stepping in to be her parents, Jasper is truly learning to love again. And he couldn't be happier with his new roles.

A million and one thank you's to the uber amazing FrozenSoldier for the most amazing banner I could ever imagine!

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Angela, Jasper, Renesmee
Series: None
Chapters: 13 Completed: Yes Word count: 44637
[Report This] Published: March 31, 2011 Updated: August 27, 2011

Breaking Away by Missypooh Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 31]


SUMMARY: AU Breaking Dawn.  What if Breaking Dawn had gone a little bit differently? What if there was no baby and Edward changed Bella when they returned from their honeymoon as originally planned?  What if Bella didn’t have the amazing control that allowed her to essentially skip the frenzied newborn phase?  Would things have gone so smoothly? In this version, Bella wakes up, thirsty for blood, only able to remember certain unpleasant memories from her human time with Edward, and struggling with deep-seated feelings of anger.  This version tells the story of how things go terribly wrong after Bella’s change when she is unable to hide her resentment against some of the Cullens who have wronged her in the past.   Instead of breaking dawn, Bella is anxious to break away.

Thank you Illictwritter for the cool banner!

Categories: Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: No Word count: 13180
[Report This] Published: July 16, 2011 Updated: August 24, 2011


When Bella Swan was nine years old, her mother was murdered and her life was irrevocably altered forever. Now that Bella is all grown up, she has joined the FBI, and is determined to bring those who stole her life from her to justice.

Categories: AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: No Word count: 34171
[Report This] Published: March 26, 2011 Updated: August 24, 2011

Lucky by EmiliaElliot18 Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 26]

Bella's life started out perfectly. She was married to the man of her dreams and had a baby on the way. But what happens when a tragic accident changes everything? Concerned friends get involved and send her to therapy with the beautiful Dr. Cullen. Can he help her get her life back on track, even when emotions get involved, or will it be too much for him to handle?

Categories: AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Completed: Yes Word count: 25935
[Report This] Published: June 02, 2011 Updated: August 17, 2011


A dark angel visits Bella Swan in her dreams, filling her with lust and unparalleled pleasure, but what happens when the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur?  

Banner by @Miztrezboo


Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 39 Completed: No Word count: 263309
[Report This] Published: August 23, 2010 Updated: August 17, 2011

Shattered Soul by idealskeptic Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]

Shattered Soul Banner

Travelling to South America in search of Nahuel, Alice and Jasper end up caught and stalled by the sun in Mexico. With no other way to pass the time, Alice begins to wonder about her creator and why he might have left her alone. When she asks Jasper a question that's long nagged at her, she doesn't get the answer she expects.

But she loves it...

amazing banner by RachelxMichelle

Categories: Pre-Twilight, Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Alice, Jasper
Series: Eternal Hope: The Alice and Jasper Archive
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 4352
[Report This] Published: August 13, 2011 Updated: August 13, 2011

The Love Shack by beckyd1210 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 57]

Awesome Banner by: Mehek18

It’s been five years since Edward left Bella in the woods. Everyone’s hiding something, and there’s more at stake than ever before. Will Edward and Bella find their way back to each other? They’ll find their answers and more at The Love Shack. 


Categories: New Moon, AU Characters: Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: No Word count: 24416
[Report This] Published: May 02, 2011 Updated: August 12, 2011


 When Carlisle Cullen and his newest son, Harry Leone-Cullen, find a dying girl in a London Tube Station, they make a decision that will change the lives of both them and their family. 


Intuitive Harry, mesmerized by the dying girl, finds himself making a request from his new adoptive father that he never thought he’d ask of anyone or for anyone. 


But when she wakes up, they soon realize there’s never been a vampire quite like Amelia Hunter. 


What can a happy-go-lucky, unpredictable, teenager of the 21st century do to help a century-and-a-half old vampire with a tragic past? 


And what will the Cullens do now that Carlisle’s created, to quote Emmett, the ‘world’s freakiest vampire’.


In over a century of existence, Harry has never been happier than he is now that he is a Cullen– he thinks he’s finally found the place he belongs. And Amelia finds herself believing that her life was always heading toward becoming a vampire and that’s she has found the place she was always meant to be – as a member of the Cullen family.  


But was her life always heading toward Harry as well?

Categories: AU, Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Leah, Other Character, Renesmee, Rosalie, Seth, Siobhan
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Completed: No Word count: 59589
[Report This] Published: April 26, 2010 Updated: August 12, 2011


Bella Swan receives an invitation to the exclusive Evermore Experience, an in-depth immersion summer program where she plans to fully explore 19th century England, but fate has other plans for her once she arrives.


Evermore Experience

Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes Word count: 153999
[Report This] Published: May 13, 2010 Updated: August 12, 2011


Bella is having a bad day full of girly issues...can Edward make it all better?

Categories: Eclipse, AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2489
[Report This] Published: July 09, 2011 Updated: August 04, 2011


When Renee gets remarried, Bella opts to live with her father in Forks.

She meets the mysterious Cullens and teaches them exactly how supernatural this world can be.

Violence and cursing.

Wow! Readergoof did an awesome job on the banner, right? I love it!

Banner by ReaderGoof

Categories: AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: No Word count: 25601
[Report This] Published: June 15, 2009 Updated: August 03, 2011


On an ordinary day, she knows what he's going to do before he does it and he can see her every thought. But now that he's returning home after months in isolation, today is no ordinary day. What happens when she decides to keep a secret?


Banner by the delectable Tkegl

Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1734
[Report This] Published: July 26, 2011 Updated: July 26, 2011


Seeking absolute seclusion to heal from a shattering experience, Edward moves to a remote homestead in the Oregon wilderness.  After a chance meeting with his distant neighbor, he finds himself drawn to the quiet, melancholy young woman who lives in isolation, too.  Can these two broken individuals help each other to heal?   

Categories: AU Characters: Angela, Bella, Ben, Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Renee
Series: None
Chapters: 24 Completed: Yes Word count: 102835
[Report This] Published: April 01, 2011 Updated: July 26, 2011




This is The Parachutist’ sequel.

It is the summer of 1945 and the war in Europe has ended. Despite his transformation in a vampire, Edward has found his love again, has prevailed over his bloodlust and they have married. Now he is going back to America with his human bride, where they’ll join Carlisle’s family. How will be their life with the Cullens, when will it be the right moment for Bella’s transformation? Will the Volturi discover them, will they face new dangers?

This story is rated NC 17, as there will be sex and some violence. I am not going to put warnings on individual chapters. If you are under age you should not be reading it.

Blinkie ONNW

 Raum made this beautiful blinkie for me



Make haste, my love, my soul, make haste and come back to me. It is time.

Bella's eyelids flutter open…


Categories: AU Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 24 Completed: Yes Word count: 50983
[Report This] Published: March 07, 2011 Updated: July 18, 2011


Cheers ms_ambrosia for another unbelievable banner!



Cool Dead Confederate banner by the bodacious Bell J.

DEAD CONFEDERATES BLOG (Go here for everything you ever wanted to know about the DC vampire crew, including all the chapters with songs, brilliant fan-art, slideshows, announcements, etc):

Rebelward Without a Cause (DC outtakes) Blog:

In the dirty south, Eddie’s a sexy, shit kickin' son-of-a-gun; a one-hundred-and-some-year-old vampire raising hell with his brothers Jizzper and Bubba.  The good ol’ boys are brought up by their bootstraps with the advent of the crystal ball totin’ thief, Alice, the vigilante waitress Rose, and the lynchpin--Eddie’s cantata and aspiring taxidermist--Bella.

Amidst the jam-jar-drawlin’ accents, a slow and sultry seduction of sassy Bella, the knee-slappin’ humor of rapid buckshot quibbles, quips and wit, Eddie comes to life as never before.  And all the mud in the Mississippi can’t dampen the man burning within him as he pursues his woman, combats the circling attacks of the vulturous Volturi, and is pelted by Alice’s gnarly visions of a future with a vampire Bella who will either be the savior, or the assassin, of the Cullen clan.  

Dead Confederates is a light, funny, erotic read crackling under a terrifying vampire horror story, all set in Cainwhore, South Carolina.  C’mon along and ‘put some South in your mouth’.


Thank you Mer (frol223) for the summary idea!

Eddie interview on Sparkling Citrus:

Most INCREDIBLE rec ever, by kstew411 on Dead Confederates:

Featured on The Fictionators:

Featured on The Little Known Ficster:


Dead Confederate Videos:

Dead Confederates Youtube Channel (with all the DC playlists):

Eddie DcCullen on Facebook (this is an NC-17 account. Do not friend him unless you have a dedicated fanfiction account and are 18 or over):

Eddie DcCullen


Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 33 Completed: Yes Word count: 280358
[Report This] Published: June 02, 2009 Updated: July 18, 2011


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